December Goals *with Results

End of the year!  Get it in gear!  As of December 11th, I WILL BE DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER!!!  That's the deadline I'm giving myself to finish grading those finals.  YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!  CAN'T WAIT!

1) Work on my relationship with God.  My goal was 495 chapters and 2xs at church.  I went to church once.  Improvement!  I hit 493... I think... I think I hit it but didn't record it?  Let's make next month's goal 75 more chapters.  I'm starting to feel rushed again.
*I passed my 75 chapter goal!  Wheeee!

2) Start my next film.  I wanted to do at least one actual shoot.  And I did!!  December, a week of shoots and make arrangements for my trip to Vegas to get pictures from my great-aunt.
*I did my week of shoots but didn't get my Vegas shoot arranged. 

3) Take the next step in my career.  I did get my application materials together so I want to send out several packages before the end of the year!!
*Oops.  Forgot about this one.  i was exhausted from the semester.  I feel so much freer with that over.  I should be able to get some things done in the first few weeks of the year.

4) Try new restaurants.  I was supposed to "EAT LESS FAST FOOD!!"?  Oops.  This is really making my workouts less effective than they should be.  Week 1: 2 fast food outings. New restaurants-- Burke St. Pizza (decent, not life-changing), Alex's Cafe (some of the worst service I've encountered here. Our waitress actually drove off DURING our meal without a word or backwards glance to us. I kid you not. 0 tip.  Because you're not here to get it and who would I be tipping?).  I don't think we tried anything else other than a restaurant in Charlotte.  It was fine.  Depressing.  I want to eat less fast food this month.  I want my only restaurants to be high end or in other cities.  I hate Winston-Salem restaurants.
*I ended up liking a restaurant in Winston!  Did I mention how much I really, REALLY don't like people trying to feed me normal food for a ridiculous prices?  And i don't like people suggesting those restaurants to me.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I said, if I can cook once TWICE a week, it will be a miracle.  Week 1: Pretty sure I cooked 0 meals but I did get a meatless meal in there.  Thanksgiving?  I cooked 4 new recipes.  I should probably post those.  Okay so this month I hope I can cook some more.  I don't feel like having goals.
*I definitely cooked more!  It was delightful!  And there's more to come in January!

6) Watch more movies.  My goal for November was 8.  That most certainly did not happen.  If I can get two movies in per week, I'll be happy.  *singing* Lowered expectaaaaations!  Oops.  Only hit 7.  Let's go for 11 to hit 225 this month.  I can do it!!
*Lol.  This is getting comical.  How did I think 11 would get me to 225?  I watched 15!  I got to 219 on the year.

7) Work out more.  I am consistently working out twice a week with my new trainer WHO I LOVE!  I'm still working on getting to three days a week.  IT WILL HAPPEN THIS MONTH!  Since it didn't in November... lol.
*Guess who got to 3xs the last day of the week?  MEEEEE!!!  Only 51 more weeks to meet my goal!

8) Statecations.  I had no statecation goal last month... and I don't have one for this month.  I'm going to Mississippi & Savannah.
*I went to Mississippi & Savannah and nowhere interesting in the state!  Oh wait.  I went to dinner in Raleigh!
9) Contact my grandma once a month.  I called her last month.  She will finally get her package this month when I go down there!
*Saw my grandma.  Our relationship will never be the same.  Her miserableness was too much to bear.  She got her stuff, though.

10) Organize my life.  My goal was to sufficiently plan my life so that I don't feel so stressed and overwhelmed by it all for these last few weeks of the semester.  That was a complete and utter failure.  This month I will organize my next semester to make everything awesome.
*Hmmm... I should've remembered this goal.  I tried to do this but I need other people to give me important dates.  So I will give myself partial credit!

I will also actually pay attention to these goals so I have half a chance of achieving them.  I did horribly last month and... I don't even care.  XOXO
*I paid slightly more attention this month but that really just means remembering.  In 2011 I'll be posting my yearly goals so I can achieve every single one!  I'm so excited!!!


Sha Boogie said...

Numbers 1, 7 and..oh crap forgot the other one.. but anywho, working on my relationship with God, working out and organizing my life always seem to be a constant... This year I'm focused on organizing my 'financial' life. Budget apps on the iphone=awesomeness!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Alright Now!!

1.For real?? Girl! You are killing the Bible LOL! Is that appropriate to say? and you made it church? Good for you! Your doing it. I'm sure God is pleased *smile*
Now you know I want to know. HOW WAS IT?? LOL!
2. Talk about productive! Cool! You're going to Vegas?
3. That's Good!! Having everything together is a plus!
4. She drove off???? Bwhahahahaha! I can't!!! High end Yass! I'm doing a bit of fine dining for a few b-days this month *swoon*
5. I feel you on this one. I don't want to cook and I WANT to eat fast food! gooey, chessy, yummy fast food!
6. Yeah you can do it! I never thought I would get bored with Netflix. I use to rush the movie back to get the next. One movie sat here for 3 weeks. The currents been here a week. SMH
7. At least you are getting in 2x and you love it!
9. Yaaaay for grandma!!! I'm really excited about this! Really!
I think that exclamation point was at me. LOL!
10. Life's a work in progress...

Not so Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed by your #1 goal. This should be a priority in my life and I've let it fall by the wayside.

Yay for shooting!!! Is there a way we'll ever be able to see your first film. Is there a documentary website or something were it could be downloaded and viewed? We want to support you :)

I need to put #10 on my list in the worst way..ugh.

Jameil said...

sha... always! I need some apps but my phone is too dumb. :/

gp... 1) LOL. Church wasn't great. There was 1.5 hrs of presentations and singing before a 20min sermon. FOR REAL!!!!???? Not cool.
2) Yep! My great-aunt lives there.
3) Oh yes!
5) Noooooo fast food!!
6) I won't say I'm bored but I just never make time for it. And I try to force myself to see films I don't want to see.
7) True... baby steps. I've been there for a few months now though! I need to step it up!
9) Yay! :) LOLOLOL. DING!
10) Indeed.

nsa... Thanks! It's definitely a commitment. I don't look at anything else or do anything else before reading the bible each day. It makes me make sure to get it in. I'm hoping we can get in some film fests. That's why we don't have it online right now. After that, I'll definitely let you guys know!! Don't we all need a bit more 10 in our lives?

Liz Dwyer said...

As you well know, some people don't read that much of the Bible in five years, so I'm giving you a high five. Yeah, I'm so impressed that you have gotten so much done this month...and that you're holding yourself accountable. ;)

Jameil said...

Thanks Liz! :)