Coming Together

Slowly, but surely as cliche as that sounds.  Everything is coming together.  Don't say I told you so because it was a lot of work to make it happen.  BUT I have a job interview Thursday morning for the job I want!!  Oh yeah!  Rock it!  I will be reading everything aloud for the next several days to practice so lucky you you won't have to hear it.  Everyone else is not so lucky.  Lol.

It will be my first weekend alone in Gainesville so I'll be watching lots and lots of movies.  I have 2 from the doc library and 3 from one of the huge librares on campus.  When I tell you this library is a testament to amazingness, I mean it!  It's ginormous!  And it's just ONE of many.  I should go.  It's hot as all get out and you know how hot all get out is.  I didn't have to stand on the bus this morning.  It was great.  Let's see if we can get that for the rest of my time here.  What?  Asking too much?  Whatever.  I really hope someone will let me know where/when they're watching the game so I can go watch it, too.  I haven't heard anything yet but I'll keep you posted.  GO GATORS!  Oh yeah I'm so busy/harried I don't think doing the 5k this semester is going to work out.  My other workout schedule is still to be determined as well since I don't know when my lab is yet.  Alright.  Holla!


Documentary Diet

As you would imagine, our professors say we need to watch as many documentaries as possible.  That means I've put myself on a documentary diet.  I have to watch at least 10 documentaries each week which I can check out in my department.  I will also record my thoughts and feelings about the craft displayed in each.  This includes student and professional documentaries.  Can't wait.  So far this week I've watched 6.  I checked out 2 more today and will get 2 more tomorrow.  

My faves so far are St.reet Fight about Newark mayor Co.ry Booker's first mayoral run mostly because I was so OUTRAGED by the blatant illegality and lies from the then incumbent.  I didn't like the narration in it at all.  I liked Gir.l Hoo.d because it was about two violent juvenile offenders and their efforts to turn their lives around.  It was a really compelling story.  I checked out "S.icko" though I'm not the biggest M.oore fan.  It's one of those films everyone asks if you've seen so I'd like to be able to say yes.  I also got C.razy Love which I'm sure Rashan would approve of since it's about the crazy psychological issues of this couple.  No, that's not saying anything about our relationship... hahahahaha but more about his obsession with psychos.

I'm also on a mission to get all my reading done this weekend while we're off.  I'm really excited about my books.  They're engaging.  The documentary students all went out last night for dinner/drinks.  It was cool getting to pic the brains of the 2nd years and hear about the progress on their thesis films.  I also got to put some faces and names together and hear about the cohesion in their class and get to know some of my classmates better as well so that was cool.  I will also be reading about 3 newspapers each day.  Unfortunately the internet is not cooperating anymore at my house.  But it forces me to go to campus to get my videos.  I also don't have a tv because I thought I could live without one... except it's kind of lonely!  Who knew.  Anyway still working on figuring out my schedule and trying to get a job.  I'm about to stalk this woman who is the gatekeeper for the job I want.  I hope she is prepared.



I had big plans for today's post but as it's the first week of school-- and the end for me, I way underestimated my ability to survive and thrive here.  Not that I can't do it, that it will be some serious work.  I's TI'ED!  That means I'm tired.  My body is still not used to normal hours.  Let me get out of this union and get some rest and FOOD before I come back here again tonight for the black student welcome.  Hopefully I'll see some sorors.  I'll come geared out for specifically that reason.  What'd you say?  You want more pictures?  Sure.  The first is me drinking Sunrise Over Tokyo at the sushi place downtown (DELISH) with Stace.


Day 2 *Updated*

I only had one class today but it was great.  Documentary Research Methods.  Fantastic.  I know it's nerdy but I love research.  It's so fun.  I like knowing obscure things about obscure stuff.  Ahhh the life of a documentary filmmaker.  We're all so socially-minded in here.  It's funny.  I like it.  My arm hurts.  I'm about to go to the infirmary.  There's a nodule under my arm.  I told Rashan yesterday it was a blood clot.  He wasn't amused.  Death's not funny?  Alright alright.  Whatever.  I'm going to the infirmary and if they don't sit me down for the rest of the day or something then I'm going to the gym.  I'm getting the shakes from not going regularly.  Anyway I only have one additional class I haven't been to which is tomorrow.  Today's my light day when it comes to course load since I only have one class.  Lovely.  Except it means lots of errands to run.  That's my bed with the pillows Stace gave me.  Ooooh.  Yummy.  Lol.

*Update: I don't have a blood clot.  The doctor says it's probably a hair follicle infection and will likely go away.  Sounds pretty nasty to me. Odd thing: this girl next to me has the cutest toenail polish EVER!!  How do I know.  Because her shoes are off and her feet are up on the chair.  What is it with these people and not wearing shoes in public?


Class? What Class?

