Funny Feelings

Oh limbo.  As a game, you're FUN!  As my life, you're not.  This period between last school year and next school year is beginning to feel interminable.  Not because I'm not enjoying myself but because there aren't enough things squared away in my next location.  Yes, I HAVE HOUSING!  YAY!!  It was dramatic but it's done.  But I need to know what's going on with my money next year.  I'm also really ready to have stuff in my new place and not really sure how I'm going to get it all there.  I guess that means I should scale down my living in my current location but especially with my kitchen stuff, that's not easy.  I have stuff at Rashan's and at my mom's.  Not awesome. 

I need stability in my life.  This is my 3rd move in as many years (Pittsburgh to Gainesville, across town in Gainesville, Gainesville to NC) and even though the middle move was just up the street, it was still an adjustment to a new area, new bus situation, new apartment complex and rules.  I definitely liked my 2nd place more.  Less hassle and I wasn't also adjusting to new people and a new town.  At least (I was gonna say next year but it's actually in like 3 weeks... gulp) in 3 weeks I won't have to adjust to as many new people.  Since my classmates and 3 professors are coming with me at least I only have 16 new people to meet (14 first years, 1 new 3rd year (I'm a 3rd year), & 1 professor).  That's nothing since I'll have my entourage!  Hahahaha.  I love calling them that.  I was gonna say I can't imagine being the first years and having tons of new people to meet but yeah... that was me my first year!  Lol.  That almost seems like a long time ago and it was only two years.

Yes, I know I'll be fine and I actually feel better just typing this but after Wake, I'll be glad to settle somewhere for at least a few years with my love in tow.  Come on, love!  Lol.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 58

1) What do I do to my feet when I sleep that I wake up with aching toes at least 3 times a week??? It's so bizarre.  A few toes on either foot hurt like I was sleeping standing on relevé.
2) I almost killed blogger when I typed a long response to last week's MM and it told me it ate it!!!  I went back and it was published.  Yeah... THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, BLOGGER!!!  Lol.
3) Y'all give the TeaParty too much attention.  Why get mad over their every move?  Mobilize.  And quit whinin.
4) I have way too much time on my hands.  I need to stop squandering it.  I hate summer around this time every year because it's at this point that it feels too long and my life has no point.  Horrible, I know.
5) 27 is too young to be lying about your age.  Get it together.  So is 30.  Really, why lie?  You just end up like Samantha on SATC surrounded by people gasping at how old you really are when they find out.
6) I'm still obsessed with aprons.  I WANT ANOTHER APRON!!!
7) Where did y'all find these new fb games? *scowl* *hide* Wait.  No I deleted you and your games.  You're crazy anyway.
8) I know you love your husband and you have no secrets (o_O) ...  But there's no reason for you to share a fb profile.  #cmonson  (It's amusing to me that I referenced fb on my blog and did a twitter hashtag. Oh interweb. Lol)
9) I never understood the appeal of books on tape until Rashan put one in and I was so into it!!!  Why won't he let me finish it???
10) There are only 8 Mexican restaurant names: Monterrey, El Norteno, El Azteca, Las Margaritas, El Amigo.  You name the other 3.
11) Why do the people who are cussin and fussin every other day of the week grab hold of Jesus Sunday morning and afternoon then release him by midnight?  Holy ghost pumpkins.
12) I don't understand expectant mother talk any more than I understand parent talk.  Really?  You have 16 weeks left in your pregnancy?  That's what us normal people call 4 months.  Your baby's also not 24 months.  He's 2.
13) Today is the first day of my new Wake Forest calendar!!!  Woohoo!!!!  I'm using this new calendar to turn over a new leaf re: number 4!


Movies 2010, Week 27

July 18- 24, 2010
Not too much movie-watching this week but it was a pretty good film week nonetheless!  :)
155) Pressure Cooker.  Beautiful documentary about a program to introduce children in underserved communities to the culinary arts.  Kids at a Philadelphia high school as they compete for top scholarships.  LOVED IT!!!  Go see it ASAP!  So beautiful with great kids and a wonderful teacher.  5 stars
156) No One Dies in Lily Dale. Documentary about a NY community with the largest community of mediums in the country.  Some of the effects midway through were terrible.  Very interestingly shot, though.  The music was cheesy.  The end was too drawn out but I can't say there was a moment where I wanted to stop watching.  3.6 stars
157) My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown.  Daniel Day-Lewis stars in an Oscar-winning role as writer born with cerebral palsy misdiagnosed as mentally disabled for the first 10 years of his life.  Interesting.  The Oscar was well-deserved.  Strange story progression with an abrupt ending.  3.7 stars
158) Funny People.  Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan & Jonah Hill star in a film about a comedian who hires an assistant when he learns of his terminal, inoperable cancer.   Way too much cursing.  There were moments were I was cracking up.  It was hilarious... everyone once in a while.  The story floated all over the place and it just wouldn't end even though it was clear it should.  3.4 stars


Not to Rush You...

