Thursday 13: What I'll Miss About Pittsburgh

Of course there's also a list of things I won't miss. Lol. I figured I'd do the positive one first.

1) The view when you're driving out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel into the city. It's amazing and will make you fall in love with the city... but not enough to stay. Lol. Not me anyway. There are youtube videos but none of them can replace the actual feeling. It's awe-inspiring. It's the best thing about the drive from the airport.

2) The south side. This part of town gets a bad rap from the old folks who want it back to the "good old days" when there were fewer bars and it was more residential but this is the area of town where there is a party every night of the week because there are so many bars. I didn't spend that much time over there because of the crazy schedule but it was nice knowing there was something to do over there should I feel the urge.

3) Work perks. Tickets and books were my fave. Of course books. I read a S.isterhood of the T.raveling Pants book before it was released. I also read a book about math in the inner city which gave me an idea for a documentary or at least a PBS special. It was really cool.

4) Shopping alone. Not just by myself though I've come to love that because I can leave when I want to or take as long as I want without having to wait for someone or have them rush me. Most of all I love having all the sales people and stores TO MYSELF because it's 10:30 in the morning!! I'm not good at waiting when I'm spending my money. Having instantaneous service has only made me worse. Lol.

5) My church. I have grown spiritually an incredible amount and that's thanks in large part to my time at Mt. A.rarat. The pastor is phenomenal!!

6) Breaking news. REAL breaking news. Not like I saw on F.ox this morning, "'Princess C.hunk' is actually 'Prince C.hunk.'" I don't care if it was a joke or tongue in cheek, it annoyed me. But real breaking news gets my blood pumping. I told you us news people are junkies. It's like crack. I like knowing things we can't say on air because it's too gruesome for the morning... or for ever... I like knowing every single detail of a criminal case. I like being the first one to get the news on the air. But I'm not gonna hype up a story about a fat cat to do it. And you know I think that cat is disgusting. Over-sized anything creeps me out. That's particularly true with animals, even if that breed is just ginormous. Like m.astiffs? Those things scare me because they're bigger than me. I DON'T WANT A DOG THAT CAN EAT ME!! Oh the digression...

7) Bridges. I LOVE BRIDGES!! And this city has literally hundreds. I love em love em love em!! But please don't ask me to drive over some of them because I like life. Call me crazy.

8) Restaurants: John Harvard's and Square Cafe (went there for breakfast today with my coworker) are two of my old standbys that they don't have in Florida. I know there are more but those are the first ones that come to mind.

9) No traffic EVER during the week!! Oh man was that great. It's one of the best things about going in to work at 1 a.m. and getting off at 10 a.m. You are never in rush hour or any traffic jams. It's fab! Whenever I have to sit in traffic I'm always like, "HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS EVERY DAY!?!?"

10) Sunrise. Oh sunrise. You're so beautiful and I've seen you at least 5 days a week for the last 3 years. I do not plan on seeing you much in the next 2 unless I'm just getting in for the night. Lol.

11) My first tv job. It will likely be my last traditional tv job, but you never know. Regardless it was an AMAZING experience I wouldn't trade. It helped me learn more about the business and myself-- including this valuable fact: I don't like local news. I understand the need for it. I just don't want to be an active participant. That's part of what propelled me toward what I do love: making documentaries. And I met some great people along the way.

12) Income. Lol. This was the first time in my life I always filled up my gas tank when I went to the gas station without having to think about it because I had the money to spend on other things. I don't know where I'll be working so I have no idea what my income is gonna be like. Maybe I won't miss it!

13) My dad. He's retiring in December and moving south again so he won't be Pittsburgh to Gainesville far, but I will have to readjust to not living with him. I never saw him daily because our schedules were so opposite, but I knew he was there and that was comforting.


*Gulp* In 3rd Person

*UPDATE: WAIT!!! Dude. She still doesn't need platitudes and people to talk her into going to grad school. She'll be fine and she knows it. She's just talking right now. Now you may proceed with the rest of this post.

A chick voluntarily leaves her job to follow her dream and go to grad school and gets a lil shook because as someone so bluntly puts it, she's now UNEMPLOYED. Oh she'll still be getting 2 more pay checks to catch up with the work she's already done and the vacation days she didn't use but she's unemployed. And she's got a lot of packing to do. And a lot of PACKING to do. She should probably be doing that now instead of sitting here typing to you. But she needs to talk and Stace isn't answering her phone. She's not mad. She probably needs some alone time with G(od). She definitely needs some of that. She also needs to go out tonight and tomorrow night to celebrate. Check and check. She also needs a place to stay. She found a place she likes but she's emailed and called the realtor without an answer just yet. It has hardwood floors and is only 7 minutes from campus and SOLO. She wanted to live alone at some point in her life so this would be perfect. She doesn't want 3 roommates because that would give her WAY more fodder for the blog than she needs. Isn't going to the number 1 party school in the nation enough?

Wanna know the real reason she started flippin out? Because she looked at the calendar and realized August 15th (her move to Gainesville date) is CLOSE. And that is SCARY. She's thisclose to just throwing everything in a suitcase and leaving right now. She'll wait. But you'd better believe after one last sermon with the pastor and maybe a quick nap, she's HITTING THE ROAD JACK. Sunday at early o'clock would be nice. But she knows she will not be in Pittsburgh come noon. Now she's about to go blast some Madonna, thank Jesus for the experience (wow she's grown) and breathe. *Breathe in Jesus, Breathe out peace*


WV the Whore and SC the Gay

I drove through West Virginia on my way down to Virginia, as I will on my way down to Charlotte on SUNDAY(!!) Let me tell you. That state is a WHORE! It was on full display. Bright sunshine, vast untouched acreage of mountain, roads carved in the side of them with overlooks, butterflies flitting across the roadway, birds soaring overhead. That hoochie state was SHOWING OFF!! I remembered the reason I'd selected it as the location of my future winter home. But I just can't. No indeed on the "We don't like your kind around here" folk. You don't like money? Oh well.