You may be asking why are we getting more birthday pics at 9:30 on the morning of Jameil's first day of school?  UF has this bizarre system where we have periods instead of them actually IDK listing the class time which means I was up at 7:22 this morning FOR NO REASON.  Shoot me in the face right this minute please and thank you.  But at least now I know my earliest class any day is 9:35, only on Tuesday.  Monday/Wednesday no class until 11:45, no classes on Thursday or Friday.  Before you say YOU'RE SO LUCKY!! you should know we're expected to be filming and working on our projects those two "off" days.  Remember I'm making straight A's while I'm in grad school.  I've also added another goal.  Win the most prestigious student doc award in the nation.  If you're a doc student and you're reading, you're on notice.  It's mine.


Birthday Pics (A Selection)

We took about 200 pictures in the last two days between my camera, Stace's camera and Rashan's camera.  We'll let him post one of these days.  Don't you worry.  Anyway here are some of the pictures.  WE HAD A BLAST!!!



IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks to all of you who have already birthdayed it up to me in various outlets. A special shout to Stace and Rah for driving 4 and 6 (was supposed to be 5 but Faynella I'll explain later) hours respectively to help me celebrate it! YEAH!! They're fab.

Last night Stace and I went to Dragonfly. I had a saketini called Sunrise Over Tokyo. It was like a tequila sunrise with sake instead of tequila. I'm very wary of sake because I don't like hot sake. This was BANGIN!! It also had oj, sprite, grenadine and a cherry. DE-lish. I think I want to have at least one of those for MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!! 

I also found a Cuban restaurant with ridiculously cheap food. Can't wait to eat there one day. This guy from Miami who writes for the campus paper said the food is fine for 3 a.m. (it's SUPER cheap, I'm talking $1.41 for empanadas, $.94 for coffee, WHAT????) but there's another place he recommends for Cuban food. I thought this place would have pastries, too. That's what we were going there for but they only had a couple and none with my fave pastry accompaniments: cinnamon and sugar.

Back to Dragonfly. We had lots and lots and lots of sushi. The rolls there are HUGE. It was delish. Stace, the sushi hooch was in sushi heaven with her eel sauce. I don't like soy sauce. I'm also an eel sauce and wasabi girl. Miss extra mild doesn't do wasabi. But she sure did look at the GREEN finishing on her plate and taste it asking what is this before I could tell her. Who's the one with the Asian pimp?? Oh yeah. Her. We decided last night that I'm Rah's Mexican pimp. YES!!! I run this! Now eat some Mexican! "Eat some Mexican, Eat some Mexican, Rah lookin' boy." Lol. That song CRACKS. ME. UP!!

I wanna go party! Yeah!! Faynella (my name for the tropical storm bustin up Florida and Georgia for the last 8 days. Wait it's only been 2? Bah. Whatever,. YOU LIE!! IT'S BEEN 8. Okay okay. It's been 2. Haters. Were you born with that hate runnin through your veins? I just need to know.) finally seems to be gone from the area. Rah didn't get here until 6 this morning because of ridiculously heavy rain and wind. After Dragonfly Stace and I walked and rode around Downtown Gainesville a bit. It was fun seeing all the spots one of my classmates had described to me in an email about my birthday. Tonight my classmates, Rah, Stace and a couple of other people I've met here (all in the j-school) are hitting the town for my birthday. Can't wait! Yay!!! It's gonna be fabulous! Party over here! 26 baby! Alright!

I got cards from my old coworker ST, DIVA!! (THANKS DIVA!!), Stace and my mommy! Yay! Thanks guys! You rock! And Stace bought me some books for the birthdizzle and a cute bag to carry them in. And Rah outfitted my house with hotness. Did I show you my shower curtain? Too cute.


Blondes Have More Fun


I've had a long blonde hair in the front of my head since I was 13. Rashan claims grey hairs sprouted from his beard the morning of his 30th birthday. Yeah right. But this blonde hair shows off all the time. If you see me looking up and to the right it's because my blonde hair is in my eye AND I DON'T APPRECIATE THAT! MOVE! And no it's not grey. It's straight up blonde. Like my white ancestors 3 generations back decided to play a trick.

And now they're trying to be really funny. I have ONE blonde eyebrow hair. And it sticks out. And it grows really fast. I've already had to cut it. Is this hilarious to you white folk from way back? Makes you laugh, huh? Then let me get a few more on the head. Make a blonde streak. Let's really go crazy. If you wanna go hard, go hard then. Hmph.

TOMORROW is my 26th birthday!!!! YESSSSS!! Fay killed my internet connection all night yesterday and all day today. Hater. Big big hater. Whatev. STACE IS HERE!! And Rashan will get here in a few hours! WHEEEE!!!!!!!! Party in the 'ville! Don't wish me happy birthday today. Wait until tomorrow. Kisses!


