You're It! Thanksgiving Style

1. So, what are you thankful for this year? (In no particular order) Being OUT of Pittsburgh!!  THANK YOU JESUS!!, being on my way to my master's degree, getting a T.A. position for next semester which will pay most of my tuition!!  YEAH!! (more details to come), being smart enough to write this 15-20 page paper, getting an interview with this woman whose story I LOVE for my historical short film, my fabulous family and friends and Rashan.

2. Do you spend Thanksgiving with your family? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I actually like spending it with friends better.  Traditionally we have so many dinner invites my mom doesn't even cook.  We just go from house to house (I call it house hopping) eating at 2-4 locations.  It's quite fun.  And people force plates on you everywhere BUT you never have too many leftovers.  Tres parfait.

3. Do you have a big, turkey dinner? I don't really like turkey.  It's so rarely not dry.  Yes, I've had fried turkey and like it.  But by the time I started kind of liking turkey, I wasn't a fan of the flavor other than as a deli meat.  I like ham better.

4. What about some pumpkin pie for desert? I actually don't like pumpkin pie.  I prefer sweet potato.

5. When you were younger, did you make Thanksgiving crafts? Lurve, LURVE Thanksgiving crafts.  Still.

6. Is Thanksgiving pointless? No!  Any time you have an excuse to eat food and get a break from your daily lives, not pointless!  Know what's pointless?  One-day black Friday sales.  Gimme a break.  I don't want to fight the crazies.  Just gimme the deals.

7. Rate this holiday out of ten: 8.7

8. Are you excited for it? Sure.  I like any excuse to celebrate.

9. Have you ever not seen a family member for over a year? A year?  I lived in Pittsburgh and came home once a year for 3 years.  I also have 36 first cousins, a dozen of whom (and their 10  children) live in Mississippi.  Not seeing MOST of my family for over a year is the norm.  I haven't even seen my half sister in probably 6 years other than pictures.  We miss opposite events.

10. Do you get presents on this holiday? Of course not.  But does my Rachael Ray book count?  Lol.  Do people need presents to enjoy a holiday?  The shame!

11. What is the best thing about it? Food and fellowship!

12. What is the worst thing about it? There are drawbacks?

13. Is this your favorite holiday? I like them all.

14. Are any of your parents good cooks? They are good at different things.

15. What do you do for Thanksgiving? Like I said, it varies from year to year.

16. What's the yummiest part about the dinner? Depends on the year and the house.  My mom makes the best dressing and baked chicken and green beans, Ms. Allen makes the best mac and cheese, Rev. Gilliam makes the best broccoli casserole.  But Ms. Allen's is good, too!  So is my mom's.

17. Ever had the turkey burnt and then you just had to order takeout instead? No.  But everywhere I go, we always have a ham, too.  And we already know how I feel about turkey.

18. Most memorable thanksgiving? Hmm... they all run together at different places but I really liked the one 2 years ago when I went to Wynel's now husband's family's house for dinner and then her family's house for dinner.  We had fun. And the next year he asked if I was coming back.  Lol.

19. What are you hopeful for or what do you really want right now? Continuing happiness, a job for my sister so she can stop stressing.  I'm pretty content.

20. Why do you like or dislike Thanksgiving? We've been through this, no?  Food, ooh and marathons!  Love marathons on tv!!  Jon & Kate + 8 rocked my world yesterday. What Not to Wear today!!!



Rah and I are listening to the gospel station on the radio, I'm singing along and he says, "Who's this?"

Me: I can't remember.
Him: I like his voice... no homo.
Me: *mouth agape plus the face.*

I hate men. Lol.

*P.S. Read my last post b/c it cracked me up. :P


"I Didn't Know You Liked to Get Wet"

You know.  Sherman Helmsley.  PCP.  I slipped Rashan a mickey.  

I had to do it.

