Birthday List!!!

It's no secret that I love my birthday!!!!!!!!!!  And since it's coming up in less than a month (AUGUST 23RD!!), I figured I should do a list!  Yay!!!  I love unwrapping things so I think one awesome gift, an experience (see: 1, 2, 6, 11), a restaurant and a great day with Rashan would make it one of the best birthdays ever!!  29 HERE I COME!!

1) A helicopter ride...
2) A vineyard tour...
3) SHOES!!! Size 7.5, please.  I love these from Coach.
4) Jewelry... like diamond studs.
5) An awesome meal in a cute, delicious restaurant! (A must and a guarantee!)
6) Ride a mechanical bull!!!
7) Something from my Amazon.com (books) registry.  And/or something from my Crate & Barrel registry.  LOVE!  From C&B in particular, dishes, flatware, some of those kitchen gadgets/knicknacks (these spoon straws!!!! I can't even explain why j'adore them so... I might buy them for myself before my birthday!).
8) This watch.
9) STATIONERY!! I've decided on using my first maiden and our last name on stationery because just first and last name isn't long enough for me right now.  It looks too weird.  (But I have to think way too hard to write my signature right now.)  I love this one.  And this one in azure or eggplant.
10) This bag.
11) Hot air balloon ride :)
12) To spend a great day with Rashan!!!!!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 109

1) I hate when I get these terrible lyrics in my head.  I always try to drive them out with some gospel.
2) I don't actually listen to music that much.  It's not that I don't like music.  I just don't like to drive out all of the thoughts in my head and there's too much competition when I'm trying to think about the words.  I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who listens to music as she works unless it's viewing footage or photographs, things that don't require me to write or think.
3) Dear grown people, Please don't post pictures of your food on paper plates when you're not at a large gathering.  Translation: If you're eating at your house on a Monday morning, you need to be using real plates.  Not just for the environment but that's a good reason, too.
4) There are some people I would never interact with w/o facebook and twitter and I tell you, I'm so glad to have those mediums around!  They are so funny!  They bring great joy to me and not (always) in the snarky way!
5) Sometimes when I write these, I try to balance the jerky with the nice.  LOL  I wouldn't mind having an overwhelmingly nice one but I feel like I far more often err toward the jerky side.  I think it's a side effect of being married to Rashan.  I was a much nicer person before that... Three weeks and he's already changed me... LOLOLOL!!!!
6) I think I'm getting too old for large platformed pumps.  You know the ones with the 2+ inch platforms?  They just don't look cute to me anymore.
7) I am seriously confused by people who complain about Monday alllll day Sunday.  Please get that together!!
8) I didn't get this job I really wanted and I'm okay with that.  I'm quite certain the job I need to grow is coming in due time.  *cue Goodie Mob*
9) I made some good progress on my film in the last week but I need more! More! More!
10) I found a 5k I want to run!  IT'S AT AN OYSTER FESTIVAL IN NC!!!!! ON THE COAST!!! BEACH + ME + OYSTERS = HEAVEN!!  Ooh!  I should see if my SIL wants to run w/me!  She would embarrass me in time since she does half marathons and is training for a marathon but it would be cute for us to run together!
11) Sometimes I forget Rashan and I are married.  I completely blame this on the fact that we lived together for 9 months before we got married.  I frequently yep DAILY still think of him as my boyfriend and it shocks me when a few seconds later I remember OH ISH! THAT'S MY HUSBAND!  LOLOL And still feel like an airhead every time.
12) I haaaaaaaaaaaate how much I procrastinate.  It drives me CRAZY!!! There is seriously no reason why I'm not running the world right now other than my ability to wait until the last minute to do EVERYTHING!!
13) This week I'll be posting about how I planned a wedding in under 30 days.  I would wait longer (procrastinator) but I already forgot once so if I don't do it this week, you might never get it.