Thursday 13: Helloooo Florida!

Today's final orientation was much more my speed. As it was for my program, it was catered to me and I loved it. I met all 4 of my professors and I think I have the names down of all 9 of my classmates. I had lunch with one of my classmates who just spent the last 2 years on an Indian reservation. Very cool. Our class has really diverse backgrounds. I'm the only person who worked in news which surprised me. We also met 5 of the 2nd years who are in various stages of their final projects which we do in lieu of a thesis. I learned more about the origins of our program and how our professors met each other. They've been there since the program's inception 10 years ago and had been working together 10 years prior to that. I like that.

I will also be a party animal the weekend of September 12th. I have 3 cookouts or parties to attend between the doc school (part of the J-school), J-school grad students and all the grad students at UF. I'm also organizing a doc school gathering for the first years and whatever 2nd years want to come along concurrent with my birthday... ON SATURDAY!! I'll be 26 in two days! Wow! Anyway. I suppose I should get into the TT: Things I look forward to about living in Florida. I started this before I moved here so some of it has evolved.

1) A huge D-IA (the biggest of the NCAA sports programs) school. I wanted a team with a great football or basketball team and I got both! 3 national championships in the last 2 years is amazing. I can't wait to go crazy on game day! GO GATORS!!

2) Learning to play racquetball. This is absolutely a new one. Like 2 days old. Lol. I get these ideas and just decide, "Hey! I wanna do that!" and then I make it my goal. The classmate I ate lunch with asked about a tennis partner. I should've asked if he knows how to play racquetball. How different are the two? I don't mean that in the most ignorant sense. I know there's no net in racquetball and it's played in a little room and you're standing next to your opponent but other than that I don't really know anything about it. Isn't it one of those things you can also do alone? I bet it's a good workout.

3) Run a 5k. Another of those crazy ideas. I don't actually like to run but I decided to do it just because. Lol. Hahahahahaha. Liz and 1969 did it so why not me? About that training thing... I should really get on that and stop procrastinating. The awful gym schedule right now is not helping. The gyms don't open until 3 each day. I also don't know where the tracks are here. I see people running on campus. I need a pedometer so I can know when I've hit 3.2 miles. That's something you kind of need to know, huh? Mmm hmmm.

4) Watching free docs. We have a video library in our program full of docs AND student docs so we can critique them if we'd like, thinking about things we'd change. I've already taken out two. I started with student docs. I'll watch them after I complete this.

5) Living in another state. Prior to Florida I lived in NC, VA, and PA. I wanted to get another location under my belt. I think I'll probably have 2 more states up to and/or including the one I settle down in. I can't see my next stop being a permanent one and I also don't know how long I'll be in Florida. I changed my voter's registration and I may be here for a while. Wouldn't it be cool to live in Miami for a few years while you're still young?

6) INTERNET ACCESS!! I was like a lonely soldier stranded on a deserted island in a galaxy far far away at my mom's house without the interweb! Lol. And now I've been rescued! Now I have to properly manage my time!

7) My own place! I can't believe I have my own place-- with a shoeseum-- that's not a dorm or in one of my parents' homes for the first time in my life! So cool! Now I just need money. About that corner... lol.

8) Beaches! They aren't very close but not that far either. Actually 1.5 - 2 hours is not bad at all. l can't wait to finally put those 3 bikinis and all that working out to use! (Don't get me started on how much I've actually worked out in the last few weeks. *Cringe*)

9) Meeting new people. There are already 5 people I can see myself getting along with well who I've met in the last 2 days so I'm excited about that! Yay!!

10) Seeing Stace! Yay!! We're so close now!! I'm so excited to have one of my closest friends in really reasonable (about 4-4.5 hrs) driving distance of me for the first time in 6 YEARS! So exciting!

11) Getting my master's. It's something I've wanted for at least the last 8 years. I just didn't know the field in which I wanted to pursue my degree.

12) Making documentaries. It is so amazing to me the things I will be able to learn about funding, creating, self-distributing, and on and on and on from working professionals and my classmates. This will be an amazing experience.

13) Following my dreams. Can you beat that?


Orientation Day 2

Sucked. Lol. Okay not really. It was just really long. But it started with food, then there was lunch from Honeybaked Ham Co. then cupcakes for a snack. Can we be fed like this everyday? Please, mom, pleeeeease. We'll be good! I promise. I told you guys one of my goals for grad school is straight As, right? It is. I'm going to do it. It's a must. After going to the gym yesterday-- IT FELT SO GOOD!!!- and seeing racquetball courts, I've decided I want to learn how to play racquetball. AND when all the incoming J-school grad students stood up to introduce herself, one girl said she went skydiving for the first time and loved it. I'd been thinking about it anyway but now I really want to do it! We also have free access to this outdoor water activity thing so I want to go water skiing. That looks cool, too. I'm gonna make Florida work for me.