He asked me to make him a drink.  I poured Select (Bacardi, duh) in a giant mug.  I stopped but then realized hmm... that's not enough left to make one drink, just pour the rest in.  So I did.  Then topped it off with coke.  I gave him the mug and said, "How is it?"  He said, "Liquory."  I said, "Oh.  Want some more coke?"  He said no.  Moving right along.  We watch House and he's like Ooh. I'm feeling this.  I say good now let's go.  Dinner at "The Swamp."  He had the mediterranean pasta YUM! and I had the Sunday Special-- a buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and 2 bellinis.  I made him drink 2 margaritas.  One is not enough for the birthday.  Okay he was more than willing.  He wasn't forced.  

While we're sitting in my car checking blogs I say, "Man you made me miss the liquor store."  He says, "So what? We have more at your house."  "More what?"  "Select."  "No we don't."  "What?"  "You drank it all." "You put that whole thing in there?"  "Yep. You drank half a bottle of select in an hour."  "No wonder I'm drunk!" 

Yeah.  Like I said.  I didn't know you liked to get wet.  Lol.  Funniest part of Training Day & that Wayne Brady skit on the Chappelle Show, hands down my favorite skit.


Recipe Du Jour: Chipotle Ranch Burger

My new book Rachael Ray book features this recipe so I tried it out on Rah except I used pre-prepared ranch, mixed in one mostly seeded, finely chopped chipotle pepper and adobe sauce.  For the burgers I used ground chicken, grill seasoning, cumin, diced green bell pepper and onion, minced garlic.  I served them with extra sharp cheddar cheese and baby spinach leaves on english muffins.  Thank you ma'am may I have another!  That's the response I got from Rah!  Wheee!  I would've taken a picture but I couldn't stop myself from diving in immediately. Sorry kids.  You'll have to suffice with the pic from the website!  And trust me, it was MMM-MMM GOOD!  Wheee!!



The other day I came home from school and found this in my mailbox, courtesy of Rah!  He rocks!


Get it Together, Florida!!!

What is the deal???  For the last week it's been disgustingly cold.  And not Florida cold.  I'm talking 25 Tuesday night, 33 last night, 40 tomorrow night, then 34 again on Friday night.  WHY!!?!?

The last couple of days it's also been in the low 50's during the day.  Again.  Why?  What is the point in living in Florida if not to reap the obvious misnomer, "The Sunshine State?" NONE!  I chose you, UF, because you are in a warm state far from the frigid locale of Pittsburgh where Canada leaves the door open (my fave weather guy loves to say that and I'd yell back, "Tell Canada to shut the door!") and the wind chill drops below 0.  During the day.


Yesterday one of my professors asked, "Did you bring this cold weather down with you? Because this is maybe January or February weather.  Not November."  I replied, "I was wondering and lamenting the same thing!"

Then I talked to Stace's dad last night.  He said, "When are you coming to visit?" I said, "When you can get me some warm weather."  His reply?  "It's your fault. We're sending you back to Pittsburgh." *GASP!* QUEL HORREUR and perish the thought!  *crosses self*

Today I grab my Hampton sweatshirt to layer over my tank and tee.  Why is it 66 and I'm sweating BEFORE the kickboxing class I'm waiting for?  FLORIDA!!!! My nose is a faucet from the changes and YOU ARE GETTING ON MY NERVES!!!  GO BACK TO HIGHS IN THE 70s, LOWS IN THE 50s, NOW!!!!  Ugh.


Wordless Wednesday: So Christian

Bumper sticker reads: Jesus loves everyone, but I'm his favorite.

That's a lie for 2 reasons.  
1) He doesn't have favorites.
2) If He did, obviously it would be me.  Dummy.


