Drawer Full of Joy

And another one! The drawer is back! But this time it's full of Yueng. Thanks Dad!
And before he went back to work (from his lunch break) he said, "Too bad I can't have a beer."
I magnanimously said, "I'll have one for you!"
He said, "Have 6."
"6!? Then how many am I to drink for myself?"
"5! That's 11 beers!"
"So I can't drink 11 beers!"
"How do you know? Have you tried it?"
"No. But I've had 5."
"Well that's a good start."
1/9 of one down, 10 and 9/10 to go! AND a new episode of Samantha Who! (If you haven't seen it, go to abc.com and watch! It's hilarity!) In case you didn't know, IT'S MY FRIDAY!!!!!


35 Fearless Questions

The questions continue... Click here for Part I.

17. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Being completely and utterly unhappy with yourself. You know how some people think they can do no wrong? These people are irritating and should sit down somewhere. But can you imagine hating the only person you can't escape? That's awful. Wise words from my mom: if you don't like you, why should anyone else?

18. Where would you like to live?
Oooh! Somewhere where I know people! I used to want to live in DC because just driving in that area makes me all giddy. Not because it's so fun but because I can feel the energy and life pumping through that place. Pittsburgh feels like the depressed city it is. The weather doesn't help. Neither does the amount of people, particularly the young, making regular, permanent exoduses out.

19. What is your most marked characteristic?
Isn't that for others to say? What do you think is my most marked characteristic?

20. Who are your favorite writers?
Oooh. I don't like picking favorites when it comes to books and authors. I have books I like and authors I like. I like to read and I'm open to new things. But not your bad poetry or "literature." I'm wary of that and may look at you differently if you tell me a hideous book or author.

21. Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Sigh. Again, really?

22. Who are your heroes in real life?
People who follow their dreams and who don't get caught up in the hype, whatever the hype may be for their particular circumstances. Believing your own press, whatever that press may be, whether or not it's just people blowing your head up face to face or actual media coverage, is bad for business. And that business is yourself. I'm not a businessman; I'm a business, man.

23. What is it that you most dislike?
Foolishness. I can't stand people who waste time. Leisure is one thing but not caring about anything is a whole other ball of wax. People who fall into the latter category exasperate me beyond measure.

24. What is your motto?
I don't really ascribe to those sorts of things. If something appeals to me, I'll get behind it, but usually shortly thereafter something else catches my eye. Something shiny! J/k. This isn't Stace... hahahahahaha. So you're saying, what is it for you now? I couldn't even tell you but it's something surrounding my fabulosity and owning it and growing in God. What else do you really need?

25. Favorite Journey?
Life. Man isn't it crazy? If you had told me 10 years ago I was gonna end up in this city and for this long I would've looked at you like you were on drugs! But I have learned some invaluable lessons here that I would never give up. Doesn't this sound like a farewell? Don't worry, I wouldn't leave without telling you and I wouldn't announce anything like that in such a round about manner.

26. What do you value most in your friends?

27. Which words or phrases do you must overuse?
Lol. Hahahahaha. "Really, though?" "I'ma go with no." I'm sure there are more but again, you're probably more familiar with the answer to this question than I am so shoot. (I'm really setting myself up for some stuff right now!! Lol.)

28. Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Oh my. I have no idea. I don't know THAT much about history to want to take on someone's entire history like that. I want to create my own.

29. What is your greatest extravagance?
I've really tried to cut down on those but I'll say trips because when I go, I really don't hold back like I should. I will spend and spend and spend. I have a blast, though.

30. If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?
How scattered we are. I have 36 first cousins. I know all the cousins on my mom's side, but because they live in Mississippi, I only see them once a year so max 30 times in my life (there may have been a few years we went more than once a year). On my dad's side, he has 8 brothers and sisters who have 27 children among them. I haven't met some of them and wouldn't know them if I saw them on the street. At least 5 are old enough to be my parents. Some of them have children my age. Wouldn't recognize many of them on the street. But I'm getting to the point where I'm just like whatever, I'll just have to ask all future gentlemen interested in the fabness their lineage J.I.C.

31. What is your favorite occupation?
No comment for myself but for my future husband? CHEF!! Lol. Mexcian, please!

32. What is the quality you most like in a woman?
Honesty. This is an unassailable trait. It'd be nice if she knew when to shut up, too. It's hard to be friends with someone who doesn't know how to let a silence linger every once in a while. Maybe not express every thought in your head.

33. What is the quality you most like in a man?
Again, honesty. And nice arms and smelling like soap doesn't hurt either. I'm not the biggest fan of cologne. You know men have a weaker sense of smell which means y'all pour that stuff on and it's so unsexy. Which means I'd just rather you didn't. Plus there's nothing wrong with a man who smells great but only if you get really close to him. Oh that's delightful. This man sitting behind me in bible study leaned forward and I got a whiff of the J.ergens soap!* Praise Him for soap! Can I get an amen? Lol.

*No, I wasn't really able to tell just by that whiff but it was delightful, whatever it was.

