It's mine!  After 3 years, 2 days and 611 posts, here we are.  3 years ago Sunday I started "All Me, All the Time" in this little space in the interweb.  Don't you love that word?  Aren't you glad I started this blog?  What really would you do with your life without it?  How would you determine your purpose?  Your worth?  Your necessity?  I think you would find yourself and your life truly lacking.  You wouldn't know what it was, though.  It'd be something like, "Who am I?"  "What does this all mean?" "I'm missing that certain je ne sais quois..."  In fact, prior to the day you found this, that is precisely what you were thinking.  WELL HERE I AM AND YOU'RE WELCOME!!!  Lol.  Let the thanks and congratulations flow.

I'll wait.

It feels good and it feels weird.  I started this blog so I could comment on the blogs of some of my fellow Hamptonians not long after I moved to Pittsburgh.  I was lonely and feeling out of sync with my comfort zone.  I didn't know anyone in Pittsburgh other than my dad and most of my closest friends (the ones I grew up with) and family were moving back to Charlotte just as I was moving away.  This blog was my way of reconnecting with that world, or at least the ones of my Hamptonians.  

Now it's morphed into something altogether different.  I know bloggers of varied races, instead of only black ones.  I think about some bloggers more than I think about people I actually know.  I read Joy's blog enough that I see stuff that reminds me of her all the time.  Some are my homies from journalism (VDizzle, Chris).  I picked up a mentee (I need to check on Cnel...).  I've met several bloggers (Duck, Ace, Dreamy J).  Some give me birthday cards (Diva!) or web awards (that list is too long)!  Some have inspired me to be a fab mommy (PCD, 1969, Liz, Sandy).  One I've read every single post she's ever written (La) and credit myself with having made her who she is!!! I kid! Lol.  I found some from her (Joy, Shani) who are some of my faves.  I have to use some one blogs to keep up with my actual friends I knew before blogs (STACE!!!) LOLOLOL.  I'm even dating a blogger!  (Definitely something I would've NEVER anticipated.  I think internet dating is creepy and nebulous. But we weren't looking for one another so whatev I guess.  Lol.)  To all the bloggers I mentioned, by name or alluded to, to those I didn't, to those who read me regularly and those who just stop by every once in a while, thanks!!  If I didn't mention your name in this post but have mentioned you regularly on this blog, include your name here!!  Blogger for life, son!  Lol.


Movies of the Week 9/21- 9/28

1) "The War Room" (Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker): About the people behind Bill Clinton's winning 1992 presidential campaign. Great inside look at a political campaign's manufacturing of and reaction to crises.

2) "Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus" (Andrew Douglas): British men hear a country/folk song on the radio that inspires them to make a journey film about the American south. I was pretty sure I wouldn't like it as it's about the type of people who would like to see my kind hanging from a tree should we enter their neighborhoods. I still tried to go into it with a pretty open mind. There have definitely been movies I thought I wouldn't or might not like and I did. This one? Mm hmm. I was right. Didn't like it.

3) "Word Wars" (Eric Chaiken, Julian Petrillo): About the word-crazy people who play scrabble competitively-- in parks and in national competitions. Some nice visualizations for anagrams. Nerdy movie. Since I like words, I liked this movie and really liked some of the characters.

4) "Unknown White Male" (Rupert Murray): This is one of those movies where the title turned me off. Guess what? Movie of the week! Loved it. It's about a British guy who opened his eyes on a NY subway and had no idea who he was or where he was though he had lived there for years. Awesome look at his re-discovery of himself and his life, in part using video from as early as 6 days after he lost his memory. Amazing.

5) "Unzipped" (Douglas Keeve): Great portrait of one of the most hilarious fashion designers-- Isaac Mizrahi!! Oh how I miss his show! It was amazing!! The height of hilarity! Lol. So this was a short look back as he put the finishing touches on his line and sent it down the runway. Loved because I loved him. Interesting use of black and white primarily with flashes of color. The pops of color really woke you up.

6) "The Atomic Cafe" (Kevin Rafferty, Jayne Loader, Pierce Rafferty): A semi-satirical look at the paranoia surrounding the creation and use of the atomic bomb and potential use by others using only archival footage. A bit on the long side. Not terribly interesting to me but the duck and cover song from that time? Hilarity.

7) "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till" (Keith A. Beauchamp): As the title shows, it's an amazingly up-close look at this story. Some technical issue but the compelling nature of the film made up for that in some respects.

8) "Southern Comfort" (Kate Davis): Follows a transgender man now dying of ovarian cancer and his transgender girlfriend. Yeah. Take all that in. It was a lot. Definitely some characters. Maybe even too much attention paid to the characters beyond the two main characters. The two had plenty going on without the distraction of the side stories.

9) "Ten" (Abbas Kiarostami): Cameras placed in the taxi cab of an Iranian woman. This movie shows 10 conversations including one with a hooker... WEARING A HEADWRAP!! Girl please. Why are you covering your hair if you're debasing your body? Ridiculous. Some interesting conversations but not seemingly related which made it just a bit of a journey film and I'm not particularly fond of those.

10) "Super Size Me" (Morgan Spurlock): You've all seen this one. Somehow I missed the beginning the first time I saw it so this was my first time seeing it all the way through. As seen, inspired a post. The movie simultaneously repulsed me and made me hungry for some Mickey D's.

11) "Born into Brothels" (Ross Kauffman, Zana Briski): A filmmaker works to get children born in Indian brothels into schools. The culture makes this a difficult, bureaucratic process. She also teaches them photography. Great movie. Another top pick for the week.

12) "Best Boy" (Ira Wohl): The filmmaker is working to get his mentally handicapped cousin to the place where he can live without his parents who are elderly and may not be alive much longer. We follow "Best Boy" as he goes through the necessary steps to achieve greater independence. I liked it.

13) "Best Man" (Ira Wohl): The update 20 years later. This felt more like a home movie. For an update it was a bit lengthy. It took "Philly," as he's called, on a journey to his bar mitzvah at 70 years old.

14) "Hiding and Seeking" (Menachem Daum/Oren Rudavsby): The filmmaker, who is the son and son-in-law of Holocaust survivors, takes his Orthodox Jewish sons to Poland to see that gentiles really can do some good. Yes, I'm serious. It was interesting enough. There were some technical issues.

15) "Tying the Knot" (Jim De Seve): Annoyingly slanted toward gay marriage and benefits for gay partners. I don't care what your position is toward any issue. When I'm watching a movie I don't want to know what it is. Either prove it or don't but don't tell me how I'm supposed to feel at the end of the movie. Let me come to those conclusions on my own because guess what? When you force the issue I care less. The plot was all over the place in this one. Jumped around way too much and there were sections that were just dead.