You Are So Old

Words Rashan hears daily. Several times a day. Last night, though. He's 8 years older than me and growing older every day. Next week he will be 34. That's almost 40. And 40 is almost 50 which is more than halfway through your life so he's almost John McCain. In our old discussions, I think last night took the cake. As usual he was rapping about something and I jokingly asked, "Do you remember when television stopped. When there was no more programming?"
Him: Yes.
Me: Shut up.
Him: What?
Me: No you don't.
Him: Yes I do. They played the national anthem at 2 and then the tv was black.
Me: What?! You're joking, right? You REMEMBER THAT!?!?
Him: Yes. I didn't always have cable.
Me: (thinking) You can't make it better like that.
Me: (aloud) You are so old.



I love her. I just want the world to know.

She completes me with her radiance. My little spark plug, she is.

We're here in Tally and I couldn't be happier. I think I might move to West Palm Beach...

Stace, she's great.

*Obviously Stace hijacked my computer to type this post. Right after she typed that post about my awesomenessocity.


Actual Arby's Encounter

Me: I would like a crispy chicken bacon and swiss sandwich. Just the sandwich.

ACR: Okay. Crispy or grilled?

*whoa loudest talk back in the world...*

Me: Crispy. And small fries.

ACR: Okay and do you want just the sandwich?

Me: ...Yes.

*pull around to the window (which is the highest window in the history of drive-thrus. Did you make it for 18-wheelers? B/c FYI they can't make that turn.)*

ACR: Where in Africa are you from?

*blank look*

Me: I'm not from Africa.

*For real? I'm wearing a head wrap because a BLACK MAN is the president-elect. NOT because I'm from Africa. I will wear it every day for the rest of my life if I so choose!! Oh your world is SO small.*

ACR: Oh you're not? You have an accent? Where are you from?

Me: Charlotte.

ACR: Oh I heard your accent and I just thought you were from Jamaica or Africa or something. My bad.

Me: (stares incredulously... my mouth was probably slightly agape.)

* I should cut you.*

I have NEVER heard anyone say I have an accent (unless I'm talking to my mom in which case it becomes extremely southern) let alone one from another country or continent. Stop being ignorant because you have never left Gainesville. You should know by now that just because this university attracts international students doesn't mean everyone is. Thanks. And I was SO close to saying, "Nope, just regular old black."

You may wonder why I'm responding with what seems like an unnecessary amount of vitriol. Well that's partly because my ancestors were KIDNAPPED from their land, had their culture, language and religion stolen and I have no idea where to even begin to start to research it. I've been watching a lot of documentaries about people and their roots and reading and researching the Civil Rights Movement in Florida (BTW if you know of a historical story that would make a good doc and is based in Fla. or S. GA, please let me know!) and how blacks were not even allowed to eat, drink or ride a bus like white people IN MY PARENTS LIFETIME. My entire family is agape at Barack Obama's election. Literally floored and overjoyed.

My grandmother said she wasn't worried because God gave her a peace that he would be elected. That did not stop her from expounding on how amazing this moment is. And how black men have been beaten down and had their ideas stolen. How "Martin Luther King said 'We Shall Overcome Someday' and now we have." How "Barack Obama should inspire all of us to build our communities and ourselves like he will build this nation." I'm getting emotional up in the library but that's where I'm coming from. While others have the family history and crest and know their great-great-great grandparents came in on the Mayflower, I don't even know how far back Africans are in my family. I will have to get a DNA test just to know an AREA of Africa HOPEFULLY. It's disheartening. The point is when you ask me what part of Africa I'm from, "Dude. I don't know."



I've been grindin all day and LOVIN IT! I worked 6 straight hours on all sorts of stuff. So accomplished! Ow!

I should be churning out at least 200 pages of reading a week for my classes, with a large chunk of that residing with my Documentary History course and the subsequent paper as the result. (If you notice my writing becoming more lofty, it's my attempt to keep an academic air as a direct necessity of producing a quality product.) So far I have 3.5 pages out of 15-20 (Cheers! I'm a 3rd of the way done!), 2 sources out of at least 6 and most importantly, a much clearer idea of my topic. I started with the early years of the National Film B.oard of C.anada and have migrated to J.ohn Gr.ierson and the early years of the NFB and now to that and his sphere of influence on the modern documentary film. Me likey. See? Lofty. Lol.

