December Goals *with Results

End of the year!  Get it in gear!  As of December 11th, I WILL BE DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER!!!  That's the deadline I'm giving myself to finish grading those finals.  YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!  CAN'T WAIT!

1) Work on my relationship with God.  My goal was 495 chapters and 2xs at church.  I went to church once.  Improvement!  I hit 493... I think... I think I hit it but didn't record it?  Let's make next month's goal 75 more chapters.  I'm starting to feel rushed again.
*I passed my 75 chapter goal!  Wheeee!

2) Start my next film.  I wanted to do at least one actual shoot.  And I did!!  December, a week of shoots and make arrangements for my trip to Vegas to get pictures from my great-aunt.
*I did my week of shoots but didn't get my Vegas shoot arranged. 

3) Take the next step in my career.  I did get my application materials together so I want to send out several packages before the end of the year!!
*Oops.  Forgot about this one.  i was exhausted from the semester.  I feel so much freer with that over.  I should be able to get some things done in the first few weeks of the year.

4) Try new restaurants.  I was supposed to "EAT LESS FAST FOOD!!"?  Oops.  This is really making my workouts less effective than they should be.  Week 1: 2 fast food outings. New restaurants-- Burke St. Pizza (decent, not life-changing), Alex's Cafe (some of the worst service I've encountered here. Our waitress actually drove off DURING our meal without a word or backwards glance to us. I kid you not. 0 tip.  Because you're not here to get it and who would I be tipping?).  I don't think we tried anything else other than a restaurant in Charlotte.  It was fine.  Depressing.  I want to eat less fast food this month.  I want my only restaurants to be high end or in other cities.  I hate Winston-Salem restaurants.
*I ended up liking a restaurant in Winston!  Did I mention how much I really, REALLY don't like people trying to feed me normal food for a ridiculous prices?  And i don't like people suggesting those restaurants to me.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I said, if I can cook once TWICE a week, it will be a miracle.  Week 1: Pretty sure I cooked 0 meals but I did get a meatless meal in there.  Thanksgiving?  I cooked 4 new recipes.  I should probably post those.  Okay so this month I hope I can cook some more.  I don't feel like having goals.
*I definitely cooked more!  It was delightful!  And there's more to come in January!

6) Watch more movies.  My goal for November was 8.  That most certainly did not happen.  If I can get two movies in per week, I'll be happy.  *singing* Lowered expectaaaaations!  Oops.  Only hit 7.  Let's go for 11 to hit 225 this month.  I can do it!!
*Lol.  This is getting comical.  How did I think 11 would get me to 225?  I watched 15!  I got to 219 on the year.

7) Work out more.  I am consistently working out twice a week with my new trainer WHO I LOVE!  I'm still working on getting to three days a week.  IT WILL HAPPEN THIS MONTH!  Since it didn't in November... lol.
*Guess who got to 3xs the last day of the week?  MEEEEE!!!  Only 51 more weeks to meet my goal!

8) Statecations.  I had no statecation goal last month... and I don't have one for this month.  I'm going to Mississippi & Savannah.
*I went to Mississippi & Savannah and nowhere interesting in the state!  Oh wait.  I went to dinner in Raleigh!
9) Contact my grandma once a month.  I called her last month.  She will finally get her package this month when I go down there!
*Saw my grandma.  Our relationship will never be the same.  Her miserableness was too much to bear.  She got her stuff, though.

10) Organize my life.  My goal was to sufficiently plan my life so that I don't feel so stressed and overwhelmed by it all for these last few weeks of the semester.  That was a complete and utter failure.  This month I will organize my next semester to make everything awesome.
*Hmmm... I should've remembered this goal.  I tried to do this but I need other people to give me important dates.  So I will give myself partial credit!

I will also actually pay attention to these goals so I have half a chance of achieving them.  I did horribly last month and... I don't even care.  XOXO
*I paid slightly more attention this month but that really just means remembering.  In 2011 I'll be posting my yearly goals so I can achieve every single one!  I'm so excited!!!


2010 Goals Revisited

Here's how my 2010 goals worked out!  :)

1) Work on my relationship with God.  Reading the bible has been GREAT for my relationship with God!

2) Finish my film.  DONE!!

3) Take the next step in my career.  Yeaaaaah!  Accidentally got a job teaching on the collegiate level that I loved!