16) "Seven Up" (Michael Apted): Innovative camera shots. It followed 20 English children in the 1960s to learn how they felt about their lives, poor people, "colored" people, love, etc. at age 7. Too many characters. Would've been more interesting with fewer children. Oddly urgent music.

17) "7 + Seven" (Michael Apted): The 7 years later update. Now following 14 children and asking essentially the same questions. Better that there are fewer children, but there are still too many. I do look forward to watching the rest of the installments. The most recent is 49 up or something like that. I like the concept. I'm big on updates as long as they don't become tiresome. He'll have to not use too much file footage from the earlier installments to keep it from getting bogged down.

18) "How to Murder Your Wife": 1965 comedy with Jack Lemmon. I liked it. Rashan didn't. It was oddly funny with sound effects and even people speaking directly into the camera. In 2008 it would be annoying. For a period piece it was amusing.

19) "Daughter from Danang" (Gail Dolgin/Vincente Franco) : Portrayal of a woman's trip to Vietnam to be reunited with her birth mother who gave her up during the Vietnam war. The cultural divide is great (meaning wide in this case) and makes for some interesting moments on film. Some nice beauty shots as well. The main character irritated me a bit because she seemed not to have a clue of what she was getting herself into and had created this utopic meeting knowing nothing about the culture. But then of course at times I felt bad for her, too. Nice job on the part of the filmmaker allowing you to feel all of that without forcing down your throat that you should feel one way or another.


Overheard in Gainesville

Beach Girl 1: Hey!
Beach Girl 2: OMG!  Heey!
Beach Girl 1: What are you doing here? Studying?
Beach Girl 2: Yep.

Location: Campus Library

Dummy.  Also tody at the library I helped an international student trying confusedly to take the anti-theft device off of a DVD.  I said, "They do that for you at the desk."  "Oh, thanks."  Yay!  He would've been standing there a long time trying to figure that out.  I can just feel it.  Look at me being all nice to people and stuff.


Thursday 13: Super Size Me

I watched the movie in the title of the post all the way through for the first time last night and boy did my thoughts go all over the place!  Good gracious!  

1) More than 1/2 of America is obese.  Yikes!  That's a lot!!
2) He gained 5% of hi body weight in 5 days, 10% in 10???  OUTRAGEOUS!!  
3) My head started hurting.  It was psychosomatic.  His was and so was mine thinking about what he was doing to his body!
4) I started working out right there on my bed.  Leg lifts while keeping my abs engaged.  Did you know smaller people fidget more than overweight people?  Better start fidgeting.
5) Started pinching my middle.  Part of it was watching those calipers.  Lol.  I wanted to know how much percent body fat I am.
6) Covered my eyes.  Ew!!  I don't need to see a gastric bypass surgery to know it's dramatic.
7) Wanted a veggie or 8.  This really had me considering my intake!  I considered calling my observational short partner who cooks a lot of vegetarian food and asking her if she was feeling the need to show off!  Lol.
8) Wanted a Big Mac and some of those crack-like fries.  What?  I know it wasn't supposed to be but that was also a giant commercial.  I was READY!  There's no such thing as bad press!
9) Knew it was bad to want it.  Lol.
10) Grossed out by McNuggets.  The description of how they make them was McNasty to go ahead with his overused joke.  It was funny the first 3 Mcs.  Then it was like OK 9 Mcs later!
11) Shook my head as I walked past the Krispy Kreme doughnuts I had in the kitchen.
12) Drank water.  Had to at least mentally off-set it, huh?
13) Really, REALLY wanted a big mac and fries!  Still haven't gotten it yet, but I'm jsut waiting for the weekend when Rah and Stace and Drew get here.  No McDs but I know we'll get some GOOD eatin!  Lol.


Evolution of a Filmmaker

Currently feeling all of my previously held notions and conceptions shifting.  That's not a bad thing but it leaves me feeling slightly untethered.  That's due mostly to the change aspect.  You know how us creatures of habit react to change.  Right now that's what my whole life.  Rashan says us quarter life crisis(ers) are dramatic.  Life's dramatic.  I'll deal with it.  It's not a cry for help but if you'd like to talk about how you understand, I won't mind.  For once I'm not going to try to control the comments.  

Close your mouth and stop it with the smart comments. 



Celebrating EARLY!!

Tomorrow do not look for me after 5pm. Know why? Because



*I didn't say hyperventilate! I said breathe!*

*ready now?*





Rashan found them and put them on DVD for me and they should be getting to my house TOMORROW!!!

AND Stace and Dreezy are supposed to be in town on Friday. Sushi and a concert! And early Saturday morning, hopefully not too long after I leave Stace and Drew, Rashan will get here! Can we say YEAAAAAAAH???



Fall it Up!

Today's the first day of fall! It's been 3 long years since I was excited about this day. Summer in Pittsburgh is love. 85 is an anomaly. 90 is an outrageously hot day. 95 is cause for heat stroke and fear! Lol. I loved it! Then I moved to Florida. I think it's only dropped below 85 in the day 1 time (if that) and the humidity has never been below 95% while the sun was up. Even today it's cloudy and overcast but humidiferous. Yep. I made up a word for the discomfort that is Florida in the summer. BUT October 1st, what Floridians call the magic day where the temperatures stop being lava soup-like, is quickly approaching!!


*open arms*


Movies of the Week 9/14- 9/20

I overdid it a bit this week (It's becoming addictive watching films. I finish one and want to start another. Especially since I don't have tv or the net at home.) so the details may be sparse.

1) "Indiscreet": feature film about an affair. Stars Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. Love the twist. It dragged a bit due to the unwieldly length but did keep me semi-interested.

2) "Home Movie" (Chris Smith): doc about different unusual homes and the people who live in them. Amusing. More characters than I ordinarily like to follow, but still engaging and not too long.

3) "Be Good, Smile Pretty" (Tracy Droz Tragos): LOVED. This was my fave movie of the week. It was about the filmmaker's journey to find out about her father who died in Vietnam when she was 4 months old. She talked to her mom, dad's family and his war buddies. Very compelling story and I was boohooing along with the characters at times.

4) "Manhattan" (Woody Allen): Pervert.

5) "Hoop Dreams" (Steve James, Fred Marx, Peter Gilbert): Depressing because these poor black kids feel like their only way out of the ghetto is with a basketball in their hands. They go to these horrid schools and read on a 4th grade level in the 9th or 10th grade. It's ridiculous.