34. How would you like to die?
Wow. Okay crazy. In my sleep at 101. Why not? Go hard or go home (heaven). Lol.

35. If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?
Huh? Didn't we do this in part one? Since I said ladybug before I'll assume that answer was rejected. In this case I would come back as some rich person's dog. You can do whatever you want whenever you want and are incessantly pampered with people to clean up after you, doggie pedis and spas. (Uh oh Rah, that's in your hood!) THAT is living. I don't like being touched by strangers as a human but I think I'd be slightly more amenable to that as a dog.


Dancin' Danciiiin' Dancin' Machine!

Son! Did I ever tell you how much I don't get down with yoga? Well let me take care of that now. I DO. NOT get down with yoga. I think it sucks. It's too slow and you're contorting all over the place, showin the people your hoo ha. Spread your legs and pull them back over your head, toot that thang up mommy make it roll once you pop, pop lock... (I used to LOVE that song! I'd be in the house doin all the dances from the video. Lol. Just like in middle school... except I didn't tape it and learn the choreography! hahahaha) Ok maybe she didn't say it in quite those words but that's what she wanted us to do.

I decided to take a class at the gym today. Once I was in there the woman told us it was 30 mins of arms, 30 mins of core and legs and 30 mins of stretch/yoga. WHOA WHOA WHOA! That said core on the schedule and I thought this joint would have me out in 45!! TRICKS! LIES! AND VICIOUS RUMORS!!! They tricked me! But I was already in there so I decided to just stay. Oh my arms! My legs! I started to leave once we got into yoga because I was getting SO. BORED!! I was yawning, rolling my eyes, all that. I need crackheadishly fast-paced music and activity. The first part had it down and we were good other than all that movement... OUCH! I started laughing toward the end because it was so outrageously taxing on my muscles. I work out but I don't do classes and you know those things work muscles you never knew you had! Waking up will be very interesting tomorrow.

Wanna know why I'm a dancing machine? Because when I got home I had TWO fabulous pieces of mail. ONE, my contest winnings from Liz!!! WHEEEEE!! TWO, MY ABSENTEE BALLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!


This is a moment.

There is a BLACK MAN on my ballot, for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. PRESIDENT!! That is HUGE!! I mean if you're black you know where I'm coming from. Did you ever think there would be a viable black candidate? And this soon?? Because no one I know took Jesse very seriously and they certainly were giving Al the side eye. He wasn't even a consideration. We can't have a president with a conk. It just isn't possible. But here we have a candidate you can believe in! The great black hope! (lol) I LOVE YOU ROCKY! He's so amazing. Love it!!! If your state has not voted yet, make sure you take part in the political process or I want to hear nothing of your whining and complaining about the resources your community is missing out on. B.arack the vote.

I just finished a nice big glass of crown & coke. My HU homie Brandi's drink of choice. And so, so smooth. She just likes anything with crown and I mixed very very nicely if I do say so myself. Wish there was more coke for me to make another. Alas, I'll just sit here and bask in the buzz and rock out to Estelle. Her cd is hot! Kisses!



Soy creamy orange creamsicles from Trader Joe's? DELISH!! One of those vegan products I picked up just because it looked good. Why are there only 3 in a pack? I, for one, believe that should be illegal. As should the deliciousnessocity of the fire-roasted salsa which I just tried for the first time. You already know how I feel about the chipotle salsa. Love. in. a jar.

Father. I don't know how to tell you without you getting all pissy that I do. not. want to talk to you the second I walk in the door. Especially since you don't know how to talk without picking. I rarely react anymore but sometimes you are really getting on my nerves. I ply you with food because it keeps you quiet for a few minutes. Just like a little kid.

I like to freak people out with my typing. The first time people hear me type they're usually like, "What the..." because it sounds like what kids do when they're faking on the computer. But I type daily, all day long, so what else would I sound like when I type? But I sounded like this a long time ago. What I love most of all though? When people are talking to me and I'm looking at them and listening and typing. I only have to stop typing to respond. But I can absolutely hear everything you're saying and comprehend. It really makes me giggle when I do that to my dad.

It's so PRETTY today! YAY! It could snow late Monday or early Tuesday when the temperature drops to 32. That's right. On April 29th. If you know that ain't right say, "THAT AIN'T RIGHT!!!"


Hmph. Evil weather. But this just means I get to wear my favorite outfit one last time this winter. (Pray on that one last time part.) I'm not going to consider it spring until I stop seeing 30s on the five day forecast. You don't want to look like spring? I'm not gonna call you spring. All together now.


Thanks for your participation.

I looked so cute today. But why did some man say to another man as I walked past, "That's a sexy walk." AT CHURCH!! See huh uh. I don't want no parts of that. Foolishness!!

My daddy just said, "Chocolate tortilla chips?" "No, D, blue corn tortilla chips." Lol. He was already eating them. If I thought I saw some chocolate tortilla chips, I'd put on the ill grill and quickly remove myself from the vacinity. I'm already not that much of a choc fan and I'm pretty sure that would knock me right into the I don't like chocolate category.

*I love these stream of conciousness posts and I don't care if you don't! Naa naa na boo boo! Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I'M CRACKING MYSELF UP TODAY!!*


Don't Rock, Body

Mine's rebelling against me and I don't like it. Jerky body.