Rashan gave me a ridiculous amount of music to distract me when I left his apartment on Sunday. I have the latest albums from John Legend (like a lot), Raphael Saadiq (oddly 1950s... not reminiscent of that era, but straight up like an album from then. I was so thrown off that I've yet to decide if I like it though I like music from that time. It's odd.), Robin Thicke (like a LOT), Donny Klang (eh... hits and misses as I'm not 16), Ne-Yo, Jazmine Sullivan and the Foreign Exchange. I KNOW! "Luckily" I have 2 more 5-hour drives ahead of me when I go to Atlanta and back for Thanksgiving. My friend Brandi's family is going to be there and we're invited! Yay! I love her fam. So fun. I'll also bring some stuff along when Stace and I go to Tally. GO PIRATES!!

I also still have to work on my music interpretation piece. There have been some annoying setbacks but I hope to have a rough cut by the end of tomorrow.

I want to go to the beach. I know that's random but that's what I want.

I also would like the burrito that I have in there to warm itself up and come on in here to mama. I had tempeh yesterday for the first time which is oddly big in this city. It tasted fine but the way people rave over it I was very like and? What's the big deal but I can say I had vegetarian food yesterday. I was super healthy... after scarfing down 2 hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts... I had the 3rd for breakfast today. I woke up at 5 yesterday morning and went to sleep at 10. yeah... I did NOT make it to step practice. But I'll be there today. I should work on my music interpretation but right now I'm more into my paper... odd... But I like showing my smartitude and I'd like to be more than halfway through by the time I leave for Thanksgiving and I still have to get my historical short started, music interpretation finished, historical portfolio started and finished, meet with one of my professors, begin my visual treatment for my historical and also work on the script. Oh and let's not forget study for my November 24th comprehensive exam for my production class. Work is fun. Lol. I would be ready to shoot myself if I had to work. The 2nd years and alum call it boot camp for a reason. This semester is insane. There's only one class where my A is in jeopardy and could turn into a B but I'm still determined.

I need to work out. Badly. And eat better. School is simultaneously ruining and improving my life. Lol. My I'ma need not to gain the master's 15. Anyway off to step practice. Holla!


86 Years Ago

7 women

Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little, Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Hattie Mae Annette Dulin Redford, Bessie Downey Rhodes Martin, Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson and Cubena McClure

Founded Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated on the campus of Butler University in a state then-known as Klandiana. These brave women pioneered in forming the organization I am a member of today. I joined in 2002, as my sorority celebrated 80 years. I felt REALLY old at the rededication ceremony with the current members of UF's undergraduate chapter. Even their advisor joined 4 years after me! Lol. Ah well. C'est la vie. They are very gung ho. Love it. I'm going to step practice tonight and tomorrow night. Glad to be back in the fold! Happy Founders Day, Sorors!!

Now if I could only get someone to do this work for me... any takers?


Oh yeah and I'll likely be going to Tallahassee this weekend to see Hampton give FAMU the business so Stace get ready!!



I'm back! In class that is. Remember we had a week "off" while our professors were shooting their next film in Prague. I was working but not as frenetically as perhaps I should have been but as always, hindsight is 20-20. We have a LOT of stuff due before the end of the semester. The most nightmarish will be the 2nd week of December. Anyway I don't have time to detail all the things I have to do right now but know that I feel energized. I don't know if I'm going to be able to go to Tallahassee like I wanted to for the Hampton/FAMU game this weekend but we'll see. For now, it's time to get back to work!


Food and Fun!

Isn't that what all of life should be? I'm already loving this trip. On the way up I stopped at Sonic since I've been wanting some for 3 months and they shut down BOTH of the Sonics in Gainesville about 2 weeks before I got there. CONSPIRACY!!!! Conspiracy I say!!! So I stopped (or paused) there to get some food (and limeade) and go. Yum-ish. The poor service didn't exactly assist and I got fries instead of the tater tots I ordered. But whatever. I knew it was PAPPADEAUX that night!

