You know! The year in review! Yeah right. You know I don't do things true to form. I thought about it. I really really did. But why would I want to relive 2007? I'd rather look forward to 2008 with hope and faith of the joy and contentment that lies ahead for me. I'll be going to Houston in March to hang with fave roomie, her new addition (Sydnee Denise circa January 16, 2008!), La and V. I've never been to Texas so that should be exciting. (I'm thinking Mexican 3xs a day. Yes?) I would also like to get to California (never been there, either) and Miami once again.

Side note:
Stace is a domestic goddess so she's making us breakfast again. For lunch we're going to a Pittsburgh institution: Primant.i's. If anyone ever offers you a Pittsburgh-style sandwich, that means it comes with slaw and french fries... on it. I always pull the fries off. Ordering them on the side is frowned upon. Don't upset the natives and all that. Then I have to take her to l'aeroport. Nooooooooo!! There is only one upside to this. I will finally get some sleep! I've gotten 7 hours in the last 2 days. The only reason I'm as sane as I am (despite the fact that Rashan said all bloggers are crazy. WHO YOU CALLIN CRAZY!?!) is because I regularly get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep nightly. Yeah... And actually I never regularly got that much before in life because I love going to bed late (see: 4 a.m.) and waking up late (see: after noon). The turns life takes. I can't wait to get back on that schedule ever again in life.

Regularly scheduled programming:
I have 3 weddings already so far. A coworker in Vegas in April at the B.ellagio, a cousin in May in H.iltonHead, SC, another cousin in September in Charlotte. This time last year I didn't know about the wedding that was in August so who knows how many more ceremonies I'll accrue in the next 12 months. I also have 2 graduations. My sister from undergrad and my line sister from S.yracuse's journalism school. Sigh.

Have I ever told you guys how much I can't stand graduations? They bore the crap out of me. Long, lots of talking about stuff no one cares about. STOP SPOUTING YOUR PLATITUDES AND GIVE ME MY SHEET OF PAPER!! If you love me, you wouldn't ask me to go to your ceremonies. I talked the entire way through both of mine. It was really bad in college because you know how smaller schools within the university are close knit. The journalism majors had had classes together for at least 3 years. Cuttin. Up. It was actually fun. And our 4-year class dictator president gave the most memorable speech. Good times.

Anyway, the point is, anything could happen in the next year. I'm just glad to be able to see another one should I make it to 2008. No matter what happens, I will learn, grow and love. It will be great. Adios oh-7, Hello oh-8!



You cannot deprive yourself of sleep for so many consecutive days without your body yelling at you! I also had to get on the floor at work and stretch because my legs were hollering at me. The body rock the body rock I'll make ya body rock. Yesterday me and Stace just chilled at the house. That was the plan for the day because we'd done so much the other days. We made inside out burgers (extra sharp cheddar cheese in the center instead of on top), crinkle cut fries and had chocolate pound cake (thanks Mommy!!) for dessert.

Today after I got off of work, I came back to the crib (after getting a text from Stace saying my dad was here. Uhhh... dad... can you give folk some warning? Because we were show nuff spread out everywhere and using your room! Lol) to get the small one. We head to one of my fave local breakfast spots. Stace got the square breakfast. I got the omelet ranchero-- ham and cheese with salsa, potatoes and wheat toast. Both of us got hot chocolate, too. Yummy.

After that, we headed to the UniversityofP.ittsburgh, CarnegieMel.lonUniversity, and a few city neighborhoods for a drive around. We also drove past Pittsburgh's ridiculously ginormous high school. That thing looks like an institution and has more than 1600 students. It can probably comfortably hold 2500. At least. She leaves tomorrow. Waaaaaaaaaah. This trip made me realize how little (see: nothing) I regularly do. So pitiful. I need to do something with my life other than work, church, and gym. Know what I'm excited about though? The end of 2007!! Good riddance to bad rubbish!


The Fabulosity Is A Bit Tiring

BUT SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Our day starts of course with television. Then we head to the grocery store to get the makings for breakfast and dinner for the next few days. We come back to the crib, cook and eat breakfast while listening to BlackStar on dad's fabulous sound system. I'm looking around and taking inventory and realizing how thoroughly we've taken over this townhouse. Very funny. I was like, I'm kind of glad my dad isn't here because we would have to tame all this fabulous girlness and who wants that? Clearly NO ONE!!

After breakfast, we blog, watch more tv, then head to bed. That's right!! Nap time! You can't take two fabulous ladies who ordinarily wake up insanely early in the morning, and whose body clocks insist on following those patterns as closely as possible regardless of our schedules and expect them to party like rock stars without a nap. Real ballers take naps, kid.

After our naps, we get dressed. She's rockin' the dark denim trousers and black shirt dress. I'm with the black and white tweed with silver metallic threading and black high neck sweater. I accidentally spill the beans on the surprise... her new love is seviche, so that's the name of the place we're going! It's downtown and everyone I asked about it said it's THE hot spot in Pittsburgh right now. We get there and I can absolutely see why. Bright lights, Spanish music, Cuban food. It belongs on South Beach. I order a caipirinha because I've been hearing about them since forever when I came back from Miami and could not get enough of these food styles! I love that fabulous city. That drink is my new second love.

If you like sushi, but have never had seviche, do yourself a favor and get thee some immediately. It's raw fish but "cooked" in an acid, usually lemon or lime juice. I'm a fan of lime juice so I prefer mine with the aforementioned. As soon as I sat down and got my drink I said, "I'm so glad I'm here with you Stace! Everyone couldn't appreciate this restaurant." So true and so us. It was tapas so everything was a small portion designed to be eaten in a few bites. I got the Cuban pulled pork with a Cuban hash and tomatillo and curried mango seviche with hamachi (yellow tail). DELICIOUS!!

Stace got a trio with sangria blanco (one of her fave drinks) (read about it here) and loved it, especially the Asian Tartare with ahi tuna. Wanna know why? Read the description. "Seasoned with soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil and capers. Served on sushi rice and nori rolls with white truffle oil wasabi mayonnaise and Tobiko caviar." Yeah. Get there. Love in your mouth. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to escape from Pittsburgh. We were so enthralled that we ordered another trio to share. This time with ahi, langostino which the restaurant industry bills as miniature lobster but really isn't. It was a very uninspiring taste. The preparation was delightful. I'm not a fan of langostino.

I also got a strawberry mimosa champagne mojito. First, that name is redundant. Mimosas have champagne. That's part of the definition. Then our silly waitress, whatever her name was, decided to say, "You know that has champagne in it, right?" Really? Why do people always try me? I looked at her like, "Duh stupid." And she says, "I'm just making sure." Please go get my drink. I didn't think you could get better than a mojito, champagne and strawberry puree. I was wrong. Not tasty at all. Blech. I should've gotten a regular mojito. Overall, a fabulous experience and atmosphere. Stace took most of the pics here so you'll have to wait a bit on those.

Next, we head to the AndyWarholMuseum. I know I like museums and I know I like art but seriously? I did not expect to be so utterly and completely awed in there. Stace and I were slack jawed through all 7 floors. A.MA.ZING. The feature was work from RonMueck with larger than life-sized, extremely detailed people. You definitely want to click on those links and, if you get a chance, see it in person. Fantastic. I can't even describe it. There was a room with neon lights which was insane. My eyes were not a fan. "100LiveAndDie" was the only one I liked enough to look at more than 3 seconds, if that. Stace, aka person with the attention span of a gnat, was in love. All the flashing lights had her beatific. Let me not forget the quote on the B.ody/Booty exhibit. "I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I don't think you're ready for this 'cause my body's too bootylicious for ya babe." Are you serious? I can't even escape Beyoncizzle at a museum!?! Sigh.

After theWarhol we really could've ended our night because those two things were just. so. sigh. Love, love, love. Instead of heading home, we dropped in the bar S.oho. We walked in, didn't even get in the door because we could see there weren't any fabulous people in there. Next! I drove Stace around the North Shore so she could see HeinzField where the S.teelers play and PNCPark where the P.irates play. She loved both. Plus they're right on one of Pittsburgh's 3 rivers so there's a fantastic view. Next up, OliveOrTwist Martini Bar. We look around. Completely devoid of color. Not a black, brown or other face in the space. The music in the upstairs lounge was kind of hot and the decor was up to par, but it was utterly barren (maybe because it was only about 10:15) so we left. Next! (How fabulous is all the bar hopping? Don't you love it?)