I had to break my boycott because I was STARVING (and Stace made me stop) and I drive through there for at least 3.5 hours of my trip. I stopped at McDonald's unwillingly. I wasn't sneered at though. On the contrary, there were lots of smiles. I still prayed over my food just in case. Lest you think I'm being ridiculous, they brought this on themselves.

On my way back from my fun-filled trip, I was OVER THE MOON over the "low" gas price of $3.81. I was upset because I only needed 1.7 gallons of gas. I wanted to fillerup! Then I was disgusted at myself for loving that price. Then I got over it and just thanked God my tank held enough gas that I didn't have to spend $4.13 and really bust up my boycott in WV.

Did you know SC is so gay? It is. Well, maybe it was. This article CRACKED me up!! I was on the floor!! They allowed a gay tourism campaign in the UK, but then they didn't like what they came up with... HILARITY!! I meant to share it with you weeks ago but got distracted by someone... lol.

And today at work, chair races! We went backwards and I SMOKED TP! "Mama I smoked the tv!" (1:35)

This is the start of the race when I was already halfway down the hall. Then I won and celebrated with a victory wave. Then she got sneaky! She was like, "AND BACK!" And I said, "NOOOOOOO!!!!" So I quickly scooted myself to victory once again! HAHAHAHAHA! I WIN!! We have to round out my LAST DAY OF WORK with another victory for me since I beat her in the run test yesterday, too! TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS!! And my farewell party is at Bossa Nova on Thursday. (Stace and I went there when she came up here.) There may be another one on Saturday but IDK (my bff Jill).


One Fat PUPpy

You, sir, need a diet.

There's just no other way to put it. People call you "Big Snack"? Good grief. Normally I wouldn't talk about you you know as you play for a team I could care less about and are overweight. But you're paid MILLIONS of dollars each year to just show up and tackle people. Instead... you get played by your coach and everyone else and put on the physically u.nable to p.erform list aka PUP. Or as I call it the Packing on Unnecessary Pounds list. It's usually reserved for those with injuries, not ginormous bellies.

And the g that your coach is, he says, "I don't send messages. I just take action." G!!! Okay that is SO about to be my motto.

The run test he failed involved running the entire length of a football field eight times in an allotted time. So my crazy coworkers (who I helped come up with phrases like, Snacking on S.nickers, Hefty H.ampton, Hint: Fork to Mouth Doesn't Count as a Bicep Curl, Buffet-Bound, and Hungry? I Never Wait.) decided to set up our own little run test in the newsroom. One of the engineers set up cones marking off 50 yards and me and two of my coworkers ran it-- in heels! Eat our dust, PUPpy!! Hahahaha!! I was cracking up! We are SO in better shape than you!

And then I went to the gym... WHY did I decide it was time to get back to work training for the 5k? Because it's been so long? I thought since I did so great on the bike (9 miles Saturday and 6.77 an earlier time) I thought I could do a measly 3.2 on the elliptical. The length of the 5k, right? Yeah... about that... The bike is WAY easier than the elliptical. After 1.5 miles I wondered what exactly I'd gotten myself into. After 2.4 I was reasonably certain I was a masochist. At 2.7 I was thisclose to giving up for fear of my imminent death. I did .10 mile countdowns for the last mile. AND I MADE IT! Now we've got to work up to the track. But regardless... I'm still in better shape than the PUPpy and I don't get paid to do it.

I had to turn off my instant messages-- all 3 of them-- because I cannot stand to answer any more questions about my move. I do it all day long. I need a mental break from that. BUT there are 2 more days of work. Count 'em! 1, 2!!! Ack!!!!


Weekend Down!




When I tell you I was BEATIFIC this morning for the entire last hour of my show! I was squealing, wiggling, giggling, outright laughing and clapping I was so excited. I'm done!! I have three more days of work and my tenure at the station is OVER! Lest you think it's been a nightmare, it has not. There have been good moments. BUT it's time for a new chapter in my life and that means being able to go to bed and wake up at NORMAL hours, attend parties if I want, GO TO CHURCH without fighting to keep my eyes open and my mouth closed (yawning), and GO TO GRAD SCHOOL!

And now my dad is cooking breakfast! CELEBRATE! One more week left in Pittsburgh! Au revoir mes amies!!

*Random side note because I know you've missed them.... bah! I just forgot it. Ooh! I remember. Tom B. has the best voice in the world. He could most certainly talk me to sleep every night, 68 or not! Hook it up Tom! Nevertheless, congrats to Bran for getting engaged! Get it girl!


Daddy Daughter

After last night, we have one more left in Pittsburgh. Isn't that crazy!? Last night we went to McCormick & Schmick's. I had a delicious Bellini (peach puree and sparkling wine) to drink. For an appetizer we had black mussels simmered in a white wine, garlic and tomato sauce. I don't think I'd ever had mussels before but I liked them. I knew from watching Rachael Ray (she rocks!!) you shouldn't eat mussels that haven't opened after they're cooked. There was one on our plate and I told my dad not to eat it. He didn't like that. Lol. He gave me the last mussel because, "I want to play with this one." He says, "What's wrong with you? Why won't you open?" Hahahahahaha. I was cracking up. Then he told the waitress she cheated us out of one. Hilarity.