6) "O.peration Homecoming: Writing the W.artime Experience" (R.ichard R.obbins): Compelling stories written by ve.terans of the I.raq and A.fghanistan wars and read by celebrities. The only issue is they're mostly told through the eyes of white men. An Asian soldier was the only non-white with a significant part. One woman and 2 black guys had minor parts (about 3 minutes combined in a 1hr 17m film). There were no Hispanics. I mostly noticed because I'm sensitive about how non-whites and women are portrayed in military films.

7) "Legacy" (Tod Lending): Some chilling video. Great access to the family. I didn't really like the narration. It was redundant and unnecessary at times. Sometimes slowing down the story.

8) "Heir to an Execution: A Granddaughter's Story" (Ivy Meeropol): About the (once) controversial execution of two convicted Soviet spies from their granddaughter's perspective. Very interesting. By virtue of her relationship to the subjects, she got some AMAZING pictures and artifacts. Ironically I picked this movie up less than an hour before I read about the co-conspirator's recent (in the last 2 weeks) confession.

9) "Sound and Fury" (Josh Aronson, Roger Weisberg): Immediate impact in the opening. Amazing find that brothers, one deaf, one hearing both have deaf children for whom they're considering cochlear implants. Loved the controversy surrounding it and how staunchly people fight both for and against it, in and outside the family, with the cameras rolling. More great access.

10) "Berlin: Symphony of a City" (Walther Ruttman): Title explains what it is. Looks at Berlin from dawn to dusk in the 1920s. Another in-class silent film. I liked this one okay but it was too long as it's silent.

11) "Color Adjustment" (Marlon Riggs): About the roles for black people in television from its inception to the early 1990s. It was interesting to see shows that didn't make it past one season and why but I couldn't figure out the purpose of the film since no one seemed to believe there was a good show with black people on television other than maybe Frank's Place and yes, the Cosby Show was included. The narration was leading and adversarial but I didn't know what the fillmmaker was trying to achieve which made me say at the end "Now what? And do you believe any show could possibly live up to these standards?"

12) "Freedom on My Mind" (Connie Field, Marilyn Mulfield): A look at Mississippi workers' fight for voting rights. Introduced too many characters too early in the film, but it was interesting getting an in-depth perspective on an issue I knew a little about.

13) "Negroes with Guns" (My professors): I liked this mostly because it was set in Monroe, NC which is about 15 minutes from where I grew up. It's about a black man who advocated meeting violence with violence and armed resistance during the civil rights movement and his eventual 8-year exile.

14) Wordplay" (Christine O'Malley, Patrick Creadon): I immediately thought my mom would have to like this. It's about the people behind the NYTimes crossword puzzles and competitors in the annual crossword competition. My mom LOVES crossword puzzles. They also interviewed famous people who love crossword puzzles about why.

15) "Roger and Me" (Michael Moore): He crossed just about every single ethical boundary that exists, including lying about who he was to get access in some buildings, while doing a documentary about the fall of the auto industry in his hometown in Flint, MI which really pissed me off. Who can take a filmmaker seriously when they so blatantly flout ethical mores?

16) "The Fog of War" (Errol Morris): About former Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara. He sits down with him to get intimate details of his time while serving. I love insider looks but the topics weren't terribly interesting to me, though I did like hearing conversations b/t him and JFK. That was really cool. Some of the illustrative methods used by the filmmaker were AMAZING!! I loved that. Made me take a different look at how I can make films visually compelling.

Week 1 Movies
Week 2 Movies


The Life of a Filmmaker

I would do my movies of the week but you don't read them anyway. Plus I decided I would do those on Sunday since if I do them Saturday before I finish my movies it's not a complete list. That means I don't care if you read them, they'll be up tomorrow. So there!!! *sticks out tongue*

Guess what just happened to me? I wrote out my shot sheet, tested the camera at home to re-familiarize myself with it (there are about 5 different models we have available to us), got to the union to film my :60-2:00 location piece for the camera to die after less than a minute. I WAS HOT! So now I'm in the library letting the battery charge, blogging and then about to do my homework for Wednesday. How proud are you that I'm doing my homework for Wednesday on Saturday? Very? Well you should be. I'm what they call amazing. Half Jameil, Half Amazing. Oh shoot! That might be my new blog title/header! How exciting! Yesterday all I did was get movies from my dept., scout a bit more of the location for my shoot today, go to Target and grocery shop and I was BEAT! I watched another movie (I'd already watched one yesterday morning), talked to my mom and Rashan. It was cool.

I need to wash clothes, dishes, and my hair. That's a lot of washing! I usually clean my house every Friday before Rashan comes but since he didn't come this week I let it ride until today. But I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy if I don't clean up today. The size of my place (a microscopic 288 feet) means any amount of clutter makes the slight amount of OCD I have in my body go crazy! The thing I dislike most is the size of my kitchen! With the microwave there is 0.00 counter space. It's ridiculous. I need to go back and find that Oprah episode about people making the most of tiny spaces! Alright kids. Time to get some more work done. Adios and ole'!



I am so in love with the fitness programs at this school.  In one week I have taken capoeira (didn't like it because I didn't feel like the instructors really explained what capoeira is. I need to know the motivation behind what I'm doing.), tai chi and latin rhythms (learning salsa and merenge this week, other weeks samba, cha cha, and bachata will be added in).  Last week I tried to go to capoeira but couldn't find the classroom and ended up in taebo aka MURDER!  I have a taebo dvd and it's no joke.  Since I have it at home and there are 120 fitnesses classes every week, why would I waste one of those classes with that?  I took it for about 25 minutes then left.  I was already sweating plenty and bored.  Plus she kept giving us all these water breaks.  I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN WATER BREAK!!  Well maybe one but not 3 in 25 minutes.  Come on chick.

For those of you who were worried about me working out and fasting yesterday, fear not!  I wasn't fasting all day and by the time I finished my 2nd class I knew I would eat in an hour.  It was only from sun up to sun down and H.akeem Ol.ajuwon used to do it WHILE PLAYING PROFESSIONALLY!

I will admit after the 2nd hour-long class I was dying of thirst!  I took tai chi but it was sooooo slow.  I knew it was bit slow and should've known I wouldn't like it since I don't like yoga.  That's mostly because when I work out I want to break a sweat so I KNOW getting  a work out plus my mind moves too fast when my body's moving that slowly.  So afterwards I took latin rhythms and loved it!  Very fun!  I even got up on stage with the instructors when they requested it.  Lol.