Wow... kids... who knew rappers knew the hot restaurants? Not me. That's how I first heard about it. In that Lil Flip song years ago but we all know how food obsessed I am. I heard about it, asked my New Orleans homies and haven't forgotten it. Then Vanessa started blogging about it. SO GLAD I WENT!! I started with fantastic lobster bisque. I LOVE lobster bisque and it was BANGIN!! Then I had saville sauce-- pico de gallo (which means the "rooster's beak") with crawfish over blackened mahi mahi with a side of dirty rice. It was MAHVELOUS, dahlings! I picked something for Rah with I think blackened gulf filet with sauteed shrimp, crawfish, mushrooms, spinach and Monterrey Jack cheese. It was yum-o, too! Oh man. Love.

Then we came back to his place. I have absolutely found some clothes ready for extinction. Fubu OUT!! No sir. You will not be known as my boyfriend and wear these clothes. Not gonna happen. We also watched some tv. Oh tv. I love you. I've never seen the first episode of Grey's so I watched that last night. More of the season coming up! Right now I'm watching "Boy Meets Grill." Dog, he went to a cheese shop. No. A CHEESE SHOP!! Do you know how a feel about cheese!?!? He's using a blowtorch to toast goat cheese right now. I can't. I need food.

Bobby Flay just said "A lot of people have salt-free diets. I say, 'Hey, you'll die from something else. Eat salt.'" Loves it. This show is making me STARVING right now! And you know it doesn't help that I'm talking about food. I think I'm going to go to Mellow Mushroom since I've never been, it's nearby and I can come back and watch MORE FOOD NETWORK!!! Tonight I think we're going to Eclipse di Luna. Tomorrow we're going to lunch at Ray's in the City WITH JOY, then Atlantic Station for dinner at Rosa Mexicano. CAN'T WAIT!! Has anyone ever had ricotta as dessert? Bobby's doing that right now with marmalade on top and pine nuts. Oh yeah for dessert tomorrow, pumpkin cheesecake from Cheesecake Bistro. CAN'T WAIT!!!! I don't see pumpkin or key lime cheesecake on there but hopefully that's just because pumpkin cheesecake is seasonal.

Just flipped over to C-SPAN and this old white guy just talked about how amazing Michelle Obama is and how his wife can hardly wait to see those little girls in the white house. ME TOO AND ME EITHER!!! WHEEEEE!! I get so excited when I see white people losing their minds over that family. I know it's not PC for me to say that but I am well-aware that some of their parents and grandparents fought hard against integration and for blacks to have the right to vote. Some of their great-grandparents and great-great grandparents owned slaves. And today they are campaigning for and loving a black man so much they have selected him to be his next president. That is AWESOME!!


ATL or Bust!! and Thursday 13: Twittered After the Election

I'm going for ATL.  No plans for a bust.  I got my refund check, deposited it in the bank and now I'm just waiting for the doc institute office assistant to return from lunch at 1 p.m. so I can get new movies, return "The Aristocrats" documentary to the library which I HATED (details to come tomorrow), finish packing, wash dishes, clean out the refrigerator, take out the trash and recycling and be on the road by 330!  Phew!  Tonight: Pappadeaux's (my first time! wheee!!), Sundial for brunch on Sunday, Trader Joe's (probably Saturday).  YAY!!!

And now for Thursday 13 since I was live twittering during the election.  Twitter was a g!! Held it down for me something serious!  I don't know who said most of these because I was at an election party and people were yelling things all over and I didn't know most of their names, so you'll just have to take the quotes minus attribution.  If it's not in quotes, I said it.  And some of them will be from my live twittering.  Here goes nothing!