We hit BossaNova and instantly know this is the place. We see non-regular-looking black folk and a good mix. Then I start recognizing faces. There are about 25 S.teelers in there. Because I'm work in news and am constantly cutting sound bites with these guys, I know all their names and faces. It's quite bizarre. Especially because I'M A PANTHERS FAN!! Sigh. At least I don't have to cover the P.atriots. That would turn me into a cutter. In the cold and surrounded by the most obnoxious team and fans in professional sports. What a slow, painful death.

Anyway so in this bar we walk past the players and get a bit of attention "Hey." "Ooh." "Alright." Whatever. We move past to a space on the bar. It's right next to the table where the backup quarterback Charl.ieBatc.h is set up with 4 or 5 girls who instantly grill us. Girl please. It's never that serious. If you have to do all that, you don't have him. Remember the horrid fake Louis from Thursday night? The woman's monogram bag with metallic flower embroidery more than made up for that one. I don't even really like monogram bags but it was insanely gorgeous. If I were to carry one it would likely look like that. I order a strawberry margarita. Looks pretty but not delicious. Stace gets a chocolate martini and loves it. She orders another. I get a mojito. Sigh. Don't have it on your menu if your bartenders don't know how to make it. The mint wasn't properly muddled and after one sip, I realized he'd left out the sugar. Not acceptable. I kept getting nearly whole mint leaves through my straw. He left one of our drinks off of our tab. Yeah. You needed to. Nice guy, not the best drinks.

We leave and decide to head to the job so she can see it. My two fave job homies are there working away as I introduce around. We walk around and she's awestruck by all the tvs and computers. She made me sit down and stage actual work. Lol. She took a few pics, on the set, and in front of the chroma key, which most people call "the green screen." She's so funny. After that we head home and watch BadBoys2 as I cook french fries. Mmmm. Fantastic night!! Today is just a chill day. Relaxing at the house watching a ProjectRunway marathon!!!!!!!!! right now with a belly full of breakfast (looove breakfast). Heaven. Too bad I'm still limping from all the work I put in on the dance floor Thursday. Lol.


Killin' This City

Sigh. "We takin ova, one city at a time." K.haled really didn't know what he was starting with that one.

We woke up at the crack of dawn. Wait. It was 630 and it's winter, so before dawn cracked yesterday. Cooked breakfast: egg nog french toast, sausage, toast. Mmmmm. We kept meaning to take a nap, but one, two, three hours later we were still engrossed in the "BiggestLoser" marathon. There's nothing like watching tv with someone who shares most of your style philosophy. Yay etc. Though that wasn't a specific style show, it's fun to watch. Very inspiring. It's like if someone who weighs 407 lbs. can motivate himself to get to the gym on a regular basis (albeit with a trainer and no other distractions), why can't I?

We finally drug ourselves from the screen and took short naps. I decided we should probably unplug ourselves... you know, maybe NOT go to the movies and do something NOT involving a screen. That meant no "GreatDebaters." Maybe another day. We started our day outside the house at 7:30pm. Lol. We went shopping and hit pay dirt at the first store.... that's right Amber! Nine West!! Small tangent... I loved one pair so much that I had a photo shoot today. I couldn't help it.

After shopping, we went to Kiku for sushi. Because I'm not familiar with sushi, it took me for.ev.er to find something to eat. I remembered from the last time we ate sushi that I liked the eel, but I couldn't really remember what else. I thought I didn't like tuna or salmon. I can't remember which one. I just know it was some regular fish that you eat that I didn't like as sushi. Stace finally said, "Why don't you just get the Steeler.roll?" BECAUSE IT'S CALLED THAT!! But it was eel and avacado, two things I very much approve of so I bit the bullet and this is what came out.
How good does that look? It tasted even better. I woke up thinking about that sushi and I don't even do sushi like that. Stace on the other hand is a sushi fiend. She got three rolls including the rainbow.roll with tuna, whitefish and salmon.

After Ki.ku, we rode the incline up to Mount Washington. Here's the fabulous view.

Unfortunately, pictures don't really do it justice. So fabulous. Stace and I oohed and ahhed the entire time. Then it was bar hopping time!! Yay! I took her to J.ack's because it's a typical Pittsburgh bar. I needed her to understand what I have to deal with. Next was R.umshaker's for the same reason. Super wack. Some lame dude also tried to get in our picture and Stace shut him down. We took pics at every spot which was hilarious.

Then we headed to Cars.on City Saloo.n. Horrid music. Next. Then we went to D.iesel. Fabulous decor, not horrible music... empty. The bouncer had warned us but still. He said Friday and Saturday are the good days for the club. Right. But we have limited time in this city. That means we are not heading anywhere twice. Not even to eat. Sorry dude. Shut that down. As we're heading to TownTavern, we see my coworker. He shouts me out from across the street. He tells us to head to Elix.ir so that's where we go. We like the music and decor so we stay. The dj is so much better than a small club in Pittsburgh. He could definitely mix in a major city. The coworker buys us drinks. Tan.queray and tonic with a lime for me! Vodka and pineapple for the little one.

How fab do we look? Love it. Stace has on her "Z.oolander" "I'm a model, idiot" face on. Get it Stace!! LMAO!! Why did we have groupies everywhere? One girl was sitting on the wall with two of her friends grillin us the whole time. Then when they got up to leave one "accidentally" brushed up against me a little too close. Oh honey. Don't be jealous. Wait. Do. I understand. These Indian dudes stared from across the room, then from about 5 feet, then leaned in and said, "You're a really good dancer." Thanks. Then he asked Stace to dance. When he started gettin her with the honky tonk-esque dance I had to grab her and say, "No. I can't let you go out like that." Stop the violence... against dance.

One girl forced Stace to ask, "Where are her friends?" A big bouncer-looking dude cleared a space so she could roll around tucking and rolling all over the floor, doing splits, getting up, stumbling and doing it again. Stop. It. Drunk. Girl.

Two more stalkers appear. This time girls. "OMG, you guys are so awesome!! You look amazing!!" One with her super fake white with colored logo "Louis.Vuitton"... let me tell you how horrible this knock-off was. It just had the logos, no attempt at the monogram. Horrendous!! She asks Stace, "Can you teach me some moves?" Really? Wait. It gets better. "I'm starting a club. Are you professional dancers? Do you guys dance, or sing or act? Gospel? Spoken word?" GOSPEL?! In the club. And do we look like your little monkeys? This is not an act and it does not go on the road. No ManTan and Sleep&Eat here. Ridiculous. Some people don't know how to act. And at the risk of being stuck up, I'm not going to the club of a person who would deign to wear such an obviously fake bag. No. You'll probably have paisley covered walls with leopard print pony hair chairs and that I cannot do. I'm allergic to tacky. It makes me itch.

After at least an hour and a half, we decided to bounce, go home and chill before we fell asleep around 3... still up at 7:30. BASTARD BODY CLOCKS!! Don't doubt that I'm taking a real nap today. It's not a game. Tonight is the surprise restaurant. I'm super excited about that one.

Stace's Take...


Milestones, Milestones, Everywhere!!!

This is post number 350!! Wheee!! While I was talking to one of my coworkers yesterday, as everyone came in they asked her whether she'd gotten engaged on Christmas. Through her exasperation she explained her boyfriend doesn't believe in that. I thought about it and I agree!! I look forward to my birthday and Christmas so much that August 24th and December 26th (the respective days after) are the worst days of the year to me. The worst!!! So I've decided the perfect day for me to get engaged is one of those days! Or maybe I'll get married on one of those days. That's what my dad did. His birthday is August 21st, anniversary August 22nd, my birthday (the best day obviously) August 23rd!

Wait, I can't stand heat or cold so I'd already decided years ago on October or April. I want to get married on campus at the chapel. It's right on the water. I want the students to be there and be in awe over the wedding like we always were. Lol.