Now if I can only get workout equipment in our classrooms like these people have at their jobs!  This is the ultimate in multi-tasking!  It probably also says something the rest of the developed world would be appalled by about Americans and their refusal to relax while doing anything.   If I could watch films while working out on the bike or elliptical -- if there was somewhere to put the computer!-- I surely would.  I LOVE doing other stuff while working out.  The amount of reading I need to do in a week (WAY more than undergrad even in my program, though still less than other programs (for us about 80-100 pages a week while some are reading 150-250 a week and we only take 8-12 hours for a full load)) then combined with the number of newspapers I like to read and the fact that I don't have the internet at home, I NEED to multi-task.  It gives me great pleasure to get things done on the bus, while waiting for the bus, in the gym, while brushing my teeth, whatever.  I will absolutely watch non-documentary films while washing dishes (of course keeping my computer as far as possible from the sink).  I like to watch every single frame for docs which is why I watch other stuff, too.  With non-docs I can just mostly listen and watch every once in a while-- another reason I can't get with the subtlety.  I'm usually doing other stuff.  Let's keep it moving!  And PLEASE PLEASE let's get some gym equipment in class!  Lol.  Aren't you glad I'm starting to get a workout schedule back?  ME TOO!!

Oh and last night I went to another black law students event at this cool bar (you'll love it, Stace) since they invited all black grad students.  I had a good time and hung out with some fun people.


Thursday 13: Why I Love Rachael Ray!

I'm fasting today for a program the Muslims on campus are having. For every person who fasts they/local restaurants will donate a pound of food. And tonight we'll break the fast with free food on campus! Either Indian or Mediterranean. Either way, works for me! And I've been up for about 3 hours. 6 hours to go. That's not bad! I can do it! I'm going to the gym today and out with the black grad students tonight. I'll be busy today! Anyway despite my food-free daylight hours, I'm going to grace you with this delightful TT!

1) "Hi there. I'm Rachael Ray and I make 30 Minute Meals. That means in the time it takes you to watch this program, I'll have made a delicious and healthy meal from start to finish." Who doesn't want to be able to have that? Yes, I've seen the show so many times I've memorized that opening shpiel WHICH SHE CHANGED this season along with her set. It really hurt my heart a little.
2) EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil. She uses it incessantly and now I do, too. I'll have it in my home before any other and I buy more before I run out.
3) Everyday with Rachael Ray: My mom got me this magazine subscription for Christmas last year and I was OVERJOYED! YAY!!
4) Perkiness: This is not an automatic with me because overly happy people annoy me as Grinch as that sounds but with her it translates into enthusiasm.
5) Inspiration: She taught me a lot of recipes and cooking techniques and inspired me to get in the kitchen.
6) Yum-o. It's just so apropos! And funny. Another one of her coined words.
7) $40 A Day: This show taught me to ask EVERYONE about the best places to eat. I've found some DELISH (another Rach word) places by doing this.
8) Birthday buddies!: Ours are just days apart! Hers is the 25th of August, mine is the 23rd! Yay!
9) Ground turkey: another thing I use in just about everything now that I never would have. I barely even like ground beef anymore. I'm also about to experiment with ground chicken-- another Rach suggestion.
10) MEXICAN FOOD!! AHHH!! She made this so accessible to me at home that it actually made me want to go out and try it more as well. Now as it is well known in all the blog world J'AIME IT!!!! I will go ahead and but chipotle (not the restaurant) in here, too since she got me on that and I mostly use it in Mexican.
11) Black beans. Oh black beans! Said it loud, I love black beans and I'm proud! And not just in Mexican. I got this black bean stoup recipe from 365: No Repeats (one of her books) that is DIVINE!!
12) "You're only learning a method." Rach taught me to experiment when I cook. Learn whatever she's cooking, then amend the recipe adding and subtracting and substituting to suit my personal tastes.
13) Spices! I was already on oregano (my fave) but she taught me it means joy of the mountain! I was up on a few others, too, but I use them more and I've really added cumin to my repertoire. Mmm!

*I know you're wondering, "Where was Jameil's mama and why didn't she teach her this stuff??" My mom was busy working and going back to school while my dad was traveling a lot for work (for weeks at a time) when we were younger so she had no time to teach us to cook. Then when she had time I didn't want to learn anymore. But yes, my mom can cook and I definitely call her when Rach won't answer my calls. Lololol. Thanks Rach!!


Wordless Wednesday: Florida (My Cloud and Palm Tree Obsessions Collide-- but only in nature)

Location: Prairie and Lake Wauberg, FL, less than 10 miles south of UF. All pictures takenby me except the mostly clouds picture which was taken by Rashan.


Chivalry is NOT Dead

Praise Jesus. Just yesterday one of my classmates and I were talking about the ridiculously rude people on campus.

Then low and behold, without hearing our conversation, another helped me carry my equipment. Most of them hold the door for me and the other 2 women in the program. Then this morning on the bus one guy got up to let a girl have his seat since it was becoming standing room only [which is beginning to wreak its own special havoc on my arms when I have to stand and hold myself on one of those vertical bars (obviously at 5'2 the horizontal above me bars are too tall) while the bus takes corners and all other sorts of odd things.]. Then another guy got up, then another and another until the bus was filled with only men standing and ladies seated. It was a miraculous day!!!

Okay so maybe it wasn't quite like that but the 2 guys who did stand for the ladies made my day!

Oh yeah and my classmates now know of my deep love for all things Rachael Ray so yesterday after we came back from mock interviews to test all of the audio equipment one group said, "We interviewed Rachael Ray." When I tell you I almost lost it! It was hilarious. But now for 2 consecutive days I've been able to tell people why she's so awesome! Yay! Lol.



Scene: Small parking lot nearest to the western library.  I circle the lot and see a spot the same time another person does.  (Truth: she probably saw the person leaving the spot first, but I saw the girl walking to her car first.)

As I pull closer to make it clear I'm going for this spot, the chick in the other car puts her blinker on.  Undeterred, I inch closer.  So does she.  Then I get closer still.  So does she.  The other car pulls out and off, we both turn toward the spot.  I turn faster and more effectively and get into the spot.  Rashan bursts into laughter and says, "Wow... did you really just do that?"  I say, "Yep, I saw the spot first."

I move on about my business and get out of the car.  The girl says, "Thanks for stealing my spot!"

You know what I said?

"You're welcome."

AWFUL!! I KNOW!!  And it didn't help that Rashan laughed.  He's just as bad as me if not worse.  But if you need a laugh, check out this SNL gem!!