For dinner I had swordfish with a sun-dried tomato and caper butter. I'd never had a caper prior to my food network obsession, either. I like them. The salty brine gives me some joy. You know I'm a savory girl. I don't get all crazy over chocolate (remember this conversation? My daddy just said, "Chocolate tortilla chips?" "No, D, blue corn tortilla chips." Lol. He was already eating them. If I thought I saw some chocolate tortilla chips, I'd put on the ill grill and quickly remove myself from the vicinity. I'm already not that much of a choc fan and I'm pretty sure that would knock me right into the I don't like chocolate category. Hahahaha!!) Also not crazy over cake.

Look at what a search for fries yields. Shameful! Hahahahaha!! I realized the other day that I had fries 3xs one day this week, 2xs the two days prior to that. So I didn't eat any yesterday to balance it out... but I'm about to eat some again. Don't stick a fry in my face unless you don't want it. I don't know what it is about fries that makes me crazy. I have had an offer to watch When Harry Met Sally (one of my all-time fave movies!!! I quote it incessantly.) and eat fries. I swooned a little bit... lolol.

I fell asleep on the phone last night. I don't think I've ever done that before. I woke up and woke Rashan up fully intending to hold an actual conversation again. I think we exchanged maybe 10 words and fell back asleep. I woke up again at 6 with the phone pressed to my ear. HILARIOUS!!

Have I told you lately how much I love Jon & Kate + 8? Even after an hour I never want it to be over. Ever. I could just watch them online all day. They crack me up!! I've always wanted to have twins (since I was like 9... this is one of those incredibly odd things about me I'll go into further detail about later) so Maddy & Cara are my faves. Oh yes and before y'all get all crazy as you bloggers are wont to do: I CAN TALK ABOUT CHILDREN WITHOUT WANTING THEM RIGHT THIS SECOND SO CALM DOWN!! Crazies.
Anyway here's a picture of me and my dad on our 2nd to last Daddy Daughter day! Next week we should go somewhere else fun. I'm thinking Tusca. One of my coworkers loves it and people were pouring out of it last night so it must be good. My dad told me you should never go to a restaurant with an empty parking lot. No one there so it's probably not that good and the food won't be fresh because they don't have enough business. These are his theories which I've tested only a few times and he was usually affirmed. But I'm gonna miss this place when I leave with the avocado and pico de gallo on the burger. You know I look for Mexican where ever I can find it. I had Mexican last week, right? I was thinking about the churros yesterday morning! They were off the chain! I love churros, man. Oh churros, baby, me and you! ME AND YOU!! Sorry I got distracted. Me & D! One more Daddy Daughter day in the Burgh. And he just brought me a paper towel full of potato chips. I knew you loved me!!


It's Wednesday!

You know I love Wednesdays anyway because they're my Fridays. BUT this is my LAST Wednesday/Friday!!! Know why?? Because I have ONE WEEK LEFT OF WORK!! ONE WEEK! PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE PEAS!! That is AMAZING! Blessed assurance! I knew this day would come one day, I just didn't know when! So you know what next Wednesday is? It's Wednesday/DONE because it's........

MY LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All together now. All the time, God is good; God is good, ALL THE TIME!! HOLLA G(od)!!!

It's also Project Runway Episode 2! Yay!! AND one of my fave coworkers and I are going to Seviche tonight! It's my 3rd trip! I know you're like how does this chick have so many fave coworkers?? I just don't talk about the ones I don't like because they get NO famous time on this here blog. Ow! And I have a date to watch Casablanca! Can't wait! Yay!! I didn't even have to use my a.k.! I gotta say it was a good day!


Salmonella Don't Stop No Show!

Today salmonella tried to ruin my life.

So I'm sure you've heard.... or maybe you haven't... salmonella has been traced to jalapenos....


That was my first thought.

Then I thought...... why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????

And furthermore... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

I actually yelled this out when I saw the slug at work today "jalapenossalmonella." It was almost a wrap... right! there! at! work! (SIX DAYS LEFT!!!) You know I love Mexican food! And have plans to marry a Mexican chef (or Hispanic husband) so I can eat it daily! And that means jalapenos!!! (And chipotles... mmm!) AND I CAN'T HAVE THAT IMPEDED UPON!!

I said. You know what? I don't care!

No fresh jalapenos or salsa?

I'll get it in a jar!

And if I want to eat some fresh salsa (and can find it), I will eat it! It won't kill you! [If you're not elderly (check), an infant (check) and don't have a compromised immune system (check!)]
Salmonella don't stop no show!!


Miss Honey!

Okay I know I'm not a fan of cursing but this video cracks me UP!! And anytime I want Stace or my l.s. to act right, I just sing "Miss Hooooooney" to them until they fall in line. HAHAHA!!!!

*PLEASE peep the background dancers!!! And the show's judge. HILARITY!!!

I found this at Jade's spot almost a year ago and have watched it multiple times and sent the link around the world. CRACKS ME UP!!!!! Oh yeah... and SHE'S BACK!! Yay! I love when bloggers return from the ether! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I'm again requesting DC folk to tell her some hot spots! Get to work!!!