It's 74 degrees outside!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Some bloggers CRACK ME UP with their crazy late-night conversations!!

I went on a walk yesterday and made a rock into my impromptu step. I rocked it out with a faux step routine and I'm feeling it today. YES! Gym/exercise aches are that hotness.

Speaking of the gym, Rell got a bit upset that there are women's only gyms and gym sections. Know what? I never would've thought I'd ever consider one. I've been boy crazy since birth! But when I'm all sweaty and trying to get my fitness on, this is not the time for you to be ogling me. Especially since you're not attractive! Grosssss!!! I'm so not impressed. I'm the opposite of impressed. Get thee behind me, troll. Was that wrong? If you would act right I would, too.

I looooooove registries. I had so much fun looking at my cousin's registry. I knew what I wanted before I went to the store then had them pick it all out for me, wrap it up and pay. I bought 4 of these. HOW FAB ARE THEY!??! And just now I bought my dad's stuff online for him just because I love giving gifts! YAY!! No you can't have anything. Stop being greedy. Of course he paid. I really like spending other people's money for them. Especially when I get to spend more than $100! Now who else wants to let me spend their money? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Pittsburgh is boring me.


35 Fearless Questions: Part I

Apparently these came from V.anityFair. I find that magazine to be more than a bit overreaching. That's precisely rolled my eyes so hard I feared for their ability to stay attached when a coworker once mentioned "off-handedly" that a few family friends were in a recent issue and blah blah I forgot to listen to the rest. Please give me a break. I snatched the questions from another blogger who writes marvelously! Reading fabulous writers inspires me to write fabulously. So from her fabulosity to mine...

1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
That look of drunken joy. You know the one. Where it's the perfect temperature (72-76 degrees), you're eating outside (at the beach) with good friends and good drinks. You're lying if you say it can get better than that.

2. What is your greatest fear?
Dying alone.

3. Which living person do you most admire?
My mom. I think she's so awesome.

4. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Procrastination. I'm a perfectionist so you would think these two would be at odds, constantly warring for top dog position. You would be right. It does make for interesting internal commentary but takes bursts of inspiration to really get things accomplished. And deplore? I'm not sure that's the word I would use. Probably more like it exasperates me.

5. What is the trait you most deplore in others?
A lax attitude. People who don't take pride in their work or care about the results are the bane of my existence. When I complain about these sorts, my dad says, "It takes all kinds." But I say, WHY????

6. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
Virtue is not overrated. That's part of the problem now. We celebrate vices and attack virtue.

7. On what occasion do you lie?
Requesting a bit of honesty, eh? I try not to lie when people ask me questions. I don't like to hurt feelings but sometimes it happens when they ask for an honest answer. I'm not very good at mincing words. My mom told me honesty was of utmost importance when I was very little and I took it to heart. Now when do I lie... hmmm... let me think about that one. I lie when asked to divulge something I've been asked not to talk about. I'll act like I don't know.

8. What do you dislike most about your appearance?
This is a hard one. My hair irritates me some days because it is just so unruly. But generally I'm happy with my appearance. I always have been. If you don't like something about yourself change it or accept it. Wallowing in your perceived faults is a waste of time and energy.

9. What is your greatest regret?
I don't believe in regrets, either. We all make mistakes. Did you learn from it? Good, then don't regret it. You wouldn't be able to take the lesson without it. Your trials are preparation for your triumphs. (c)Jameil 2008.

10. What or who is the greatest love of your life?
I don't know. I don't think I've met him yet. But I've been asking God to prepare me for him.

11. Which talent would you most like to have?
I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I have. But I do think it would be nice to be able to flip. I've always been too frightened of busting my head open (no matter the supporting surface) to try. I didn't even learn how to do a cartwheel until I was about 13. I learned to do a round off shortly thereafter. I chose not to go further. I like my head. But I used to ask Ash to do it on the grass at Hampton. I would clap and cheer. Lol.

12. What is your current state of mind?
Luminous. Expectant. Thoughtful.

13. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I guess the procrastination.

14. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I haven't had it yet. I told my father a few weeks back I'm going to be a success. He said, "You already are." I was taken aback. I said, "Awww... thanks Dad. But it's not enough." His reply? "It never is for successful people." Deep. Then he brought up Rocky saying being a lawyer wasn't enough, then being state senator, then U.S. senator, now President. He believes Rocky will re-define presidencies. Did you just put me in the same category as Rocky? I had to end the conversation. I like compliments but sometimes it overwhelms me to know my parents, the ones who raised me and brought me into this world, think so highly of me. They don't say it a lot so when they do it means that much more.

15. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
Oooh. That's interesting. A ladybug?

16. What is your most treasured possession?
My magnificent mind. You can't take any of this stuff with you when you die, alas, not even those navy blue velvet and satin pumps with the pleated toe and dainty bow which I'm oh so tempted to wear daily. The only thing that goes on for eternity is your soul. And really, everything can be replaced. Sometimes when I think these things I feel like maybe I grew up too privileged. We weren't rich but firmly middle class where my mother did not have to work, but chose to and we never really wanted for anything. We weren't spoiled, but loved. No, really. We're very down to earth children (my sister and I) which I think accounts for the lack of attachment to worldly goods.