Movies 2011, Week 28

July 17-23, 2011
I'll count this as a good movie week though I didn't love the movies I saw.  I got enjoyment out of film consumption! :)
115) Horrible Bosses. Jason Bateman and Jason Sudekis star in this film about three friends who make a pact to kill each others' bosses.  Cameos from Jennifer Anniston and Jamie Foxx make for some amusing moments.  Better than I expected.  Quite funny at times.  Slow start, loved the end.  3.6 stars
116) The Kids Grow Up. Documentary by Doug Block about his teenage daughter going to college and how her life has been growing up with a filmmaker father.  Kind of veers toward self-indulgent as family films can do.  A study of how to tackle some of the issues I hope to avoid in my own family film-- how do you make it interesting and relevant beyond your family?  I can't say I really enjoyed this.  I might have if it was shorter.  3 stars
117) Super 8. JJ Abrams (Lost creator) directs this film about a group of kids who catch something on their super 8 camera while shooting a film for a festival.  Every time the kids were on screen?  Awesome and fun.  The adults managed to make it much less so.  I also didn't like the mushy scenes.  Rashan liked it.  I was less enthusiastic.  3.4 stars
118) Nashville. OMG this is a boring movie.  It meanders on and on and on with its 24 characters, centered around Lily Tomlin.  Worst of all it was TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!  You HAVE to be doing other things to be able to stomach it.  2.2 stars


Name Change

Name change articles aren't exactly rare on the internet.  But Sunday's WSJ installment was the first I'd read since marrying.  As a child, I always assumed I'd easily and happily change my name once I got married.  Why not?  I even used to practice my first name with the last name of whatever boy I had a crush on.  Yes, I was a teenage book series!  LOL  I also remember when after my parents' divorce, my mom considered changing her name and I balked because I wanted us to have the same last name.

Then as I got older and grew into the name I used to hate, not my last name as much as my first, I felt a great attachment to it.  Then once I made my first film with my maiden name, things really became strange.  My cousin the vet kept her name professionally when she married a few years ago.  I thought, seems like it would work for me, too.  And there's always the option of not legally changing your name, but occasionally going by it when it's most convenient.  But I kind of don't want to be half in and half out.  And I don't really want to lose any part of my name.  But to go by all of it seems cumbersome and pretentious and just not me.  My name was long enough already without adding another name to it.  But it looks like professionally, at least for a while, I'll be just that long name person.  Only one thing has remained the same from childhood to now-- I don't want a hyphenated name.

There is an unexpected joy, though in changing my name.  I will field fewer friend requests from people I don't want to friend anyway and it's a chance to start over.  I'm not running from the law or anything but the idea of disappearing a bit in a name change still has some appeal.  It's almost like you get to become a new person.  Like moving to a new city or state or country must do.  It's a new start navigating the world as you now know it.
As exhilarating as it was the first time I made a reservation under my new last name (I texted people!) LOL... I still feel a little sadness when I use it.  Like I say goodbye to old Jameil every time.  This is so melodramatic.  I really am mildly annoyed there's so much angst over changing your name. And halfway wish for the days when it was automatic.  Then there'd be no problem.

But the mild feminist in me won't sit down.  Why should I have to give up that part of me?  She scoffed when I tried to get Rashan to make the decision for me.  But he said he didn't care.  Smart move.  LOL  I'm sure I would have been annoyed with his answer either way.  So yes, I've changed my name on facebook, my grocery store rewards cards and a mag subscription or two.   And yes facebook has actually helped me become a little more used to my new last name.  But no, I have not tackled the larger name change tasks because I'm kind of still not sure.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 108

