I HAVE A COMPUTER AND A HOUSE!!! YESSSSSS!!  Now I just need a job.  But first things first.  How much did you miss me?  I missed you guys immensely!  I felt so naked without you.  I'm back to daily blogging and I'll be checking your blogs again, too.  I will have to stalk campus for the net but for you... ANYTHING!  I'm only 5 minutes away so we'll be okay.  I love my new computer.  I feel so awesome on my MAC in the union typing away like the amazing person I am.  Lol.  Why is there someone in my apartment complex (I have a studio) who is SUPER stingy with the wifi?  Really?  The protection?  I'm sayin.  Let me get up on that without the password.  I will so knock on my neighbors' doors like I'm but a poor student sir, more gruel, I mean interweb, please.  Anyway.  Would you like some pics?  Of course you would!
Unfortunately blogger is hating hard so you only get one.  As soon as you walk in (it's a studio), you see these shelves.  I was like what should I put in there?  Books?  Don't think I have enough... know I don't have enough CDs and DVDs so you know what my mind went to.... SHOES!  I obviously need another pair to fill the place of those purses up top.  Gym shoes, house shoes, flip flops and boots are not allowed on the shelf and winter shoes are still in Charlotte.  Who will fill the shelf?  Lololol.  Rashan was a huge help moving in and made things so much smoother.  I would've been SERIOUSLY stressing out.  Tomorrow I will post some about our trip including how I've already found my fave Mexican spot and my first day of orientation today (two more to go... no IDK why!!!)  Bye!


Desy said...

hahaha~ I can just first walking in to your place and you giving a tutorial on your shoes prior to taking any real steps into the studio...lol...

Hopefully the weather was treating you fine. I know it's been raining of and on...Welcome to Florida!...lol

Rashan Jamal said...

I was a huge help!!! I'm totally printing this post as proof. How did I know the shoes would make the cut as the first picture on the mac. LOL

I'm a need them to quit being selfish with the wifi. Sharing is caring... Good Mexican and dollar beer? Can't beat that!!!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Two day orientation? What the frack!?! LSU's was long as a back road when they made us go from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Seriously, we were doing stuff allllllll day. And not fun stuff like touring the gym.

It was more along the lines of "fill out these 17 immunization forms" which included the weirdest questions ever!!!

the joy said...

Welcome back! Everyone all left town and whatnot. Literal blogger drought this wknd. Hate!

*Tanyetta* said...

welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!

we just went password protect on our block.

the teenagers across the street are prolly pissed!

Liz Dwyer said...

I am dying over you putting shoes on the shelves! LOL!

So glad you got all settled in and are loving your new computer.

Ladynay said...

Sooooooooooooooo f'n behind I am :-( Shoot me J! I didn't even know you was going back to school or nothing! Tisk tisk tisk!

I'm glad you're doing the damn thing!

dreamyj said...

so cute! so excited for you living on your own now and starting school! please do post the other pics and tell us the orientation scoop!

Jazzy said...

lmao @ Vdizzle's "long as a backroad"!!!

Yay!!! Glad to hear you have a roof over your head!

lmao @ more gruel. Please suh...might I have some more suh - one of my fave lines in the movie!

laughing even more at shoes in those shelves...ingenious!

Have fun @ orientation...whose birthday is this Saturday???

Anonymous said...

QQ at you and the Shoeseum in your living room.

I can see the future:

I come to visit and the first words out of my mouth:

Hm...Smells like feet in here.

Adei von K said...

stingy with the wifi... booooooo!

i need a shoe shelf like that! such an awesome sight to see!

HisDaughter83 said...

SoRHOr!!! lolol!!!!! I would've never thought to put shoes on the shelves. Very creative!!!

Jameil said...

desy... no tutorial necessary. just walk in and behold! lolol. i'm ignoring the weather (as usual) until it directly impacts me. walking to and fro doesn't count. ew. i think it's raining and i left my umbrella...

rj... i will deny it if you claim you were helpful!! the shoes are awesome!!! wifi haters are for the birds. mexican and dollar beer is love!!

v... THREE DAY orientation. hampton's was a whole week but there was some fun mixed in and it was only for freshmen and transfers. examples of weird questions please! lol.

joy... thanks!!

days... you're a wifi hater, too!!?? lol. those teens are heated!! hahahahaha

liz... hahaha!! it had to be done!!! i'm still working on the settling. now i'm getting the itch to meet people.

nay... i forgive you! i've been all over the place hectic in the last few months. thanks!

dreamy... :) scoop posted! lol.

diva... hahaha. she's crazy. hurray for room! gruel is fab right? lol. oh the shelf of shoes! luvs it!! MY BIRTHDAY IS SATURDAY!!! YAY!! You're awesome for remembering!!!

ink... qq? shoeseum is the perfect word! i'm so stealing it!!! not smells like feet! lmao! jerk!!!

adei... i know! wifi haters! boooo!!! it's the shoeseum boo. hotness!! lol.

full... hey soror!!! the shoeseum is love! lol. welcome!

Momisodes said...

I'm so jealous of the shoe display. *sigh*

And why is there no pics of the new Mac?!?! :)

ROFL at the hopping onto someone else's wifi. I feel the same way whenever I'm in Starbucks and trying to find free internet.

So glad you're settling in nicely. I missed you!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - I missed you! Although, I'm late to this post - yea, I missed you!