My house is still not in order which of course annoys me when I walk in the door. The major problem is nowhere to put all this stuff. Not just because it's a studio but because I don't have enough storage space. I also need a table and 2 small chairs for a little breakfast nook. I didn't realize until I was gonna sit down to eat by myself on Monday that I have no chairs! Very odd problem to have. I've been eating on my bed. I also don't have a tv but with wifi who needs it? Pas moi. Dude. I DO need to get my books for class: A NEW HISTORY OF DOCU.MENTARY FI.LM, Author:ELLIS AND MC.LANE; D.OCUMENTARY: A HISTORY OF NON-FICTION FIL.M, Author: BAR.NOUW; THE D.OCUMENTARY T.RADITION, Author: JACOBS, THE FILMS OF L.ENI R.IEFENSTAHL, Author: H.INTON; THE SHUT UP AND SHOOT DOCUMENTARY GUIDE by ANTHONY Q. ART.IS and D.OCUMENTARY STORYTELLING by SHEILA CU.RRAN BER.NARD. The first 4 are for one class. When one the documentary professors stood up to speak to the group, everyone was spellbound. I was like YEAH!! That's my program. Or maybe they had glazed eyes like we did for their stuff. Lol. Who knows. I was spellbound myself! Lol. My last orientation is for my program tomorrow. There are just 11 of us.

There were no nasty toe displays I could see today but South K.orea was in the HOUSE!! My word!! Out of maybe 75 incoming people, 15- 20 were from SK, another 5 or so from China and one from Taiwan. It was crazy. I felt like I needed to brush up on my Asian languages. I saw my soul mate in that group tho from the SK. A girl who said she loves to eat good food. Honey please make sure we keep in touch! Lolol. But I don't remember her name and I certainly won't remember her face. Ah well. The thought was good while it lasted.

When we first arrived and everyone was upstairs mingling, a man downstairs said, "Good gracious, y'all keepin chickens up there?" I don't know why this struck me as incredibly hilarious but it did. Is telecommunications a real major? That might be rude but what does that mean? Speaking of rude. I heard something about underwater archaeology in the first orientation. I mean really. When you think about it, sure it could be a real major but when I first heard it I was like, really? Is the pre-requisite underwater basket-weaving? Then I thought I should ask Epsi. That's his field-- archaeology that is. Apparently the underwater variety is huge and I'm just ignorant (or a landlubber) so forgive me you sea-dwellers. I also read about telecom and journalism on the website and still don't understand the difference between the two. Since I don't care that much my research on that particular subject is done.

Other than the SK representers, would you like to know more about the makeup of the incoming folk? Great let's talk about the black folk. Two other black women (one of whom could become my homie), 2 black males. So 5 of us, none of them are in my program. Big change from HBCUed out Hampton, huh? But NOT a big change from Pittsburgh. Imagine the culture shock! As if the size of this place isn't enough! Remember ginormical? Lol. I didn't win the raffle... boooo.... but I plan on getting a great education and to one of these days-- very soon-- stop freaking out about all of the unknown because this is so not me! (No "comforting" words please. Yes yes I know this is a period of transition and it will be over soon.)


*Gasp!* Newlyweds!

Guys won't understand the hilarity of this commercial as much, particularly the last line. Ladies, isn't it always like that? Hahaha!

Still Me

I know you didn't think uncertainty with my new surroundings (I literally made up a new word when I drove up: ginormical) would change who I am. Not a chance kiddos. There are more and more people on campus every day as you might imagine since class starts on Monday. Some look like freshmen. Apparently I do too because I'm unfamiliar with where I'm going. NO CHRIS, NO CHRIS, NOOOO!! (Love that lookin' b.oy song. It cracks me up! Lol.) This dude is wearing a ratty orange blue and white tee-shirt, blue shorts and orange crocs. Can we say ugly? All together now-- ugly. The gator nation is no joke. People have straight orange and blue wardrobes. I can tell already.

Dude. Why are your shoes off? During yesterday's orientation this guy was rubbing the chair leg in front of him between his big toe and second toe. I hope no one was doing anything that disgusting and illicit with the chair I was sitting in!! I didn't even think of that. I'm sitting pretending to paying attention to orientation with thousands of other people (replete with things I could've just ignored in an email) and the person behind me is molesting the chair with his feet. YA NASTY!! I think there were a million international students in the place. It was crazy! Huge orientations like that = mental murder. I'm just sayin.

I must admit I was distracted by my toe cleavage in my red flats during orientation. My mom had never heard the phrase. It was just so cute. Lol. The cleavage-- not her lack of knowledge about the phrase.