Movies 9/7- 9/13

1) 4 Little Girls (Spike Lee): Yes, I'm getting my Spike on something serious. This one is about the 1963 Birmingham church bombings which left 4 little girls dead and the civil rights action it sparked. I'm pretty sure I liked it but I don't really remember because I was so into the stories. I loved that they got so many family members to agree to participate.

2) Scared Straight: Encapsulated in hilarity though I know it's not supposed to be. Better because of the 10 and 20-year updates on tape of the kids and the convicts. Made the movie more convincing.

3) Parallel Lines (Nina Davenport): Her journey home to NY where she had a perfect view of the twin towers 2 months after 9/11. She had been working in California. On the long, winding drive home she asked many people how 9/11 changed their lives or how they were impacted by it. The interview with the old black man pissed me off because it was the only black person she talked to and he was toothless and a bit addle-brained with the most dirty, decrepit house you've ever seen and a lawn "decorated" with fake flowers and dozens of empty Sprite bottles. Outrageous. The movie was pretty depressing as you might imagine and has me shying away from other 9/11 films for now. The cinematography was pretty annoying at times and the beginning was awful. I'm starting to see her particular style is autobiographical films which is very whatever to me. I don't see the need to be in my films. Distracting and at times annoying narration.

4) The Man with the Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov): We watched this documentary classic in class. I didn't like it. Very obscure message. I don't like to think that hard when watching films or reading poetry or prose. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Otherwise you're just getting on my nerves. I did like the manufacturing scene and the scene with the "dancing" camera and tripod but apparently everything had these hidden socialist meanings and I was like "What? I didn't get any of that."

5) My Flesh and Blood (Jonathan Karsh): Another thoroughly depressing film. This woman has 13 children, 12 of whom she adopted, the vast majority with special needs. Some have no legs or hands, one was severely burned as an infant, some have life-threatening illnesses. The scenes where she was caring for her critcally-ill children was excruciating to watch.

6) Manda Bala: AMAZING cinematography. Obvious why it won a Sundance award for just that. Follows a corruption scandal in Brazil. Amazing characters, though it did make me consider NEVER going to Brazil to ensure I don't get kidnapped and returned with a missing ear. Some unnecessarily graphic shots.

7) The Laughing Club of India: Hilarious for the first 15 minutes then it dragged. This was a short (25-35 mins) about Laughing Clubs where they laugh and laugh and laugh. Which of course makes you laugh and makes you feel better. Very funny film.

8) Why Can't We Be A Family Again?: Another short. Sad story about these 2 boys who live with their grandmother because their mother is a drug addict. It's about whether or not the courts will give their grandmother custody of the children. Not sure why this made a particularly compelling documentary unless there are people who are so far in their holes they don't know that these sorts of lives are lived daily by some children.

9) We Got Us: Short. Lots of cuts between characters as the story follows 4 old NY Jewish women playing Mah Jong. One story had a character in 2 locations wearing 2 different outfits, bouncing between the same story. Very problematic and bizarre for me. Some interesting conversations but obvious why this was a short-- there's no way you'd want to see this for longer than 30 minutes-- though the choppy editing likely played a part in that particular feeling.

10) Family Values (Eva Saks): Short. Student Oscar winner one year. Liked the opening and closing television adaptations. Still haven't decided how I feel about this entire film being in black and white. It was about a lesbian couple who owns a crime scene clean-up company. They will restore particularly gruesome scenes for example someone blows their head of at home, call them so the family doesn't have to be the one picking up skull fragments, eye balls and brain matter. Kinda gruesome but balanced with the upbeat personalities of the couple. Apt music. I wondered how they got people to agree to camera access in their homes while evidence of this event was being erased.

11) The Sunshine: Short. About a flop house (stay there for $5-7 per night) and the men, and transgender "female" who essentially live there. Awful focus at times. I liked the shots through the bars and different interesting vantage points. Nice ending. You get the feeling that's how the filmmaker heard about the hotel as they like to call it.

12) Mojave Mirage: Short about the phone in the middle of the Mojave desert and the people who come to answer it. I wanted some of the conversations on the other end. Shocking conclusion, cheesy way of showing it at the end with the photographers. Would have been better to show that particular conclusion w/o the photographers.

13) Mad Hot Ballroom (Amy Sewell/Marilyn Agrelo): Followed several schools on the road to a NYC ballroom competition for public school children. I was ambivalent about the topic and whether it would be cheesy but was immediately engaged and at the end actually cheering. Loved it. Great access to some very interesting characters. At some parts for the competition because of the length of the shots, it definitely helps to like dance. Otherwise you may get bored. My favorite movie of the week.

14) Lost Boys of Sudan (Megan Mylan/Jon Shenk): About Sudanese boys who wandered to a refugee camp in Kenya after their families were murdered. Follows their journey to America. Some pretty cinematography. I didn't like the multitude of talks with the Sudanese disparaging American blacks. Once, fine, it shows some perspective but it was almost as though the filmmakers were shocked that the Africans and American Blacks wouldn't immediately accept each other as kindred brothers. Give me a break. There was a sense of community among the Sudanese I would've liked to have seen more overtly, particularly since one of the filmmakers remarked about how he was impressed by that at the end of the film.

15) Grey Gardens (Al & David Maysles): Cinema verite classic documentary. Portrait of a mother and daughter (aunt and cousin of Jackie O) who live in near-seclusion in their dilapidated East Hamptons home. They sing and bicker with each other for the entire film. I was alternately intrigued and annoyed by them. Some call this their favorite documentary. You don't have to worry about me ascribing to it that particular adjective. Definitely one doc students must see, though since it will most certainly be discussed in your classes. The daughter constantly wraps her head in a scarf of some sort, often adorning it with a brooch right over the center of her forehead. Extraordinarily odd. I assume the filmmakers included themselves in the intro portion because of the large amount of time they spent with them, becoming almost like a part of the family. They were spoken to directly and even fed! Very odd relationship not just with each other, but also with the filmmakers.

*Also currently in the process of watching "Being John Malkovitch" and about to devour another Krispy Kreme doughnut. Mmm!


Jameil. Likes. to. Party All the Time!