Anyway now to the actual important things, not hypothetical events years off. I went to work yesterday, Stace was already awake at 630. GO TO BED!! I talked to her for a little bit at 8. After I got off work, I went home. We decided it was way too cold for us to go ice skating... at all this week. I know the high SAYS 48, but that did not feel like 48. To quote La, "No mas." I made breakfast and Stace polished off the rest of the croissants. She is a croissant groupie. "OMG croissant I love your flaky ways. Give it to me!" We hung around the house for a couple of hours, then went to see the movie "Jun.o." The music was horrid and distracting. Like to the point where you hear it and want to leave. Just give up and go see something else. Stace would have if I'd let her. Brat. I also did not know movies cost $9 per person here!! I knew in NY, CT, CA and places like that but geez. I'm never awake at night so I'm a bit out of the loop.

The movie ended up being not that bad but as we walked out I heard this couple say, "That was cute, but the music was horrible." I was thinking, "Oh good. I thought it was just us because we're black." But we're both musicians so we know what good music is supposed to sound like regardless of the genre. FYI Fergi.e's "Cl.umsy" and every other song she's ever done in her solo career? Not. Music. And Stace just pointed out how the whole video is just product placement. Wack. We did decide we'll go see "The Great Debaters" LIKE I WANTED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. Brat. When I told my coworkers I was captain of the debate team in high school they said, "Why doesn't that surprise me?" Jerks.

After that we walked around the Waterfront shopping complex and picked up a couple of things. Lots of normal stores you find everywhere except F.ilenes, but we didn't go there. We headed to MadMex!! mmmmmmm!! I had Mahi Mahi tacos with a chipotle aioli. De.lish!! I love aiolis. She had combo fajitas- shrimp and mushroom. So fancy, that one. I also had a house margarita (no salt) with a floater of GrandMarnier, she had the white sangria. Don't we sound like such adults?! We rock. We came back and started watching "S.uperstar" but started to fall asleep. Why was it like 930? That would explain why we were up at 6:15 this morning and are watching the movie again. So funny. I know only MadMex was on yesterday's agenda so we will get some more of that taken care of today! Play it by ear. We'll have a great time regardless!

*I need more entrants for the contest! Best gift for me, gift cards excluded, of any monetary value. Prize: a post dedicated to you!! (Am I the only one who wants one of those? I think everyone should dedicate a post to me.) Go!*




There were only 40 people on Stace's flight because really who flies from Ft. Lauderdale to Pittsburgh in December? Only a person with someone fly up here!! That's who!! So they left early and got here 15 minutes early. Yay!! Except I wasn't there yet. BUT she was on USAirways. Everyone knows what that means! Hours until your bags get there. I parked, greeted the homie, then we had Christmas dinner at AuBonPain in the airport. MMMM. I love sandwiches.

After that we went to el cribbo (see Joy? masculine article ends in O!) to open presents. We both got each other books. Lol. When I bought her gift I thought, someone could just drown me in books! Lol. She's in my dad's room and I put mints on the pillows. Lol. Jameil's B&B!! We also watched "Elf" on tv. Hilarious. Then I went to sleep for my amazing 3 hours before work.

If you haven't participated in the contest mentioned in the last post, join in!! The person who comes up with the best hypothetical gift for me based on what you know about me, gets an entire post dedicated to them!



Merry Christmas to All!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! The first person I called this morning was my mommy, as soon as I woke up!! I've been up about an hour now. Don't worry, the Mariah Carey Christmas cd is already blasting!! Hope the neighors aren't asleep! 8:35 on Christmas morning?? No way! I don't care if I'd already opened all my gifts by the end of yesterday morning. Lolol. I did think about making myself breakfast since my mom's going to my cousin's house for breakfast in Charlotte.

You know what I love about my dad's side? My parents separated when I was 13 (12 years ago, I was pissed because it coincided with my birthday), and got divorced when I was 17 (I have no idea about that space... and they didn't tell us for months), but they always include my mom even when my sister and I are nowhere to be found. That's why I'm the all-inclusive girl. My mom has so many surrogate families in Charlotte that even though she's from Mississippi, Charlotte is now home. She's been there 26 years, raised two children there, and created a whole new life. I love my mommy!!

"Today a child is born on earth! He is light! He is love! He is grace! Born on Christmas Day!!"

REPEAT!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!! I hope Ash is with her fabulous niece and all my other friends and bloggers are enjoying their families. I've brought Charlotte to me with this cd.

I wrapped Stace's gifts last night. They look fabulous! "You better not cry, you better not pout, LaStaceyontalay is coming to town!!" Y'all didn't know that's her real name? She thinks its ghetto so she just goes by Stace. Isn't that stuck up of her? Sike nah. Hahahahaha. I made that name up in college (it started with Staceyon b/c she started with Jameilion, which is now Jameilionte) and can't stop adding to it. I so love giving gifts. That card is the one I sent out to all my homies this year. Isn't it fab!? I shall take a pic of all the Christmas cards, too. AND the thank you note my preggers fave roomie sent me that came yesterday. I love thank you notes, too. Mostly because I like the mail! Yay!! 8/10 cards we have are for me! Yay!! AND the other two are from my family to my dad so... mine, too!! Hahahaha.

Wanna see what I got my line sister? Okay! I also bought a v-neck, cable-knit, cream sweater. I liked it so much I bought one for myself, too. The blazer is from Guess. She loves pink and purple. How adorable is that jacket?! Love it. I only buy things for people I like myself, unless our tastes are just diametrically opposed. We don't have that issue. I fell in love with the rings so I bought one for me and one for her. I also gave her a cd of my pastor preaching. I always leave church and call her to let her know what went down scripturally so she wants to hear him. Tada! I hope she actually listens to it. Lol. I sent one to my mom, too along with some money since that's all she wanted. And they both got their gifts on time!! Yay!! It took a lot of restraint not to post those gift pics the day I bought them. Haha.

So what did I get? One of my coworkers got me a book, since we always talk about reading. "The Kite Runner." I've read it, but I don't own it. It was one of the many books my book club read before I moved here. She put the gift receipt in. I may or may not return it. Not sure yet. Oooh!!! I can get a Rachael Ray book!! When I was in the bookstore the other day I realized I only have ONE of her books. ONE!! She writes a book every other day! I've got to catch up! Some fan I am!! Lolol. But my one book (365: No Repeats) has a broken seam because I've bookmarked it and literally read it from cover to cover. I know you're like, "She's crazy!! Who reads a recipe book from cover to cover?!" Me!!! Lolol. Oooh!! "Baby it's cold outside!!" Know the funniest lines on this song? "Gosh your lips look delicious." "Gosh your lips ARE delicious." Hilarious!!! End Tangent.

The same coworker made pretzels with hershey kisses and m&m's on top. Yummy... and.... VASELINE.LIP.THERAPY!! (VLT) I love this stuff so much I buy 5 at a time and almost always have one in reaching distance. I tried the generic at Target. Poor facsimilie. It tastes like baby powder. Gross. I only tried the generic because you get two for the price of one VLT. So not worth it. Sometimes at work, I'll have more than one out because I'll lose the one that was originally out on my desk (no my desk isn't that messy, it'll only be temporarily lost under a sheet of paper), so then I pick up another. I try to keep at least one on my bed so it's handy while I'm reading. And when I'm in the booth & the homie is there, I'll ask her to bring it to me. Most hilarious and appropriate gift. Lol. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!! I realized my fave gifts are never expensive, they're always stuff that I love that shows you pay attention.

Did you see that I just did a whole paragraph about something that costs 99 cents? That is insanity. Let's say you were gonna get me a Christmas gift based on what you know about me from the blog (or if you've already met me, you can draw on your prior knowledge), what would it be? Whoever comes up with the best gift gets an entire post dedicated to them!! (Gift cards excluded) Go!!

*The Christmas texts have already started. God save me. I hate these things. Also. Ew. Elv.is. He cannot sing and he stole the songs of black people to become ludicrously rich. Every year he's one of the dead people who made the most money. That song on my Christmas compilation almost kept me from buying it.*

My godmother, you know the one with the fabulous gift-giving ability? I forgot to tell you one year she gave me her SGRho sweater from Hampton. I was walking around with the sweater of a charter line member of my chapter. I can't even begin to tell you the looks of envy!! It was fabulous! Lol. I know that's horrible! I also have this thing about giving away or getting rid of the clothes she gives me. Not just because I love them, but something else. IDK what it is. Ooh!! She also always sent me the BEST care packages!! Filled with food and always including a check. And she would send me a check for random holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day. Lol.