1) Please never call lake waterfront property "the beach."  The beach requires an ocean.  MIDWESTERNERS.  And don't come in here with your technicalities.  That is not a beach.
2) OMG!  I think tall women are AWESOME!!  I always wanted to be a tall woman. (I want to be 5'10 like Cindy Crawford. NAME THAT MOVIE!!!)  My grandma was 5'11 before she started shrinking.  Now she's like 5'9.  It's hilarious that she shrunk and still towers over me.  Her sisters are mostly giants, too.  Her tallest sister is 6'1.  The shortest is 5'7.
3) My favorite places to change my name? The ones that require no paperwork and therefore allow me to do it online.  That would be Harris Teeter, Lowes, Facebook & Netflix.  No I haven't tackled any of the big ones.
4) Why is every fashion blogger having epiphanies these days?  And telling us all about them in angsty posts?  Just live your lives, dears.  Your readers will still ebb and flow.  I've ebbed with many of them because I indeed was just reading it for the fashion.  When it becomes about something else, I'm often less interested.  But you should still blog about whatever you want.  Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care.
5) It bothers me to see a perfectly beautiful piece of antique furniture painted.  White seems to be the most common current trend but really any color can make my jaw drop.  I'm not saying I haven't seen some great transformations.  But I've also seen some that if I were a tad more dramatic would make me weep copious tears.
6) I don't like these muted or pastel nail polish colors that are all the rage right now.  Makes sense.  I don't like muted or pastel clothing either.  Neutral?  I can get with.  Pastels?  No.  I see pastels and think, "Why'd you drain all the color out of it??"
7) Tried the pretzel M&Ms and pass.  They don't taste like pretzel.  They almost taste like peanut M&Ms/regular M&Ms.  Very strange.
8) There are so many words I'm used to typing that when I start typing anything like it, my hands automatically type that word instead of the word I'm looking for.  Example: I went to type 'strange' for no. 7 and just now and my hand automatically wrote stranger.  Why do I write stranger more than strange?  So weird.
9) Sometimes it takes a moment of self-awareness to realize how odd I can be. Another example: do I really have vicarious cats??? Cats that I claim as my own via THE INTERNET??? And have never met??? ...
10) Rashan and I are such word nerds.  He was looking over my shoulder as I typed on fb and said, "I knew you were gonna say lexicon! Yes!"  This is how we entertain ourselves.  Knowing the 50 cent word (as my dad would say) the other will use.  LOL
11) I've had a burst of teaching inspiration in the last few days and it is AWESOME!!  I love it! :)
12) I promise I had no parts of caring about whether or not Jay & B were married when that whole thing went down.  Now I totally get even more than I did at the time.  Nunya business.  What me and my husband or not husband have going on has nothing to do with you.  YES!  (Unless I decide to become a blogger and tell you about my relationship from the beginning until forever...)
13) I'm really shocked by my zen attitude toward having a wedding band only right now!  Who is this person???


Movies 2011, Week 27

July 10-16, 2011
It's been a while since I posted movies the week after I watched them, huh?  Finally watched enough to justify a separate post!  I enjoyed watching so many movies this week.  Look forward to getting some in next week as well.
110) Shawshank Redemption. Awesome movie starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.  Loved it.  Can't imagine how and why I waited so long to see it.  I honestly thought I already had.  5 stars
111) HallPass. This will shock you... this movie was incredibly predictable even from the outset.  Oh my GOSH this movie was filled with unnecessary scenes.  Why didn't they let Jenna Fischer wear any makeup?  She looked especially ridiculous next to Christina Applegate.  Unlike most movies, the end was better than the beginning.  Still, you can skip this.  2.9 stars
112) Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood & Morgan Freeman star in this film about two cowboys out to avenge a cut up w.hore. Awesome start. Great middle, great end.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Though I must say the pre- and post-scripts made no sense to me.  4.5 stars
113) Hangover Part II. Ugh. I loved Part I! Loved it!  I thought it was hilarious, universally hilarious and gave it 5 stars.  This one was trying way too hard and was even predictable.  It induced scoffing and eye rolls.  Pass.  2 stars
114) Raging Bull.  Scorcese-directed film starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. The first fight looked extra fake.  I never need to see another boxing movie again.  I don't enjoy them anymore than I enjoy watching boxing on tv.  I'm not denying that this movie has redeeming qualities for many people.  It's just not for me.  2.9 stars


July Goals

*Note: If you read these goals before July 14th, I added new ones to July.

Phew! June was a shocker since I made these goals before Rah & I up and decided to get married! Hilarious. So here are my June goals.