DEAD!! I knew the song but never knew it was Eddie! And he's got the CRAZY laugh at the beginning AND Rick? ENOUGH! I can't!! Hahahahaha!! I know I'm young. Don't even get me started on all the music I'm unaware of. And movies? Speaking of which. I tried to watch "The Brother from Another Planet" yesterday. LAWD JESUS!! Rashan told me it was weird but that was outrageous! LMAO!! I pushed through the first 1/2 hour, then another. Then I was like, "I'm not gonna force myself to watch 50 more minutes of this! It's too terrible and this is not a documentary!" If it's a doc, I force myself to finish and take copious notes on what I do and do not like. This? I'm straight. Pass a doc this way! I saw 7 shorts (25-35 minutes) this week so my list is up to about 15 movies. I'm not going to include an experimental short on the list "Lucy Tsak Tsak" about one of the first women to work in the Bulgarian film industry. It was 2 minutes and I suppose the term "experimental" was chosen to describe it because it was pointless. I really am trying to stop being so harsh. I am well-aware that I don't believe in movies without an obvious point. I don't like poetry with hidden messages, either. Don't be "deep." Say what you mean or I'll give you the dead face and roll my eyes and talk about you when your back is turned. You've been warned.

This weekend is party weekend due to a lack of football, remember? Tonight is my professor's dinner party. It says attire is casual. That must be a joke. If you really think I'm going to something billed as a dinner party in "casual dress," you're crazy. Maybe jeans but I make no guarantees. I don't want to go all out and look outrageous which I tend to do every time I go out in a college town (non-HBCU... you know we get DRESSED to go out at night). It drives me insane. But some of my lonely shoes will get to play tonight! Yay! I'm gonna watch some tv online since I'm getting the shakes (did I tell you I don't have a tv? IT'S KILLING ME!!) without it. Au revoir friends!


Thursday 13: Shoes, Sweet Shoes!

I miss my shoes terribly.  I haven't been able to wear most of them for weeks due to the ridiculous amount of walking I have to do with the size of this campus.  So, shoes, sweet shoes, my favored shoes, this TT is dedicated to you. *Tear!*

Which pair of my shoes is your favorite?  Oh and for the record, yes, the first 2 pairs are flats but the 1st is too fancy to scuff up for class and the 2nd I don't have enough to match.  The black flats and red flats featured later do get some play.


Wordless Wednesday

Location: Driving through South Carolina at sunrise in mid-August.


Git 'Er Done

(Oddly the maintenance guy in my apt. complex has some obsession with that saying. He even has a hat with a confederate flag and that saying on it. That makes me want to hang up black nationalist propaganda all over my apartment when I need maintenance. And even when I don't. Put some flags on my car, string cowrie shells instead of Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving. Now I just need to buy some of this stuff. Luckily there are all sorts of odd shops that seem like they would sell something like that near campus. SCORE!!)

Today shall be a day of accomplishment.

That's going to be my new mantra when I wake up in the morning. I have to cut back on everything that's not school, working out, finding a job. You may think, haven't you been doing that already? Not like I need to. I haven't missed any assignments or anything because we haven't had any due but I need to focus and be on my grind to not ever fall behind.

I'm really excited about scouting a unique location for my first camera assignment. We were given an extension so it's not due for another week. That means this weekend will be not only about parties, but scouting. I also found out why there are so many things for me to do this weekend-- it's the bye week. Yes, yes y'all. Football is SO serious (obviously, with a stadium that seats 90,000) that EVERYONE tries to plan their events for the ONE weekend in football season where people DEFINITELY have nothing to do. Hmmm... I feel a SKIP coming on! I don't think I'll be going to everything. Or maybe I'll do drive-bys for some things. Like I pop up, say, "Heeey y'all!" then be out. I don't have to be Miss Social Butterfly '08 AND Miss Straight A's for the '08 and '09.

Right now I'm "prioritizing" the things I want to do. Hahahaha. LIES! I'm actually surfing the net because I haven't done that in a while. I believe this counts as research for story ideas if some of you actually talk about something so GET TO WORK!!


Dear Mom*

My professors know I come to their class with brilliance on the brain when I inform them with this tee, "I Piss Excellence."

My quest for your future daughter-in-law will likely be made easier with this witty tome imprinted across my chest. "Is Your Name Summer? Cause You're Hot." It even underscores the point because the word summer is surrounded by flames.

You'll be delighted to know I look lovely, debutante-ready and may win the best dressed for the bus award in my adorable sun dress and cute flip flops. However, my small white clutch allows no room for books. I hope that's alright.

Some people think I'm on drugs. Is it really so odd to wear a sweatshirt when it's 90 degrees outside? In Samoa 90 is almost cold! I know I'm from Maine, but still!

Oh and I spent all my book money on kegs for the UF/UM game. WE WON! But can you send me $500 more?

The children of UF.

*Yes, I saw all of these (except the last) TODAY. And several I've seen repeatedly.


Movies of the Week 8/31- 9/6

Movies of the Week 8/31- 9/6

It's movie mania here in the 'ville! I think every Saturday will be movie recap day. It's just easiest to list all the movies I've seen all week at the end of the week. This week may not include all the movies since I'm writing this a bit early and Rashan and I have plans to watch at least 3 more movies. Okay let's make that a MAXIMUM of 3 more movies. I considered not even checking out additional movies because it's just too much!

I do feel weird, though, when I don't have a new movie to watch. I've also added in more than just documentaries because I need to be well-rounded about films in general. There were so many movies my mom wouldn't let us watch because of the mature subject material that there are many I haven't seen. For the record, I will never list here the movies I have seen already if I manage to squeeze some of that in among the 16-25 hours of film-watching per week. This week I'm probably already closer to 25 because of the first film I watched. I don't normally like to do scathing indictments on the internet because it's just so permanent I'll try to keep the recaps to a reasonalbe level.

1) "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts" (Spike Lee): devastatingly beautiful. The 3rd act felt disjointed, but overall a moving piece. I would recommend it to anyone.

2) "Always A Bridesmaid" (Nina Davenport): The cinematography needed work but for once, the narration wasn't distracting. I have this huge thing with narration. It drives me bananas to hear bad narration! It's my number one documentary pet peeve at this point. It's distracting a la "Street Fight" (Marshall Curry). The narration was horrid. The characters in that story were so vivid it didn't need narration.

Back to AWAB. Great beginning. It was painful to watch mostly because almost everyone knows or knows of someone like that-- someone who wants so badly to get married. And at 30, she was pressuring her 25-year-old boyfriend immensely to make a permanent commitment to be met with ambivalence. She wouldn't make a clean break despite people imploring her from all angles to do just that. The ending meandered and didn't seem to make a lot of sense but an interesting personal profile and at times humorous. It was a bit too long, too. I probably wouldn't watch it again. If I did, I would certainly not watch the entire thing.