This year she called for some ideas like she usually does. It was the first time this year I'd been asked what I wanted so I rattled off a list of random things I like. She got me the i.Home speakers and a car jack for my ipod. Yay!!! When I said those I really didn't expect her to get both!! Whooooooooo!!

One of my coworkers gave me a 3-disc compilation of her Christmas faves!! YAY!!!!! How delightful! I so wasn't expecting anything from her. We have such a volatile relationship because this time last year we could barely tolerate each other. I guess we have a rapport of sorts. We must, huh?

Oooh! So the coworker who got me the vaseline is obsessed w/the Hills so I got her season 1 on DVD. She was overjoyed! Lolol. She gasped when she opened it. My other fave coworker, I got her this margarita mixer she'd been eyeing since she saw it on Oprah 3 months ago and bath stuff with a scent I know she likes. In case you're wondering, yes I still have lots and lots of stuff left to do until Stace gets here but her room is almost ready! (Scroll down for our itinerary!) The expensive shampoo, my Christmas present to myself, gets its trial today. Cross thine fingers!!


*Meeee I want a hoooooola-hoooooooooop!! We can hardly stand the wait! Please Christmas don't be late!* Name that tune!


Lists, Lists, Lists!!

My head is spinning with lists. there's still quite a bit to do and what am I doing right now? That's right. Blogging. I did go to the grocery store and gas up so I did get something accomplished. Let me get a hallelujah, amen for that! I also started cleaning out the refrigerator and am cooking myself lunch. I produced the noon again today. I think I may go to sleep now because my body is crashing. Then wake up whenever and get my life together. I'm JUST. SO. TIRED!! I did just start a load of clothes. Baby steps!! Lol.

So! I'm muy excitedo because Stace comes TOMORROW!!!! Tooomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! You're only a day aaaawaaaaaaaaaay!! I'll stop there. My itinerary also has the weather at the top. I showed it to one of the meteorologists at work (along with several other people so they could help me come up with spots) and he said, "Where did you get these numbers?" LMAO!! They are so sensitive. Weather.com, homie. You weren't around. OOH! The travel forecast included Charlotte today, like it did for Thanksgiving. Yay!!! I think they do it so I'll celebrate... so I celebrate so they'll keep doing it. Lolol. Fab!

Now that I have my egg nog. Mmmm. Actual convo b/t me and Stace. Even though I know her crazy dislike for spilled milk, she actually likes milk, as long as it doesn't spill. I'll have to tell that story one day. Here's her explanation of her psychosis. Despite that I asked her if she like egg nog. Slim chance but I asked.

"Ew. I'm about to throw up. That is disgusting. What is egg nog anyway? Egg and what?"
"Well, its egg..."
"And nog."
"Ok. But what is nog..."
*snickering gives way to raucous laughter. You should see me right now nearly convulsing with laughter, rocking in my seat. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"*
"What? Oh.. *sucks teeth* Nog is not an ingredient."
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE HER!! BTW who cares what's in it?! (Egg yolks, sugar, nutmeg, milk and cream since I know someone will be a stickler) It's just delightful!

La Itineraryo (still working on the Espanol.)
Retrieve the child from the aeropuerto, eat, sleep.

Work, gym, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University (this will be a ride by because there's not really much to see), Fuel and Fuddle, see the Great Debaters. (She doesn't like movies, so this may have to wait until she's gone).

Pamela's, Work, Ross Park Mall, The Mattress Factory museum, Mount Washington, Kiku (sushi restaurant), South Side Works (shopping).

Thursday Night:
Diesel, Town Tavern, Jack's, Carson City Saloon. (All bars/clubs)
Tom's Diner: late night/early am breakfast.

Cook breakfast, hang out at el cribbo, other forms of recovery.

Friday Afternoon/Night:
Ice Skating @ PPG Rink Downtown.
Chick Downtown (boutique), Saks.
Surprise! The place I shan't tell her about but have heard fab things about from everyone.
7-9 Drinks @ the Andy Warhol museum (we did a group project on him sophomore year in the worst class ever aka Humanities!!!!!!!! Wait... Stace were you in our group or were you in a different section 2nd semester?), Olive or Twist, Bossa Nova, Six Penn Kitchen, SoHo.

Cook brekky, North Shore (Heinz Field, PNC Park), Strip District, the Church Brew Works, Ludic (hmmm... there's a Kappa party that night. I'm not a fan. I hear this is the place to be so we'll see. If it's 18+, that's an absolutely not on that one.) Privilege.

(This day is dependent on whether my coworker can work for me)
Church, Square Cafe, Shadyside (did you see that scary dude who popped up!?! Crazy!!)

Work, lunch (IDK where or what), back to aeropuerto!

Phew. I'm tired already. Maybe we won't do any of that and will just sit in the house and chill. Lol. I didn't mention read InStyle but that's a given!!

ADDENDUM!! I just realized I left out Mad Mex!! That's so my fave place here. I don't care if we go nowhere else but there. WE HAVE TO GO TO MAD MEX!!



DO YOU LOVE ME?!?! Yo. Stop the madness with these "love" reality shows. They are shot over the course of 3 weeks. I know they're in close quarters, see each other daily, and have no access to tv or the internet, and little access to phones, BUT chillax. You are trippin. YOU DON'T LOOOOOOVE HIM!!

So BK recommended the most expensive shampoo I might ever consider actually buying. I have a secret love for Sephor.a. Even though I don't wear makeup next to ever and can't stand most perfumes. That store just intrigues me. Probably because I'm such a girl. Except when it comes to tears. Then I'm all "skirt down, man up!!" So while I was supposed to be finishing my Christmas shopping, I stopped in S.ephora and bought myself some ridiculously expensive shampoo in conditioner. Then I shoved some food down my throat and went to church. Sooo not fulfilling. It was ok. My pastor wasn't in the pulpit and surprisingly, most of his friends I've heard preach don't seem to have "it." I guess that surprises me because I pick friends like me. Ones who are fly in their own right and complement the fab. These people are not complementing the fab.

Do you know what I should be doing right now instead of blogging? Wrapping gifts, washing my hair doezens of dollars worth (insanity. THIS BETTER BE WORTH IT BK!!), washing dishes, cleaning out the fridge, washing clothes, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning my room, straightening my dad's room. Trust. This is NOT a regular occurence. Since he'll be gone the entire time Stace is here, he gave us permission to take over his room. Jameil's B&B! We'll be so fab. I've also had my co-workers helping me plan for the best 6 days of Pittsburgh's existence!!!!!!!! Woooo!! Oh, and in case you were wondering, I finished my Christmas shopping after church. YAY!! And the mall actually wasn't that bad. Shocking, right?



Christmas Hoopla!!

Let's all go wild!!

1) I LOVE real Christmas trees. I will vacuum all day and all night and water that mug daily, just to have a live Christmas tree. The scent of pine is the smell of Christmas if you ask me!!

2) This is the 3rd Christmas I haven't been home or been with any of my family. The first Christmas was definitely the worst. This year Stace is coming so I'm determined to have a blast no matter what!!

3) My godmother gives the best gifts. She's my mom's line sister. The were both charter line members of the Hampton University chapter of SGRho. She always sends me multiple things. One year it was a Dooney&Burke bag. A box arrived yesterday. I can't wait to open it but I figure I should since I don't think I'll be getting too many more gifts. Well, actually, more than last year. But still. I think I'll actually have a blast throwing wrapping paper in the air and squealing this year. I'll make sure to call my mom and have her on the phone. She can listen to me squeal. Hahahahahahaha. She'll love it.

4) I looooooove the food of Christmas. Christmas Eve or Christmas morning we always went to my mom's best friends house or she came to our house with her kids and we all ate breakfast and exchanged gifts. It was so fun.

5) The last 2 years I watched "A Christmas Story" with my coworkers since TBS plays the movie 24 hours straight. It's on at least 3 different stories. Working holidays bonds you to people. It's actually kind of fun. This year there's no morning show so we're all of Christmas day.