There are a lot of people eating alone in here. How sad. Note to self: don't eat alone in the food court in the union. This italian food in here smells yummy! But I'm not eating out today since I went to the grocery store and I've still eaten out every day since I've been here. I've also eaten my delightful leftovers. Tell me why the Mexican restaurant near campus, which is my new fave (Rashan and I ate there 3xs in 4 days while he was here), has $1 beer. I AIN'T ABLE!! And one of my faves-- Amber Bock-- is on the list so it's not just the crap beers! Yessss!!! Ness, get down here immediately!! Lol.

Let's see if blogger will stop its gratuitous hate and let me post more pics of the apartment.

Yay!  These are my shelves beneath my shoes in order. Yes, the shoes are on display.  The books, photos, magazines, DVDs, CDs and jewelry are hidden.  Lol. Okay blogger was hatin in another way.  Jerk.  This posted all kinds of crazy the first time.  Don't get me started!!!  



I HAVE A COMPUTER AND A HOUSE!!! YESSSSSS!!  Now I just need a job.  But first things first.  How much did you miss me?  I missed you guys immensely!  I felt so naked without you.  I'm back to daily blogging and I'll be checking your blogs again, too.  I will have to stalk campus for the net but for you... ANYTHING!  I'm only 5 minutes away so we'll be okay.  I love my new computer.  I feel so awesome on my MAC in the union typing away like the amazing person I am.  Lol.  Why is there someone in my apartment complex (I have a studio) who is SUPER stingy with the wifi?  Really?  The protection?  I'm sayin.  Let me get up on that without the password.  I will so knock on my neighbors' doors like I'm but a poor student sir, more gruel, I mean interweb, please.  Anyway.  Would you like some pics?  Of course you would!
Unfortunately blogger is hating hard so you only get one.  As soon as you walk in (it's a studio), you see these shelves.  I was like what should I put in there?  Books?  Don't think I have enough... know I don't have enough CDs and DVDs so you know what my mind went to.... SHOES!  I obviously need another pair to fill the place of those purses up top.  Gym shoes, house shoes, flip flops and boots are not allowed on the shelf and winter shoes are still in Charlotte.  Who will fill the shelf?  Lololol.  Rashan was a huge help moving in and made things so much smoother.  I would've been SERIOUSLY stressing out.  Tomorrow I will post some about our trip including how I've already found my fave Mexican spot and my first day of orientation today (two more to go... no IDK why!!!)  Bye!



Dude. I totally have a place to live! Jam right I do. Now until I get some more stuff accomplished, that's all you get.


Talking With T

One of my oldest and dearest friends got the side eye a few times this weekend. As you know from his blog, Rashan met T and MJ when he came to Charlotte. T, T, T! We go all the way back to middle school and this is how you do me, dog?? For real?? At the dinner, my mom cooked for us, Rashan and I tell T, MJ and Classy Jojo about the joke we were going to play on my friends. We can't tell you about it here in case we go through with it with another friend. Before we can get the words out of our mouths about a joke, T says, "What? You were gonna pretend like you got married?"

Umm... WHAT??? Dang T. SLOW DOWN HOMIE!!

Then Rashan is on the floor playing with MJ's adorable son TJ, right? Me and T did NOT like that. TJ looks at us like we're crazy and won't talk every time we see him and Rashan spins a few coins on the floor and suddenly it's talk, play and giggle city over there. WHAT IS THE DEAL!?? Yeah I called a not quite 2 year old a sellout to his face. And what? I've known yo mama since 7th grade and this is how you do me? SELLOUT!

T takes it upon herself to say, "Oooh Jameil, he's good with kids. Uh oh! Marriage material."


Me and MJ were with the, "Dang T!" Come on! All that??? Can we date for a month first? How bout more than that? Can I get some not rushing the relationship for $1,000, please Alex? Yes? Thanks. Man alive. And she didn't even bother with the stage whisper, either. Lol. It was funny but I was still like SIDE EYE and SLOW DOWN!!


Here I Go Again

Man life is annoying.  I'm stopping in Savannah on my way down to Gainesville THURSDAY!!  AHHH!!  It's so close!!  I can't take it!  Someone save me!!  All the stuff I need to do is giving me a headache.  I need to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to get it all done.  I know my mom is dying to take an early morning walk with me.  I'm thinking 5 a.m., right M?  She just started snickering.  She knows she wants it.  She can feel the sunrise calling her.  M, M, M can you hear me?

She cooked for me and my friends yesterday.  Baked chicken and turkey, green beans, cabbage, macaroni and cheese, BANGIN dressing, and a CHOCOLATE POUND CAKE!!  Love, sweet love.  Sweet mama love.  Sweet food love.  SAH-WEET!

Anyway I'm at the Apple store working on not having a coronary about buying a computer.  I'ma need the facts of life (the faaacts of liiife) to come together a little more easily and quickly for me... the kid.  Ah well.  Soon enough it'll all be over.  TTYL dahlings.