3) "Do the Right Thing" (Spike Lee): I watched it because everyone was so appalled when I told them I'd never seen it before. So now everyone can breathe calmer now. Let's all calm down. I was very detached from it. Not particularly moved toward dislike or like. It was too long, though.

4) "Mo Betta Blues" (Spike Lee): I know I know! 1) How can you call yourself a Spike fan and never have seen either of those movies and 2) In general, HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN THOSE MOVIES???? But now I have so stop judging me! I really liked this one. He did seem to wander toward too long in this one as well, though, but a really well-done story and Denzel was marvelous.

5) "Sunset Story" (Laura Gabbert/Caroline Libresco): About a retirement home for radicals. It was billed at a humorous look at a retirement home that also didn't shy away from the obstacles of being elderly or something like that. Yes, there were some humorous moments, but for the most part I was sad to see the decline of these former art directors, teachers, social workers and activists. I loved that they were still active and attending rallies. That was fantastic. But it was hard to watch. I didn't understand some of the shot selection. I didn't see the point in some of the more extraneous neighborhood shots. They didn't seem to tie in with the rest of the movie well enough. If you're trying to portray the community involvement, these shots don't seem to tell that story enough. I believe every shot needs to have a reason for inclusion. Toward the end the story line began to drag a bit.

6) "Give Em Belle": Student film from my school. Very interesting character and the flow of the plot had you rooting for this former UF student running for office in Gainesville despite the obstacles and that the guy seemed a bit annoying. He was still funny.

7) "J.esus Camp": Very difficult to watch because of the subject matter. It's about fu.ndamentalist Ch.ristian children and how they're indoctrinated from a very young age. The opening and closing shots seemed out of place for me with random Missouri scenery, but a compelling story. The plot seemed to get away from the filmmakers at times, though.

8) "The Boys of Baraka": AWESOME. It's by the same filmmakers of the previous movie. They followed a group of 20 "at-risk" boys from Baltimore to a boarding school in Kenya. The only thing that bothered me is that you were introduced to 5 kids but only got an educational conclusion for 3 of them. I knew from the outset that I was going to be impacted by this movie and likely unable to critique it from the normal criteria. The injustice made me emotional as did the triumphs. I felt particularly connected because one of my friends used to teach in Baltimore and talked about some of the things I saw. It was an excellent movie and in the morning I was able to flesh out technical issues more than I was immediately after watching it. A must see.

9) "Spellbound": Follows 8 competitors in the National Spelling Bee. I liked it for the first hour and 20 minutes. Then it began to drag and you still had about 14 minutes left, which seemed like an eternity. It started to feel like you were watching the spelling bee in real time when all you really care about are the stories and the winner. I don't need to see 150 words spelled correctly or incorrectly. It got to be a bit much toward the end.

10) "Encounters at the End of the Earth" (Werner Herzog): Bizarre. The filmmaker takes a crew to Antartica/the South Pole to interview the characters (and I do mean characters) who live there. It bounced between being about the encounters and being a nature film. It was almost like watching a home movie of someone's trip to Alaska. Hint, hint Uncle Richard. Lol!! My uncle did that to everyone who walked in his house for like a year!!! The point is, no matter how beautiful the scenery, you can't make someone feel like they were there, too from a video. Sorry. So yes I was bored despite the sometimes amusing narration. BUT there was free sushi afterwards for some reason and it was GOOD. I went to this one with a couple of my classmates at a local theater then out for "coffee" except I had a root beer float since I don't do coffee but YUM!!

11) "The Philadelphia Story": Cute. It's one of those classics you have to see from a time gone by. Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant. I liked it.

12) "My Architect: A Son's Story" (Nathaniel Kahn): Stilted narration. A son goes on a hunt for his architect father's identity 25 years after his death. He was in one of 3 families his father kept. The best shots were interviews inside the father's buildings and some of the outdoor pictures of the buildings. It was also interesting to hear his father's mistresses-- including his mother-- who never married and still seem very attached to his memory. I guess flabbergasting is the more appropriate word. Oddly enough I thought the last 10 minutes of the nearly 2 hour movie were the best-- particularly the part in Bangladesh. It seemed to best encapsulate what his father meant. The part in California did that pretty well, too.

Yes, I overachieved this week. Other films I've seen in the last 2 weeks but not discussed: "Sister Helen" about this potty-mouthed nun who takes in men with substance abuse problems and "Crazy Love" about this woman who married the man who blinded her in an acid attack. Both had such extraordinarily compelling characters that it made up for any production shortcomings. The first week most of the films I watched were made by students. Some were better than others, of course. After all this I better have that award-winning documentary, huh? Lol.


Breakfast is Back!

Oh baby it's back!!  Y'all know I love me some breakfast!  Yes children!  Lawd knows I do!  Breakfast, YOU MY DOG!  The amount of time I spend out of the house in class, using the internet, generally running around in the lava-style Florida heat now requires me to eat breakfast before I leave the house.  Otherwise I die from heat exhaustion and hunger by the time I get back home.  Oh breakfast how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  Let's do a recap of the breakfast love I've had in the last couple of weeks, shall we?  Mmm.

The first one is from the Mont.icello when Rah came to visit me in Charlotte early last month.  DELISH!!  I had eggs benedict (of course... lol LOVE eggs benny!)  He had some bangin french toast with some of the most delicious bacon I've ever had.  Right up there with Cracker Barrel bacon!

This one is from my first weekend in Gainesville.  Rah and I had Sunday brunch at this place called L.eonardo's 706.  I had the salmon eggs benedict.  He had the cajun omelet.  It had shrimp and something else lovely in it.  This morning  I'm making myself, toast, cheese eggs, grits and sausage.  YUM!!  This weekend I'm making salmon croquettes and grits with wheat toast and orange juice.  Can't wait!  Who else is down??  Hmmm??? Oh wait.  You're not invited. Maybe next time!  Hahahahahahaha.  And now I'm hungry.


Learning It

I had my interview today for the radio reading for the blind job.  As you expected, I killed it.  I had to slow down since I'm naturally a fast reader.  Downside: I found out it's a volunteer position.  Bah.  I heard some of the other readers, as well.  I know I'm better than one of them so that's AWESOME!  Lol.  She said training takes a while but if I'm interested it can start in the next few weeks and I could be on the air in October depending on what happens with the other interviewees.  I'm not worried about them.  And actually I don't mind not getting paid.  I'll seriously have to find a job but I can't worry about that right now.  My lab starts in 5 minutes so I'm going to focus on learning what I need to make that award-winning documentary, remember?  Yeah, watch yourselves, people!  That thing is mine!!!  Mine, all mine!!!  MOOOOHAHAHAHA!!