6) Even tho I live in Pittsburgh, I've still never had a white Christmas. I've had 2or 3 white Thanksgivings thanks to this place. This year is no different, and I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!

7) I love Christmas specials. I don't like the corny, "WE ALL MAKE IT HOME!!" crap, but I love the collection of Christmas episodes that all run this time of year. You get to see years of Christmas programming in one day. Who can beat that!!??

8) Listening to Mariah Carey Christmas while trimming the tree and Boyz II Men Christmas while riding around in the car. Also in heavy rotation for years, NatalieCole the Holly&TheIvy, ThePreacher'sWife soundtrack, and KirkFranklin& theFamily SilverandGold.

9) Christmas Day movie releases. Me and my cousins used to all go Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. I'm so going to see the Great Debaters. I love Denzel. Plus I was captain of the debate team senior year. Master Debaters unite!! LincolnDouglas baby! I know what you're saying, what is il fabulousa doing with such a lame title? I LIKE TO WIN!! Ain't that right Rashan?

10) Mom's sweet potato pie. If that ain't love in a crust, I don't know what is. Also in love with her baked chicken, green beans cooked in chicken stock, DRESSING!!, AND a new fan of her chocolate pound cake (she'd never made it before Thanksgiving). One shall arrive on my doorstep MONDAY!!!

11) I had a Christmas sweatshirt once. I KNOW!! We had to wear them for chorus or something when I was 9 or 10. It was an extremely tame version, but there was a cartoon in a santa hat on it. I have destroyed all evidence so try to find a picture if you'd like. We all know how I feel about holiday sweaters and vests. How about this woman at church had a fur-trimmed vest on Sunday and this dude pretended to pet it. I DIED!!

12) We don't really do Christmas like that. One year my mom decided there was no reason to go Christmas crazy. That means we did not get a lot of gifts. I was about 13. That doesn't mean I don't love Christmas!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

**Bonus: I sang Christmas carols for 5 hours at work today and danced for 35 minutes straight.

The rules (Jameilized):
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas! Yay!
2. Please refer to it as a ‘hoopla’ and not the dreaded ‘m’-word
3. You have to specifically tag people when you’re done. None of this “if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged” stuff because then nobody ends up actually doing it.
4. Get to work! The Christmas season will be over before we know it.

La: because I know there is some love of Christmas deep inside you. And you're at home needing something to occupy you other than a bottle!!
Vdizzle: I know you love Christmas!! See the latter part of La's post.
Liz: you always tag me so yay!!
Chris: you're twiddling your thumbs and need a post for the week anyway.
X: because you like tags.
Rashan: because you couldn't beat me at anything!!


About that...

Know how I was supposed to go to the Japanese restaurant on Wednesday? I didn't. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next day. I know I'm lame but I told you this schedule had me all jacked up. I'm super sleepy again today and thinking I might just go to sleep until I have to get up to go to work. I wish the mail would come. I've been getting a Christmas card a day which is always fun! Yay!! And my friends and family are getting my cards, too and love them! Even more fun!! I'm so excited that I actually sent out cards this year.

I talked to my fave roommate last night for more than 2 hours. She's 9 months pregnant and feelin it. That means everything pisses her off. But she's extremely excitable anyway so it wasn't much different to me. Lolol. She's hilarious. She's from New Orleans but working in Houston and wants me to come visit her. I've never been to Texas but love the idea of it (ALL! THAT! MEXICAN! FOOD!!!! AND TEQUILA!! AND MARGARITAS!! AND DOS EQUIS!! MINE!! ALL MINE!!!). Plus La is there and V is nearby. We could do some major damage. I'll be all Kris, put the baby to bed! Nah. Despite being from the NO, I'm definitely the bigger partier. I love a good time. Maybe in January. The baby's due on the 16th. Ooh! I just found a flight that goes through Charlotte! Clearly I'm looking for the longest layover possible. Muy exciting-o. I'm working on my espanol for when I get there.

*My shocking love affair with egg nog revealed on the Record Dish.*


I Tried

I really did. I tried not to post today. To break the cycle. It didn't work. Wanna know why? Because there's no reason not to post. I was off today and home all day. I can understand if I was out and about and busy and then got home and was too tired. Today, however, I was just being obstinate. That didn't work.

The Duke/Pitt basketball game is on tv. Know what's horrible? THE GAME'S AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!! If it's not in Pittsburgh, I'd rather it be in Durham. Not fair!! I wanna see DUKE!! Okay this is one of the few games I've had the opportunity to watch since I've lived here, do you believe this?!?! Duke ball with :21 left in the game, they get the shot AND the tip-in and miss both!! Overtime. Sold out the garden. RIDICULOUS!! WHY AREN'T YOU MAKING FREE THROWS??? Duke is a free throw team!! Y'all are wil'in. This ain't how we play. And they lost by a point. Wack.

I was listening to the radio today when I heard this, "Yeah, I wanna give a shout out to Monte, locked down in Washington County, BABY DADDY HOLD IT DOWN!!" Really?

Daddy Daughter night led us to search the internet to find an Italian spot close to home.

We decided on JohnnyCarino's. I don't normally do this... but here's us in the car.

Surprisingly, it was pretty good. I'm not the biggest fan of chains. The bread is baked on site and was divine! I also had a muy delicioso Italian margarita. I love those. You can taste the grand marnier in them which I LOVE.

Here's us in the restaurant. (He said the pearls were overpowering (hello? the point!), but black is my color.)

I also bought some egg nog today when I went to the grocery store. I've already had one fat-filled glass. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It ain't Christmas without egg nog.

Oh yeah. XM. I tell ya. They say we don't talk about anything.

JamesBrown. You. Are. Not. Saying. Anything.

But yes, it is funky... now.


The Gym Date

That wasn't. (I just heard the crowd go awwww.) It's all good (ish), but it's a crazy story. My gym has two fitness levels and an indoor track above the 2nd level which allows you to see to the other two. As I'm walking on the track yesterday, I spot G (for Gym Date) on the lower level. I figure if I do cardio long enough he'll come up like he normally does. For 40 minutes I go between the bike and the track. 40!! Sigh. Then I do my ab work and some arm and back work. No dice. Then when I get ready to leave, I don't see him anymore. I know what you're saying, "Why didn't you just go down there?!" Because only guys go down there (it's straight weights) and I just didn't feel like dealing with all the testosterone.

When I leave, my mom helps me brainstorm how to get in contact to cancel so I don't just stand him up. She suggests calling the church to get the secretary to give me his number. I explain to her the church has 10,000 members and I don't know his last name. That's ignoring the fact that THAT'S CRAZY!! MOM! Really? And how do I explain how I got his number? Not an option. So I come up with the idea to just call the desk at the gym at the appointed time (10:30) to have them pass on the message.

I told one of my co-workers (this whole casual thing has gotten out of hand. I don't even want to go to the gym anymore because it's so out of pocket!! I just wanna work out!) I was supposed to call around 10:20 so when she left at 10, she reminded me. Except the White House compound was on fire so I was distracted. I look up at 10:44 like oh no! So I go talk to my other co-worker K-rock to explain to her what happened and she says well call now! I'm like I'm nervous. Lol. I know that's stupid but I was. How embarassing. She says, "Do you want me to call for you?" "Yes!!" I give her the number, she calls and says Mo thinks the situation is hilarious and will try to find G though he has no idea who she's talking about. Score!

When I get there today, 3 hours late (I was producing the noon today), he's not there (yes there was a possibility b/c he works out a lot), I get my workout on and leave quickly and quietly while reading Essence. Actually it probably wasn't that quietly because at times I was singing along to "A Christmas Workout!" Don't forget the exclamation mark! Tonight I'm going to Yokoso! (yes, exclamation mark) hibachi restaurant [(which does not get good reviews)(did I tell y'all I don't really like Asian-inspired food other than egg rolls?)] for my new church acquaintance's birthday. I just want to go to sleep and not wake up until December 20th. That way I can catch the replay of Project Runway and blog all about it. This week of crazy schedule has completely and totally jacked up my sleep experience.


Must I Think?