Part II to come.



...the first-ever Los Angelista giveaway! WHOOP WHOOP! (I used to ABHOR that song!! Mostly b/c dudes would holler that out as I walked past in college INCESSANTLY. Boys. This song wasn't much better.)

I didn't even know I was entering a competition because I skipped that part of the post... my bad! I can't stand skimmers!! Lol. But her beautiful boys threw slips of paper in the air (FUN!!), let them fall, then picked my name!! YOU ROCK, BOYS!! So what did I wein in honor of Earth Day? A B.rita faucet mount filtration system and two new HDPE Filter for Good Nalgene bottles!! I'm gonna have the most fashionable water at the gym. I'm gonna now only work out with sunglasses on. If someone tries to talk to me (like the dude who feels the need to stare and speak-- wack. I'm not down with another one who is there EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I am. (No, I haven't seen that one in probably a month.)), it's not happening. I will glance over my sunglasses, not pausing in what i'm doing, roll the eyes, sigh if they're lucky, slowly blow on the nails, splay the fingers and lay back. If I'm mid-stride, I won't even pause. All because I'm a contest winner. With the hottest accessories in water.

*Need the "I WON!!" dance? Click here.
**In case you were wondering, still not a fan of Spike or Andrew on Top C.hef. They're both tools. (My new favorite descriptor.) I like this episode already and we're not even halfway through!! Wheee!! Who grills bread in advance? Seems like a bad idea to me. I am definitely a fan of D.ale, though. Heeeeey boo. He's absolutely no Tre but he'll do for now. I need that tofu "steak" he made... I know it sounds crazy but it got rave reviews and looked intriguing. Plus he won a $2,000 grill and $2,500 worth of C.alphalon. DROOL!! No, I have not given up my quest to marry a M.exican chef. I'm just leaving my options open. But here's a question related to last night. Does every single person need to say "There's no room for error"? Because I heard it a minimum of 3 times in 30 mins. We get it. Thanks. Before we go, room for error? Yes or no? No? Okay. What about now?


Thinking Aloud

I know what you're saying. Doesn't she do that all the time anyway? Isn't that what this blog is? One giant stream of consciousness post? I suppose. But here we go anyway. *Sidenote: I'm starving after a workout and 7/10 of a can of Full T.hrottle (it was free at work).*

I'm thinking of going to Connecticut in July.

My long time readers are like WHAT!? and WHY!?!?! Because Ash and her fellow gymnastics coaches are going to be in a competition! Stace you should come, too!!! I know y'all weren't thinking I wanted a replay of this. I'm straight. And actually re-reading that post and a few others made me realize exactly what I already knew in the back of my head. So the question was of course, if/when I go to Connecticut (since I really would've preferred not to ever again (well until Ash gets married)), will I call the ex? Yeah... I still don't know how I'd react around him. I'm definitely cold chillin over here (LMAO!!!) but I don't think calling him is necessary. I was thinking, "If he came to Pittsburgh and didn't call me, would I be upset?" And the answer was no. So do I care if he finds out I was in Connecticut and didn't call him? Picture a very nonchalant, slow one shoulder shrug with a bored expression. Not particularly. I mean, do you. Cuz umma do me.

LMAO! I didn't hear that song while at home... I don't think. There were so many songs I wasn't at all familiar with or only marginally that I could only keep so many in my head. What were those other songs I was singing? Something about being a boss... something about saying cheese and posing... and that doggone hot mess lollipop song.

So anyway. If the wallet's looking right, why not take a trip to the C? I know I'll have a blast with Ash & co. Her fam is the best. So are ya comin, Stace? Huh, huh? Are ya? You said you wanted to take a trip once a month! *Speedy Gonzales voice* Ju can do it! Lol.

*Let's wrap it up with a 2nd side note: One of my current fave commercials.*


A Love Letter

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you since I got back from vacation, baby. You know it hasn't been intentional. It's just that I spent so much time with you, engorged myself with you, filled up, wrapped, enmeshed with you, I was. A glutton for you. And with no shame. And because I was so spoiled by you the grind of my reality away from vacation has been that much more harsh. I'm coming back. And I'm coming back tonight. In fact, in just a few hours I'll be back in your arms.

I love you, sleep.

Son. It's that serious. I haven't gotten more than 6 consecutive hours (and then only one night) of sleep any night since I've been back. Y'all know I need my 8 hours!!! It has been more than a struggle. But I'm SO tired tonight that I'm certain I will get my 8 and me and sleep will be reunited. Sleep is part of the reason I ended up not going to see Rocky. I KNOW!! AIN'T THAT A! But it's for the best because he was more than an hour late and I would've had to leave early to go to work which would've made me upset.

