Monday Mindspacing Vol. 109

1) I hate when I get these terrible lyrics in my head.  I always try to drive them out with some gospel.
2) I don't actually listen to music that much.  It's not that I don't like music.  I just don't like to drive out all of the thoughts in my head and there's too much competition when I'm trying to think about the words.  I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who listens to music as she works unless it's viewing footage or photographs, things that don't require me to write or think.
3) Dear grown people, Please don't post pictures of your food on paper plates when you're not at a large gathering.  Translation: If you're eating at your house on a Monday morning, you need to be using real plates.  Not just for the environment but that's a good reason, too.
4) There are some people I would never interact with w/o facebook and twitter and I tell you, I'm so glad to have those mediums around!  They are so funny!  They bring great joy to me and not (always) in the snarky way!
5) Sometimes when I write these, I try to balance the jerky with the nice.  LOL  I wouldn't mind having an overwhelmingly nice one but I feel like I far more often err toward the jerky side.  I think it's a side effect of being married to Rashan.  I was a much nicer person before that... Three weeks and he's already changed me... LOLOLOL!!!!
6) I think I'm getting too old for large platformed pumps.  You know the ones with the 2+ inch platforms?  They just don't look cute to me anymore.
7) I am seriously confused by people who complain about Monday alllll day Sunday.  Please get that together!!
8) I didn't get this job I really wanted and I'm okay with that.  I'm quite certain the job I need to grow is coming in due time.  *cue Goodie Mob*
9) I made some good progress on my film in the last week but I need more! More! More!
10) I found a 5k I want to run!  IT'S AT AN OYSTER FESTIVAL IN NC!!!!! ON THE COAST!!! BEACH + ME + OYSTERS = HEAVEN!!  Ooh!  I should see if my SIL wants to run w/me!  She would embarrass me in time since she does half marathons and is training for a marathon but it would be cute for us to run together!
11) Sometimes I forget Rashan and I are married.  I completely blame this on the fact that we lived together for 9 months before we got married.  I frequently yep DAILY still think of him as my boyfriend and it shocks me when a few seconds later I remember OH ISH! THAT'S MY HUSBAND!  LOLOL And still feel like an airhead every time.
12) I haaaaaaaaaaaate how much I procrastinate.  It drives me CRAZY!!! There is seriously no reason why I'm not running the world right now other than my ability to wait until the last minute to do EVERYTHING!!
13) This week I'll be posting about how I planned a wedding in under 30 days.  I would wait longer (procrastinator) but I already forgot once so if I don't do it this week, you might never get it.


Nicole said...

I laughed at that bit about the paper plates. You're so right. LOL!

Nerd Girl said...

2. I seriously doubt I could make it through the work day if I didn't have music on in the background.
6. I don't like those.
8. Glad you're good with it.
9. You could probably get some more footage in, oh say, Mississippi
12. Me too Brain, me too.

Sparkling Red said...

I tend to get songs and lyrics stuck in my head too. The worst is when I wake up at 3am and some peppy song is playing in my brain and it won't let me get back to sleep.

People use paper plates for breakfast? LAZY!

I've been married for two years and I love it when my husband refers to me as his girlfriend. It makes me feel young and cute.

K. Rock said...

2.Music is my soundtrack to my work life. I work with numbers all day so it is possible for numbers and song lyrics to co-exist in my head. But when I have to do some reading or comprehension, I mute the tunes.
3. Oh pretentious Jameil. People can eat on whatever they want in their own house. And post pics of it!
5. Just do you. It's your blog. Say what you want.
8. Love that song!
10. You running a race? I cant wait to hear about it.
12. I could be killer at work if I actually did stuff in a timely manner. So I can relate.

Anonymous said...

Dropping in to say CONGRATULATIONS you guys!!! "To be loved, to be loved, oh what a feelinggggg to be loooovvveeeeedddd"... :)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Driving things out with gospel is always great! :)
2. Music gives me so much energy!! Straight silence drains me. I can tune it out, let it be background noise and goooooo.
3. So noted! LOL!
5. Nice is much better.
6. I love a good platform shoe but I think with the influx of Jeffrey Campbell's everywhere certain shoes are looking clownish. So not cute!
8. So sorry...but you have the right attitude about it.
9. As you say to me all the time...get it together!
10. That will be a good bonding experience w/ SIL DO IT! DO IT! Ewww oysters!
11. I'm curious to know...in those moments of thinking of him as your boyfriend what's different?
12. I feel the same way! Procrastination is like a disease with me. Ugh!
13. Yaay!

Liz Dwyer said...

Haha! Love that you forget you're married. That's funny. And yay to the 5K (even if I HATED oysters back when I still ate fish, you're going to rock it!)

Ladynay said...

I agree, if you gonna post a pic up of your meal, at least have it on a cute plate and jazz it up with leaf or herb if you got it! LOL!

As long as you don't forget you are in a relationship you should be okay! :)

Jameil said...

Nicole... LOLOL Right!?

NG... 2) I can imagine! The two days I had a regular desk job I thought I would end it all w/o music!!
6) Yeah... they're swiftly losing their appeal for me.
8) I have to be.
9) LOLOL Is that right?
12) Le sigh...

red... not 3am! Sheesh! Extra lazy. LOL @ feeling young and cute! Adorable.

k... 2) Yeah if I worked with numbers I probably would, too.
3) Technically. But they shouldn't. And if that makes me pretentious, so be it.
5) I don't seem to have a problem with that.
8) Me too.
10) Tis time!
12) Le sigh...

LOL @ Magnolia Peach! Comin all out the woodwork!

gp... 1) Yep!
2) LOL. I don't like to make my mind work that hard.
3) Merci
5) Eh
6) I don't even know what that is but the shoes are getting out of control. GayleKing had some on in this pic I saw of her and I was like ma'am, you're too old for those shoes.
8) Sure!
9) Hmph
10) Never EVER come over here again saying ew to oysters. Ever.
11) Nothing. That's the point. In those moments it all feels the same.
12) Seriously
13) :)

liz... lol it amuses me, too! yay 5k & oysters!

lady... PLEASE! & lol!!! no I never forget I'm in a relationship!

1969 said...

Mmmmmm.....5K and Oysters? That is right up my alley.

Jameil said...