Sharing Is Not Caring

I can be selfish. I want undivided attention at all times. I DON'T LIKE TO SHARE!! I know this about myself and am quite okay with it but sometimes it gets out of control. Like when my mom said she'd call me back and I could feel myself throwing a hissy fit and a temper tantrum and she was explaining it to me I was like WHAT ARE YA DOIN YA LITTLE BRAT?? So I calmed down. I don't like being in the middle of a story and having to be cut off for whatever you have going on over there!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! *stomps foot*

I'm actually very generous and if I have it and you ask, it's yours. But sharing attention with someone else? Yeah... I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

I had Mexican food two times last week and I so could've had it 3xs. Oh Mexican food I heart thee. Did I tell you there are 2 Mexican restaurants (NOT CHAINS) in walking distance of campus AND a Krispy Kreme? *swoon* If I did, I'm telling you again and may tell you a third time. You will love it.

I just found out there are 9 other first years in my program. Wow! In ginormous UF (53k students), I'm in a program with a total of 20 people. That's pretty cool. Apparently Floridians are impressed that I got in. Ow! Hotness! I still need to tell my grad school application saga story starting more than a year ago. But today's not the day, kiddos! Maybe tomorrow!


I'm A Genius

I have my Thursday 13 posts composed for the next 2 weeks already thanks to sitting in traffic for days and days and days. I gave y'all an extra day to watch the many repeats of Project Runway & Run's House. I hope you got it in!!!


I was DEAD when the baby threw up in Diggy's mouth! 3rd grade humor or not, I was on the FLOOR!!! Hahahahahahahahaha. I didn't give anything away because that's in the commercials now. They even did a cartoon which I'm sure he HATES! How much would it suck to be on a reality tv show and have something like that happen?!? You'd have to see and hear about it a million times! Sucktastic.

As for PR, I'll keep the spoiler details to a minimum but let's say this: garbage bags and kitchen gloves. I can't. The guy who went home most certainly should have. You will never make an outfit fit for murdering, (you'd have to kill someone in it to get some color from the blood splatter) and attempt to call it fashion MOMENTS after you lambasted other people's choices of material... which likely not coincidentally turned out WAY better than yours. Good riddance. Oh and there are THREE black people on this year!! THREE!! AHHHHHH!! I was flippin out! Lol. And the one chick's yellow kimono-inspired dress? Loved. I would link but I'm feeling super lazy right now. Know why? Because I should be sleeping. After today I have ONE MORE FRIDAY OF WORK!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I can't take it!! To quote Diva, "I ain't able!!!" Lololol.


For Rashan

He HATES when he says something smart and I retort, "Oh do you like Com.cast cuz it's faster??" Mostly because sometimes I say it multiple times a day. And I do that partly just to long distance poke him in the eye. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You know you like it! Poke! Poke poke poke! And tap tap tap!


And here's another one.

Son! Did that turtle just growl??? HILARITY!!!

And one more for good measure!

I think Carolyn is my fave! "I am" in the crazy voice? CLASSIC! HAHAHAHA. Hope this made you laugh, too! And BTW I am NOT a fan of Com.cast with their crappy service and high cable bills. But I LOVE the Sl.owskys!!! Hahahahahahahaha


Do You Know What Today Is?

The season premiere of.....

drum roll please because I'm about to lose it....

PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pause. Hahahahahahaha. Me and Stace love to say that when watching infomercials.

And resume scene.

RUN'S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



DO NOT look for me from 9-11 tomorrow night because I will be PLANTED in front of a television! If Run's House is just a halfy, then 10:30. Otherwise, sorry for ya! Ow!!


Put It On!!

Apparently there's an 80-year-old stripper.
No ma'am. And no mas. And you there! You reading the blog!


She says, "I have fun when I'm onstage, and the audience loves it. Nobody ever said it's time to give it up. Why stop?"

Then honey let me be the first. STOP!!!!!!!!! And GIVE IT UP!!!! I think even the self-proclaimed kang of the skrip club (yes, those words are all intentionally spelled that way) would tell her it's time to pry her pruned, age-spotted fingers from the pole. Enough! Lol. He will not be happy I called him the self-proclaimed kang. Hahahaha. He doesn't call himself that but I DO!! Hahahahahahahaha. Kang! Boss!

Speaking of notable quotations, you know Shani-O did the big chop, right? Too cute! One post talked about the notion of "good hair" and I just want you to all know my hair does indeed save the world. So do my sexy, sexy forearms (check the 2nd side note). I know I haven't given them much play of late but to answer the question that's been burning a hole in your head, yes, they are still sexy. No pictures, please.

My life is moving along and I'm really excited!!!!!! There's so much to look forward to!! I don't know what the least of these things are but I know one thing, I have just 11 MORE DAYS OF WORK!! Ow!! Oh and my dad vacuumed out my car yesterday. Thanks D! He was being nice to me yesterday. Either it's a fluke or he's realizing he's going to miss me. Yeah, you're right. Probably just a fluke. Lol.



Hmm... doesn't seem like quite the right title since I'm, you know, not 12. But I have that cute giddiness. It's hilarious. I told M (my mom said I can call her that now-- recanting 3 weeks later??? (no. 44) what in the world??? Make up your mind! (Stick with this.)). She said, "Does he know your other side?"


Oh I get it. Both of my parents are comedians. There's only so much you can know about a person when you're on your best behavior. No one wants to see the dark side. Not even me. Sounds ominous, right? FUN!

I was also called a short-timer several times today and I wanted to hug every single person who said it. They were rewarded with a giant smile.

I'm excited!! YAY!!


