It's Thanksgiving Finally

Y'all can stop cursing my name now. Here it goes...

Wednesday after work, I went home, washed my hair, packed the clothes I'd set aside that morning before I left for work, then headed to the airport. I'd spent the day warning all of Pittsburgh (via writing for and producing the morning shows) all of the things they needed to know about "the busiest travel day of the year," including getting to the airport at least 90 minutes in advance and the "3-1-1." That's you may carry containers of liquids of gels in travel-sized containers 3.4 oz or less in one-one quart bag per person. And prepare yourselves for a wait and possible delays. All of this information of course came from TSA and the airport. I get to the airport and there is no line to check-in, then a man directs me to the alternate security point where there are only 4 people in line ahead of me. I'm looking around thinking, this is less time than I've EVER had to wait at the airport.

I get on the plane and its a smooth ride to Detroit. I'd finally calmed down from all the hyperactivity I imposed upon myself about meeting the bf's mom for the first time. I try to get a pedicure at the airport spa (the one good thing about Detroit's airport) but they're all booked. Bah! So I sit and listen to my ipod, call my mom since trying to take a nap wasn't working. I knew this would mean I was ridiculously tired once I got to Norfolk since I'd been up for 15 hours already and it was only 4pm.

I get off the plane in Norfolk looking fabulous of course since I knew the plan was for the bf and his mom to pick me up and for us to go to a restaurant from there. I'm suddenly nervous even though some woman had been talking to me most of the way there, despite the fact that I had my ipod in my ears AND a magazine open on my lap. Wow... that's dedication. I was getting to see the bf, though, for the first time in more than 6 weeks, so I was actually nice. Plus it was her first time flying and she was going to see her grandchildren. How mean can you be to someone like that?

I call Stacey so she can calm me down a little more and to describe the fit. Black tweed blazer with 3/4 length sleeves, black sleeveless shirt w/a ruffle down the front, jeans, black and cream satin polka dot flats, the birthday diamond earrings, black drop earrings, and a black necklace with the Christmas bratch. I get to baggage claim, call the bf, see him, give him a brief hug, take a deep breath, then turn around and meet his mom.

She's tall. She had on heels and I had on flats making me 5'1 and her at least 5'9. I didn't even reach her shoulder. Hahahahaha. I gave her a hug, we got my bags and walked to the car to decide what to eat. He told me his mom had suggested Applebee's but he didn't think I liked it. I cheered and cursed him in my head. Cheered b/c yay! you know me! Cursed b/c clearly if your mom suggests it, the first time we meet, I can't be the picky bitch who says, "Eww! No way!" So I say "Applebee's is fine." It's not that I hate it, it's just nondescript. There's really no reason to eat there. I did want to try some of the stuff Tyler Florence makes there but I wasn't in the mood for any of it.

Once we were there, he left the table twice!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?! The first time, there was silence for at least 2 minutes. That is a long time to be silent. We were both perusing the menu, then she asked what I was going to get and I said I'm not sure and she said, me either, then more silence. He finally returned. We ordered, then he left again to go call one of his friends to tell him we would meet him at the club after we dropped his mom off. This time we sat in silence until I asked what she was cooking for Thanksgiving. That was good, then more silence. SO AWKWARD!!!!

We ate. No one was very impressed with it, then we dropped of his mom and rode around for a while. Then we went to Wynel's house. I put in Robin Thicke and sat on his lap and listened and talked while Wynel did her hair. I started to fall asleep and he kept waking me up. It was around midnight and I had been up for 24 hours by this point. Wynel left the house to us. "2 the Sky" came on and it was a wrap! That song is faaaaaaaaabulous. We were asleep within the hour.

The next day, Wynel and I went to her boyfriend's aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so yummy. The dressing was offffff the chaiiiiiiiiiiin!! Mmmmmm-MMMMMMMMM! Lol. Then we went to her cousin's house for dinner. Ate more. Here the ham was the bomb. They also had she-crab soup. I wanted to try it but I was too full. I fit right in immediately. As soon as I walked in the door, Wynel's uncle said, "Jameil you gotta be more careful about the company you keep. You can come back anytime, and you don't have to come with Wynel, because if you do, we'll never see you again." Hahahaha. Then he says, "Also, there's a cover charge, you just give the money to me." I said, "Yeah, Wynel said she'll take care of me." He was like, "Naw, that ain't how it work." Hahahahahahahahaha. Just like home. Most of her cousins were around our age so we had a good time. We watched "Lackawanna Blues" (GREAT MOVIE), then "Grey's Anatomy." Man that show is great. Can't wait for this week. The last day of sweeps, too? It's gonna be off the chain.