1) "We have a president who looks like me." Me and my mom boo hooing with other people I'm in the room with. He won w/o NC/FL. 11:09 PM

2) "When your mama told you you could be anything you want when you grow up, it's for real." 11:11 PM 

3) "I am so happy." -- my dad. "I took the week off just to make sure they couldn't send me out to keep me from voting." 11:13 PM 

4) mccain gave a great concession speech. can't wait for PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA'S VICTORY SPEECH!! YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11:38 PM 

5) Listening to my 44th president!!!!!! "Change has come to America." -Pres. Barack Obama 12:01 AM

6) All the women started hollering when he shouted out his best friend for the last 16 yrs (Michelle). i started crying when i saw jesse jackson crying. 12:04 AM

7) I wish his parents and grandparents were alive to see this. amazing. i own part of this campaign via my donation! 12:05 AM

8) "Everybody close your mouth. it's hot." *snicker* 12:05 AM

9) We have a black president. wow. i'm verklempt. 12:06 AM

10) "We will get there." -Barack Obama. "Yes we can." -The crowd 12:08 AM

11) YES WE CAN!!! 12:14 AM

12) Fresh! Now let's get our 1st fam out there again. Come on! 12:17 AM

13) We have a black first grandma!

And one for the road...
14) "They didn't want to give us 40 acres & a mule so we'll take 50 states and a White House."

*I just got teary-eyed reliving that!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: GoBama!!

How could you REALLY be wordless today? Though I'm truly all over the map with my emotions. I never thought this day would come so soon. As my mom and I cried on the phone together last night she told me she NEVER thought she would see this day. Wow... deep. I'm going to call my grandmother with my computer in front of me so I can document her thoughts on this historic moment. I feel so proud of America today for voting him into office, especially those ordinarily blue states. Go OH, PA, NM, FL and VA!!!! I've never felt like I elected a president because the last 2 elections the person I voted for lost AND the democrat lost my state. Of all the presidents to help elect, this one! Wow! And with my home state and the state I'm living in? AWESOME!!!! Here are some pics I took at the election party last night.

NY Daily News website
Chicago Tribune
My personal fave: ABC News.  Made me cry again. (Not like I've been discriminate with my tears in the last 24 hours but still... lol. Yes, the water works have come again today.)
Cupid Shuffle for victory. (I'm Jameil and I did not approve this activity lol.  I thought about participating but was too caught up in the emotions of the moment for tomfoolery.  I was thinking about it more seriously at that moment.)
Intent on the returns before the announcement of victory (blogger is annoying me trying to rearrange pics so just pretend like these following pics are near the beginning and pre-victory).

 Fox News recognizing the truth around 10 last night!  I took this one for posterity and proof!


Election Day

5:47a.m. Awakened by bladder. Star thinking. Too excited to sleep. It feels like Christmas.

5:59 Since I’m awake, might as well call my mom to make sure she’s up since she wanted to be at the polls at 6:30. No answer.

6:00 Start playing Sudoku.

6:25 Try to go back to sleep. Not working.

6:29 More Sudoku.

6:47 Okay sleep! For real this time!

8:47 Phone ringing. It’s fave roomie and way too early. I don’t have class this week. Ignore.

9:45 Alarm goes off. Time to get up but I refuse. Hit snooze.

9:50 Rah calls to say he’s voted. I go back to sleep.

10:45 Wake up, get ready to go vote! Grab passport, student ID, driver’s license, voter registration card (why is it such flimsy dirty-looking paper?), sample ballot (the ridiculously passive wording of the amendments had me doing serious research last night and good thing, too!), debit cards. All acceptable forms of ID when voting. I was NOT getting turned away!!

11:29 Walk into polling place. Woman looks at my passport like she’s never seen one before then asks for my license. You are wrong for that. You better be glad I had it. I shouldn’t have to and should report you to the board of elections. You don’t need 2 forms of ID. This isn’t the DMV.

11:33 See Barack Obama’s name under president on the ballot, start squealing, wiggling, cheezing, AND I get tears in my eyes. I felt every emotion at once. Well not every emotion. Excited and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this moment.