4) Try new restaurants.  Y'all.  You knew I would.  I did a GREAT job on this!  So much that I've made this a significant part of my life.  I no longer need this as a goal!  Woohoo!!

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  HAHAHAHAHA!!  This went well for weeks at a time then nada.  But I think I did a great job with my real goal: get in the kitchen.

6) Watch more movies.  Lol... I wanted to watch 365 movies and just barely cracked 200.  I cared much more about other things.

7) Workout more. Hiring a trainer really helped me with this!  Now I just have to get myself to 3xs/week.

8) Go on statecations.  Travel within the state is such a neat idea. I wanted to go to the Keys, Tampa and St. Augustine.  Only the last one happened and I'm okay with that.  Finishing my film was exhausting!!

9) Call my grandma once a week.  I amended this to contact her once a month and really?  That was more than enough.

Now tell me some of your great 2011 goals while I finish mine so I can steal some of yours!!  LOL


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 81

1) I think I'm done subscribing to food mags.  Some months I love EVERYTHING in them, others I like one recipe.  After the month, they're all online anyway.  What's the point?  Especially since I don't have/don't take the time to read them anymore.
2) I forgot to tell you in the tales of Mississippi my family in the country.  My aunt got high-speed internet a few months ago... I promise you I love my family in the country.  They're some of my favorite people... but I don't understand their lives (probably any more than they understand mine).
a) Example: horses got loose scaring everyone driving (the could run out into the road)... I was so flabbergasted I couldn't even explain how outside the realm of my reality this is...
b) They were amazed that work/school is 9 minutes away.  Everything there is 30 minutes or more away.  Their "neighbors" are miles away.
3) One of my vicarious cats, Charlotte helped wrap presents for Christmas.  How sweet!
4) I hooked this couple up 2 years ago and now they're engaged! Wheeee!!  I'm so excited for them!  I LOVE them together!!  So I didn't really hook them up but I invited her to a party she didn't know about and he was there and the rest is history!  But they still credit me with them meeting!  Awwww!
5) I really missed being with my mommy for Christmas.  We will stick to the original plan henceforth: Thanksgiving with his fam, Christmas with mine.
6) It SNOWED in Savannah while I was here!!!  Just flurries but for several hours!  Nothing stuck but it was amazing! It's supposed to be 70 Saturday.  Couldn't we have had THAT weather???  If we'd stayed in Winston-Salem, we'd have had a white Christmas.  I was a little bummed we didn't.
7) How about just the five confirmed people showed up for dinner. . . He had told his mom I was freaking out about the number of people.  She said cook for the people we know about.  Don't worry about all those other people.  When I asked Rashan why she would mention the other people, he said, "That's my mom."  Like that's how she does things.  O_O  --_--
8) One student gave me a mentorship award from her sorority.  Another asked me to write a letter of recommendation!  Awwwww!!  Professor post forthcoming!
9) I got some new rain boots and I LOVE THEM!!
10) Tell me some of your goals for 2011 so I can steal them!  :)
11) I actually watched movies last week and forgot to post them... oops!  Next week!  The last of 2010!
12) We still have no plans for new year's... I really don't care.  I know I've mentioned this before but January 1st is a weird day to me.  Why does it symbolize new beginnings?  I get it on a basic level but it makes me too philosophical and y'all know how much I hate that.  I used to get really excited about it and love watching the numbers change from 11:59 to 12:00 and the ball drop but now with so much technology, it turns 12:00 at 8 different times.  That is certainly no fun.
13) I had some DELICIOUS oysters yesterday!  My word!!
14) I miss Christmas. :(





I may... have already opened all of my gifts... LOL.  What?

Y'all know I'm not good with surprises!  If you don't, let me tell you I almost always open boxes as soon as I get them.  Doesn't matter the holiday or occasion.  You'd best believe I'll be gleefully ripping the boxes open!  And I love wrapping paper!!!  It ups the intrigue in the most exciting way!

Stace got me theeeee awesomest dress from Ghana!  I look amazing in it!!  I can't wait to wear it!  This dress is half taunt since it's sleeveless and it's currently 39 degrees.  It's supposed to be a white Christmas in Winston and I won't even be here.  That makes me a bit annoyed.  That never happens!