June Update
1) Read 65 more books of the Bible to reach 961 including the completion of the books of I Chronicles & Acts.  Done.  I actually read fewer chapters than I could have.  I got sidetracked unnecessarily by wedding planning.  I love my progress, though!  I'll be finished with this goal by the end of October.  AWESOME!!!
2) Increase my weekly workouts to 4 times per week. Nope.  But I did get in 3 days a week.  Somehow my ankle still occasionally annoys me so I don't even think I did 4 workouts a single week last month.
3) Track my meals to ensure I'm eating better. I didn't do this but I did something almost as good.  I gave up fried foods.  My skin was a lot happier!  I still must have fries in my life so this can't continue but I'm pretty sure I can cut back.
4) Make and keep a budget.  Now I thought the wedding budget might be able to fit in this category but I don't think I paid enough attention to it to make it count.  We definitely came in at a good number for the wedding but I don't feel like it really counts as budgeting.
5) Read at least 4 books.  I read three and struggled through but didn't finish another.  I'm glad I got through three!!
6) Watch at least 5 movies on the AFI list. I watched 4. More than I remembered so I'm pleased with this progress.  At this rate I'll be done by the end of the year.

7) Complete at least two 30 Before 30 goalsI did one of my favorite ones... GET MARRIED!!  But I didn't do any others.  Bah.
8) Challenge myself sartorially.  Hm. I'm not sure how I planned to do this but it didn't happen.  I need help with this goal.  Maybe I need to do another 30 for 30.  Ooh!  July goal!  See below!

July Goals
1) Read 65 more books of the Bible to reach 1060.  I'm including the completion of the books of II Chronicles & Lamentations.
2) Continue getting at least 3 workouts per week.  Let's get it!
3) Make and keep a budget.  Guess how I'm already fixing this?  By actually writing a budget.  Boom.
4) Finish my films.  I'm working on several right now and I need to be freed from a rut.  If making this goal makes it happen, so shall it be done.
5) Read at least 3 books.  I'm reducing the goal this month because the books are much longer and/or more difficult.
6) Watch at least 4 movies on the AFI list.  The movies are much longer now as well but at this rate I'll be done before the end of the year!!!  WHEEEEEE!!
7) Complete at least two 30 Before 30 goals.  I.AM.RID.ING.A.ME.CHA.NI.CAL BULL THIS MONTH!!!  It's driving me NUTS that I haven't done it yet.
8) Challenge myself sartorially.  One of Kendi's 30 for 30 modifications is a 15 for 15, which I think will make me so much less crazy!  The one 30 for 30 I did nearly killed me!  I'm already not shopping other than gift cards I'm itching to spend.
9) Cook at least 3 new recipes each week.  It's been a while since I had a goal like this one so it's time!  Considering we're halfway through the month already, I may be a tad behind but as long as I get in 12 recipes this month, I'll be happy!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 107

1) Please make people stop saying IJS. We KNOW you're saying it because well... YOU'RE saying it... on your fb page... or on twitter.  Your face is right next to it... We know it's you.
2) Group colloquialisms ring so false to me.  Folks, gang.  Please stop.  NO ONE talks like that.
3) Yo... 2 days after the wedding (or ever)... don't be coming to me #talmbout "Congrats... but too bad I wasn't invited."  That is mad tacky.
4) Please also don't post 'baby time' on my husband's fb wall. (HUSBAND! :))  Can we please be married for 4 WHOLE days first?  And don't any of you smart mouths go on there today saying that either.
5) You know how I find late bday greetings completely and totally out of order?  It's never too late to congratulate me on our wedding! :))))
6) I love one of my friends dearly.  But her staying at our house for hours one night last week is the reason I might not be sharing Rashan w/anyone else for the rest of the month.  Figure life out on your own.
7) If you must shorten the word 'vacation,' it's 'vacay,' not 'vaca.'
8) I got free samples when Stace was here and she said "Ugh. I don't want you to be SO domesticated already."  Like I'm a cat! Watching tv! Or only moms and wives get free samples!  She quickly changed her tune and stole my coupon for a free full-size product.  Hater.
9) I forgot to tell you guys I've turned into a freebie machine, huh?  I was thinking of doing a whole post on it but Bluegrass Savers is my favorite site.  Tons of links to free stuff DAILY.  So awesome.  Southern Savers is 2nd.  Another thing, sometimes if you tell a company you love their product, they'll send you a coupon for that product.  Nice!  If you have a coupon but the product isn't on sale in stores that week, wait.  It will probably go on sale in the next week or two, or before it expires, giving you an even bigger savings.  Works like a charm!
10) Wait but do all companies also think only moms want coupons and freebies? B/c I really don't want another site to make this mistake.  The worst?  Jif.  They make you fill out an entire survey from the POV of a "choosy mom."  What?? And why???  Please fix.
11) Did I tell you I don't believe in getting too much sleep?  I will wake up from 8 or more hours of sleep, eat breakfast, read blogs and take a nap.  Matter of fact, I do it almost every Saturday.
12) You can leave me off of all #teamnatural everything.  I don't think we need to be in a snobby cult because we don't have perms.  Furthermore, I didn't stop perming my hair for solidarity or any other reason than I was bored with it and wanted to try something different.
13) I don't wanna be one of those annoying women who can only talk about her husband but gimme a minute, MK?   My mom saw more of Rah's personality over the wedding weekend and she now likes him even more! :))))  My dad called Rah his new son & freaked him out.  LOL