The Wedding Pics

These are pictures from my co-worker's wedding. All those people are my co-workers. I did receive some horn honks and cat calls. Lol. How small does my waist look??? I was kinda freaked out when I saw that picture. "I be in the gym just a workin on my fitness." IDK if that's what she actually says and don't care. Some jerk asked me if my co-worker was a giant or if I was just a midget. That's what I call a hater. I left the reception "early" (after 2 hours) because I was tired of being a captive audience and wanted to talk on the phone. Hence the last picture. Details to come.


Grown Up Things

I'm SUCH a grown up. It's awesome. Lol.

Wynel's having a boy! Yay! Let's all celebrate! Nehemiah Wesley! So exciting!! She still has 3 more months until he gets here.

Remember the bowling ball? So one of Wynel's old roommates just had a son who was 9 LBS. 14 OZ!!!!! Let's say a prayer right now. Dear Jesus, Please do not let me have a child who comes out a grown man. Thanks. Love Jameil.

"You hang up, no you hang up." I know that's so not grown up but I actually regularly have a variation of this conversation after hours and hours of talking! Who does this??? Hilarious.

I went to bed at 5:30 and was wide awake at 9. I'M NOT A PARENT!! I WANT TO SLEEP IN!! My dad is snoring in the chair behind me right now. SHARE YOUR SLEEP!! So selfish.

I had fire roasted tomato chipotle salsa, guac and chips for breakfast this morning. Oh yes, it was as delicious as it sounds, my friends!! I had to make myself stop eating it despite the faucet formerly known as my nose as a result. D(ad) says, "Get up and cook you some food and stop eating snacks." I retort, "This is what I feel like eating." "Good point." I know. Because I'm a grown up. Too bad there's no ice cream. I'd eat that, too. Actually I really want one of those soy orange creamsicles from TJs. I would tear that bad boy up! Come here boy! Show you who's boss.

I cannot even begin to describe how much packing I have left to do. Try everything but my books which my sister packed when she was here what? 2 weeks ago? Why won't someone come do this for me? Probably because I'm a grown up. Haters.

I'm going to a wedding tonight. One of my coworkers. I'm really excited. I think it will be really pretty. Now if I can just tackle that pesky closet and find something to wear. I want to make a fascinator... clearly mine will not look crazy like those! Lol. I'm good at crafts, I just don't take the time have the patience anymore.

15 days of work left!! Just 3 more weekends!! AND 2 more Fridays!!! You know even those can't get me down anymore!! They're about to stop being my least-favorite day of the week. My coworkers are in the full-on throes of planning my 2-day Pittsburgh farewell extravaganza! Yeah!!!

I'm so excited!! Like wiggling and dancing with anticipation excited! Champagne, beer and limes on the house, aka me. Yeah!!


What? I Was Right...

Stace: So what are you gonna wear?
Jameil: Oh I'm not at all worried about that...
Stace: Oh true. (It's her thing when she's in agreement.)
Jameil: Because I already know I don't have any ugly clothes.
Stace: *raucous laughter*
Jameil: What?
Stace: Who says that!?!?
Jameil: What's wrong with that? I don't have ugly clothes.
Stace: Take a step outside yourself, say that again.
Jameil: Ok.... *step* I don't have ugly clothes... yeah no. I still see nothing wrong with that.
Stace: *more laughter*
Jameil: What? Who buys clothes they think are ugly???
Stace: *laughing* You're all I know my clothes look good!
Jameil: Well...

And 3 hours later I'm still right. It's a curse sometimes, really.


When Pregneeshas Attack

For some reason I used to call most of the pregnant women I was around, "Pregneesha." It started with Morg, then continued with my preggers former co-worker Michelle and I'm pretty sure I called one of my current (15 more days!!) coworkers that, too when she was knocked up (most hilarious phrase ever) with child... I was surrounded by pregnant women at the doctor today. Picture me in a room with the home alone face, eyes popped, mouth gaped open in shock, eyebrows to the sky, then spinning in a circle. Yeah... that's how I felt.

This one woman was DRAGGIN!! Her ankles were the size of grapefruits and her wrists the size of softballs. When she came out from her ultrasound/sonogram (IDK! I don't have kids!), she's looking pissed and the dad's beaming. Her daughter is due any day now and will weigh,

wait for it...

wait for it....

9 POUNDS AND 14 OUNCES!!!!!! This is where if I was still cursing there would be a string of expletives. Starting with the daddy. Here is the clean, albeit dialect-filled version.


Lol. I will really try not to be an evil pregnant person in 5-8 years. What? I know y'all didn't think there would be any special announcements! No indeed! All those uncomfortable Pregneeshas I saw today? Pass. Y'all can keep that. For those of you who have children, tell me this, what kind of preggers person did you think you'd be and what kind where you?

Oh and no need to bother to tell me how wonderful it is when the child gets here and blah blah blah. Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and wait for the hubs (husband) to find me, then wait some more, then think about pushing ou... ugh. I can't even finish it. And why did this chick check in and say her birth date was in 1987? I tried to keep the shock off of my face. I know I was born in '82 but DANG!! I thought, "People born in '87 can have babies now??" And I realized she's 21, but then she also had a little one in tow who looked about 2. Better you than me kid, better you than me. No and thank you. *shudder* Why does 21 seem so young now??? I really am getting old.


Dead Legs

I did it again! Well I didn't bike my face off but I did interval training with running this time. My calves and heart didn't scream at me and I went about 10 minutes longer this time. I CAN DO THIS!! This 5k will not beat me! I visualized my friends at the finish line cheering me on and that helped me make it as far as I did. Stace and my sister Elaina have already confirmed they will be there for the race! Yay! October 19th! Gainesville! You know you wanna come! Lol.