We did a live interview with him this morning and me and another producer were waving at the screen... and we took pictures with it. HILARITY!!!! We saw him reading the paper (USA Today in case you were wondering) and chewing gum. Lol. Today's the PA primary. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am that it will be over for me at 10 tomorrow morning. I won't have to cover another bit of the primary. It'll will be someone else's turn for torture. Mine has lasted 6 weeks!!! Pennsylvanians get out and vote today! It's gorgeous so no excuses! I'm still registered in NC so yes, I'm ordering my absentee ballot. We don't vote until MAY!!! I hope it comes with an I Voted sticker. Lol.

Tomorrow- Top Chef. Thursday. Drum roll please. Wait for it wait for it. GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!! Oh 9:58:40 you can't come soon enough for me.


Thanks Dad

He stood me up. I went to sleep, woke up to cook and when I come downstairs, he says "I don't feel like dealing with it today." Wait. We have an opportunity to participate in an historic campaign and YOU BACK OUT?? BOOOOOOOOO, D! BOOOOOO! I thought about backing out since I'm giving up sleep. Then I said to myself, "Self, you give up sleep for a number of other things and go places alone on a regular basis, why not for Rocky?" You can sit home alone, D.

Rick on the road? Not a fan. I never paid him any attention but have you ever tried to watch tv at 2 a.m. on a Sunday? It's not pretty. I flip over to CNN and what is your boy obnoxiously asking the mayor of Philly on the street? "How are you, a black man, not supporting the black candidate?!?!" Now we all know I think everyone should support Rocky. But to say you should only support him because he's black is LUDICROUS!! That's why there is a democratic process. So anyone can support anyone they want. As a H.ispanic, I'm sure you support Richardson, right? I mean you speak Spanish. If all black people are to support Rocky, and all women are to support Billary, WHAT AM I TO DO AS A BLACK WOMAN!??! I'M SO (not) TORN!!! You're a jerk, Rick. And so very, very out of touch. Your insinuation is not only out of line but offensive. Go sit down.

Did you see what Robin Roberts did this morning? De-wigged on television, post-chemo. SHE'S AWESOME!! And she looks great. We all know how attached women are to their hair. Particularly black women. Cutting our hair takes amazing feats of strength. It's a gutsy move and I applaud her. Rock on Robin!


Grocery Gaffes

Excuse me. But is it really that difficult to get ORIGINAL?!? I don't want your sausage, basil and 5 cheese spaghetti sauce. I want traditional. I never found it in the brand I wanted and settled for mushroom even though I already had fresh ones I wanted to add. I don't want your garlic & herb wheat t.hins. I want original. Oh there they are. Behind another display ON THE BOTTOM SHELF. I don't want sour cream and cheddar or sour cream & onion R.uffles. I want original. And not in the family-sized bag. Never found those either. I don't want the family-sized original L.ay's either. I had to settle for the thick cut with sea salt... also on the bottom shelf. I don't want the BRAND! NEW! berry juice Capri S.uns. I want the regular, original tropical punch. My dad calls me picky. I know what I like. I'm attuned to my dietary requirements. Most of the time with food I'm adding something to it. That means I just want it unadulterated so I can add my own whatever. Food network is the love of my life and a curse. Everyone is more open to all these options because they see fun food all day every day. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO FIND ORIGINAL WITHOUT A SEARCH TEAM!! Sons of biscuits.

I was mildly hungry, bored but inspired when I headed to the store. Then I had the aforementioned experience and was no longer in the mood to cook by the time I got home. Ain't that... anyway. Ravioli & strawberry shortcake it is. I know. Sometimes I eat like a 4-year-old... or a bachelor who can't cook. My dad's rubbed off on me. He can cook but most of the time he doesn't.



It's at 9:30 tomorrow night which is smack dab in the middle or REM sleep for me usually, or right after a bathroom break (not a sleep bathroom break! lmao!) but not tomorrow!! Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym for the first time in almost two weeks, then I'm coming home and going to sleep! I'll wake up & cook, then me and my dad are going to see our boy! Wheeeeeee!!! I talked to Ash and she said CC saw him in Philly and cried because of the historic significance of the moment. That was a record-breaking crowd for one of his events with an estimated 35k in attendance. WOW!! Did you go 1969? I'm so excited! I was gonna use my work i.d. to get in but I don't want to be escorted to the press section (even though it might mean getting up close and personal) and have to act civilized. I want the experience! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Additional Insanity

1) Sweater colors at B.enetton. It was COLD in Charlotte Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I mean lows in the 30s, highs in the 50s, maybe nudging 60s (that would be warm in Pittsburgh (average) but in Charlotte it's supposed to be in the 70s this time of year and no where near 30) and I brought 2 jackets and not much to match either and no coats. Why? Because even though I obsessively checked the weather, I refused to believe it would be that cold. I work with meteorologists. I know how unreliable those forecasts are beyond day 3 and even day 3 can be shaky depending on a myriad of forces. They'll tell you themselves 7 and 10 day outlooks are a crap shoot. So I leapt out on faith and was forced to huddle in the house for a few mornings! Wednesday morning-- record low of 29!!!!! NOT FAIR!! It was warmer in Pittsburgh!!