Life!! Geez!

Dude. I'm not enjoying this break. I still have too much to do and I'm having to spend too much money to do it. I need my car not to give me another issue for the next two years. Come on car! You can do it.

Rashan's coming today!!! Yay! We have lots of plans but the only one set in stone is to FINALLY pop that bottle of champagne I've now had for months with my homies at the Dunhill tomorrow night. Yeah!!

Me, Meagan & Tasha went to Hom/Feast for drinks last night-- why were they out of the soup of the day AND orange liqueur???? New manager. I had a raspberry martini that tasted like Robitussin. Pass on that. Then Meagan and I went to Loft 1523-- sorry for the lack of links today I'm trying not to stress out from all the things I have to do. LIFE!! GEEZ!! Loft has a GREAT view of downtown. So pretty. So maybe I'll take Rah over there just for the view. It's on the Jameil tour since the hospital where I was born is right down the street. "On August 23, 1982 at 11:04 p.m. the world changed. It became a better place with the birth of Jameil il Fabulosa." My birthday's pretty close! How exciting!

Food is also obviously a must! For me, not for him. You know he eats once a day. Hahahaha. Brixx, Fuel, Mert's, Blue, Monticello, BOJANGLES!!, and Chicago's are all possibilities. I think my friend Silas and I may go to a Mexican restaurant tonight. Or maybe I can get my mom to go. Yay! I can't remember if she likes Mexican. I think only a little. There are a LOT more of them than there were when I moved away!

Why does 91 feel like a dream compared to yesterday's 101!!! My preacher from Pittsburgh said he was playing golf in the 96-degree heat Monday. IS YA CRAZY. He said us southerners (V I'ma fight you for calling me a yank!!!) should have gotten enough of the heat to last us for all eternity and should do everything we need to to get into heaven!! hahahahaha!! I know that's right!!! Alright kiddos. Sorry I haven't been able to cyberstalk you like I've wanted to! I hope you're behaving yourselves!


Thursday 13: Things I WON'T Miss About Pittsburgh

1) "I'M TRYING TO SAVE LIVES HERE!!"* The news "emergencies." Trust and believe whatever you're doing that has to go on the air RIGHT NOW is not going to save any lives. It's true. It's not brain surgery.

2) Being in the booth for hours and hours and hours for one show. I'm gonna have to pass on that one forever. I don't ever want to sit in a box-sized room watching the same show for 5 hours again in life. Like no for real EVER. I might pay people to make sure that doesn't happen again.

3) 11-hour weekend workdays. Yeah. Again. Straight on that ever. Though I can see myself working on docs for far longer than that and not caring because I love it. Very different.

4) Never-ending parkway east closures. KILL ME NOW PLEASE!! These closures are nightmarish, hideous and horrendous. They shut down THE ENTIRE ROADWAY in one direction forcing massive delays and ridiculous detours. EVERY. WEEKEND!!! AAAAHHHH!! I can't even begin to describe how overjoyed I am to not have to deal with that again. Seriously I need to know who shuts down an entire highway for a weekend?!?!?!?!?! WHO DOES THIS??? Hate.

5) Bad directions. I am well-aware that most of the people who live in Pittsburgh are from there. This does not excuse every request for directions ending with something like, "You know where the old post office is?" Is that a joke? Don't you think if I knew where the old post office was I would know how to get to my destination without requesting your poor excuse for assistance? Man alive.

6) Missing events because they happen in the ratings period. SAYONARA TO THAT!!! Fab.

7) Sleeping during the day because I have to because I work overnights. Peace.

8) Gym stalkers. Gone 'head and search that on the blog.

9) Lack of young professional blacks. Peace to that too!! I'm not under any illusions that there will be professional blacks in Gainesville but at least I'm OUT of the burgh where the blacks seem beaten, downtrodden and defeated. Sorry if that offends you.

10) Steelers coverage. Let me tell you what I don't need ever again. Breaking news about a kicker's injury. Except Gainesville probably won't be much different judging by the most popular stories on their newspaper's website-- all UF, all the time. It's crazy. But at least I won't have anything to do with that. SCORE!!

11) No proximity to my friends. This was TORTURE!! Now I'll have multiple homies within a 5 hour drive. PARTY OVER HERE!!!

12) COLD WEATHER, SNOW and... ugly sweaters. Hopefully the warm weather will deter this. One can only hope...

13) I know you've heard me talk about this for ever and ever! So this one is reader's choice. What will I not miss about Pittsburgh that I left off the list...?