But my summer's coming to a close.  I have less than a month until orientation starts and Rashan and I are moving some stuff up to my new apartment on Friday.  ACK!  He asked me, "Do you know what you're taking up there?"  *scowl*  No.  That would require me to plan.  I have been so lazy this summer but it's time to get back into gear.  I have a few things I need to accomplish before the end of the summer: physical, optometrist visit (for the first time in 10 years), dentist, mail the last film festival entries for this half of festival season (still don't hear back from any until August), cousin's wedding in Florida next week, dinner with some ATLiens before I go & jury duty in Charlotte. 

PHEW!!  See why I haven't done anything worth mentioning (other than cooking) in days?  I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it... and notice how I didn't mention pack?  #jameilfail  I'm also waiting to hear back from a really great opportunity.  I would love for it to come through but right now I'm playing the waiting game.  *Insert Jeopardy! music*  At least I'm working out with my new workout partner RASHAN!!  YAY!  It makes me really happy to work out with him.  I'm also still reading the Bible daily, chugging along in those two goals of my 30 Before 30.  I found the list I started last January and it has stuff not on my current list that I really like.  BAH!!!  What do I do now??  Do I delete stuff from the current list and insert old stuff?  Make bonus items??  Put it on 40 Before 40??  (No, I haven't started that list. Lol.)  What to do, what to do??


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 57

1) I never stop hoping the people I love will follow through on their grand desires to make massive changes in their lives... despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.  And I don't mean I've pushed them to act, I mean I sat by until they said they were ready.  It's so disappointing.
2) Hulu shouldn't show workout videos.  REALLY???  Commercials in a 10-minute workout???? No point.  Also, THEY WERE ALL FOOD!!!  #epicfail
3) I just realized something about myself... I hate packing... (knew that)... but I LOVE UNPACKING!!  LOVE IT!!  The idea of settling in somewhere (for however long) is so cool to me.
4) I had a dream that I met Tyler Florence and told him why I decided to cook my way through his book.  He was amused that I did in spite of my love for Rachael Ray.  Lololol.  For some reason we were eating dinner together (me & TF & his kids-- for some reason he had 2 sons).
5) I just ran across a girl who listed her interests on fb as "Hooker Heels, Makeup, Fake Eyelashes, Tanning, Friendship, Nails." LOLOLOL.
6) Me and Rashan have now officially been together for 2 years. :)  Our day together was great & dinner at Canoe was AWESOME!!  By the river, and I finally like steak after tasting the AMAZING sear on that ribeye!!  Thank you Jesus for that steak!!  That steak was delicious!!
7) How do people believe these foolish show names on Throwdown??  LOLOL.
8) Did I mention I like steak now?  I mean... it was GREAT!!
9) Rashan doesn't get my aversion to pictures of pregnant bellies.  It's not the bellies NECESSARILY but the ridiculously corny poses in the photos.  My least fave?  Making the heart with your hand over your belly.  No ma'am.
10) The Dad Camp psychologist/therapist lost me when first he was like (I'm paraphrasing), 'Ya gotta fornicate!' then told them to grab some condoms... FOR THE FUTURE!  Dead.