I went to the mall after the gym. Jesus save me! I could barely stand! My right calf is still talking to me, "Hey girl. Heeeey girl!"

I am now guzzling water like the answer to life's toughest questions are in there. I've been slacking on my water consumption of late. IDK why but I need to get that together.

I found out about my funding for grad school. Straight loans... and I still need more money. Hmmm... that corner is looking more promising. Magnolia, you said Luke was hiring? I kid, I kid! Lol.

More random co-workers (16 more days!!) I never talk to (but at least KNOW) asking me to be their face.book friends... face.

I'm hungry. Someone come cook for me.

I'm really excited!!!!!!! I'm kind of trying to reel myself back in. Lol.

I just called my mom M. I forgot I wasn't supposed to! She said she knew I was gonna call her that! So funny! Lol. My bad, girl! I talked to my sister today, too. She doesn't really like her job but it's only for the summer so she'll be alright.

I sold some college books I lugged to Pittsburgh for some unknown reason??? Umm... ok... so I sold them so I don't lug them back. Ugh. Stupid books. I'm getting to the point where I want to show up in Gainesville with my books, bookshelf, shoes and clothes. The rest of it can kick rocks.


Various & Sundry

I did interval training on the bike for 30 minutes while watching V.enus & S.erena go head to head in Wimble.don & I was really proud of myself! 6.77 miles. That's 2xs the amount I'll need for the 5k... now if I could just get to running. Me and CC actually used to run in college. She was always way faster than me but I didn't care. I'm no track star and I'm okay with that.

I need to make sure I stretch my hamstrings better. They are not recovering well and yelling at me.

I'm really excited about my upcoming trip! Yay!!! Peace Pittsburgh!

I need to go to the DR.

*singing to the tune of "I'm A Wheel Watcher"* "I'm a short-timer! IIIIIIII'm a short-timer!" I can't even tell you how beatific I get when people are going off about how something sucks at work and I transport myself to another place. I either think about the fact that I'm leaving and won't have to deal with these issues OR I start daydreaming. Apparently I even have a daydreaming giggle which alerts people to the fact that I'm not paying attention. Hahahaha! I never even knew this until this weekend! Hilarious!! One person at work caught me smiling into the distance as she was going off (she wasn't speaking to me, I was just in the room) and she said, "Look at Jameil. She doesn't care, she's about to leave." YEP!!!

Some girl asked me to be her friend on face.book. Her profile says she's my coworker (FOR 17 MORE DAYS!!) but I don't recognize her name and have never met her. Why exactly do you want to be my "friend"? No point. Next! ... And how did you even find me??? I don't have anything about my job on there. That's borderline stalker right there.

Did I mention I'm excited? I'M EXCITED!!!


That Good

Oh man I was gettin' it IN today! I mean really puttin' in work! Nobody could tell me NOTHING!! For 8 GLORIOUS hours I was knocked out. Phone nowhere near me, I slept like a rock. My dad said he was down here whoopin' and hollerin' over the grueling tennis match. Did I hear him? Not a peep. I slept like "a 6 lb., 10 oz. baby Jesus." Name that movie. Oh it was so great. I haven't slept like that in a long time mostly because I do not know how to get off of the phone. Today I reluctantly shut it down but look what I got! Shout out to sleep. I love you sleep! You rock my world! Also, this just in: I still can't stand doing laundry!! And I still love countdowns and visiting small towns for a couple of days. Ow! I'm in a fantastic mood right now! Holla!!



I'm bored without my standing Saturday night entertainment!! And yet I have a million things to do! You know how it is when you have so many things to do you don't even know where to start? "Hellooo Jameil's life." "Hey, how you doin?" I'm having to answer that foolish question, "So who's gonna work for you when you're not here." Don't care. I won't be here. Honestly if that's not the dumbest question in the world I don't know what is. Do you think people sit me down and say, "So who do you think should work your shift when you're not here?" Is it time to go yet? Someone tell me. I know I'm being a pain but this is me, this is me not caring. This is me not caring right now. This is me not caring yesterday. This is me not caring today. This is me not caring tomorrow. This is me not caring in 25 days (not that I'm counting). I do like it when they call me "short-timer." I answer that like it's my name and with a smile!

One day soon I'll tell the story of the process because I think some people could use it. Nothing worth having comes easily. As trite as that shibboleth (shouts to Mau! Lol.) sometimes is, it's so true. Everything I've gone through, am going through and will go through comes at a price and for a reason. It's all to make me stronger and to help me further appreciate what God's brought me through when it's done. "I got the h.ook up, holl.a if you hear me!" I know you know that song. Pretty sure I crack G(od) up with my hood song references to him. Lol.

*Shouts to the NYT for giving me my bucket list for the city: places to hit before I blow this pierogi stand!! Ow!


Is That Information???????

UF sent me some stuff!!! YAY!!!!!!! I got information about orientation so I can rest easy that they know I'm coming. Oh yeah!

Would you like to know the things I've accomplished so far??

Those giant stacks of shoes to your left represent all but one pair of Nine West shoes I've bought in the 3 years I've been in Pittsburgh. ALL BUT ONE!! And I've bought shoes other than Nine West. Can you say obsession? Can you? Can your mouth form those words? Insanity.