Movies 2011, Weeks 24-26

*I originally forgot a movie so I added it-- Number 107.

June 19- 26, 2011
103) King Kong. 1933 version of the hilariously campy film about a giant ape who falls in love with a girl then takes over New York City.  Amusing but I doubt I'd watch it again. 3 stars
104) The Prize Winner Defiance Ohio. An Ohio housewife with 10 children uses her wit and creativity to help bring in enough food for her family.  This film stars Julianne Moore and Harrelson Ford as a struggling husband and wife.  She makes you smile throughout the tension.  Impressive writing and acting.  Enjoy life to the fullest no matter what.  Great takeaway.  So good.  I loved it!  And I know my mom would, too! 4.4 stars
105) Biutiful. 2010 Spanish film starring Javier Bardem in an Oscar-nominated role.  I have really got to learn that if an actor/actress is nominated for his/her performance and the film itself gets no other nods, I don't need to see it.  Wandering.  I kept wondering what was the point of this film.  Yes, he's dying of terminal cancer and leaving two young children behind but and....?  If you like movies to just be and want to drop into someone's life for a few months (over the course of 2.5 hours), then maybe you'll like this.  Otherwise, skip it.  You can see Javier being all smoldery elsewhere.  3 stars

June 27- July 2, 2011
I GOT MARRIED THIS WEEK!!! :)  And in true Jam/Rah fashion, the first film of our married life was unintentionally a documentary!
106) Hot Coffee. Documentary about lawsuits and tort (harm) reform.  Very black and white.  You are either completely for erasing so called frivolous lawsuits or completely against it to the point that you will refuse to even SAY tort reform.  It just looked ridiculous and unbelievable.  The music was pretty awful.  But I can say I learned something and it did inspire a bit of outrage so not all bad.  3.4 stars

July 3-9, 2011
107) She's Out of My League. A nerdy guy finds himself being pursued by a perfect 10 to the shock of all of their friends.  Surprisingly entertaining.  But you have to get back the lame profanity-laced early moments.  3.4 stars
108) Never Let Me Go. Depressing movie about children raised in a group home.  That's extremely vague and in no way reveals anything about what makes this film unique.  Really well-acted by leads Carey Mulligan & Andrew Garfield.  Much less so from Kiera Knightley.  She never ever does it for me.  She felt wooden anyway but even more so next to the other two.  3.9 stars
109) Blue Valentine. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling star as a couple once in love now struggling to make their marriage work.  Um.  I really don't see why she was nominated in this role.  There was a scene where I stopped and said, "Is she believable or do you know she's acting?"  And the answer was the latter.  Pass.  2.4 stars



I could be posting about all manner of things but the only thing I want to talk about today is that Rashan and I have been married a week and we're deliriously happy!!!!  I had no idea the simple act of marrying the person you love could make you that much closer.  I love this man!!!  He's been working 10 hour days this week so I feel like I see him for 2 hours, then we fall asleep and he goes back to work.  Well today?  He gets off at 5:30, doesn't work all weekend AND is off on Wednesday!!!  I don't want to notice anyone who isn't him so I won't!  Yay!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!!
Oh! Two things before I go.
1) We love seeing our rings on our fingers! :)
2) He told me not to tell you this BUT I don't care about his thugnificence so I shall!  He gave me 7 kisses before he went to work this morning... one for every day we've been married!  SWOON!  I LOVE RASHAN!!!!