Then we went to Wynel's college roommate's house. Her dad is a chef. He made some bangin gumbo!! I saw her adorable baby and we watched some more tv and caught up. Then we went back to Wynel's house. I talked to the bf for a little while, then went to sleep. The next day we woke up, ate, talked about our career goals (she was also in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications with me and the bf), then got ready to head to the airport.

So that's it. Are you happy now?

What I'm thankful for (in no particular order):
* Benefits!
* Going to the dentist today and having no cavities for the 24 year or however long I've had teeth
* Being able to fly where I want when I want
* My family
* The blog la familia
* Stacey, Ashli and the entire Hampton crew
* Life, health and strength
* Food (I love food!!)
* The bf
* Daddy-Daughter Day

Love you guys!


Thanksgiving Post.... Is coming....

soon. I promise. I just don't feel like it right now. Wise tells me its that "damn my ordinary life sucks so much more than my vacation life" syndrome. That's why it always takes me days or weeks to recap.

I just don't really have the patience to sit down and do it at this point. I also bought a hilarious book called Maneater, very trashy novel, but makes me giggle. Want to know what else makes me giggle? My latest post about wedding day hoochies on the Record Dish. Hahahahaha.


Music Mindspacing

The Rules:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening Credits: "San Francisco" Second Hand Jive" Some randomness that was on my dad's computer and got automatically added to my computer. I don't even know what this song is about other than the title. Boooooooooooooo.

Waking Up: "Greatest Show on Earth" Andre 3000 f/Macy Gray from the Idlewild, Hmm... I'm not sure what this means.

First Day At School: "We Major" Kanye West f/Nas Ha. I was always rather well-known throughout school from kindergarten to senior year in college. I'm that I'll social butterfly.

Falling In Love: "India Song" India Arie. Don't know what this song is about either. Let's have a listen. "Go where the wind calls my name. Calling India, India, India." Want to be free I guess.

Fight Song: "U Know What's Up" Donell Jones... hahahahaha! Yeah foo'!

Breaking Up: "Vamos Nenas" Cordero... another one of those songs that automatically got put on my cd. I don't even speak Spanish. Go something. I heard "Andale Muchacha" so I'm guessing that means BE OUT DOG!!! Which is appropriate. I'm quick to cut people off when the relationship ends.

Prom: "Trouble" Jay-Z Hmmm... really? No, not really. Prom was very laid back for me. Oh wait! My grandmother was still making my dress when my date got there. Yeah... not fun.

Life is Good: "Freaken' U" Donell Jones... kind of a laid back party song. I can get with that.

Mental Breakdown: "Essaywhuman?!!!!(Organix Version)" The Roots.. a little disjointed and doing whatever I want. When I'm breaking down, I still usually make a good deal of sense and can talk me out of the craziest of ideas.

Driving: "Make Love Tonight" Trey Songz... Probably not.

Flashback: "Y'all Know Who" The Roots... probably a flashback for someone, but not me. I just bought this cd a couple of months ago. The Roots didn't really make it into my rotation until the last couple of months.

Getting Back Together: "Paper Chase" Jay-Z... wow... hilarious... but inaccurate again. Never about money. *HEY SHUFFLE! GET IT TOGETHER!! YOU'VE BEEN HIDEOUSLY WRONG!!*

Wedding: "Say Yes" 112... ahhhh nice. And I will be saying yes over and over and over again. Hahahahahaha.

Birth of Child: "Don't Leave" Donell Jones... but is Donell Jones really the soundtrack to my life? I always think people are going to die soon and am notorious for telling people they can't die, so I guess that could be it. But let's hope I'm not thinking that first and foremost when I have my child.

Final Battle: "I Belong to You (Everytime I Close My Eyes)" Rome. Huh? Daddy's 90s R&B mix. Clearly this annoying song should NOT be in my ipod. As should several others. Madam! How do I delete stuff from my ipod?

Funeral Song: "Stay" Ne-Yo f/Peedi Peedi... makes sense. The world will scream that when I die. Hahahahahah

End Credits: "Intro" Outkast (Idlewild) Well... every ending is the beginning of something else.