Anyway. More excuses to shop. Except of course when you're in the market for just about anything, you can find NOTHING you like. I go into the aforementioned store. The sales associate asks if I'm looking for anything in particular. I love their skirts and pants but am not shaped like a board and am therefore unable to wear them. I think for a moment, then say, yes. I request a ROYAL blue or GRASS green scoop-neck cardigan. I told you I specialize in specificity. I know I have a tendency toward prolixity at times (told you I would use that Rashan!) but if you ask, I'll answer as concisely as possible when the situation allows.

Very specific and yet still simple enough for a child to understand, right? I think I've scored when she tells me she has a blue and a green cardigan and goes to the back to get them. Hurrah! Until she comes out with PERIWINKLE and ARMY CAMOFLAGE green cardigans. Wrong. I visibly draw back, offended. Can we review my request again? ROYAL blue and GRASS green. BRIGHT. You brought me two of the dullest colors in the blue/green family. I recommend for your firing or removal to a section of the CLOTHING STORE (the size of a closet) which does not require you to identify BASIC colors. It's not like I asked for chartreuse or true maroon, not to be confused with cranberry or H.arvey brick (last paragraph). I can't. *throws color wheel at her head*

2) Speaking of heads. Old heads. My line sister and I have had a moment. We celebrated 6 years of sorority membership this year. She's the advisor to the undergraduate chapter at Syracuse right? WHY did one of the girls introduce her saying, "This is Nichole, our advisor. She's old school, Spring '02." OLD SCHOOL!?!? Save that for the 90's! And early 90's at that because I used to chill with Spring '96. Okay I will let you classify her as an old head. Lol. But US?! We're 25! And when I told Shani she had the nerve to say, "Well... you are kind of old." *face* Neophytes.


Fighting Loser Week

I won't lie. I wallowed a bit in my return yesterday. I told y'all leaving Charlotte and returning to Pittsburgh can really make me become a cutter. But I fought the urge and here we are today. I can't even tell you how much news I need to catch up on but let's give it a shot! I have not seen a national newscast in more than a week as my mom doesn't have cable. I have not looked at a single Pittsburgh newscast or newspaper in more than a week. Wow... I better do that when I get done here so I can have a semblance of some idea of what has happened here since I vacated (Ooh! Accidental pun city!) or it's gonna be a rough night! Lol. Maybe my co-workers were kind enough to hook me up with some help. I'll still have at least 100 emails in both of my work email in boxes. Good times.

I slept all day today up until about 12:30. I felt I deserved it. You know how traveling wears you out. I wasn't really ready to get up but heard my dad come home for lunch and thought he might have food with him. How stereotypical, huh? He didn't. Bah humbug. I haven't unpacked a single thing except the requisite chick lit book for the airplane which I bought yesterday and finished last night. It was amusing enough, but Brit lit is much better.

As far as recaps go, let's jump right in where we left off at Saturday. My mom went to a sorority meeting and I did nothing all day but hang around the house until I called Meagan around 5. We decided to meet up for dinner at 6:30 but I know her so I didn't even start getting dressed until 6:20. She called me at 6:50 like, "Hey, I'm sorry but I'm on my way." I said, "You straight. I know how you operate." Hahahaha! That was met with a resounding, "WHATEVER!" My mom was like you give us crap but you let her off the hook. She's always been like that, has gotten (admittedly & understandably) worse since having a little one to get ready as well and doesn't pretend to ascribe to times. You and your other daughter, on the other hand, do. So y'all get the attitude. I should say got because like I previously mentioned, I wasn't stressing it after they PISSED. ME. OFF. on Friday.

Meagan, her adorable 16-month-old son Tristan and I went to R.uby Tuesday's. Mmmm. I let that one slide as not being a local restaurant because they're nearly non-existent in the burgh & I like their new(ish) menu. I had strawberry lemonade which was AMAZING!! & the turkey, avocado & bacon burger. I've been whoring myself out for avocado lately and it's more than a bit insane but the burger & fries were delish!! After the restaurant, we went back to our respective houses to get ready for the club!

I'd talked to Mike (Hampton homie throwing the party) earlier in the day. He said he'd put me on the list but DID NOT so I was irritated by that but I was scopin out the cuties before we even walked in the door! Heeeey boo! The problem was the venue. P.resto's is WAY too small to throw parties where people are dancing. I kept buying drinks. The incredibly slow bartenders kept me from getting super drunk because I bought drinks for me and two of my friends. I was losing count of how many I bought and thinking see this is how bartenders bury drinks in people's checks. I just knew I was gonna get a $100 bill... and it was $34. SCORE!! I know for a fact I bought at least 6 drinks but whatev! I'll take it and leave a nice tip for the bartender! I also asked this dude to take me, Meagan & Tasha's picture because we were too cute. As I was walking to the dance floor, who do I see... CLASSY JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It was like a movie. Lol. We stopped, stared at each other and just started jumping up and down screaming. Then we hugged for mad long like two old ladies. I knew she lived in Charlotte but she'd told me she was gonna be out of town and I didn't know when she was coming back so it was a shock seeing her! This was my Hampton homie I could ALWAYS count on to have a BALL!!! She's from the NO and keeps it crunk, sober or drunk. We have SO. MUCH. FUN TOGETHER!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Lol. Yeah it was like that. We hadn't seen each other in 2.5 years since I went to see the Color Purple. I also saw this dude I grew up with, also named Mike. I always see him at parties when I come home. Very odd. Me and JoEllen were workin the dance floor as usual having a blast. Then we see this other dude we went to Hampton with! Everytime I saw him at school I would bust out with, "We're J.J. Fad & we're here to rock! [what is that word?] can never be stopped. See it's 3 of us & I know we're fresh. Party rockin, non-stoppin & our names are def. See the J is for just the other's for Jammin, the f is for fresh a-n-d def."
And depending on the time I would keep going for quite a while. Lol. So yeah in case you didn't get it, his name is J.J. Lol. I didn't sing that this time but we worked it!