Our Wedding

At my bridal shower cracking up
I was nothing but a ball of excitement the day before [spinning around the house, getting my nails and toes done, answering 6/14 questions about Rashan incorrectly LOLOL (Newlywed game-type stuff i.e. fave song, fave food), asking my mom if I could get married Thursday instead of Friday].  Also, our moms met Thursday and they got to see how much Rashan's mom & grandma love me!  It was so cute. :)

Our wedding was AWESOME!  Yes, I was slightly irritated by the fact that some of the 7/100 details I cared about didn't happen (or when after Rashan & I walked out for a moment alone, I looked around and said "Who left a bottle of water next to the flowers!?" and Rashan said, "That's mine." What?? LOLOL) but overall, I LOVED OUR DAY!!!! 

 Rashan came to see me when he got into town Thursday and it was AWESOME!!  I was so excited to see him!  Actually it was 12:02 a.m. on Friday.  I had to kick him out after an hour and a half because I was so sleepy and there was still plenty of stuff to do!! Friday morning I was awakened four hours after I went to sleep by my mom's grass man CUTTING THE GRASS AT 6:45 AM!!!!  I WAS HOT!!!  What fresh heck?  There is absolutely NO reason to cut the grass on the day of my wedding or at that time EVER!!  Stace and I woke up and started our daily trash talk and stayed awake.  I had breakfast courtesy of mom (bacon, eggs, cheese grits & toast) and decided I wanted to be a bridezilla for the first and only time.  But it's not in my nature so it didn't work.  Bummer.

Stace was AWESOME!!! There was a point during the pre-wedding detail questions that I was able to say, " I don't care, make an executive decision" and know that she would do exactly what I needed her to and that she would make it amazing!  She helped decide the altar arrangements and did all the flower arranging. 
 One of the altar arrangements
My bouquet
I was fine getting my (awesome) make-up done by my new sister-in-law.  She said most people want minimal wedding day makeup.  I said, I want a dramatic eye and she got excited like all make-up people do.  LOL.  

My eyes matched my earrings and everyone was so excited!  It looked AWESOME!!  I was wincing getting my hair done.  My sister shoved every manner of pin directly into my scalp.  My photographer made me take that shot of the dress on the hanger before I put it on.  I never understand that shot.  But he had me take a bunch of shots I didn't understand at the time and then afterward, either everyone else or I was like, OMG that's AWESOME!!  This post is a mix of his pics, mine, and pics Stace, my dad, sister or Rashan took.

Then I put my dress on.  I was okay when they got it on, especially after no one could get the buttons buttoned.  LOL  It took Rashan a good five minutes after the wedding.  I was like, "Can I get a magazine or something?"  LOLOLOL 
Anyway, back to before, everyone was running around, then when I put my veil on and I was standing in my dress (for a good 40 minutes before), everyone just stopped and stared.  It was like the room stopped.  And I was still okay for about 5 minutes.  Then I started thinking about what was happening and I looked at my sister and we both started crying.  LOL 

Everyone staring at me like it was the most amazing thing ever was making me feel like I was gonna cry so I yelled, "Stop staring at me!"  They all made up things to do.  LOL.  Except then my SIL kept staring at me going, "Awwwww!"  Ma'am!  I'm trying NOT to cry. Thaaaanks!

My mom was running around trying to organize and host.  At one point I was like tell her to come in here and let somebody else do that.  I think she enjoyed herself, though.  She didn't cry which shocked us all but she said we cried enough for everybody.  LOLOL  Also did I mention we had a photographer (who did an AMAZING job!!) & a videographer & our videographer had 3 cameras set up?  AWESOME!!  I LOVE THAT OUR WEDDING WAS A THREE-CAMERA SHOOT!!!!  FILMMAKER IN THE HOUSE!!!