Anywho I LOVE all of my Christmas presents!!  I'm super excited to use each and every one!  Recap coming soon!  XOXO, Loves!  And Merry Christmas!  Listen to the music of my favorite season forever!! :)


Christmas Dinner

It's a comedic nightmare... a comedy of errors if you will...

As you all know, I asked Rashan's mom if I could help with Christmas dinner.  She said, "I don't have any plans, you can plan the menu!  I was like, say what now?  So I decided to come up with a menu despite the nuttiness of that jump.  I scaled down from my original idea of goose with goose fat potatoes.  I can do that when I'm doing one or a few items but the whole shebang!?!?  Sheesh! 

So Rah tells me it will likely be just 5 people...


His mom says 5 confirmed and 16 possibles.

Take that in.

Pay attention...

5 confirmed and 16 possibles.



Rashan said I now understand the state of confusion that is his mother...

Don't wanna!  So I'm now planning dinner for 20????????????????????????????????????? Or 25??????

The tentative menu: french onion soup (me), whole roasted chicken (me), fried oysters, mashed potatoes and gravy (me), garlicky butternut squash (me), green beans, mac & cheese (Rashan's grandma), collard greens (his mom), cabbage (his mom), sweet potatoes (his mom), cracked earth chocolate cake (me). 

I'm tired already.

Oh... and she asked me when I'm going to be her daughter. . . . .


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 80

1) I give back my work computer this week.  Let's have a moment of silence for all those games I've gotten addicted to...
2) The other day my momma said she was ready for Christmas to be over.  CHILE BYE!!!!  How dare you say that to me!!!
3) My mom said she doesn't feel comfortable selecting clothes for me.  Yay for that!  I hate getting clothes from people.  I'm way too old for that and my style is ever evolving.
4) I had lost my Boyz II Men Christmas cd AGAIN until YESTERDAY!!  I was ready to play it over and over again!  PattiLabelle's Christmas = AWFUL!!  That 1983 sound for a cd made in 2004 #fail.
5) My reader got up to 119 while I was internet-less in Mississippi!!  There are usually about 30 per day.  It's now clear & I hope I never have to let it get that bad again!!  My cousin lives in a dead zone where she can't get internet. . . . . Yes, I know the whole state isn't like that but son...
6) My aunt moved out to our family land in the country 32 years ago.  She didn't have a telephone and the water company had to dig a line to her house to get water.  Everyone else in the area had wells.  I. can't.
7) My mom and I visited my grandfather's grave yesterday morning.  By the time we were leaving, people were pulling up and we accidentally met some cousins my mom hadn't seen since her childhood!  That is hilarious and weird!  This church is literally in the middle of nowhere!!!  But the graveyard is full of relatives including 4 great-grandparents, multiple great-aunts and uncles, some of whom died before my mom was born.
8) My grandma is a really unhappy woman... but I don't think she knows she's unhappy most of the time.  She thinks her lonely existence is normal.  It's really crazy and interviewing her was infuriating.  She was revising history not remembering the things she's told me before and having no clue the things other people told me.
9) Why did I ask Rashan's mom if I could help with Christmas dinner to have her reply I don't have any plans, you can plan the meal.  O_O  . . . . Da heezy!?  How we make that giant leap??
10) I'm a little worried about how long it will take me to lose the Mississippi accent I pick up when talking to my mom and all of these people down there.
11) Y'all, my momma is the MOST unsentimental person.  It's so crazy.  But then I hear these stories about my family and marvel that she's as normal as she is.
12) If you didn't know, I'm making a film about the grandfather I never met.  He died 40 years ago in February and participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.  I got some great interviews and some not so great ones.  To be expected, I'm sure.  Some will turn out to be better than I thought in the editing room.


Wednesday Wanderings

I'm sorry if y'all need a real post.  You know I don't have the internet this week (which is killing me ever so softly...) so you get Wednesday wanderings.  Know that I'm doing this because I miss you bunches!  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!!  This is the Mississippi edition so you can consider it all about Mississippi... because it is.  Let's start with the positive.