Jojo & I went outside. I asked this dude to take our picture because he was the first person I saw who wasn't already talking to someone. He said, "Didn't I take your picture earlier?" LMAO!! I was like, "Oh yeah, I guess you did... what's your name?" He said, "Jason." I said, "Hi Jason. I'm Jameil & this is JoEllen. JoEllen, this is Jason, my personal photographer." Hahahahahaha!! He took the picture and asked for a tip so I kissed him on the cheek. So fresh! Lol. We stayed until the club closed at 2:35 having a blast then headed to IHOP for the 2nd night in a row. This time my homie I grew up with and went to church with, Shari, JoEllen and her friends, and Meagan's friends all came along. Muy fun! Lol. I called and woke one of my homies up so he could talk to me when I got home at 5 a.m. Alright that's enough of a recap for now. Holla!


Were You Worried?

I tried to post an utter but obviously it didn't make it to the blog to explain that last post. Ah well. Did you think I was never coming back? I contemplated it. I really did. I've decided how to do this blog365 thing, too. I'll post mostly daily but if it's too much when I go out of town, y'all are short! Need an example? Check the last few days.

Now to the business at hand. Son!! Why do airports bring out the crazy in folk? I get SO cranky when I'm leaving Charlotte. I get even worse when I land in Pittsburgh. Like my mom was worried. Like she was saying, "You sound so different. So sad. You're making me feel sad." Poor mommy. See what this filthy city does to me and that's just in the airport.

Today the woman next to me sits in my seat but looked like she spoke very little English so I didn't even bother to tell her to move. I picked that window seat for a reason. Aisle seats are wack. I need something to lean on in those teeny tiny uncomfortable seats (says the one who's 5'1 but needs to stretch). Then she asks the flight attendant for C.oke Zero.


*blink, blink*

Stop. Who asks for super specific specialty drinks? That's like me asking for a 4:1 mix of cranberry apple raspberry juice with a swirl of seltzer and a splash of lime-- just a splash. And crushed ice. Ever so slightly shaken, not stirred.

I just checked 50/56 emails in the AOL, 2/8 in the gmail, 1/3 on myspace and posted a twitter. There is so much to catch up on and I just sat in 70 minutes of traffic for a 40 minute drive from the airport. Of course 10 minutes later my father wants to walk in the house and ask 20 questions. I know you missed me, dear. But please let me decompress. Thanks.


Friday Night Lights

Yesterday was an adventure to say the least. I've always been very time-oriented. Working in news has made me worse. If someone has something they want to do before the show, they can't say wait five more minutes at 4:58:56. We're on at 4:59:00. You don't have 5 more seconds. And we're up. That's it. There's no waiting. We're on. Figure it out. It has absolutely transferred to my life. That means particularly when I'm home that when people-- i.e. my mom & sister-- don't want to play nicely, I get vexed.

Friday my mom asked me to set times for Saturday. I gave her a look like please don't do this to me. I know how I am. If I'm setting times I want to do it. At. that. time. She made me set times. I said 9 a.m. for walking, 11 to wash hair, 1:30 for the mall. We did not do the first 2 and got to the mall at 2:15. BUT they also tried to push the mall back to Sunday to get my cousin's shower gift. The shower is Sunday. No. I'm not waiting until the last minute. We got to the mall, got the gift, went to this fab burger joint called The C.oncrete where you create your own burger. I got an Angus burger with a fried egg, avocado, roasted garlic aioli, horseradish cheddar on an English muffin. It was FABULOUS!!! My sister got a burger with grilled onion & grilled pineapple on honey wheat. My mom got a turkey burger with sprouts, red onion & horseradish cheddar & dijon balsamic. We also got an order of sweet fries & regular fries for the table. Muy fabulouso... except we sat on the patio because I haven't dealt with allergies in so long I almost forgot I had them. I remembered by the end of lunch when I was sneezing almost non-stop!! Ack! I also got one of Stace's birthday gifts. Then when we walked around the mall for a while and I SAW NOTHING!! That was annoying, too. Then I started getting irritated all over again because I couldn't find anything. I was Miss Crankypants yesterday.

