Christmas List

1) Diamond stud earrings
2) A trip: a vineyard, Atlanta (I haven't stopped missing it) or somewhere we have to fly
3) Le Creuset: I haven't told you because I was crushed... but mine broke.  You have never seen a person bemoan an item.  I want the enameled cast iron 3.5 qt.  I'll also take the stoneware but I need something big enough to cook in.
4) Lorna Sass's The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook.  I will continue to ask for this until one of you gives it to me.  And the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.  Pretend I didn't take a picture of the 15 cookbooks I already own.
5) This boatneck tee in bright seaport (S).  This bangle.
6) A large room air purifier by Holmes.  Yes, I still hate my neighbors.
7) This swan sweater! (S)
8) Stuff from my etsy list.  Especially cowls, hats and headgear!!  PLEASE get me some of this stuff before I die!!  Pink or teal or purple if you're looking at knit/crochet stuff.
9) This clutch. 
10) Saffron, truffle oil (and or truffle salt), fleur de sel, tagliatelle and pine nuts.  What a foodie!  LOLOL.  These are the ingredients I really want that are way too expensive for me to buy on my own without a stern look from a certain hater boyfriend.
11) This shirt in pink. (4P) This tank in black (PS).  This shirt in white (4P).  These shoes in 8N, navy please.


Not so Anonymous said...

I love your list. How much does truffle oil cost? I've never even heard of that, but it sounds cool to be able to say I've tasted and or cooked with it, lol.

Anonymous said...

2) **crying for your broken Le Creuset**

8) I get dizzy going through etsy pages. I'm just woefully overwhelmed and I have to log off. Remember, I'm a fashion misfit. *lol*

10) Truffle oil is so decadent. I have a bottle and I use it sparingly.

I hope all your Santa's are reading.

Sha Boogie said...

The best part about this list 'stern hater boyfriend' LOL!

Adei von K said...

Tis the season!

girl, we had a moment of silence for your le creuset. i was heartbroken for and with you.

that bangle is awesome! i have a headband that matches so I think I'm adding it to my list!

no, i'm not. i wear the same jewelry... everyday.

7) ...

nice list! now i gotta do mine!

Sparkling Red said...

Wow, you have great taste! I shall plagiarize this list for myself. All I need to do is change the clothing sizes, and swap out the cooking gear for my wish list of books, and I'm done!

Ladynay said...

It always makes me smile when you detail a want list. The easiest way to get what you want is to ask for it and be specific! :-)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

What a fabulous list! I hope you get EVERYTHING ON IT! Did you hear that Santa?? Did you???

*pours out some liquor* for the Le Creuset. As expensive as this cookware is they should have a repair service, an exchange program something!!!!!

I'm posting my list next. LOL!

Anonymous said...

My sis-in-law just asked what we wanted for Christmas and both of us had a blank look on our faces.

Like your clothing choices...I heart Talbots.

Jameil said...

I neglected to mention I want my Le Creuset in cobalt.

NSA... Thanks! About $17.

mrstdj... 2) I.died. I had a moment where I just wailed. Weeks later, last week in fact, I stopped and had a moment of silence (see Adei's comment).
8) You have to narrow it down! I like using treasury to find unusual stuff I would never find or handpicked items or the stuff on the front page. Also go in wanting something very specific i.e. vintage hats for less than $25 (one of my fave searches).
10) I love that you have it!
They better be! I very subtly told Rashan I was posting this...

Sha... He really does tho!

Adei... Tis! HEARTBROKEN!! LOL @ same jewelery! I would lose it with boredom. Hurry and do your list!! Don't wait until Christmas eve this year.

Red... Thanks! And do it! I should've added the books from my 30 for 30 list! Genius!! Dear Santas, add that stuff!!

Lady... :) Yay! Makes me happy too! It really is the best way!

gp... thanks!!!!!!!! le creuset should have a tears hotline! I'm so sad!! can't wait to see your list!

hnb... blank faces??? i did have one of those a while. can't lie. i added some normal things for people. b/c i really really want le creuset, etsy stuff, clothes. thanks! Talbots brings me some joy frequently!

Unknown said...

I want a Le Creuset. I'm so addicted to anything related to the kitchen and cooking. I think I'm inspired. I may have to blog my wish list. Lol

1969 said...

You broke your Le Creuset? *pours out some liquor*

I heart ETSY!

Jameil said...

TG... DO IT!! BLOG IT OUT, HONEY!! LOL (Mean Girls)

1969... I. KNOW!!!! & ME TOO!!