I'm known for my mildly impressive pot luck additions. Nothing amazing but it looks or tastes that way. Peach lemonade with fresh peaches and lemons. They were fighting over who got the last of it. Fruit and yogurt parfait with cranberry granola and fresh blueberries and raspberries. But I've learned something. There is always too much food. I looked at the list and the only thing to drink is orange juice. I love o.j. much more than the average person but I decided instead of pouring over Rach's site anymore, I'll just grab that tin of mint cocoa sitting in my kitchen from Trader Joe's, put it in pretty packaging, and write a calligraphy note with the instructions. They will all love it.

*Watching Super Sweet 16... as much as I sometimes like this show, it's like Bridezilla in training. Do you really think no matter how much money I have my kids will talk like this??!! Do you?! No indeed. Not if they like their teeth.


No, Seriously

I'm going to have to renew my request for you not to bore the living daylights out of me with your child stories!!! I got got TWICE today!! How did this happen!? We weren't talking about children, I didn't ask about your children, and suddenly I'm bombarded by babies. The one who got me on Saturday came up to me today and I made a quick getaway. She's one of those people once you get her started you have to practically cut her off at the knees to get her to stop. BE QUIET!! (A bit counter-productive to yell for someone to be quiet, huh?)

I'm watching Reno 911. This show is ca-raaaazy. So funny.

I went to the gym today and got my super fab workout on. That reminds me. A while back when I was struggling through the daily posts, Liz told me to let y'all know how I stay fit. So I shall. I like to do at least 25 minutes of cardio per day (3 days a week). Then I alternate my exercise. I hit the free weights with the dumbbell overhead press. Actually I think it's called the Arnold press because it's supposedly "da guvnah"'s fave exercise. You start with your hands up, palms inward, then you move them outward and up ending above your head with palms facing out. Delightful. I do 3 sets of 10 of each exercise. Then I also use a couple of machines including the leg press, dumbbell curl, and seated row.

Didn't see the gym date guy today. I might go again tomorrow to see if I can find him, or I may just show up on Wednesday when I can. Whatever. He'll be fine. I also do some pilates-esque leg moves. For ab work I do crunches on the decline bench. For the obliques, I sit with my knees bent in front of me and twist from side to side while holding an 8 to 10 lb. medicine ball. I also do sit-ups while holding the medicine ball and stretch it forward when I come up. My sister taught me that one. Now I'm bored. I'll holla.

*Ooh! The Breakfast Club is on!!

My daddy is a baller. He just said to whoever he's on the phone with, "If you wanna see me, don't look back, look ahead." I'm so using that.


Start it Right!

I had a great day today! Can I get a hooray for that?! I'm extra excited. Wanna know why? It's the little things. As I was heading out the door, my father says, "It's not bad out there on the roads (we were expecting a wintry mix), the sidewalks are slippery but that's it. And someone cleaned all the snow and ice off your car." *sticks out cheek and points at it* YAY!!!! THANKS DAD!! That's my dog.

I was about to put on my cute black heels but at the last minute shoved my feet in my adorable rain boots. Good thing because in my cute heels I would've busted my cute head without the traction. Not a cute look. I headed to work jolly about the lack of cracked head and not having to clean the car off. When I got there one of our super zealous interns was already in. He'd decided to take the bus in so he wouldn't be stuck and not be able to get there the next day. So he was there to work. WHAT?!?! Do you mean to tell me I don't have to be pseudo assignment editor tonight?! I did a mental shout and an aloud dance and celebration. It was great.

(Side note: right now D's singing "Iiiin the jungle the miiiighty juuungle, the liiiion sleeeps toniiiight!" along with some doo-wop group on tv. HUHlarious. Even more so because my dad can't carry a tune in a steel bucket. And he's still going. With the falsetto. LMAO!!)

Things did not look as bright, but I did learn one of the worst people I've ever trained is leaving which is always cause for celebration. She's horrible because she doesn't get anything I tell her and asks the same questions every. single. day. And she's leaving willingly because she's gotten a job she wants. That means... I'm not a bad person for celebrating. HAAAAAAALLLLLEEEEEELUUUUUUUUJAAAAAAH!!! I sat around some good singers in church today. On key, in harmony. The whole nine. Thank ya! Because y'all know how I get when I hear people off key.

Between work and church, I asked my co-worker about a restaurant I'd seen as having the best breakfast on citysearch. This place called Pamela's. The Big Lincoln-- skinny pancakes with a crunchy outer edge, 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, and home fries. I usually don't like to mix my carbs AND I'm not the biggest fan of pancakes, but YUM!! I just wanted to sit there all day and love on that food. OH!! AND THE BEST LEMONADE IN PITTSBURGH!! First they dump in a quarter cup of sugar (I know I saw at least that much but I was distracted b/c I was on the phone with Stace), then they squeeze it fresh right in front of you and give it to you with the spoon inside so you can stir that diabetic-inducing sugar up and directly into your blood stream. MMMMMMMMM and I thank ya!

The gym date may not happen this week. I realized I have to produce the noon on Wednesday which means I won't be available at 1030 like I thought. I usually see him on Mondays, too, so I'm hoping I'll be able to let him know tomorrow that we'll either have to push it back or do it another day. If not, he'll be okay. Lol.

My l.s. is back in NC because she's on Christmas break. I can't lie. I did jolly a little bit that the 80 degree weather left before she could get there to enjoy it. What? I didn't get any 80 degree weather!! She needs to share!! She's her sister's keeper!! So I shared my weather with her because I'm the good line sister. Or she brought her Syracuse weather down with her. But of course it shall warm sufficiently in the weeks she's there so she'll get her warmth eventually. I've also been researching places for me and Stace to go-- she'll be here in less than a week!!!!!-- with the help of my co-workers and I CAN'T WAIT!! YAY!!!! 9 days until Christmas and the arrival of MyStace!!!!!!


Dear Parents,

This will not be popular, but it must be said. Do me a favor, will ya? Do not bore me with your stories about your children. If you're proud of your child's accomplishment(s), that's great. You should be. But when you are talking for 15 minutes about your kid, you're crossing a line. I can't be bothered to care that much. I really can't. To quote CC, "I can't! I can't, I can't!" If I ask, give me a 5 minute anecdote. If I don't ask, you get even less time. That means keep it under 2:30, people. Not to be a time nazi, but really, it is MY time, so I reserve the right. Don't you remember back when you weren't a parent how much you didn't care? It's one thing if I voluntarily go to your blog and read all about your little ones. I can press x if I don't like it, but most of the time I do. It's quite another when I'm at work and am essentially a captive audience. I have no relation to these children so let's keep it to a minimum.


P.S. If you are a parent, thank Cnel for the following important announcement.


Do You Know That I WON!?!?

I WON! I WON! I WON I WON I WON!! For those of you not in the know, Rashan and I have been competing against each other to see who could keep continuously blogging after successfully completing NaBloPoMo. Yesterday, I won!! He did not post. I had to do it Rashan. I'm competitive and I'm a winner. I'M A WINNER!! And I like to rub it in. With some paprika. If you're from the country, we like to call that pap-a-reeka. I actually do not have an accent despite growing up in the south. It's very neutral. People always ask me where I'm from. Today, because I won, I could rest on my laurels. I've now posted for 45 consecutive days. Tell me that's not amazing. AMAZING!!

I've been wanting to answer the questions I posed to others a while back. That was my favorite tag ever, courtesy of Liz. What great ideas she has and passes on. What day better than today? If not you, then who? If not now, then when? I can't find the source of that quote despite the wonders of the internet. I'm watching "Reign Over Me." Surprisingly, it's good. Well, maybe not surprisingly. I love Don Cheadle. I changed my mind. I can't do these questions right now because I'm watching the movie. So I guess answering the question when is... later.

*Today's Christmas Selection: "Silver Bells" by Bing Crosby.


Christmas Comes Early!

I've been taking pics but I haven't been adding them so here are some of the things I've taken pics of in the last few weeks. Some of them apply to today's post. Some do not. You will love them anyway.

The first made me so sad I just had to take pics of the poor forlorn spring shoes when I put them away for the next 6 months (or more) back in October.

But! I did bring out some cute clothes and shoes.

Fall is pretty sometimes.

But not when it's snowing if I have to go somewhere!! This was one of the first snows.... back in Oct. No accumulation but COME ON!

