Welcome to Wake!

So when last we left off with a non-regularly scheduled event, I was going to visit my new soon to be future alma mater (not a cemetery, GP!!!) to look for housing and check out the area.  May I say how nice it is to be able to hop in the car and be at your destination an hour and a half later???  Especially when it's my new home to my mom's home!!  For the last 5 years I've lived forever away from all the people I love!!!  It was great living 4 hours from Stace but if we can get her closer, that'd be even better!!

Now here's a little thing about my apartment hunt... I did it entirely on craigslist.  I was looking for a specific price and at least one bedroom in a certain area of town recommended by the two people I know who went to Wake.  I had an appointment for the first place and decided to wing it for the second place.  Winging it was a good idea.  Our first stop on Friday (my mom went with me) was to an apartment in a house.  2 bedrooms for a dumb cheap price.  However, it was dirty and had no upgraded amenities.  Also known as everything in that place looked old... and not in the good vintage sense.  Why are you showing me a place that has you 2 months from being a slum lord?  There's a crack in the window and utilities aren't included.  That's gonna be a no.

I called the number for a place the next street over, also a house cut up into apartments (lots of beautiful old houses are done like this in this area) and realize they're all studios (we looked at 2) AND it's right next to the highway.  FAIL.  I don't want to be listening to that all night and there's no counter space.  No counter space???  Immediate elimination.  The guy says he has another studio & two one-bedrooms he can show me in other locations, all with utilities and water included...  #ohletsdoit

At the third studio, we see a dirty little boy (about 4 years old) and his cross-eyed father trying (and failing) to corral him.  He tells the boy to do something, the boy just stands there ignoring him.  TURNOFF.  We get inside and it's nice enough... but still a studio and therefore not quite to my liking.  THEN the agent tells us about how the guy next door is a single father running from his crazy ex-wife.  Say what now?  We come outside and the boy is standing outside the door again.  That is gonna be a no.  If I cursed you can guess what kind of amendment I'd add before that no.... yeah... NEXT!

Next is one bedroom #1.  Cute, lots of counter space, nice cabinetry, FIREPLACES (Yes, 2!! Non-functional but super cute), huge walk-in closet.  Right next to a bus stop.  Laundry facilities on-site.  Nice porch space.  Accidentally all women live here.  Cool.  But yes, I'll see the next stop.

One bedroom #2. High ceilings, hardwood floors, 2 more non-functional fireplaces... BEAUTIFUL!!!  Then I see there's one closet barely the size of a coat closet.  For serious??  The pantry is super small.  Nice cabinetry, great counter space.  Lovely half-wrap around porch.  But it's at a loud, busy, 6-way intersection with horrible parking, no laundry on-site.  It's also $75 more a month than the other place... with that extra $75 I can have cable & interweb... or buy myself a week's worth of fancy food...

Oh decisions... I am swayed by the hardwood floors... but not by the price (including the extra $100 for the deposit)... or the location.  Le sigh.  One bedroom number one it is.  It's definitely cute but I could've done w/o seeing the hardwood floors location!!  My mom said, "You have the rest of your life to have hardwood floors."  Touché.  But by that time I'll have kids to ruin them!!  There are 3 Mexican restaurants AND A BOJANGLES within 5 minutes of my place.  Within 2 miles, there's also a WholeFoods and a HarrisTeeter.  And at least one of my classmates is staying on the same street!  Woohoo!!

We traverse to the campus and ummm... it's kind of far.  Farther than I would've liked but still only about 12 minutes away.  So yes... far by the standards of my last college.  But common sense tells me not so much.  We get on campus and people are helpful and friendly.  I love how beautiful it is!!  So green!  I get sooo excited to be there!  It's bigger than I expected because of the number of students.  But I'm glad to have a place I can call home!  At least for a little while.  :)

The picture to your right is this beautiful garden that's right next to campus.  I gasped when I walked around the corner.  There are little enclaves where I'm sure people sit and study or canoodle.  So cute.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I'm Sowwy LOL!
Apt 1 Really? Dude needs the apartment police called on him!

Apt 3 disaster waiting to happen. I could see the dad knocking asking can you watch little junebug for a min. NOT!

The beautiful Apt with the 6 way intersection could be potentially noisy with possible car accidents I lived at a 4 way and BeeJebus!!! 3 accidents in one week once.
Good Luck in your apt search!

Wake Forest campus is beautiful!!! I agree the garden would be a great place to study!

Not so Anonymous said...

It's great that you found a place already!

I love the way all of North Carolina is so green and lush...I'm excited for you and your new journey!

spchrist said...

I think hardwood floors are overrated but maybe that is just me.

Jazzy said...

Dirty and sucky amenities...yeah no. lmao @ 2 months from being a slumlord!!!

lmaoo...dirty little boy and his cross eyed father. cant! tmi about running from the crazy ex-wife.

I'm a sucker for hardwoods too, but your mom has a point. So did you take it? Bedroom #1?

Ladynay said...

Sometimes you can find some real gems in all the trash on Craigslist!

Congrats on finding a place to lay your head and call home for awhile :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Winston-Salem and Wake Forest has a beautiful campus. I thought about going there for grad school. I'm glad you found a place to stay. I agree with Not So Anonymous. I'm excited for you and your journey. I'm inspired. :)

K. Rock said...

Awww the joys of life exploration. Must be fun moving on to something new. But you're leaving the A?! You just got here! Oh well. I'll pour out a bottle of wine on the floor of the Dekalb Farmer's Market for ya.

1969 said...

Good for you. So happy you are getting settled in and that you are closer to your family.

Jameil said...

Hey guys. I guess this post was too long. Way down there in one of those paragraphs, I confirmed I took one BR no. 1.

gp... he really does! & apt 3 you KNOW it. Or that kid would make himself comfortable knocking on my door all the time to 'play.' NOPE. The 6-way looks like a prime spot for accidents. WF looks so amazing. I'm very happy to be going there.

nsa... I know!! you know I went to FL w/o a place & had one day to find one!! I want to live closer to a beach!! Forget all the green lushness! Lol.

sp... I love them.

jazz... maybe 3 mos. SO TMI. Dirty hard-headed lil boy with the SHIFTY cross-eyed daddy & supposedly crazy momma. No way.

lady... I know! I was excited!

ME... I was very surprised to like WS. Thanks for your excitement! & I'm glad you're inspired! Very cool!

k... right?? exploring is so interesting! i've been in & out of the A for 2 years. Definitely gonna miss it but was pretty sure it wasn't my next stop. just drop an interesting-looking bottle for me! & sprinkle some cardamom, whole anise & nutmeg in it! :) LOLOL

1969... THANKS :)

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