When my dad walked into the room before he walked me down the aisle, I was like, OMG!  I almost lost it again.  Then he said something ridiculous and I started laughing. 

There was a kids camp going on at the church so there were random adults walking around telling me I looked great.  One girl also said, "I'm jealous."  Ma'am... not the time.  So ridiculous!  I felt very conspicuous walking around like that.  (Also, afterward the kids were in the family life center as I walked through and a little girl did a double take at me.  It was SO CUTE!!!) 
 We walked up to the church, dad & his girls, Elaina (my sister), fluffed my train right before I walked in to John Coltrane's "In A Sentimental Mood." 
WE LOVE THAT SONG!!  If we'd had a first dance, it would've been to that!  I boohooed the whole way down the aisle.  When my dad & I got to the end, Rashan was wiping his eyes and I was reaching for tissues from my dad.
Rashan's sister did a reading from the Old Testament (Genesis 2 on the creation of Eve).  Then my sister did the New Testament (John on love) reading.  My sister is apparently a crybaby. 
"I looked at you and you looked beautiful & I know you love each other and I was inspired.  I probably would've been okay if I hadn't looked at you."  Then she said she started talking to herself, "Okay get it together because I make fun of people like you."  HAHAHA!!  As do I!  Then she said, "I read 'God is love' and I was like, "Yes he is!" and started crying again."  LOLOL And let me tell you what the groom thought and said to me when he heard 'God is Love.'  You already know.  'Rev. Run.'  I HATE HIM!!  I started giggling.  He said he had more jokes in his head but when I started giggling, he didn't say any more.  LOL
I started crying again as we exchanged our vows.  Then he said, "It's okay" and I calmed down.  When we exchanged vows, Rashan held my right hand, per the minister's instructions, and when the minister said, you can let her hand go, Rashan said, "Do I have to?"  & everybody said, "Awwww!"  So we didn't.  He so disobedient!!  LOLOL  And then he kissed my hand.  AWWWWWWW!  I loved the ring ceremony.  With this ring... I thee wed.  When the minister pronounced us, he said "Mr .& Mrs. Rashan & Jameil Wellington" and everyone shouted out our correct last name.  LOL.  We recessed out and hugged and chatted in the vestibule. 
Then we went back in and had the signing of the marriage license, greeted our guests and took pictures.  And my dad made a big show of reading the license before signing the license.  LOLOL Ye olde hater.

And we had to take a self-shot!

Then we had our Mexican fiesta!!!  Y'all.  The food was FABULOUS!!  We had delicious guac and delicious chicken nachos for an appetizer. 

Then we had two kinds of enchiladas for our entree, endless margaritas to drink and to finish it, we had cuatro leches cake topped with fresh whipped cream and a strawberry. 

You know we don't like cake... SO GOOD!  We both liked the cake.  Yay!!! :)  Rashan was quite impressed with my decision to have us eat there.  Wheeeee!  Overall, I'm overjoyed to be Rashan's wife!! 
 That pic of Stace? She decided to have Elaina take a picture of her.  I snuck up behind her and photo bombed! LOLOLOL!!!  IT WAS SO HILARIOUS!!  Then me and Rah posed in front of the restaurant.

Our first weekend together as Mr. & Mrs. "Wellington" was awesome!  We had 5 consecutive delicious meals together as our first meals as man and wife.  We stayed at a beautiful uptown hotel, got free chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.


I love my husband!  But I'm still not joining that fb group... LOL



I'm not doing MM today because a wedding post is forthcoming!  Wanna see a pic??




Me & Rah are SO excited!  And we just can't hide it!  We're about to... okay you get it.  We're getting married!!!  And by the time many of you read this... WE'LL ALREADY BE MARRIED!!

Thank you SO much for all of the love and support! We'll read your well-wishes tomorrow with JOY!  And you ALREADY KNOW there will be pictures ASAP ASAP! :)  BYE!!!!!