My co-worker's birthday.
Guess what I got today? My first issue of "Everyday with Rachael Ray"!! YAY!!! I couldn't even sit still when my dad brought it in the house. Just like an adorably fabulous puppy with a soft afro and abs of steel. My mom gave me a subscription for Christmas!!

AND guess what was on top of the best cooking mag?
The latest InStyle magazine!! Yay!!!! Don't both of them look fab on the covers? I can't wait until Stace gets here! We'll read it together like we always used to back before both of us were employed AND like we did in Florida, though we didn't get all the way through. I'm gonna stick it in the magazine rack until she does. I won't even crack the cover. Just 12 days! (Looking back at those Florida pics makes me feel like after this trip, we shall only meet at warm locales where we can show out with minimal clothes on. Everything is more fun in a bikini!!)

"On the first day of Chriiiiiistmas my true love gave to meeee, a partridge in a pear tree." Hey true love, wherever you are. Let me hip you to something. 1) I don't do birds unless they are on my plate dripping in seasonings. They just seem unsanitary. 2) I actually do like pears so good look on that front. 3) HOWever. Not with birds in them. Wouldn't the birds be defecating on the fruit? That's disgusting.

I also realized something... though I don't consider myself friendly with strangers, maybe I am and don't realize it. I like to utilize people's expertise. Last night at the beer distributor while my father cooked, I asked the guy who worked there for something new. So he showed me a few things and I picked out the tour of Europe multi-pack featuring 3 beers- one from Italy, one from Poland and one from the Czech Republic. When I left I thought, hmm... maybe I'm a little bit friendly. I'll delve into the friendly topic in another post. For now, one thing you should know about my father's meals. They always include rice. Usually it's just meat and rice. It makes no sense. Last night he made these bangin porkchops with steak seasoning-- coarse salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and paprika. So delicious... and rice. Dad. I love you and your rice is the bomb, but can I get a veggie ever? He was in the air force and said he had to eat potatoes with every meal so he doesn't care if he never eats another potato. I on the other hand love potatoes and get really excited when my beloved Rach introduces me to know ways to cook them.

*Today's Christmas Selection: "This Christmas" by Chris Brown


Yo. At the expense of being a broken record, I'm going to say what obviously needs to be repeated. GIVE. THE WRITERS. WHAT. THEY WANT. That's as slowly and loudly as I care to say that right now. Looka here. I am tired of all the reality shows. And guess what? This is only the beginning. The longer this strike drags on, the more we will see. The networks will find a way to fill the hours with shows that don't need writers. I WON'T BE COWED!! Jay, Conan and all the other late night hosts have been running the same reruns since the beginning of November. And some of them have shows playing multiple times a night. I'm always up in the middle of the night when I have to work and I'm tired of the reruns!! People who work for the shows that require writers who aren't writers are getting laid off.

Let's also talk about how THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WRITTEN EPISODES OF ANY OF MY SHOWS TO MAKE UP AN ENTIRE SEASON!! Grey's. I love you!! AND when the writers finally return, production doesn't start immediately. They still need to write the shows, then the actors need to learn their parts, extras, etc. need to be called back. And on and on and on. It will take a while to churn out new episodes once they return.

All you Lost and 24 fans should be upset because those seasons are both getting pushed back (court dates aside). Do you even understand that I will NOT be drawn in to all these reality shows?! I WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED INTO COMPLACENCY ABOUT THIS STRIKE!! We are getting desperate at work. Because we work in tv, we are all a little bit obsessed with it and watch incessantly. This is all good and well when there are actual shows, but I am TI.YERD (I've moved past tired and am now TI.YERD) of having people try to convince me of the myriad and NON-EXISTENT virtues of the hottest! new! reality show! Bah humbug! I WANT MY DRAMADIES AND MY COMEDIES AND MY WRITTEN, SCRIPTED SHOWS!! I WANT MY SNL!!! Ugh.

(If you pictured me yelling, jumping up and down and throwing temper tantrums, part of the time with my eyes screwed shut, you were right. UUUUUHHHHH!!!!)


It's Almost Here!!

Do you realize Christmas is just 13 days away!? That's like nothing! Less than 2 weeks! I can't take it! It's madness! I realized this as my co-workers onlined shopped all around me. So after the gym, I headed to the mall to do a bit of shopping. Guess what? It wasn't that crowded!! Yay!! Now try to get me to the mall on a Saturday. In my old day that would have earned you a stiff, yet dainty, middle finger. Today it will gander a mere smirk. Alright, alright. It depends on the day.

I got a few things, tried on a few things and then my feet yelled and yelped and hollered because I went to work all day, worked out, then went to the mall in cowboy boots. And please do not think that your boy Steve M.adden, the maker of said boots, bothers to put cushioning in any of his shoes-- the reason they are so blasted uncomfortable. Also the reason I rarely buy them. I cracked that day because I'd been searching for the perfect cowboy boots that weren't too expensive for the entire year preceeding the actual purchase. Speaking of which, I've been looking for a red coat for at least 2 years, maybe 3. I'm allergic to full price. That's definitely part of the problem.

Sooo... I kind of have a date. It's a gym date, but remember the guy from the last post? Cute, goes to my gym, and my church? Him. Normally I would be all "Ooh! What am I gonna wear!?" But since it's the gym and he's clearly seen all of my gym clothes, I really don't care. I always match and never wear ugly clothes. Not a problem. Roycee said wait until 7 months to date back when I posted about forgiveness. I can't believe it's been 7 months. Yesterday I happened upon my recounting of it to Jamar via instant messenger and was sad for who I was then, but a bit detached. It was so strange. I knew I would get here, but to be here is odd to say the least. Watching "Down with Love" which is quite hilarious.

*Today's Christmas selection is super fab: "Christmas Time Is Here" by Dianne Reeves.


Resolved: A Look Back

We're nearing that time of year again. So I thought I'd go back and look at the resolutions I made in 2007 and where we stand on those. Last year will be italicized. The results with be real text. Here goes nothin!

1) continue working out. I'm in the rhythm now and paying too much money a month to let it go to waste. I will need to start switching my routine up a little though because my eyes are starting to glaze. I reallly (count the l's) need a workout partner. I did it!! I mean look at all those posts about the gym! I didn't do it halfway, either! Muy fabulosa! And sans gym partner, though I still wouldn't mind having one of those. I did get two workout offers. One wasn't creepy because the guy was cute and around my age. And he goes to my church. AND he remembered my name. Oh my word! How is it that I've never posted about this!?

I have this thing about people remembering my name. That is the jump off point for whether or not you get my number. If you ask my name, chat me up, then ask my number but can't remember the name, you do not get the number. UNLESS you are really cute. What? Lol. Ok that doesn't even work anymore. I'm a grown up. If you can't remember my name 5 minutes later, there's really no point. Excuse yourself.

2) as a result of the aforementioned fitness, buy a Rosa Cha bikini because I only have about 3 years to wear it. Go to collections, Summer 2007. 2nd on the left, 3rd on the right. I would prefer them in other colors. Something to make my skin pop but those are the styles that caught my eye. Her 2006 collection was ick. (No, I don't want to be THAT skinny). Yes I will have to do some strategic placement to make either of those work with my Black woman body. Done! Love you Miami! I bet you want to see this bikini body, don't you? Nope!

3) get somewhere to wear #2. clearly i can't go to va beach or rhode island (right t?) w/that on. I'll get arrested and that will NOT be a resolution. Never been to the Carribbean. I'm overdue. Didn't go to the Carribbean, but Miami is very willing to be my place so I think I shall rock it there next time I go. I bought it too late in the trip to wear it. Close enough. Consider it done!

4) Go to Canada!!! Geez! Its ridiculous that I'm this close for a year and a half and have never been to Canada. It's something crazy like 2 hours or less away. So field trip for me. Erm. Not so much. Still didn't make it there. And by the time I really thought about it again in October, it was already too cold there. Canada has that arctic air and I prefer not to freeze any more than necessary i.e. not at all.