**Musical Shares
1. How does the world see me? "Roses" Kanye West... Persistent? Obstinate? Questions authority and life? Love family? Loyal?
2. Will I have a happy life? "Chain of Fools" Aretha Franklin... oh great. Did I tell you stupid people are one of my pet peeves? I have no patience for the foolish.
3. What do my friends really think of me? "Family Business" The Fugees... Don't know what this one is abt either. Let me take a listen... umm... they think I'm in a gang? Or that I'm hard core and I don't play?
4. Do people secretly lust after me? "Our Love" Mary J Blige. I guess that means they all love me. Much better. Lust fades.
5. How can I make myself happy? "Know That" Mos Def... Listen to self, do what's best for me.
6. What should I do with my life? "Racism" Janet Jackson... "To a world of secret Racism, get well soon" That's the whole song. Janet is one odd bird, that one. Wow. I've always wanted to do something that impacts the lives of Black folk. Documentaries about seemingly ordinary Black people. I would love that.
7. What is some good advice for me? "Intro" Big Boi... he just says Speakerboxxx over and over again. I guess that means I want to be heard.
8. How will I be remembered? "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here" Deborah Cox... I'm going to assume that I'm going to be breaking down barriers.
9. What is my signature dancing song? "Crack Music" Kanye West... I guess he's the other soundtrack to my life. Has a good beat but it's not Lil John and doesn't have the gangstaness or nostalgia associated w/Missy's "Under Construction."
10. What do I think my current theme song is? "See Saw" Aretha Franklin. Unstable? I'm only 24. I'll take that. I've never heard this song before. Another cd I snatched from Daddy for the collection w/o listening. This one is kinda hot, though.
11. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? "In the Middle" Trey Songz... All about love?
12. What song will play at my funeral? "Flip Flop Rock" Big Boi f/Killer Mike, Jay-Z... know what? I might take that just b/c its the ill collabo. The beat is hot. But I'm sure there will be school chiddlers there and it will be in a church so the cursing isn't really appropriate.
13. What type of women (men, since I'm a woman) do I like? "Who" Raheem DeVaughn.. leading by example. I like it. Community awareness.
14. What is my day going to be like? "The Love Experience" Raheem DeVaughn. Awwww. That's nice.

This was much more fun when I could use it just to make fun of X. Lololol. The next 5 songs in the shuffle? "Thank You" Raheem Devaughn, "Its Alright" Jay-Z, "Until the End of Time" Justin Timberlake, "Babymother" Musiq (yikes! glad that one didn't come up! I don't want to be anybody's baby mama. NO baby mama drama for me, thanks!), "Umi Says" Mos Def... oh buddy! I would've been crunk if this one had come up.


Thanksgiving... Less bah and looking up!

The Thanksgiving outlook is improved just a few days since I re-iterated the plan. Since Ashli essentially told me to suck it up and quit whining, I bought my ticket to Virginia for much cheaper than it was originally listed. Originally listed at $292, I bought mine for $177. See airlines? I will not allow thee to steal all my money from me. Unfortunately, I will be flying Northwest which I hate b/c no matter where you go in the nation, you have to fly to Detroit first. WTF Northwest? That can't be cost efficient. Instead of flying me direct to Hartford or Norfolk, it makes more sense to fly me to Detroit, THEN to my final destination? I'm going with no. Stop being stupid.

Anyway. Back to Detroit Wayne I go. I have about an hour and a 1/2 layover so I'm going to try to set up an appointment for a pedicure and try to relax since when I get off the plane...


I'm meeting the bf's mother for the first time. I'M SO NERVOUS!! I don't know what to wear. Come on guys!! You knew that would be one of the first things I would think. So I'm trying to figure out what to wear right? I looked at the feng shui fashion guide just because it was on AOL's front page. I would like to let the author know she was NO HELP!! Thanks for nothing Stephanie!

An excerpt:
"Pink – Soothing and nurturing, pink is a great color for putting people at ease. This color also dissipates anger, so it’s a great choice when you want to kiss and make up. Avoid pink if you want to be seen as decisive and bold, however, as it conveys softness.
Brown – Whenever you feel scared or insecure, wear brown. This grounding color has an effect that is most comforting. Wear it when you want others to put their faith in you. Avoid brown, however, when you are in a rut or dealing with stubborn people.
White – Nothing inspires trust like the color white. Wear this color when you want to appear detailed, efficient and faultless. Keep away from white when you want to convey a relaxed, easygoing image. White can also promote anxiety, so use it carefully."