11:41 Done voting. No seriously. I was in and out in 12 minutes. It was almost a letdown. I had my laptop, a book for class, a pen, my agenda. I was READY! But I walked out with a HUGE Cheshire cat grin on my face. Lol.

11:48 Go to get oil changed and it takes longer to get up to the desk than it did to vote. They were crooks so I left minus an oil change.

12:22 Go home and do nothing. Wait. More Sudoku. Realize I lost my “I Voted” sticker. BAH! I think it’s in the car. I’ll have to see when I go out.

12:46 Knock at the door. It’s a canvasser asking if I voted and leaving a “Vote Obama Today” door hanger. It’s gorg! I’d seen them on other doors and was jealous I hadn’t gotten one. Yeah!

2:30 Decide to watch Syriana. It depresses me.

4:48 Rah calls. We’re both restless. I’m sure you all know the feeling. The polls need to hurry up and close!!!

4:59 Start working on my latest Final Cut project—the music interpretation I told you about.

5:22 Think again about going to sleep before I go to the Election Party but I’m too wound up. It starts at 7:30 but I think I’ll go at 8.

5:25 Thirsty. Need to do dishes and fold clothes. So restless I don’t actually WANT to do anything! It’s ridiculous. Listening to Mariah Carey. I also need to get something to bring to the election party. I’m thinking drinks again.

5:27 More Sudoku. Hush. I know I’m an addict.

6:00 RSVP for party… yeah I know I’m late. Still don’t know what I’m bringing… or how to get there. Need to get directions.

6:10 Try to wash dishes, sink not draining properly.

6:15 Report issue to apartment complex.

6:26 (Knowing you don’t care about all this crap but typing it anyway.) Counting down until the first polls close including here in Florida—7p.m.!!! Just over ½ an hour!

6:40 Start folding clothes. Ah procrastination. I also need to go to my attic to get luggage for the trip to ATL tomorrow. Wheee!!

6:42 Find Barack the Vote shirt!! Awesome!!! But it needs to be ironed. Bah. Normally I’d say whatev but this is just ridiculous.

6:47 Shirt ironed. Back to folding. Listening to Missy Elliot “Under Construction” because I wanted something hype and we used to listen to this cd before going out junior year at Hampton. It’s boring me now. RESTLESS!!! 12 minutes until polls close! Wheeee!! On to Danity Kane “Welcome to the Dollhouse.’

6:55 Done folding. 5 MINUTES UNTIL CLOSING TIME!!!!! LAST CALL FOR ALCO… Wait… lol.

7:04 Packing, uploading first batch of Election Day pics, about to head out to the party after I floss (literally, not figuratively lolol) and go to the grocery store.

9:00 At the party. I can't believe he won PA!!! I'll be blogging live. Florida too close to call. We're all planning to rock black gloves and dashikis tomorrow if he wins. I'm wearing my head wrap.


On the Eve of Election Day

Today I am near tears. A basket case of conflicting emotions. At one point abject despair at the thought he may not win. Barack Obama may not be the next president of the United States. And then where would we be? Right back at the beginning. He could go back to being a senator, but after being this close to the presidency, to lose it to an old man clinging to the idea of continuing an already fruitless and protracted war, who despite incessant wild swings in the stock market, the collapse of the housing and credit markets, a plunging dollar and if not here, then imminent tomorrow recession, believes "the fundamentals of our economy are strong." How could we move forward with him? He wants to continue the failed policies of the current administration despite approval ratings in the 30s for the incumbent. He bills himself as a maverick but voted with Bush 90% of the time. He is not the man I would've voted for had Bush's swift boat tactics not worked in 2000. Yes, I would have voted for McCain over Al Gore in the 2000 election. I liked his personality and beliefs that much. I never would have voted for him over Obama, who so desperately wants not to disappoint us, his supporters, but the aforementioned reasons made the Republican senator from Arizona not even a long shot in the current election.

