Thursday 13: Why I Love Rachael Ray!

I'm fasting today for a program the Muslims on campus are having. For every person who fasts they/local restaurants will donate a pound of food. And tonight we'll break the fast with free food on campus! Either Indian or Mediterranean. Either way, works for me! And I've been up for about 3 hours. 6 hours to go. That's not bad! I can do it! I'm going to the gym today and out with the black grad students tonight. I'll be busy today! Anyway despite my food-free daylight hours, I'm going to grace you with this delightful TT!

1) "Hi there. I'm Rachael Ray and I make 30 Minute Meals. That means in the time it takes you to watch this program, I'll have made a delicious and healthy meal from start to finish." Who doesn't want to be able to have that? Yes, I've seen the show so many times I've memorized that opening shpiel WHICH SHE CHANGED this season along with her set. It really hurt my heart a little.
2) EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil. She uses it incessantly and now I do, too. I'll have it in my home before any other and I buy more before I run out.
3) Everyday with Rachael Ray: My mom got me this magazine subscription for Christmas last year and I was OVERJOYED! YAY!!
4) Perkiness: This is not an automatic with me because overly happy people annoy me as Grinch as that sounds but with her it translates into enthusiasm.
5) Inspiration: She taught me a lot of recipes and cooking techniques and inspired me to get in the kitchen.
6) Yum-o. It's just so apropos! And funny. Another one of her coined words.
7) $40 A Day: This show taught me to ask EVERYONE about the best places to eat. I've found some DELISH (another Rach word) places by doing this.
8) Birthday buddies!: Ours are just days apart! Hers is the 25th of August, mine is the 23rd! Yay!
9) Ground turkey: another thing I use in just about everything now that I never would have. I barely even like ground beef anymore. I'm also about to experiment with ground chicken-- another Rach suggestion.
10) MEXICAN FOOD!! AHHH!! She made this so accessible to me at home that it actually made me want to go out and try it more as well. Now as it is well known in all the blog world J'AIME IT!!!! I will go ahead and but chipotle (not the restaurant) in here, too since she got me on that and I mostly use it in Mexican.
11) Black beans. Oh black beans! Said it loud, I love black beans and I'm proud! And not just in Mexican. I got this black bean stoup recipe from 365: No Repeats (one of her books) that is DIVINE!!
12) "You're only learning a method." Rach taught me to experiment when I cook. Learn whatever she's cooking, then amend the recipe adding and subtracting and substituting to suit my personal tastes.
13) Spices! I was already on oregano (my fave) but she taught me it means joy of the mountain! I was up on a few others, too, but I use them more and I've really added cumin to my repertoire. Mmm!

*I know you're wondering, "Where was Jameil's mama and why didn't she teach her this stuff??" My mom was busy working and going back to school while my dad was traveling a lot for work (for weeks at a time) when we were younger so she had no time to teach us to cook. Then when she had time I didn't want to learn anymore. But yes, my mom can cook and I definitely call her when Rach won't answer my calls. Lololol. Thanks Rach!!


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i really do not like rachel ray's food. the moment i start liking something she's making, she usually throws in something that makes my stomach hurt and ruins it. happens every time

Rashan Jamal said...

I like Rach, but(criticism deleted). Overall though, I like her cooking shows. I'll have to try one of those 30 minute meals one day. I watched that and $40 a day a lot with my niece.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I don't like the new set at all. I only like her $40 a day episodes that end with cocktail.

I had to learn to cook from my grandmother, which began as slave labor (read -- me laboring with her catering company)

Adei von K said...

cute. i don't think i'll ever realize how much you really like her!!!

i'm not the biggest fan of her food. i don't think I like too much of those food network chefs' food anyway... well, lieberman and florence are cool ;-)

is is safe to fast and go to the gym on the same day? sounds like a low sugar attack/fainting spell waiting to happen. either that or over-eating to make up for the day.

Veronica Marché said...

Can I just say... I'm mad that all the comments so far about how bloggers aren't so crazy about Rachael? Why y'all raining on Jameil's parade?! Dang!

Momisodes said...

I have to admit, there have been a few episodes where I HAD TO try her recipe :) And a few of them have become staples in our house :)

Oh, and I love that she never uses measuring devices!

meaganj said...

I can definitely attest to the fact that your mom can cook! But I LOVE Rachel Ray, although in high doses (ex. Her talk show), she can be a bit annoying. Just stick to the cooking shows. And her mag. is great too!!

meaganj said...

I can definitely attest to the fact that your mom can cook! But I LOVE Rachel Ray, although in high doses (ex. Her talk show), she can be a bit annoying. Just stick to the cooking shows. And her mag. is great too!!

Jazzy said...

I love her too...she is solely responsible for my interest in the food network. After watching her, I started watching the channel more and more and also taking their recipes to my kitchen as well.

#13...I love the way she breaks down the spices. What it smells like, what the flavor is like, where it comes from, etc.!

Jameil said...

pcd... every time??? how many times have you watched? i def. don't like everything she makes. she has an odd affinity for beets that i can't stomach but every time is SO extreme. rach is awesome!

rj... you will get cut. you're not allowed not to like her. LOVE 30 min meals. if you behave i might make you one.

v... it threw me off! i like $40/day b/c she finds these little places and they seem so awesome! and exciting! no you didn't say slave labor! i'm tellin yo grandma! lol.

adei... lol. probably not. her fan is YUMMO! some i like more than others. of course rach, dave and ty are awesome. bobby's pretty cool, too. how to boil water i think i'm most annoyed by the sidekick chick. how are you THIS dumb. i know that's your role but it annoys me. i like some of giada's food and ye ole barefoot one. you know my least fave- sandra lee oh and mr. not so easy entertaining. paula kills me with the butter and mayo in everything. i'll still go to her restaurant tho. if rach had a restaurant it would be the happiest place on earth!

fasting wasn't that bad. i had lots of energy and didn't overeat. i just had more to eat than i normally would. where i might not finish the entire plate, i did last night. not bad.

duck... right!?!? let em know! lol.

sandy... right?!?! mexican lasagna had me RUNNING to the grocery store and it was BANGIN!! i made it for my mom and this guy i met and they both thought it was awesome! and the not measuring is great!

meagan... yum! love mom and rach! my biggest issue with rach's talk show is that she does stuff other than food. when she did the home improvement stuff i was like what is the point of this? her mag is fab!!

diva... she rocks!!! and def. got me to be a food network groupie. when i visit people with cable i might not even talk to them... lol. and yes she is the TRUTH when it comes to spice explanation! you feel like you know exactly what that spice smells like! i knew there was a reason i liked you, diva! i could sense the rach love! lolol.