Erm... so are you saying I should go naked? Because obviously while each color has some redeeming qualities, if I'm feeling the slightest bit unsure (which HELLO I will likely be b/c I'm meeting mom!!), then I will spiral rapidly into a quagmire of depression never to resurface. And THEN what would his mom think of me? She would tell him to get far, far away from that psycho girl! And that would be no good!

*Deep breath and soothing thoughts* I'll be staying at my homie Wynel's house which she offered to me and the bf for a date night on Wednesday. How sweet is she? She actually was a part of the bf and me meeting freshman year. At least that's what I think. We were friends for so long before we became more that I don't even know how we met, let alone when, other than it was freshman year.

I have no idea what Wynel and I will be doing on Thanksgiving day but I'm sure we'll have fun... I'll let you know how it goes!


Thanksgiving... Bah!

The Plan is still on. So you don't have to wade through the Mindspace-ness of that blog unless you want to, here's the part you need to know.

"Did I tell you I'm boycotting all holidays? All of them. I worked Christmas Eve
& Day and New Year's Eve and Day. The first holiday under my injunction
was Thanksgiving. I really do not get the big deal. It made me know that I
will NOT be cooking for a holiday ever again until there are at least 5
people to eat all that ish. I'm either ordering or going to someone's house. I
can't do it. I can't look at the left-overs and I don't like turkey."
*Jameil, January 2, 2006
So there it is. NO THANKSGIVING! This is the most important holiday injunction of all. While I may not boycott all the rest (I was very upset that day because I had worked and worked and worked during the holidays. So sad.), Thanksgiving is definitely on the chopping block. Remember how I said I might be going to Norfolk for Thanksgiving to hang with my college homie and the bf? Well my I hate Thanksgiving gene kicked in hard. I don't wanna go nowhere or do nothing! HMPH! So much so that I left my English lessons at home.

Back in Charlotte, we'd go to one of my aunt's houses, then to the movies. My cousins would bring their boyfriends. We always had a great time and of course lots of good food. We would also house hop. My friend Laurie's mom made the best mac and cheese and broccoli rice casserole. Her turkey was never dry. Then she started getting fried turkey and everything was really, really good!

After those great memories, understand why Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, or anywhere but Charlotte isn't really what I want to do? I know I'm being bratty, but I really don't care. Hahahaha. The moral of this story? Thanksgiving... BAH!


Too Anti-Social For the Gym

Sigh. I think that's me. Even before I had a boyfriend, I hated being stalked at the gym. I've never really had to workout to maintain my weight, but these night hours are killing my diet (I don't mean diet in the sense of 2 crackers, 3 carrots and a lettuce leaf. I mean diet as in what you eat.) and my cute shape. I wake up in the middle of the night (945pm, 1145pm or 245am, depending on what time I have to be there), grab some fast food, eat out of the machines and sit down for 9 to 12 hours a day. See what I mean? I'm not overweight, but I know I've picked up a couple of pounds. I also know I have to eat better.

But perhaps I should go back a little. I hate running. Hate it. Even if I'm being chased, instead of being caught, I'll just give up because I know there's no way in hell I can run faster than you. I gave up sports after softball from ages 6 to 9 because my younger sister was better than me. We also took gymnastics, not on the Ashli level, but little kid stuff like forward rolls and walking across the balance beam. She was better than me at that, too. We also took tap, jazz and ballet, again better than me, but I liked it so I didn't really mind as much. I was the first person in our class to do a toe stand so I was very excited about that! :D I tried to show you a pic but everything came up but a tap toe stand. Its the move where you stand on your toes in your tap shoes.

Anyway sophomore year at Hampton, the student center opened, with a gym inside. My friends and I decided we would start working out. At first I rebelled, but then kind of started to like it. I fell in love with the elliptical machines. I also loved my hap ki do class taught by a set of twins. So fun. Sometimes I would even let CC drag me to the track. But like I said, I hate running. And she would make fun of how I run. Hater.

Anytime we'd go to the gym outside of my normal 7pm time, some jerk of a guy would come up to one or several of us and ask if we needed some help with the equipment. Mind you, these weren't the regulars because we all had a head nod relationship. We actually would wave and say hi outside of the gym even though we didn't know each others' names. No, the regulars know you don't need any help. It was these losers who were trying to get back in shape for something and wanted to show off. ACTUALLY I'm in here far more than you, so maybe I can help YOU out with something. OOOOOOOOOOOOH!