Minutes after the first feeling of despair, I read an article about Joe Biden's appearance on campus. In that article, the president of Gators for McCain (that this group even exists is bizarre to me) admitted to voting for Obama two weeks ago because the McCain he originally supported has not been present in the last several weeks of the campaign. The leader of this bizarre faction of the UF student body resigned from his position. I was on cloud nine after that! Euphoria! Look at what Barack can do! Look at how he's brining together people of all faiths and all races, of varied political stances, all those hoping for change.

I also have tears of joy at the thought that this baby, this half-black baby could be the next president. I wish his parents were around to see it and his grandmother was well enough to fully enjoy it.

And then there are times like this one where I am just simply being. Full of thoughts which span the gamut, understanding completely the other supporters like myself who can't yet claim victory. So to calm myself I try (and fail) to stay away from the political coverage which is now at a fever pitch. Thank God I don't have a tv. I know I couldn't control myself. It's already taking everything I have not to scour every single article in the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times. Because once I start I'll be here all day. Then I'll get to the Chicago Tribune, the Charlotte Observer. I'll want to know what they're all saying about who Wednesday I hope I'll be able to call the president elect.

I have always felt an odd sort of attachment and lack of distance from the Civil Rights Movement despite it's "end" more than a decade before my birth. That is partly predicated on my mother's parentage arising out of the battleground of Mississippi and both of my parents impressing upon us the importance of our rights. Education and voting among others which were not always guaranteed to us simply because of the color of our skin. And really, a decade isn't so long. We were born black, we will die black, but that does not make us subpar.

Tomorrow when I go to the booth to cast my ballot, perhaps after standing in a lengthy line, I will no longer be on edge. I will stare long and hard at the name Barack Obama under the office of President of the United States, make certain that I am casting my ballot for that man I believe can help turn this country around, then grin in shock at the beauty of this moment or get choked up that it is finally here.

That night I will gather with the Black Law Students Association and Black Grad Students Organization to watch the returns from 7:30p.m. until. I want to be among family when the news comes, no matter what it is. Right now, it's in God's hands. It always has been. Barack Obama for President.


Halloween 2008 and Update

I don't feel like turning any of these pictures sideways so here ya go. I was invited to a costume party at the last minute on Friday. I was SO EXCITED!! But I didn't feel like leaving the house for a costume so I was a rockstar, natch. I did really really want a wig but decided to just blow out and flat iron my afro to largenessocity. Yes, in that last picture, I'm wearing a horn on my head. Hmmm... looks like I'll just have to post those later since blogger hateth on me.

Rah and I love to go to brunch on Sundays. Fantabulastic. Today we went to Cabana Cove. I had portobello and swiss and swiss omelette with a toasted croissant (odd... never had one of those before. Still yummy but I think I prefer non-toasted), bacon and mimosas. He had a Havana breakfast sandwich (as you can imagine Cuban food is very popular here) with eggs and ham on pressed Cuban bread. We were both quite pleased. Oh and they came with rosemary dill potatoes. Yum. Our best place for brunch yet tho was Emiliano's. Delish. We've also been to Leonardo's and 101 Downtown. I'm going to take Stace to 101 if she ever comes back b/c it's such a swanky cute place.

Fave movie I've seen recently? Amelie. LOVED! TTYL kiddos.


Me? Gloating?

Let me tell you who has been gloating and trash-talking about the Georgia-Florida game since I got in to UF? That would not be me. That would be my boyfriend, Rashan Jamal W.





49-10, BABY!!

I can’t even describe all the gloating I did. Not all of it. But here’s a snippet.


“Hey baby. You know what? I just want to tell you one thing. If you’re not a gator, you’re gator bait.”


AHHHHHHH. Feels so good. I’m wearing glorious gold for VICTORY!!! IF YOU’RE A WINNER STAND UP!! That’s not you Rashan so keep your seat. Thanks.