The Anatomy Scan + A Little Extra

So... we had our ultrasound and my biggest gender-related fear? That the second the tech put the wand on my belly, that baby would be spread-eagled and we would instantly know what we were having. LOL But my beloved child cooperated with his momma and kept his goods to himself... at least as far as I could see. Bless you, my child!

Rashan went back and forth in the weeks leading up to the ultrasound on whether or not he would learn the sex of the baby and keep it to himself. The only thing that made him waver was not wanting to spoil my surprise for me somewhere along the way. How sweet is that??? So the day of and even minutes before our ultrasound, he was still undecided. "Game time decision," he said. Once we got set up in the room, the tech asked us, "Do you want to know what you're having if you can see?" We started talking at the same time.

I said, "Well..."
Rashan said, "No."
I gasped! "No??"
Firmly, "No."
"Awwww! Thank you!"

I was ecstatic! Mostly because I was really enjoying the speculation of not knowing together. But would you believe that knowing he wants to know so badly made me feel bad that now he wouldn't know? I really wanted him to know!

Our ultrasound continued and I loved hearing her continually say, "Normal. That's normal. Normal." It was so reassuring. I've read a lot of stories of finding out things on the anatomy scan so it was a relief to hear our baby was healthy. And how much do I love seeing that little heartbeat??? So much!! I've gotten used to feeling the baby move now but SEEING the heartbeat??? So amazing! I don't even know what my own heartbeat looks like but I've seen our baby's! Twice!

After the ultrasound, the tech gave us a DVD of the session so we could watch it again and a few photo printouts. I stared at the first photo in shock but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to be vain...
Then Rashan said, "The baby has your forehead!" I said, "I know!!!!!!" So crazy! I never expected to be able to point out my own features on an ultrasound! Rashan said, "I want something to look like me!" I said, "I bet that baby comes out looking exactly like you but with my head." LOL

This is a hard-earned profile shot. We had to poke at my stomach to get the baby to cooperate to get it. He would NOT move! LOL I said, "That's your baby. Stubborn." Hahaha. On that pic you can see an arm by the side and a fist up near the face. And look at that little button nose. Awww.

The next picture was my favorite. LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE FEET!!!!!!!!
When we got home and watched the ultrasound again, he was swimming away on one shot. It was so adorable to see his little legs flapping away. My little triathlete. This is my mom's favorite picture, too. A week or so after the ultrasound, I found out my due date is Columbus Day. It was so weird to me that I didn't know that already but I didn't. I asked Mrs. Count if this meant I had to name my baby Columbo. She said he needs a Native American name so I have selected Swims with Tiny Feet. Awwww.

This next picture is of me and Rah on Saturday. We met my mom at a Mexican restaurant in Salisbury. This is the only picture of us with my bump because we never have anyone to take pics of us. I love it!
Would you like to know why we drove 45 minutes to meet my mom for dinner? Not just for kicks, though it was quite fun! Mrs. Count was talking about cake last Monday and I just had to have some! I called my mom and asked her to bake and mail me a cake. Then Rashan said, "Why don't we just meet her in the middle to get it?" I LOVE THAT IDEA!! So on Saturday we did and it was wonderful! My mom poked at my belly, wrinkled her nose and said, "Ooh. It's hard." LOL What? She's so special. She cooed over the ultrasound with us, I showed her possible going home from the hospital outfits for a boy or a girl, then we went our separate ways. A lovely visit. And that pound cake? AMAZING!! I ooed and aahed over that thing like it was the first and last cake on earth! Rashan was cracking up at how much I was thanking Jesus after every bite. :)