This picture of me is me STANDING next to the giant tower of power. Yes, it's more than 5 feet tall... wow... So I've thrown out most of those boxes since they don't have shoes in them half of the year. Now how do I store the out of season shoes? In those clear under-the-bed boxes? I know I could look it up on the net but why do that when my bloggers can just tell me?

I've found the 5k I want to run. Did I tell you I was running a 5k? I was inspired by 1969, who ran her first this year, and Liz who's training for a MARATHON!! A marathon!! Amazing! I have no desire to ever do that. 26 miles? I'll pass. Everyone who knows me is amazed I'm running a 5k. I've never been athletic outside of dancing and I don't run... not even when being chased. A 5k is 3.1 miles. I'm running one on October 19th in Gainesville so if you want to come cheer me on, I'd love it!

Ser.ena Williams has an interval training workout and mix on iTunes that I totally want to buy. Interval training is how you build up your power. Apparently one track is 30 minutes of her telling you when to run faster. THAT'S WHAT I WANT!! And I will thank her in my acceptance speech when I finish in the top half of the pack! For the record, I may be fit but I am NOT a runner, so this will indeed be a challenge. I had to stop my first attempt at interval training on Wednesday very close to the beginning because my heart was trying to crawl out of my throat and my calf was cramping. It sucked. But I'm not giving up!

I have my immunization form and just need to make the doctor's appointment now even though I think all I may need to get is the information from Hampton. I don't know. I'll just call a doctor when I pick one so they can tell me what I need to do. I also went to the dentist and made another doctor's appointment. Going to that one next week. I also have to get my car checked out as I have three big trips coming up-- including my moves to Florida.

I've cancelled the automatic withdrawal for the cable and need to do that for my car as well. I actually just thought of that right now. When I get to Florida I will have to decide whether I want to stay with my current bank or switch to the one that's on campus. Both have locations in Gainesville but the latter has 15+ compared to one. Yeah... I'll likely switch after I get my last direct deposit from the job. THE JOB!! Only 3 more Fridays!! 3 MORE!! Did I ever tell you how much I can't stand Fridays. Oh yeah I did. Yeah... It's almost over kids! Al.most. over!!! I know what you're saying to yourself, "Self, does Jameil HATE Pittsburgh and her job?" No, self. Jameil is retsta go. Excuse me. Let me put on my professional voice. "Jameil is ready to vacate the premises." I've been here 3 years as of July 8th and that was absolutely my limit. August 3rd I'm rolling out like Luda.

I've also joined the Black G.rad Students Organization, the UF S.GRhos (my sorority) and D.ocumentary Institute (my program) groups on f.acebook. That's why I joined. To further my cyberstalking. For networking purposes. I met a girl who's in the program, too and gave me some pointers on the roommate search and choosing a thesis partner. Cool!

My dad and I went to see H.ancock Wednesday for Daddy-Daughter day. The one about the drunk screw up superhero. The action parts were good, and hilarious at the beginning. The love story was weird to me and the plot had some big holes which you know as a journalist and filmmaker (lol) irritates me. You need to properly advance a story. Get it together, please.

Okay this is devolving especially because my dad and I are watching W.imbledon. Let me go before I just start telling you about all my sports bfs like tennis' James B.lake... drool.


Thursday 13: Oh Addictions

The most fun about Thursday 13 is reading Sandy's first and getting some ideas! Lol. This one from several weeks ago is right up my alley seeing as I currently watch an inordinate amount of television! It's a casualty of the current job in television... 20 more days of work!!! Let's just start with non-tv things I'm addicted to, then move on to tv... and then maybe go back... It'll be great and you'll love it.

1) Countdowns!!!!!! FYI I'm counting everything that's not nailed down. Don't put your face next to me because I'll count that, too. Number of days left in Pittsburgh (30), days until I'm done with work (27), days of actual work not including my faux weekends (20), weekends of work (4). Yesssssssssssssss!!

2) The phone. I can't seem to stay off of it anymore.

3) Cancelling stuff. As I get ready to go to Florida, there are things I will no longer have to pay for. Cancelling them makes me excited. I can feel money seeping my way and boy does it feel good. (UF update coming tomorrow.)

4) Making lists. It gives me a serious sense of accomplishment to make this giant list, then whittle away at it. The fewer things I transfer to another day, the more amazing I prove I am. Lol.

5) S.amantha Who. It's about a girl with amnesia who doesn't remember anything about herself except some things come back in flashes. She was a bad person but now she's a good one. I watch it online on abc.com since (for 20 more days!!) I have a schedule that doesn't allow me to watch shows when they air.

6) Proj.ect Runway!!!!!!!!! JULY 16TH PEOPLE!! WATCH OUT!

7) M.onk. He cracks me up with his OCD! Hahahaha. I know that sounds odd but he's a detective who notices everything and it's very cool.

8) Ps.ych. Also on USA. Ever seen it? This guy just notices the strangest details and it allows him to pretend he's a psychic and freak people out. It's hilarious. For some reason I don't really like watching this show online. That starts again July 18th!! Yeah!!!

9) G.rey's Anatomy!!!! Was there ever any doubt?? This show is FAB!!

10) The S.uze O.rman Show. I like to learn about money and see the crazy things people with $50k in debt and $500 in savings like to ask if they can afford. "Can I afford a $2000 trip?" FOOL! Have you never seen this show?? How did you get this number? Is this a prank.

11) Deal or No Dea.l. I only watch this because there's nothing else on Saturday night and it comes on right before my girl's show (number 10) on CNBC.