Yesterday, I went to work out. Everything was cool. I'm on my elliptical, of course guys are looking, no biggie. But this one guy makes eye contact for 1/2 a second, then decides he will stare me down until I speak to him. After I got off the elliptical, I went upstairs to the indoor track to do a couple of laps and stretch. Do you know when I was coming down the steps, this negro stopped at the bottom and stared at me?!?!?! What are you doing?! Can I work out w/o being accosted?! Is that so much to ask? Ridiculous. The bf was like, but you're pretty and the gym is like a club, you go to meet people. It's to be expected. Oh hell no. I don't EXPECT to be bothered while I'm working out!!!

Today I went and I'm already getting a little bored with my workout. I still haven't heard from this alleged personal trainer I'm supposed to get a free session with for signing up. I wish Madam were here and that she would hurry up and finish her new blog!!! Lolol. I thought that as I was working out today. Bally's does NOT want to get on my list because I WILL call a manager and send a note to corporate and whatever other thing I need to do to let them know I'm not happy with the service I'm paying for!!

You know how I have notoriously bad food service right? Well after one trip to Mad Mex, I filled out the comment card and got a free meal coupon. Did the same with Wendy's and got two. All I'm asking is for you to perform the service I'm paying you to do! Is that so hard? I don't think so but maybe I'm crazy.

On today's gym trip I saw the woman I want to be when I grow up. Beautiful black woman with the smoothest skin. She could be anywhere from 33 to 53. I had no clue what age she was. That's hot. I also saw a girl who could be my workout partner. I need one if I'm going to keep working out. This going by myself and having to beat the dudes off with a stick is no fun. I know that sounded incredibly vain but if you're a woman and have ever been to the gym, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Bally's needs to step its game up. I've now been to the gym 3xs this week... aren't you proud? :D


Get it Right, Get it Tight!

Hahahahaha. That's my fave line right now. "Get it right, get it right, get it tight." The song is not my fave but that line makes me giggle.

So I finally joined Bally's today after weeks of talking. A little high priced but I'm bout to be flyer (see how when you're talking about being fly, it doesn't make sense to drop the y and add -ier? it just looks stupid like that. like you're talking about a sheet of paper advertising for your wack ass party at the Legion or the Chestnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!! all my Hampton heads are rollin right now... well the ones who are of age anyway) than a little bit. Sorry bout that crazy sentence. I know it makes no sense to have a sentence shorter than the parenthetical statement inside. But that's the kind of mood I'm in right now and I think I'm about to grab a beer take this to another level. Watch me.

Bally's had not a child in sight and miles and miles of workout equipment. Well, not miles, but enough. There were a lot of old people in there, but a good mix of young people too.

Wait! I don't need to grab a beer (but I did anyway). I do things backwards sometimes. Remember how I went to the Y and hated how there were little school chiddlers (ha! that roald dahl throwback for ya! right dream? :D hahaha) all over creation? It was like being at a day care with a small workout room. You could count the machines. Not cute. Bally's feels like a real gym in a real city. Multiple machines, indoor track, indoor and outdoor pools. Nice. But this is pgh. That outdoor pool must get used 3 weeks a year! Hahahahahahaa. Y'all. It's really that time of year again. The attack of the ugly sweaters has begun! Ugh!! Please read in my archives with that link for how I feel abt this!! I may have to repost it on the Record Dish because this is important!!

Anyway. Here are my workout goals. I don't want to hear any smart comments either. We all have goals. I want to lose 7 lbs., have abs like Janet, well-defined arms without being cock-dies (that doesn't look right either, that's dies as in short for diesel), that line in your outer thigh like Andy McDowell that only shows up when you've been working out. Just to general be sleek and short (there ain't but so long I can get at 5'1... so the illusion of long). Not too hard right?

I'm likely going to Norfolk, VA for Thanksgiving since my homie Wynel invited me down there and the bf will be there, too since his fam lives there. So if there's a possibility I'll run into people who knew me from college, I want them to say daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang Jameil looks GOOD! And then I'll be like DAAAAAMN right! :D So funny.