I've been having strange dreams from watching all these dark documentaries.  So I now have "S.pellbound" and "Jesu.s Camp."  Hopefully that can stem that snake bite nightmare tide!  Pretty crazy.  Rashan's coming tomorrow!  Yay!!  We're gonna watch lots of movies (good thing he's a film nut, even more than me!) and the UF/UM game.  You're goin down, 'canes!!  Lol.  I'm also figuring out my schedule for life in general.  I'm gonna get it together.  I will! 


My Birthday Never Ends

Let's keep my birthday going forever, shall we? Lol.


A New Chapter

I'm still getting used to my new schedule- of course. It's weird being up at 9 p.m. and not having to internally scold myself for doing so. After 3 years of working overnights and just a month (today) away from it, my body is still confused. Wow, I stopped working a month ago and it feels like a lifetime ago. My life has changed so much in the last 30 it's amazing. I left Pittsburgh and my dad, moved to Florida, got my first place by myself (dorms 4 years of undergrad not counted), secured an interview (Thursday) for a new job (hopefully reading to the blind-- yes it's a paid position which is AWESOME, hopefully well-paid but I'm guessing not), and working on my master's degree at the Docum.entary Institute at the University of Flo.rida (henceforth known as UF).

I never told you guys how I got here. About a year and a half ago on the young black journalists list serve I'm a part of, a call was sounded for black applicants to the journalism school at the Berk.eley (B from here on out). I hadn't taken the GRE so I couldn't apply but decided to start studying for it then so I could take it in the fall. I took it in October, didn't like my score. I took it again in December and the score was good enough for me! I got a 5 out of 6 on the first writing test which wasn't a surprise to me. I knew I killed it. They provide 4 topics and you select 2 to write from. One of the pieces I wrote was a persuasion about the need for morality in elected officials so a special shout-out to my news background and all the politicians with loose morals and shoddy ethics.

Prior to taking the GRE, I looked at other top 10 journalism programs in the nation outside of B and popular film schools. The only one I found with a film program focused on documentary but also with a journalism angle was at UF. Berkeley was my first choice mostly because I'd learned about it first and because the program was more established. I also liked their website better. I hate UF's website in general. Stacey remembers when I was looking at their program last fall. There are millions and millions of links which all lead you to the same place. Their webmaster is a link fiend and needs to get off the junk. I hate to be so harsh but honestly it doesn't take all of that to get an answer about where to apply. The main page is a nightmare then every single facet of every single school and department has its own page. More information needs to be in a central location. Anyway enough of that rant.

B's application was due December 1st. I got all my stuff in to them and just waited. I didn't want to apply to UF if I was getting in to B. No point. It was my first choice. I found out I got an interview and was ecstatic! It was with an alum who lived in Pittsburgh. He interviewed me and I took a writing test. He told me he would give me the highest possible score in the interview which I was very excited about! I didn't hear anything for a few days, then I went to Bible study. The pastor said if you want to prevent some headaches in your life you can ask God to close a door for you to keep you from going down that path. Right then and there I said, "God, if California is not where you want me, please don't allow me to get in to B."

That afternoon I got a call from one of the professors. He asked me if I would still be interested in coming if it wasn't in the documentary program. I said no. I was being honest. If I wanted to just do journalism I would stay in the job I already had. He said, "Okay, understandable, you made that pretty clear in your application, I just wanted to make sure. And I've really enjoyed your application." I said thanks and had no idea what that meant. I figured it could go either way. It could be taken as we're convinced she knows what she wants or we're not sure she'll fit in the documentary program but know she would be great in this school. That was a Tuesday. Thursday I learned I didn't get in.

I was surprisingly okay with it. Who knows what kind of heartache God spared me. Next I had to apply to UF but I was DRAGGING my feet. It was pretty bad. I knew the application wasn't due until June 1st even though they encouraged you to apply earlier because there were limited spaces. I waited until June 1st. I know! That's why I don't have any money from the school now! That and the ginormous budget cuts. The university gave the state back $67 million in the last 2 years... yeah. I'm sooo tired of hearing about the budget cuts. Can they give me back some money? I'm just sayin. Anyway you could fill out parts of the application then come back and complete it. I did that and partway through, I got an email saying they liked my application and were looking forward to the rest of it. I liked the feedback, but was wary of it, too. I got good feedback the last time. Once again, I asked God to close that door if that's a road I didn't need to go down. It was a bit more tentative, though. Along the lines of, "If you don't want me to take this path, close the door, God... I don't know what my next plan is for getting out of Pittsburgh, but I'll leave that up to you." Lol. Awful, I know.

Everyone said I would get in. Yeah yeah. Again. Heard this the last time. Obviously I did, though. I was ecstatic!!! I called my friends, sent emails, and ran screaming around the house! YEAH!!!! I GOT IN!! Then I took a closer look at the program side-by-side with B's program and found I liked the course work better. At UF, there are no crappy journalism courses I don't need, no statistics requirements, and every single course is geared toward the creation of a documentary. LOVE IT! My courses? Adore. I know I will learn a lot. I even like my textbooks! What a nerd! Lol. They're well-written, though and I'm paying enough for my education that I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I'm getting what I'm paying for and I'm gonna love it! GO GATORS!


Doin It and Doin It Well

In case you were wondering, no I haven't been able to find wifi in my house again which means, yes I am once again, and FOR 2 WEEKS without the internet at home.  Coupled with no tv, I'm DYING!!  Okay maybe not dying.  I'm dead.  What?  Dramatic?  Whatever.  I'm in the library.  There's a Starbucks in here.  And 4 others on campus... wow... this place is something else.  I left my i.d. at home so I can't check out movies OR go to the gym.  BAH!!!  I knew as I was leaving the house I was forgetting something but I couldn't figure out what it was... until I pulled into the parking lot.  I guess I should leave soon so I don't have to walk alone in the dark.

Yesterday I went to the Black L.aw S.tudents potluck.  It was so fun!  We played scrabble.  Ahhh academics.  Lol.  Why did I come in 3rd out of 4?  I was almost depressed until this guy told me his family plays all the time.  So he's like a pro and brings it out all the time.  Then his brother said I should always carry a board game or something to bring out at parties and beat everyone.  He does guitar hero.   Lol.  I was glad to meet some black folk at UF FINALLY other than 2 in the j-school.  I have work to do and I'm still annoyed I don't have my i.d.!!!  BAH!!!  Anyway let me go get something to eat and ride out.  Hopefully I can check some blogs tomorrow!  Peace!