Movies 2010, Week 26

July 11-16, 2010
150) On the Waterfront. Marlon Brando stars as a has-been boxer who gets a conscience while working for a mob boss.  8x Oscar winner.  I didn't really understand how the end happened realistically.  Still a good watch.  3.9 stars
151) A Serious Man. Colin Firth stars as a college professor mourning the death of his lover of 16 years.  Julianne Moore makes a rather strange appearance as the ineffective recovery assistant.  Beautifully shot.  Quiet, thoughtful with some unnecessary nudity.  Perplexing end.  What on earth?  I can see why Firth was nominated for an Oscar, though.  Fashion guru Tom Ford's first turn as a director.  3.5 stars
152) Double Wedding.  Tia & Tamera Mowry star in this Lifetime movie with a ridiculous premise.  They're dating the same guy who thinks they're the same person.... HUH!?!?  So as you can imagine I entered this with hilariously, laughably low expectations.  When they showed how it could go down like that it made more sense.  BUT the pivotal scene?  Horribly shot & edited.  Definitely a Lifetime movie.  If you like Lifetime movies you'll like this one.  For what it was, 3.4 stars
153) To Kill A Mockingbird. Gregory Peck stars as an attorney defending a black man falsely accused of rape.  Great movie.  4.7 stars
154) 41st&Central:TheUntoldStoryoftheLABlackPanthers.  Great interviews, amazing access to known & unknown names in the party.  I wish more care had been taken with the story line.  It was disjointed and confusing.  There were way too many details and you couldn't tell where the story was going.  It was about 20 minutes too long which is unfortunate considering there was some really riveting material lost in there.  The narration, music & sound effects were overused to the point of distraction.  Just because I love the subject matter, 3.3 stars


30 Before 30: Tour A Brewery

My first completion on my 30 Before 30 List!!  I must say, I really hope the rest of them go more wonderfully than this one.  Rashan & I went to the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta.

The tour was very underwhelming.  I read the reviews that said don't expect to learn anything on the tour but this was ridiculous.  You could barely hear the guide, it was short and you didn't see any bottling or filling of kegs.  What is the point exactly?  It was clear people just come here to drink. 

When you get there, you walk right into the tasting room with your glass and 6 drink tickets, both courtesy of the $8 fee.  If you are a beer drinker, it's worth the cover.  You get to taste a nice amount of beer.  I can't say I loved any of them, though.  There was a bitterness I didn't find appealing... though interestingly enough when I've had the 420 in restaurants with food, I liked it.  Not sure what that's about.  Since I'm cutting back and Rashan isn't sure if he still likes beer, this was a sad experience. 

Not sad per se because we did see some one's spiritual leader in there...........


I just hope the winery is better.


Welcome to Wake!

So when last we left off with a non-regularly scheduled event, I was going to visit my new soon to be future alma mater (not a cemetery, GP!!!) to look for housing and check out the area.  May I say how nice it is to be able to hop in the car and be at your destination an hour and a half later???  Especially when it's my new home to my mom's home!!  For the last 5 years I've lived forever away from all the people I love!!!  It was great living 4 hours from Stace but if we can get her closer, that'd be even better!!

Now here's a little thing about my apartment hunt... I did it entirely on craigslist.  I was looking for a specific price and at least one bedroom in a certain area of town recommended by the two people I know who went to Wake.  I had an appointment for the first place and decided to wing it for the second place.  Winging it was a good idea.  Our first stop on Friday (my mom went with me) was to an apartment in a house.  2 bedrooms for a dumb cheap price.  However, it was dirty and had no upgraded amenities.  Also known as everything in that place looked old... and not in the good vintage sense.  Why are you showing me a place that has you 2 months from being a slum lord?  There's a crack in the window and utilities aren't included.  That's gonna be a no.

I called the number for a place the next street over, also a house cut up into apartments (lots of beautiful old houses are done like this in this area) and realize they're all studios (we looked at 2) AND it's right next to the highway.  FAIL.  I don't want to be listening to that all night and there's no counter space.  No counter space???  Immediate elimination.  The guy says he has another studio & two one-bedrooms he can show me in other locations, all with utilities and water included...  #ohletsdoit

At the third studio, we see a dirty little boy (about 4 years old) and his cross-eyed father trying (and failing) to corral him.  He tells the boy to do something, the boy just stands there ignoring him.  TURNOFF.  We get inside and it's nice enough... but still a studio and therefore not quite to my liking.  THEN the agent tells us about how the guy next door is a single father running from his crazy ex-wife.  Say what now?  We come outside and the boy is standing outside the door again.  That is gonna be a no.  If I cursed you can guess what kind of amendment I'd add before that no.... yeah... NEXT!

Next is one bedroom #1.  Cute, lots of counter space, nice cabinetry, FIREPLACES (Yes, 2!! Non-functional but super cute), huge walk-in closet.  Right next to a bus stop.  Laundry facilities on-site.  Nice porch space.  Accidentally all women live here.  Cool.  But yes, I'll see the next stop.