12) Pictures. I love pictures! I love taking them and I love receiving them from my friends and fam. Yes, I did 2 days of Gator pictorials... what? Lol. Look at those muscles! The kid can break bricks with those things! Lol.

13) Cyberstalking... what? At least I admit it. I'm finding people from UF so that counts as research, right? Cool. Thanks for your tacit approval.
Random thought: I want some spaghetti. I tell people all the time at work what food I am feeling at that moment. Even though it's 1-10 in the morning, what I want ranges from pizza to a hamburger to guacamole to donuts to bacon and eggs. I know, I know! It's crazy! I actually always have been able to eat just about anything...
But 20 more days... AHHHHHH!! I can't believe it!!! If you think this post is bad with the countdown, you should see me at work. I do the countdown to the minute every day at 8:13. I don't know why I'm always talking to the meteorologists at that time M-W but I pretty much do the countdown all day long to the minute and sometimes to the second on the weekends. Lol.


Let's Just End It Now

That is absolutely my mantra. If someone is going to stop being my friend, as folks are wont to do, I would rather them do it sooner than later. This also includes romantic relationships. For example, if you have a known quantity of flakiness and like to spread it around, just give me the slice of bread so I can partake already. Nah mean? Because I'd rather not get attached and accustomed to you and then have to cut you out of my life. *whispering* "Sliced up. Wham, wham." *Name that song and artist.* Because I've had people just up and stop talking to me, sometimes for no apparent reason, though, "I got busy" is the most common excuse.

Would you like to hear the list? Or part of it? Ok here it goes.
  • My middle/high school best friend: "I got busy." We were in high school. No one in h.s. is that busy. Especially since I know you and know you don't have any extra-curriculars.
  • My first long-term boyfriend and high school sweetheart: "I didn't have email access or a phone card." Never stopped you before. And you're a computer science major, dummy. Turns out he didn't like me hanging with my guy friends, "I trust you but I don't trust them." You're stupid. I was ready to break up with him anyway, but trust and believe I'm super rational in a break-up. "I don't fight, I don't argue." Name it. Lol. No I don't get violent, either! I ask for reasons, process it and move on, no looking back. "Don't call me no more and don't text me no more." You can name that one, too.
  • My college drinking partner and librarian. I know that sounds crazy but that's what she was. Lol. We always drank together, she had lots of books and was always buying more, and we were nearly inseparable. She stopped communicating 3.5 years ago so I let it go. There were probably signs this was coming because she stayed deciding she didn't like people anymore and cutting them off. But I'm so fab I really didn't think I'd ever fall into that category.

I'm sure there are more but that's enough, right? I know that list probably makes me look like the crazy one. Like, "Why do so many people stop talking to you? The problem's gotta be you." Maybe it is. But I'm like fine wine, baby, I get better with age! You can get on board or get off, fine with me. But (let's break out the southern since I'm passing the Mason/D.ixon in A MONTH!!) if you're gonna bounce, I'ma need you to gon' 'head and hop to it. "I got, no time for fake ones." You can go ahead and name that song, as well if you'd like.


Old Lady

I finally went to church on Sunday. It takes some effort to get there even though I know I'll love it when I get there. That's mostly because I'm always uber tired on weekends with those crazy 11 hour days. Sucky days. Never you mind. I saw one of my Hamptonians there and she invited me to her cookout that afternoon. I would ordinarily be on the phone talking my face off or knocked out. I took a 45-minute nap, then dragged, and I mean DRAGGED myself out of bed. It was pitiful! Lol. I was SO tired. I went to the homie's house and met 2 other Hamptonians who are living in the burgh.

We started talking about G.reek life (oh for those who aren't clear, those are fr.aternities and sororiti.es). There were 2 girls there who were Z.etas and got so excited when I said I was an S.GRho. I didn't get it. We didn't have any beef on campus but there wasn't any org outside of our own that we got excited about. But they went to P.itt and there's definitely a different G.reek dynamic on predominately white campuses vs. HBCUs. This will sound awful but they seem happy to see another black person. Perhaps it should be like that but it was never that excitable for us. Lol.

Anyway they're talking about g.reeks and I tell my affiliation and one of the Hampton girls says, "Do you remember that one who stepped by herself and killed it?" I said, "Yeah, that was me." I did a one-woman step show for a myriad of reasons I'd rather not get into. Yes, I knew what I was doing and I turned that show out! Lol. Come on now! Would I do less? Negative. But then she and the other two Hamptonians, all three of whom graduated in 2007, say, "That was you??" I say, "Yes..." "WOW!! That was amazing! People still talk about that! They say, 'You remember when that one S.GRho stepped and KILLED it?' They always say that, 'And killed it.' You're like a legend!" A legend!?!? I've been gone 4 years! I was on the floor! Hilarity!!

I was also looking at the yearbook from their senior year. I saw my line sister in there! Hahahaha. She was in a sorority pic. I was like, "Heeeey L.S.!" Lol. Then I felt old because I didn't know any of the Q.ues and we used to roll with them-- not me and my line sister, me and my other homies because they were very cool and fun to hang with. I knew just about everybody when I was there but I didn't know any of the g.reeks when I was looking at the yearbook and could only pick out a few faces. I was like I'M SO OLD!! Lol. But they asked me to go out with them Thursday night. I was thinking, "OF COURSE I FIND SOME PEOPLE TO HANG WITH A MONTH BEFORE I LEAVE! WHY NOT!?" Hahahahaha. I'm okay with that, though. As long as I get to leave! 21 more days of work, people! 21!! Ow! Lookin' good!