Me & Wills

This is the weirdest parallel with a person I don't know. It's the story of me and Prince William. (I have a secret obsession with royals. I don't need celeb gossip-type info on them if they're alive. That bores me. I like the dead ones most of all but royalty fascinates me.) My mom pointed out the similarity to me & I've kept it going. Here's why me & Wills are basically twins.

1981: Parents marry (his with a bit more fanfare)
1982: BIRTH YEAR!!!! The world rejoiced at both of our births.
1984: Younger sibling born
2011: Married a hottie
2013: Expecting first child with said hottie

Our parents also divorced in the late 90s but thankfully our unhappy dates don't match. Let's live a good long time, shan't we, Wills? And two more children, yes? Great! Let's do twins next time! I'm also running my first marathon next year. Allow me to inspire you.