*Copyright Joy 2008. HILARITY!!*


Hot, Charlotte, Hell, Texas

Y'all. I am not yet able to deal with the heat of this city. I know this is my hometown and all but YIKES! I break into a sweat bringing things out of my car for 10 minutes. My momma talkin bout, "I don't believe you hot." Hater. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not there. I feel like a yankee. I was watching the weather on the news trying to plan when I'm going to workout outdoors like "OMG IT'S SO HOT!! 91 AT 8 P.M. BUT WHY????" Pitiful... and I'm moving to Florida, too? Jesus be a fence all around me everyday...

Speaking of Jesus and his followers... Why is my pastor from Pittsburgh doing a revival in town???????????? YAY!! SOOOO EXCITED! I heard him tonight and last night. AND remember how I told you my church there is ginormous, like 7500 members, and I don't get to talk to him unless there's bible study and... summer Jesus breaks ruined my life. Chile. Drives me bananas! They ended bible study for the summer while I was doing the noon and I didn't get a chance to speak to him. He was receiving people at the front of the church and I went up there to say hello and HE RECOGNIZED ME AND GAVE ME A BIG HUG!! YAY BIBLE STUDY!! I was so excited. Now I'm going to make sure my new church in Florida gets him down there so I can get another dose.

I can't go to the last night of revival tomorrow night because me and my middle school homies are going to happy hour. Does that make me a bad person? We're fellowshipping! I gotta see if Joellen wants to come, too. I LOVE THEM! I have the best friends. And Friday Rashan's coming to visit. YAY!! We're gonna have a blast. We're going to a museum and of course to eat some MEXICAN and an IMAX movie and to watch When Harry Met Sally. YAY!!! Alright homies, holla at a playa when you see me on the street!



We're down to my final hours in Pittsburgh. And by the time most of you read this I will be gone. YAY! As you know, it's a bit bittersweet, but it's been real kids. It's time to go. Life is full of seasons. It was a bit weird saying goodbye to my coworkers because most of them are from this area. I was given this odd look when I said I had no intentions of moving back (I'M NOT FROM HERE!! WHY WOULD I????) and that I was leaving in the first place. I know Pittsburgh is an insular city and people here are often in their own little worlds, believing this is the best city in the world and why would anyone want to leave but it still made me give them the raised eyebrow, head tilt and slightly audible sigh. It's quite alright. Someone asked me if I was coming back for something next month. Dear hearts. I cannot presently imagine why I would be coming back to Pittsburgh in the near future even for a visit. And no, that is not a request for a reason. There will come a time, I'm sure, but I will be quite alright if that's years away.

Now I'm going to get back on my packing grind after spending all day on the phone. I was able to pack and talk and get other things done but I need to have a singular focus right now. You know how when you're moving you feel like you're never going to be done? Yeah... that's exactly how I feel right now. And I'm not looking forward to moving into my mom's house which is packed with her stuff, my stuff and my sister's stuff from the last 28, 26 and 24 years, respectively. Not quite 26 years for me but in 20 days!! August 23rd baby!

Oh yes and I'm pretty sure I need these shoes in a 7.5 narrow. Lol. I know I'm short, but I love flats!!

I also need Tye Tribbett's latest. And his first since that was stolen. And the first two 112 albums, also stolen. I need this Spike Lee box set. HOT! And how about NewsRadio? That show CRACKS ME UP!! You want something not media-related? How about paying off my car? Or paying for my insurance every month? Ooh! Or paying my rent. Still never found that benefactor. Lololol. And if you'd like to buy my computer, who am I to stop you? Discuss amongst yourselves... hahahahahahaha.


A Change Is Gon Come

Oh yes, I brought out the negro spiritual-esque legendary Sam Cooke song for this one. The whole point of yesterday's ramblings was to say when I leave Pittsburgh and this computer I'm going to be making some changes. The project runway distracted me! As usual... but my dad and I watched it together and critiqued all the clothes. Very funny.

But the point is I'll have to create some new favorites. That means some people will be getting edited off of the list of must reads. I need some new people to read. Non-celeb gossip. I'm really not looking for political stuff either. I mostly like people who talk about their lives. Let me get my nosy, voyeur on. I also added a new section of the blog of the news articles that have caught my eye. I'm looking for a new background. The current one is a temporary change. I wanted something brighter, but not stark white. I played around with the look for a while until I came with something I could live with for a few days. I like Shani's templates but I've not yet found one I really like.

Crackbook is weird to me. It's like Mycrack but different. More elitist. I still don't understand the friend collectors, though. What is the point in asking me to be your friend and we've never spoken in person? Quite odd. And I don't get it. I did find some people I haven't seen or talked to in years who I went to elementary school with. AND remember my old friend I reconnected with a couple of months back? We're gonna do dinner next week. I'm so excited!! Yay!! We haven't seen each other in probably 5 years. I don't think I saw him that year I was living in Charlotte. And I definitely haven't seen him since I was in Pittsburgh and he was in Namibia. So anywhere from 3-5. The Facecrack pictures of him and all the other people I knew back in middle and high school (including my roommate in Europe!! so cool!!) are so amazing! Some people look so different I wouldn't recognize them on the street even after seeing their pictures. Lol. Others look exactly the same and are married and have children. It's so surreal. Does this make us grown-ups? Scary. But change is good.