While I'm working out w/my new fly ipod, I need some good music right? I added Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life Vol. 2" and I had forgotten how much I liked this cd. It makes me giggle. And would actually be fun to listen to while working out. I need stuff that gets me crunk and hyper (shocking right?) I have some good stuff on my workout playlist but I need more. I have some Justin, the Roots, Outkast. Since my cds got stolen I don't have enough crunk, movable stuff. My Ying-Yang is gone, and both my Lil John's. Clearly we know both of them will get you out your seat. Ah well. C'est la vie. D's home so I'm bout to be out. We still don't know what we're going to do. I want to see the Departed, but he saw some reviews and didn't feel too inclined. I hate reviews. Like I want to listen to some random person in middle America. So we'll see.



DESPITE apple's repeated attempts to steal, stomp on, squelch, muddle, massacre, ruin, or otherwise destroy my joy.

So I got the aforementioned beautiful turquoise ipod. First let's go back. Remember the engraving? It was based on one of my fave quotes from the fabulous Akeelah and the Bee (I know its not from there and Nelson Mandela said it but that's where I first said it (quit hatin)). WAIT! Speaking of hatin. Associated Press. It is NOT ok to use the terms "hating" or "hating on" in two blurbs simply because they're in the Urban section of the wires!!! You must know this!!

Back to Apple's quest to anger the great one. ("I am rock and roll"-- I love this Mos Def song. Disgustingly hot. So sick, so ill, so nasty. LMAO!! Me and Stace always pick on CC for using this language w/the rest of her fellow NYers. Oh the hilarity). So before I could even get my ipod, they sent me three SEPARATE messages to tell me 1) they do in fact have my order and it is currently being placed (yay!), 2) they were sending it, (biiiiiig yay!), 3) they were billing me. (ok already, i get it! could not those last two have been consolidated?)

Then Monday FedEx tried to deliver it at 905am. WHO is at home at 905 in the morning? I mean seriously. Maybe on my off days but normal people work! Come on! So they said I could go pick it up but I thought it was the place down the street, but it was this place up and down multiple hills and around at least 2 "s-curves." NOT COOL! So the bf suggests I just call and request a delivery time. So I say anytime after 1230. The woman lets me know it's only a suggestion and they'll do the best they can. I say ok.

The next day as I'm driving down the street SECONDS from pulling into the parking lot, I see the truck pulling out. NOOOOOO! I pull into the parking lot and see my dad's car and I'm like "Ooh! Maybe!" I walk in, and there's a small rectangular box on the table! YAAAYYYYYYY!! I open it and there is a small booklet and it's NOT the instructions. There ARE no instructions! You have to read them online!!!! What kind of bullshit is that?! Some serious bullshit!! They're crazy! Can I have it in front of me so I don't have to log on every SINGLE time I have a question about my product?!!! So not happy. I read instruction booklets for fun. That's how I know stuff about my phone and everything else I own. Becaue I READ!!! Pissed. Esp. b/c I really have no idea what I bought. I mean I know its an ipod nano and it plays music and can hold 1k songs but beyond that I have no clue. I mean what do I look like? I'm a writer and producer, NOT a techie. MADAM!!! What the hell did I buy?!?!?!?

Ok so this is not keeping with the title of this blog b/c this is the next day. So I uploaded all my cds on there. Still wavering back and forth between buying cds to put on the ipod and buying individual songs b/c I'll still need to listen to stuff in the car. So that part's still up in the air. Who knows. I have 308 songs on my ipod at this point. Aren't you excited?! :D Oh yeah! Wait! So it took nearly 2 HOURS to download itunes onto my computer! BIOTCHES!!! The kid was pissed. And I mean pissed. Then once I get it on there I'm hella sleepy so I can barely put 8 cds on there before I'm ready to go to bed.

Last night my dad brought in a case of Yuengling and I actually cheered. It was hilarious. Then he tried to hook my ipod up to our bangin 7 speaker surround sound and subwoofer stereo system and nearly killed it. I was like yeah... uh... enough of that. I also showed my cute little ipod to my coworker who absolutely didn't get the quote. She goes, "That doesn't make sense." Sigh...

Tonight's another Daddy/Daughter night. Last night one of my coworkers who used to be my weekend robotic camera operator called me and I was knocked out. Didn't even hear the phone or remember hearing it anyway. NOW! Let me tell you about AOL. We're gonna fight. Seriously. Do you know it gave me some sort of error message when I tried to sign in, then when I opened my Favorites, with more than 250 sites there, do you know there was NOTHING THERE?!!! I'm done. I'm real angry right now. I'm going to Bally's to sign up. If this isn't fixed by the time I come back me and AOL are going to have a hollering fight. And I mean HOLLERING!!!