1) I met Nerd Girl and Pserendipity and loved it!  They were so fun!  In my head I'm still referring to them by their blog names.  LOLOL  We shut down one of Jackson's Indian restaurants.  And yes we talked about y'all!  Ha!  The food was tasty! 
2) Hold up... I'm not trying to be funny but how does a Mississippi city have MORE THAN ONE Indian restaurant!??!
3) Can you check my email for me?  I really should've asked Rashan to do that Tuesday night but I didn't think of it until he was already asleep.  Does that make me too much of an addict? InternetIsCrack
4) Pserendipity brought me the Ina Garten cookbook I wanted for Christmas!!  Wheeee!!  That is so nice!  I love Ina's cookbooks.  They make me feel rich!  After less than 2 hours with the book I now know what to look for when shopping for caviar.  *sniff* *snooty look over my non-existent reading glasses*
5) Do you have any mean grandparents?  I do.  Only one grandparent is living (been like that for 20 years) and she doesn't know how to talk to people, doesn't care how to talk to people or a combination.  I was so nervous NG or P would have had some interaction with her meanness and I would have to apologize!  Yes, she's that bad.
6) Example?  Within the first 5 minutes, she said, "Ooh! You gettin fat!" and cackled. The next day she poked me in a fleshy area of my back...  I am in one of the fittest states of my life.  I'm coming to the realization I will probably never be a 2 again and may never be a 4 but yes, I can still wear 8s and sometimes 6s (vanity sizing LOL)..........  Fat.  Did I mention I'm the second smallest of her grandchildren only to my 18yo cousin?  Grandma is a hater.
7) My grandma and mother snipe at each other CONSTANTLY.  It is so incredibly annoying.  When someone other than me (a stranger) is around, they're civil.  I NEED THIS.  I will only return with Stace, my sister or Rashan as a buffer and/or a hotel room.
8) I brought two movies with me but have been too agitated being around their constant fussing.  IN JUST OVER 24 HOURS, Y'ALL!!  God bless P & NG for getting me out of the house!  I kind of forgot the movies were here.  I think they're both heavy.  Not exactly an escape...
9) Now that my grandma's older, her house is full of non-perishables.  This doesn't work for me since my mom raised me to disdain canned foods.  I know you didn't think my food snobbery was anything but learned!!!  She cooked almost every night growing up.  No non-veg frozen foods (no, I'm not still on that) and only beans occasionally out of a can.  Boxes of mix?  Yeah right.  These things were always fascinating to me.  Anyway, I can't eat that and I hate the grocery stores in Jackson.  WholeF...?  What?  Chile bye.  So if I really am fat when I get back to Winston-Salem, it's because I said FORGET IT and ate all the delicious-looking fat-filled food I could find between home and grandma, around the state of Mississippi and back!
10) And I haven't gotten a workout in this week... that never bodes well for 3xs a week when I don't have ONE in by Wednesday.  Help me, Lord!
11) No school work or internet means I'm getting in some good Bible reading!
12) I sure wish I had another book to read that was halfway interesting and not covered in an inch of dust... i.e. had been moved in the last 3 decades since my mom lived here...  I accidentally left TheHelp at home after starting it and was HURT!!  I almost turned around.  I half wished I'd left my phone so I'd have a valid excuse to go get it.  I knew it was going to be a boring time... Got to mom's and I had only left my horrible airplane mindless chick lit.  WHYYYYY??  I have AT LEAST 6 new books at my place.
13) Why did my mom try to convince me some tater tots left in the microwave here were mine?  Like seriously trying to jog my memory.  One, I don't save tater tots. Two, if I did I wouldn't be reheating them in the microwave.  Three, HUH!?!  You're gonna convince me of food I never had???  Do you know there's another person in the house?????  Grandmas can't eat tater tots?  Lol.  That does sound funny.
14) I'd like to thank everyone on twitter for @replying me!!!  Those coming to my phone really got me through!  I felt so much less cut off from the world.
15) Y'all.  My momma let me sleep as much as I wanted on the way to MS!!  That NE.VER HAPPENS!!  She used to scream on me for not "helping keep the driver awake."  As a result, this was one of the best drives I've ever had down here.  I should say rides because she refused all my offers to drive. 
16) Did you see Mariah Carey's Christmas special?  She killed it!!!  But I'm still stealing her wind machine for Christmas.  My gift to her stans.  Mimi, you know I love your every Christmas bone but gently billowing hair for the birth of Christ?  That's a bit much.