One bedroom #2. High ceilings, hardwood floors, 2 more non-functional fireplaces... BEAUTIFUL!!!  Then I see there's one closet barely the size of a coat closet.  For serious??  The pantry is super small.  Nice cabinetry, great counter space.  Lovely half-wrap around porch.  But it's at a loud, busy, 6-way intersection with horrible parking, no laundry on-site.  It's also $75 more a month than the other place... with that extra $75 I can have cable & interweb... or buy myself a week's worth of fancy food...

Oh decisions... I am swayed by the hardwood floors... but not by the price (including the extra $100 for the deposit)... or the location.  Le sigh.  One bedroom number one it is.  It's definitely cute but I could've done w/o seeing the hardwood floors location!!  My mom said, "You have the rest of your life to have hardwood floors."  Touché.  But by that time I'll have kids to ruin them!!  There are 3 Mexican restaurants AND A BOJANGLES within 5 minutes of my place.  Within 2 miles, there's also a WholeFoods and a HarrisTeeter.  And at least one of my classmates is staying on the same street!  Woohoo!!

We traverse to the campus and ummm... it's kind of far.  Farther than I would've liked but still only about 12 minutes away.  So yes... far by the standards of my last college.  But common sense tells me not so much.  We get on campus and people are helpful and friendly.  I love how beautiful it is!!  So green!  I get sooo excited to be there!  It's bigger than I expected because of the number of students.  But I'm glad to have a place I can call home!  At least for a little while.  :)

The picture to your right is this beautiful garden that's right next to campus.  I gasped when I walked around the corner.  There are little enclaves where I'm sure people sit and study or canoodle.  So cute.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 56

I decided to skip Monday Mindspacing last week because how many of you were reading on Monday anyway?

1) No, really.  Can people stop cross posting on fb & twitter?  You know there's too much overlap in your audiences.  Thanks.
2) Sometimes coming home is stressful.  I spend way too much money.  This time I was watching my money and I STILL spent more than I wanted to.  Much less than I ordinarily would but still more than I wanted.
3) My mom's fancy birthday dinner was roasted cauliflower soup & a shrimp, bacon tomato white bean watercress salad made by Stace & me!  So good!!
4) I feel almost naked with one color on.  I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS!!
5) In case you were wondering, it's still weird to me that people are shocked by my age.  I know I look young... but... I guess you would really be scandalized if you realized I will be 28 next month.  Good thing I only told you 27, huh?  Lol.
6) The other day this dude said, "I can't keep doing this everyday so happy birthday to everyone in July and August."   Nobody told you to have 934 friends.
7) Have you ever smelled rice flower & shea??  OMG!!!  GROSS!!  It's like vanilla procreated with something even more disgusting-smelling and had a nasty baby.  Just a reminder, love the TASTE of vanilla, almost nauseated by the smell of vanilla-scented soaps, candles, sprays, lotions. 
8) You do know that word is CORNROWS, NOT cornROLLS, right?  I thought so...
9) I did my FAFSA... oh shiggedy!  Clearly so easy it should've been done literally MONTHS ago.
10) When people join dozens of facebook groups & like thousands of fb pages, what do they get out of it?  This girl I went to elementary school with likes 10-25 new pages A DAY!!  825 and counting...  Rashan's niece and nephew I get.  They're a preteen & teen.  You're 28, dog...


Movies 2010, Week 25

July 4-10, 2010
I didn't watch very many movies this week but it was a great week for films as you'll see!
146) Saving Face. Awesomely entertaining film about a lesbian Chinese daughter whose mother is constantly setting her up with men.  I really enjoyed it.  Very well-written.  4.7 stars
147) Karate Kid. The 2010 version of the classic film (never seen the original... shameful, I know!!), this one starring Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan.  Cute, entertaining & fun to watch.  You will definitely get into it.  There were some corny/unbelievable/Disneyish moments but those weren't enough to make you not enjoy it.  3.9 stars
148) TiMER. Amusing indie film about technology that counts down to the moment you meet your soul mate.  It would've been even better if there was a larger music budget.  You got pretty sick of the score less than 30 minutes in.  I went back and forth over how it should end but I was interested the whole time.  3.9 stars
149) Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.  Director Ang Lee's Chinese film about a man with three daughters, semi-torturous Sunday dinners and their trials in love.  Pretty amusing.  3.9 stars