5) Save $3000. This starts with nine west. sigh. I just bought 2 pairs of shoes. They were on sale, but they will be my last for a while. Ugh. Why did the sales lady show me a pair of white slouch booties? *shudddddder!!!* WTF are you thinkin about? White shoes? And booties at that??? *vomitttttt!!!* Why don't you just spit on me? Absolutely not. These shoes were so ugly I can't even find them on the website. Not that the site is AT ALL easy to navigate but still. I saved $6,000 via my 401k. I contribute 11%. I'm not-so-secretly terrified I will be old and broke and I really don't want that. I plan to live a long time and I want to make sure I'm prepared in the event God allows me to do so. (My great-grandfather died at 95, so living long in my family is not unheard of.)

6) Budget. I'm already a step ahead b/c I've written down all of my bills, including food, entertainment and gas. Now implementation is the key. My first test is Friday when I get paid again. Uhhh... about that... Better luck next year?

7) Promotion. I've made August 23rd (my birthday) the promotion deadline for each year as long as I'm at a relatively entry-level position. Not quite entry-level, but still not in a job I would want to keep for more than a year. 23rd birthday, got the associate producer job, promoted to weekend morning producer by 24th birthday. 25th, I don't know what it will be, but not weekend mornings. Onward and upward people, onward and upward. Hmmm... not quite.

8) Meet a blogger. This is ridiculous. I'm sick of y'all comin to Pittsburgh, or me going to your city and suddenly we're unable to connect. FINE!! Don't meet me!! You smell like feet anyway. Yes! And I met 2. Dreamy and Duck. Duck I expected because she's from here. Dreamy I did not because she's from Cali! Oh wait. She hipped me to the game. She told me people from there don't say Cali. Wait. I'm not from there. Cali Cali CALI!! Lololol.

So I'm sure you're wondering my overall disposition considering I didn't exactly fulfill all my goals. I'm okay with that. They're benchmarks. Totally off topic... I love Lauren & Brody!! Partially because he is gooooorgeous. I'll take him off your hands, girl. Don't even worry about that! I do not like my coworker and all the bloggers who got me to start watching this show (the Hills). That is okay though!

*New fave Christmas song: "Home" by Ne-Yo.


Better You Than Me

I know I've said this multiple times before, but the best thing about my job is getting off at 10 in the morning and not having to deal with crowds. I got in anywhere from 11:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. That means I never have to deal with traffic either. (Unless there's construction on the parkway. But trying to get around it has forced me to learn my way around this city... the east side and eastern suburbs anyway.) I've also gotten very accustomed to being able to do almost anything without fighting for a parking space, or standing in line, or having to wait for customer service.

I exhibited this about 2 weeks ago in Victoria's Secret. I got a free product card and it was the last day. There was no line, but I'd left the free product and had to go back and get it. By the time I got back after trying to find the size, color, and style I want (this is where I say WHY!?!? Why are there so many styles, and sizes and colors? But mostly STYLES!?! Sometimes I want to be a dude and just walk in and be like "small", pick up the Wally World multi-pack and be done. Just like vanity sizing.) the line is now 3 people long. Sigh. But not that bad and I've already been to the gym and really have nothing else to do. Except... two of those 3 people have returns. Son of a!! So this turns into a 15 minute wait in line. You know me. I immediately come home and write a note letting them know I don't appreciate that! There were other people in the store who could ring as the line grew to 5 and 6 customers. The result: $25 gift certificate and profuse apologies. Complaining doesn't always get you free stuff, but I just need to be heard!!!

Today. I produced the noon show. I got off at 12:45, went to the gym, then the grocery store. Not bad on either front, AND there was this GORGEOUS guy working there. Heeeeey boo. Chocolate chocolate self. I always see people I've never seen before when I go an off time. And it always makes me want to regularly come at that time except I can't because it's a fluke that I'm there then. Then I go to the post office.

Lord Jesus help me!

I'd never seen this many cars in the parking lot but I think maybe it's not that bad. Until I get inside and the line is in the doorway. I check the clock-- 3:08-- and decide to just stick it out. I'd already determined I had to send out the first batch of Christmas cards today. I decide to do a few calf extensions. The lady behind me says, "Are you exercising?" I say, "Yes," fully expecting to be mildly chastized, and she replies, "Good idea." Lol. Me and Chr.is B.rown "Ki.ss Kiss" then I decide I want something a bit more upbeat so I turn to one of my workout playlists and hear "I'm H.ot" by Missy for the 4th time today. No lie. I just kept hitting repeat at the end of the song. I looked at my iTunes stats and it's the most played song on my ipod. Know why? Because it's on every workout playlist and I only listen to the pod at the gym. Holla!

Anyway. Waiting, waiting. 3:21 I finally get up to the counter to get these ugly, corny-looking stamps. They look like they're knit. Womp. Those were the ones that went even halfway with my funky envelopes. And I still can't stand them. I wanted a poinsetta or a snowflake. No dice on either. The post office is trippin. Actually I kind of liked the Hanukkah ones more, and was very tempted to get them. The dude was pushing the Kwanzaa ones. He was trying my blackness. Lol. After putting stamps on a million (or 27, whatever) envelopes and walk out. It's 3:25. Wow. All that? But I actually stayed calm. I was proud of myself. I leave only to be assaulted by this impossibly long line of traffic to get to the crib. WHAT IS THE DEAL!?!? Y'all can have this traffic crap. I just want to work hours where its normal for me to go to bed at 3 in the morning. That's my actual body clock and I miss it. Poor, poor body.

To console myself, I had a honey ham and sharp white cheddar cheese sandwich with spicy mustard on homestyle bread and an Amber Bock beer. I do feel much calmer now. Ahhhhhh.


Feeling Better

Yesterday I was homesick. I still am a bit, but I forgot my closest co-workers all have their families nearby, so they like to make sure I don't spend the holidays alone or get too sad. I didn't even tell them how I'm feeling and I'm already feeling better after today. Last night my job held its "holiday party"... at work. None of the early morning people went, of course, but there was a lot of food left over and some "Champayno." I promise it was called that. Yes, that CRACKED ME UP!! No getting drunk at work, I guess, whether working or not, so it was non-alcoholic sparkling whatever. Complete with plastic flutes. Wow...

My homie Cat and I decide we're gonna set the whole spread out and have a party for the two of us and the two editors. Roast beef with mushrooms; pasta with cheese, squash, zucchini and carrots; salad; fruit salad. We make it happen and we tear it up! Complete with a side of Champayno and Rev. Fun. Whooooooooose hoooooooooouuuuuuuuse??? Ruuuuuuuun's Hooooooouse. His daughters were showing off their sample gym bags for their line on I think Episode 7, maybe 8. Whatever it was, I want those bags. Their shoes are a bit too colorful and 8th grade to me, but the bags I can rock. And I don't even do logo bags or logo anything. My mother trained me well. No free advertising. Matter of fact, when I wear logos, I'm essentially paying you to advertise for you. Insanity.

I went to my fave cafe for breakfast and had a breakfast quesadilla with mushrooms, onions, cheese and eggs sprinkled with paprika, a side of salsa and sour cream, and sausage. It was BANGIN!! The first bite, I commenced to dancing. Then I went to church today and the pastor ripped it! I was like, "Get it son!" Yes, I talk in church, AND to God, exactly like I talk on my blog. Why not? It's not like God doesn't know what and how I talk anyway. I might need a copy of that one for the road. You know when I blow this taco stand. The text was on faith, Hebrews 11:32-40.

After that, it's Trader Joe's for lemon and raspberry sorbet (the latter suggested by dreamy), honey smoked turkey, herb foccacia bread, sharp white cheddar cheese and mint cocoa. Can't. Wait. That place is gangsta expensive for some things, but the food just looks so good. It's definitely one of those places you have to know your prices. I wanted to get some limes but they only had big bags of them and there's no way I need that many limes. Guess I'll have to hit up the regular store. 50 cents per lime at least, I'm sure. Maybe $1. Citrus is insane up here.

I also want to thank Pro for adopting me since I'm feeling a bit homesick. The Christmas spirit is not dead!!

*Today's selection: Frank Sinatra's version of "Jingle Bells." Very old school. Very classic. Very jolly. "I want those j-i-n-g-l-e bells. Those holdiay j-i-n-g-l-e b-e-double-l-s. I love those j-i-n-g-l-e bells!" Muy festivo! Feliz navidad! Joyeux Noel!

She Gets Me

She really really does. As soon as Grey's is bouncing back from the loss of Burke... we're running out of episodes!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!