And I'm out.  *drops MC glitter mic* *mariah hands*


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 79

1) I know a girl with short hair who talks about it all the time.  She gets it cut and colored and styled... and I never notice a difference.  Ever.  When she talks about it, I find myself staring at her head trying to figure out just one thing different about it.  I got nothin...
2) I'm in Mississippi this week to see Grandma... and I'm also going to meet Nerd Girl & Pserendipity!!  I'm so excited!!
3) I hate when people say "authentic Mexican" food.  It's so snobby.  Yep.  Me.  The food snob.  I just said that.  If I say that, you should stop.
4) Why have I still not had food in WS I like?  The latest disappointment is a breakfast spot called ScreamingRooster.  Really hard toast.  Ham, swiss & gouda omelet tasted mostly of swiss.  Just the slightest amount of filling and a ton of egg.  Unwashed, manhandled grapes as garnish.  I expect fruit garnishes to be edible.  This most certainly was not.   If you want to tell me about your amazing local meat, you should care more about the execution of the food.  Snap.
5) And I probably should never eat with you if you would ever say, "It's just breakfast."  JUST!?!  Breakfast is a very important meal (some would say THE most important) and too easy to make delicious.  A diner can make a delicious breakfast. Get your life together.
6) Your mom.
7) Sometimes I have to make myself go to bed.  The days I don't I end up staying up until 5 a.m.  That's no good.
8) Why do people have to be so "deep"?  And by deep I mean cryptic.  From twitter to facebook to blogger.  I'm not talking about one day the spirit hits you.  I'm talking about every time you open your mouth or at least once a week you have to be on some RevRun stuff.  "An apple is not an orange and neither is a tomato.  All round, all shades of red, but all distinctly different."  :?  Just say what you mean.  NOBODY's that deep.
9) Please stop getting so bent out of shape over these fb things.  If people want to tell each other stuff via numbers, just let them.
10) I lost 4 teeth in February of my first grade year.  Just thought you wanted to know that.
11) I don't understand why people who don't like Christmas have to steal everyone else's joy.  Keep that grinchness to yourself.  It's like sharing your negativity any other time of year but worse BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!  Who tries to kill Christmas?!?!  Go hibernate until February, please.  (I'm still coming down from my Christmas high in January.)  Did you know December 26th and August 24th are the two worst days of the year?  They are.  #themoreyouknow
12) I hate when someone who trusts my fashion opinion buys something excitedly and can't wait to show me.  When it's ugly I have to be all tactful because... you already bought it.  What do you want my opinion for now?
13) I am a vicarious cat owner.  What does that mean?  Tweeters but not bloggers, the enfianced Bakima (half of them is a delightful commenter), own eight FIVE cats between the two of them!  Methinks that's plenty of cat to share!  So I nurture those kitties via twitpics and fb.  I e-love those cats I've never met!  Sasha, Paris, Oliver, Nigel and the best, most ferocious, rambunctious, "DIS MINE-inest" kitty in the world, CHARLOTTE!!!  She likes to help out around the house.  She helps pick out clothes, wash them, type, tweet.  She even answers the phone.  Thanks Char!


Christmas List

1) Diamond stud earrings
2) A trip: a vineyard, Atlanta (I haven't stopped missing it) or somewhere we have to fly
3) Le Creuset: I haven't told you because I was crushed... but mine broke.  You have never seen a person bemoan an item.  I want the enameled cast iron 3.5 qt.  I'll also take the stoneware but I need something big enough to cook in.
4) Lorna Sass's The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook.  I will continue to ask for this until one of you gives it to me.  And the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.  Pretend I didn't take a picture of the 15 cookbooks I already own.
5) This boatneck tee in bright seaport (S).  This bangle.
6) A large room air purifier by Holmes.  Yes, I still hate my neighbors.
7) This swan sweater! (S)
8) Stuff from my etsy list.  Especially cowls, hats and headgear!!  PLEASE get me some of this stuff before I die!!  Pink or teal or purple if you're looking at knit/crochet stuff.
9) This clutch. 
10) Saffron, truffle oil (and or truffle salt), fleur de sel, tagliatelle and pine nuts.  What a foodie!  LOLOL.  These are the ingredients I really want that are way too expensive for me to buy on my own without a stern look from a certain hater boyfriend.
11) This shirt in pink. (4P) This tank in black (PS).  This shirt in white (4P).  These shoes in 8N, navy please.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 78

Oops.  I just realized I hadn't posted this yet... Some of you are at work cursin me!