Next Step

There's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now.
  • I'm going to Wake Forest tomorrow to try to find housing.
  • In 10 days, Rashan and I will have been together for 2 years.  :)  You know what I want, right?  A fancy dinner!!  Let's do it Top Chef-style!  :)  I'd also like for him to get back to blogging but I doubt that's going to happen.  I've removed him from my blog roll again.  I'm so romantic.
  • It's almost time to have a talk with my cousin where I bluntly tell her I haven't contacted her even though we've been in the same city for weeks because none of my extended family came to my film screening or graduation (not that I really thought they would) then they all went to Florida 2 weeks later and didn't bother to tell me.  I saw it on facebook.
  • I just got called for jury duty for the 4th time.  For real?????  I hope I get picked on a 7-day case.  I'd like that money as little as it is (it's almost decent after the 5th day (for a student).
  • (Obviously) I need a job.
  • I kind of like budgeting.  It gives me the courage to turn down things I think are not a good deal but I would ordinarily go along with.  I also like seeing how little I can spend in a one-week period.  HOWEVER I need to not spend the balance the following week.  #babysteps


Movies 2010, Weeks 23 & 24

June 20-26, 2010
I watched a good amount of movies this week, then went to the film festival and watched even more!!
132) Google Baby. A documentary about the outsourcing of the surrogacy process.  It brought up many issues just in the presentation of the stories from different sides.  I wanted to know more about the egg donors and surrogates and less about the embryo traffickers.  Some of them were as skeevy as that sounds.  Some of the people in the process were really sympathetic characters.  The end was a let down.  Strong beginning but the story seemed to fall apart after awhile.  3.5 stars
133) The General.  Silent film from the AFI list about a train engineer rejected from serving in the C.onfederate army who loses the woman he loves.  Surprisingly entertaining.  They did a great job adding the music in recent years.  4 stars
134) A Nun's Story. Audrey Hepburn stars as a nun (a role for which she won a BAFTA) on her journey entering the convent.  I was intrigued from the outset.  Then around halfway through it slowed down.  But it picked back up and at the end of this 2 1/2 hour film, can you believe I wanted more??  Really enjoyed it.  4.5 stars
135) The Murder of Emmett Till. Documentary about the aforementioned.  Pretty riveting.  4.4 stars
136) Freedom Riders. Stanley Nelson documentary about the aforementioned.  AMAZING film!  You got to see some archival footage and photographs never seen before.  It was also interesting to hear more about the divides in the Civil Rights Movement often left out of film portrayals.  Really, really well done.  4.6 stars
137) The D.isappearance of McK.inley N.olan.  Documentary about a V.ietnam vet who went missing 2 weeks before he was supposed to come home and hasn't been heard from in 40 years.  After a sighting, his family goes to Vietnam to try to find him.  Great premise... I was not a fan of the execution.  I didn't believe anything most of the people in the film said.  I was disappointed by the ending(s).  3.3 stars
138) Men Who Swim.  A Swedish documentary about an all-male synchronized swimming team in Sweden.  Really funny and engaging from the outset.  Some of the seriousness that popped up was a bit jarring but ultimately a fun film that was fun to watch.  4 stars
139) The R.egretters.  A Swedish documentary about a conversation between 2 men who regret their s.ex change operations and now want to be men again.  Really interesting.  BUT the director was there and talked about how they had really directed this film which completely turned me off.  I knew it felt in some ways false but couldn't pinpoint it until then.  Without knowing that I would've left with a slightly better impression.  There were still some really amazing moments.  3.8 stars
140) Wo Ai Ni Mommy (I Love You Mommy).  This documentary about a Jewish family that adopts an 8-year-old girl from China who speaks no English won the US Feature award at the film festival.  Absolutely deserving.  The film was amazing.  You're on the difficult journey from the time they know she's coming to the family but the adoption is not complete, to the meeting and the adjustment period.  Great ending, moving film.  I really enjoyed it.  5 stars
141) The Invention of Dr. Nakamats.  HILARIOUS documentary about an eccentric 80-year-old Japanese inventor who holds the world record for most inventions at more than 3,300.  He also plans to eventually hold 6,000 patents when he dies at 144.  So funny.  4.3 stars

I also saw 8 shorts.  Of those, my favorites were "Maria's Way" about a cantankerous Spanish woman who counts the pilgrims who walk by her home; and "The Space You Leave" about parents with missing sons.  The former was funny, the latter was emotional & touching.