Mindspacing Vol. 7

Pretty sure there are way more than that but it's the 7th post I could find which specifically mentioned mindspacing i.e. flying through my mind rapid fire just grabbing everything there.

* Still didn't hear back on that apartment with the hardwood floor. Pretty sure I need it and will be stalking the rental company.
* Errands to run tomorrow include: picking up altered pants and dry cleaning, buying last minute packing stuff and buying something (but what???) to bring with me to my co-worker's burger night tomorrow.
* Watching Project Runway "The 5th Season of Fabulous" as Heidi christened it. YAY! The latest ep. doesn't come on until 7. The guy who got cut first is delusional. You do not make beautiful clothes. You make ax murderer chic. Pretty sure there's not a market for that. "A pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic park???" TIM!! LOL.
* My co-worker bought me a giant cookie for my going away. I hacked away at it indiscriminately today taking care not to eat any of the frosting flowers. You know how I feel about frosting. It's synonymous with cake. Ew.
* Stop referring to yourself in 3rd person, Suede. It's annoying. And dumb. (PR again) Shhh to all of you curling your tongue to call me a hypocrite.
* Tonight I don't have to work and get to talk to Rashan for hours and hours and hours! Yay!!
* If my dad doesn't have a date tonight I think we'll have our last daddy daughter day. Pretty sure I can also get him to cancel his date to hang out with me since he calls them, direct quote, "The date from hell." That's his "girlfriend" of about 5 years who has 2 young children-- 6 and 8. Don't get me started on that. And no, they're not his kids! Lol. He wasn't in Pittsburgh then.
* He bought a case of Yuengling. But after drinking the last two days in celebration, I'm good on additional alcohol.
* Tired of this whiny weird garbage bag woman which means at least 3 more episodes of her and her awful voice. Great. (PR)
* I need to work out. Pretty sure I can get my dad to go to the park with me tomorrow. That works because I need to recycle my old InStyle mags. I'm not carting them across the country. Mad sad right? I know.
* I want one of those Mood bags from Project Runway. Pretty sure I need this mug for my birthday (22 DAYS!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE COUNTDOWNS!!) even though I don't drink coffee or its by products (which my (FORMER!!) coworkers consider a miracle as I work(ed!!!) overnights). I still like mugs SOMETIMES.
* I also want this long-sleeved Gator tee! Ooh and this tank top! But this is hideous!! People. You don't need a gator on everything. I'm on the fence with the pink line... I need to see it on me. I'm not big on logos from companies on my clothes.
* Tim Gunn used the phrase "hot mess" as a descriptor. Somewhere PCS is celebrating!!
* I need to pack my face off! But I haven't today at all. I just haven't felt like it. I could've probably been done but ehhh that's no fun!
* Team Ugly Brown fabric = hilarity! Love the phrase from one of the designers. We're watching PR together and D said, "It just jumps out at you and scares you." Hahahahahaha. We're discussing all the outfits. Fab.
* My dad's ringer is the loudest possible. Turns out he has no date tonight and is already on beer number 2. I think I'm gonna order pizza and wings. It's our old standby. Pizza and wings ordered.
* My pointer finger is itching.
* I know I should be washing clothes... I should do that now... yeah? Yeah. Especially the things that need to hang to dry...
* 48 hours from now I will be in CHARLOTTE!! And I should have my new computer!!
* Why did I spend $449 at the car shop? Stupid brakes and rotors. At least I had the money.
* I know a few other things I want for my birthday but I don't feel like linking to it right now. I think I need another nap.

Almost Outta Here!

I know I should have way more to say about my going away party but I don't. Our legendary weekend morning meteorologist came! I was sooo excited! Everyone started cheering when he walked in! He NEVER goes to these things. Hahaha. He cracks me up. He bought me my first and last IC Light. Yuck. Not a fan. But we drank it out of champagne flutes which cracked me up. I did not let them get me drunk so that is what we can call a success, my friends! Lol. I had enough to drink rather than too much. Do you know what I ate though? A filet of beef panini on focaccia bread with mozzarella, wild mushrooms and caramelized onions. DELICIOUS. I wanted some when I was on the phone this morning. YUM!! Guess what? It's a Friday and I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!! FREEDOM! GLORIOUS FREEDOM!

One of my FORMER(!) coworkers invited me to a burger night at the house she and her new husband just closed on yesterday. The party's tomorrow night and guess what? I CAN GO BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE TO WORK!! YEAH!!! I have lots more packing to do. I'm leaving early Sunday morning! Yay!