1) Ironic tweet: Someone called "Blessed & Highly Favored" said, "We just fried an egg with vodka! Oh snap!"  Why ironic?  Because I know too many people who spew blessings and cursings from the same mouth.  I have a hard-earned skepticism for people who call themselves things like that.  Plus can we talk about how gross that sounds?  Yuck.
2) I realized I'd rather buy food and go on trips than pay for a wedding.  No, I'm not engaged yet but the closer I get to it, the less I want the drama associated with the day.  A big or even moderate wedding?  I'm talking 75+.  It's not gonna happen.  I'm not gonna be stressed out about inviting a bunch of people I don't want there or all these details over EIGHT HOURS!!  MAX!  I just can't.  I'm not that person.  I want a party and a pretty dress.  But most of all I want a successful marriage.
3) I went to the dinner party from Hades the other night.  Beautiful restaurant, the menu looked like it was up to my food snob standards (turns out the execution wasn't that great...), my sister and I looked great, AWFUL company.  We were surrounded by people she knew marginally who acted like they had never eaten anywhere better than GoldenCorral.  Complaining about the menu, asking for a menu in English (IT WAS IN ENGLISH, PEOPLE!!!), complaining about gratuity included in the check when there were 15 people there~~~  For real?  Just tacky.  I hated being seen with them.
4) Please don't let me eat cooked salmon anymore.  I just don't like it.  Smoked?  All over it.  Raw?  I can take it.  Cooked?  Blech.
5) My mom thinks I'm crazy for all the goals I have (30 Before 30, 35 Before 35, 40 Before 40, monthly, yearly).  Rashan's just amused by it.  I feel like I have the type of personality that needs something to keep me on track.  Otherwise I just look up weeks later and can't say I've contributed anything to my personal, professional or spiritual development.  If I create just a few goals, I can get a lot more out of life.
6) Why is this MM so detailed?
7) People who use their first initial intrigue me.  I always want to know what's behind that.  Is your first name too hideous or too pedestrian?  You just want to intrigue me?  Success.  Now tell me the deal.
8) I was thinking the other day about how unfair it is that women's lives get put completely on hold when they get pregnant and men's don't.  If I had gotten pregnant in grad school (not possible so don't go there) and was due during the semester, it would be a problem.  I would have to put all my plans on hold.  And God forbid I was on bed rest.  Complete plan ruination.  A guy?  He's as empathetic as a he can be but he gets to continue his life pretty much the same.  I know there's nuance but I'm really thinking about the people in my program who are married.  This may not even be their reality but it's what I'm projecting.
9) Rashan hates when I speak in Spanish at Mexican restaurants.  I can't say gracias???  That's straight up hate!  He just doesn't want me to find my Mexican chef husband.  HATE, I say!
10) I have 7 more days standing between me and the end of the semester!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Movies 2010, Weeks 44-48

Notice there was a week where I watched 0 films?  O_O  Do you also see how many films I watched in the last month? o_O

November 7-13, 2010
202) Coal Country. Documentary about the effect of mountain top removal coal mining on West Virginia communities.  Pretty good.  I liked that it showed both sides.  You know I can't stand being propagandized.  There was still a very clear agenda, though.  3.5 stars

November 21- 27, 2010
That's right, I watched 0 movies last week.
203) Someone Else. British film (I saw on Sundance) about a guy's dating woes.  Pretty interesting.  Predictable start but did not continue in that vein, which was fun.  Short.  It actually could've been a little longer... That will be the last time I ever say that.  LOL.  3.6 stars
204) Bright Leaves. Personal documentary about the filmmaker's search for his great-grandfather's legacy.  I didn't love it.  Lasted a little too long.  3.4 stars

November 28- December 4, 2010
205) How to Train Your Dragon. Kids movie... self-explanatory.  Dude... I have GOT to stop letting Rashan's mom pick my movies!  Every time she goes to see a kids movie and really likes it I put it on my queue.  Why???  I don't have any kids and don't want any right now.  Completely my fault.  It was fine.  Good for kids.  3.4 stars