June 27- July 3, 2010
142) Woman of the Year.  Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy star as a couple who work at the same paper and yet are torn apart by their work.  Interesting enough story with a ridiculous non-ending.  3.5 stars
143) The Good Guy.  Alexis Bleidel stars as a girl who becomes friends with her boyfriend's work protegé.  Pretty corny and ridiculous.  Rashan hated it way more than I did.  I was mildly amused by the bad.  3 stars
144) Death at a Funeral.  Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, James Marsden (by far the best character) and everyone else in the whole world star a remake of the hilarious British comedy.  I don't want to be like everyone else and say the original was better... but speak truth.  It was.  This was too farcical, too out there, too stereotypical.  Yes, there were moments where I laughed... but there were more moments where I was wondering when it was going to end.  Stace HATED it.  2.9 stars
145) Valentine's Day. Predictable movie starring everyone you've ever heard of doing exactly what you thought they would.  The least predictable moments came after you were ready for the movie to go ahead and end.  Far too long at 2 hours.  Way too many main characters.  3.3 stars


Monthly Goals: July

Here's what I set out to accomplish last month in keeping with my yearly goals and my 30 Before 30 goals and what I have planned for July.

1) Work on my relationship with God.  Something really cool is happening.  I have less of a desire to listen to non-gospel music (to the chagrin of some of those I love).  I wanted to have a more than one year Bible-reading plan so I wouldn't try to rush through it.  I decided to use Our Daily Bread as my jumping off point.  I read the verses associated then read ODB, then the chapter or more. There are some great stories and I like to try to figure out how they apply to my life.  The ones I REALLY don't understand, I look up a commentary for (usually Matthew Henry who I only discovered this month even though he did commentary on the ENTIRE BIBLE and died in the 1700s... I feel SO LATE! LOL).  But it's very cool.

What was at first a, "Really???  Why does this chapter have 55 verses???  Let me pick a shorter one." is becoming, "I'll read that one and then the next one because I want to know what's next.  Ooh!  And I wanted to read more of Ecclesiastes!  Let me go find that!"  Anyway, I wanted to bring my total for the end of June up to 60 (partly because I had read more books than I thought I had).  I read a lot faster than I expected.  I got up to 84 chapters in 28 books.  For July I want to get to at least 120 chapters read.  There are enough stories I'm intrigued by that I'm okay not upping the number of books read.

2) Finish my film.  I wanted to get our film festival submissions up to 10-- DONE!!  This month we wait.  We won't hear back from any until August, but the bulk we will hear back by September.  SO CRAZY!!!  So next month this goal won't be on the list anymore.  Wow...

3) Take the next step in my career.  I pitched my film (present it to a panel of executives from various television stations) at a film festival-- HUGE STEP!!  I got some great feedback, learned, saw a lot of  films & networked.  My first film festival experience was a great one!  I'm so excited that there are many more for me in the future!

4) Try new restaurants.  Of course I did well with this.  I always do.  I want to cut back on this to save money but also by virtue of being in 2 cities where I haven't lived full time ever or in years (Charlotte and Atlanta), it's likely I'm going to be trying lots of new restaurants.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I am SO BACK!!!  I've tried 4-6 new recipes EVERY WEEK!!  So exciting!!  I love it!!  I love the trial and error, I love the successes, I even like (not love) the failures because I learn something.  I really, REALLY like when people ask me for food advice or try recipes I recommended.  SO COOL!!  Recipes and reviews mostly with pictures are up on my food blog, The Record Dish, including my favorites this month, garlicky butternut squash, velvet potato purée, & south by southwest sliders.

6) Watch more movies.  I'm up to 145 on the year.  That means I still have plenty of time to get to 300 (about 180 days).

7) Workout more. I was shooting for 3xs a week and that didn't happen every week BUT I'm a lot closer & really excited about that!!

8) Statecations.  As mentioned, I went to St. Augustine!!  When I move to NC I'm going to carry over the statecations goal and make it double up on some of my 30 Before 30.  For this month, no statecation goal.  I'd kind of like to go to Augusta but I don't think that's going to happen.

9) Contact my grandma once a month.  Last month I was supposed to finally send her a package of my stuff from graduation & screening that she'll love.  I'll do it this month!!  Very cool & exciting! :)

10) Do FAFSA.  ............