Movies 2010, Week 25

July 4-10, 2010
I didn't watch very many movies this week but it was a great week for films as you'll see!
146) Saving Face. Awesomely entertaining film about a lesbian Chinese daughter whose mother is constantly setting her up with men.  I really enjoyed it.  Very well-written.  4.7 stars
147) Karate Kid. The 2010 version of the classic film (never seen the original... shameful, I know!!), this one starring Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan.  Cute, entertaining & fun to watch.  You will definitely get into it.  There were some corny/unbelievable/Disneyish moments but those weren't enough to make you not enjoy it.  3.9 stars
148) TiMER. Amusing indie film about technology that counts down to the moment you meet your soul mate.  It would've been even better if there was a larger music budget.  You got pretty sick of the score less than 30 minutes in.  I went back and forth over how it should end but I was interested the whole time.  3.9 stars
149) Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.  Director Ang Lee's Chinese film about a man with three daughters, semi-torturous Sunday dinners and their trials in love.  Pretty amusing.  3.9 stars


Ladynay said...

How can a movie lover go without seeing the original Karate Kid????? I mean really, how does that work? LOL!

Jameil said...

Clearly the better question is how are you still REGULARLY shocked by what I haven't seen?

Ladynay said...

Easy! As a person that watches a movie every 3 months my brain says movie lovers have seen everything! :-P