After the mall we went back to the house to get ready. My sister decides she needs to do her hair which involves her sitting under the dryer for more than an hour. So instead of meeting Tasha @ Friday.s at 8, we get there at 9:30!!!! Okay no. Because I'm sitting there just waiting. She better be glad I didn't drive and Meagan wasn't in town yet because she would've gotten left. Once she got done she was waiting for her friend we've known since forever (grew up together at church) to get there. I was getting heated!! We finally get to the restaurant to drink. I actually see this throwback crush. Like 1993 throwback crush! Wow!! This dude we went to church with. I loooove his family, too. His parents and sisters are fab. One of his sisters is so planning my wedding. She's fab. But yeah he's like why are you sitting in here and your sister's sitting on the patio? That ain't right. Y'all need to go back to the drawing board and start over. Don't do her like that. I was like uhhh... what?? Ok T.J. *insert amused face.* Better than the annoyed face. We have never had a conversation longer than 5 words despite the fact I crushed on him from 4th grade until maybe freshman year in COLLEGE!! Yeah... he went to A.&T tho. Yuck. Lol. He was 3 years older so I was def. getting straight ignored back then. I was glad I looked good last night though. Read 'em and weep baby! Lol.

The first two places we were supposed to go post-restaurant were not popping to make a short story out of a long one that makes me sound even more anal than I do now. So I call the dude who's having the party tomorrow night. Let's speed that one up, too. He told us about S.unset and put us on the list for tomorrow night. Score! We head there and there aren't many people there yet but the crowd was nice-- no white tees! Praise Jesus. I would've been WEAK if there were some... NO INDEED!! I can't not hang with Pookie, RayRay, 'nem. I need to be in the spot with the professionals. Charlotte is full of black professionals and that's who I want to be with. The dj was pretty good though I was not exactly feelin his J.igga set. I'm from the south. I want the Luda, Lil.John, W.ebbie, W.eezy, J.eezy and whoever else barely speaks English. I bought the first round of drinks, then Meagan gets there and buys me a drink. Tasha's friend wanted to buy me a drink but I turned her down at least twice... very unusual for me! I also saw this guy I was in the band w/in h.s. He wanted to buy me a drink but I turned him down too... mostly b/c one of the homies was GONE!! I knew I'd turned into the d.d. so I was definitely a 2 drinks for 4 hours girl. I didn't mind though. Especially because I had a good time with the music, hanging with the h.s. homie (who did end up buying me a beer) & laughing at the super drunk homie. I ended up holding her purse because she kept dumping all the contents on the ground. It was special... lolol.

Tasha was talking to this Ghan.ian dude (represent Stace! Lol) who was kind of hot... but about politics. Son. I love Rocky but I don't want to politic in that manner in the club. Stop it. Y'all so "deep." *eye roll and LMAO!!!!!* I also saw JuliusP.eppers there. Dude. Did I tell y'all I saw him every time I went out in Charlotte when I lived here for a year after graduation? I mean every time. Multiple times a week. It was insane. And every time I'm in town again who do I see? Dude. Maybe you should practice year round so the P.anthers can have a SHOT THIS YEAR!!!

Afterwards we went to I.HOP so someone could sober up. Lol. Plus side? I woke up w/o a hangover after a night of drinking for the first time... ever?? IDK. It's been so long I can barely remember. I may never drink vodka again though because I think it's the death of me. Maybe I'm allergic to vodka. Because no matter how little I drink of it, I feel ill the next day. Why did Tasha's friend try to tell me I was mixing too many kinds of liquor? I had a margarita @ the first spot, 2 hours later it was an amaretto sour. An hour after that it was a tan.queray & tonic. An hour 1/2 after that it was a beer. Uhhh... you do know you're essentially sober when you don't even have a drink an hour, don't you? Them's the rules.

Everything ended well but no more set itineraries for home. Only very loose ones i.e. go here, here and here but NO TIMES. I have to preserve my sanity since you won't!! I cut out the beer factory tour because I just didn't feel like fighting with people to get there on time. The tour starts at NOON!! I didn't even think about me & my mom going without Elaina (my sister) but we could've done that. I had marked it down and seared it in my head as something for the 3 of us and after yesterday I was just like uhhh... no. I think my mom was disappointed, though. Poor thing. Her feelings were hurt last year when I kept hanging with my friends. She felt left out. But she didn't take off so I would be around the house, then Meagan would come get me and we'd be gone until 3 in the morning. She had a sorority meeting this morning, though. She's off next week and my sister will be back at school so it'll be just like the old days!! We had 19 months of peace back in late '82, all of '83 and early '84 before the baby came. So we'll take it back to those days! Lol. Me and my mom have fun together. We both like to sleep and eat. It gets no better than that! Next week will be very chill. Monday I'm supposed to be going to dinner with my cousin so that should be fun. Then Wednesday I think me and my mom are gonna go to the Bob.cats season finale since tix are dirt cheap. YAY!! Good times had by all!!

I get to see Meagan's baby again today. I can't wait!! I only met him when I was home last year. He was 4 months and now he's 16 months!! Amazing!! He's like a grown man!! People's kids always shock me. Esp. since I've known Meagan & Tasha since we were 12. It's amazing seeing your friends grow up and procreate. Not that Tasha's procreating! She would be so not pleased to read that implication! Lol. My friends are fab! Yay!!! And my sister went to go get us some food. Wheeee! Alright folk, holla! (BTW still didnt' find the sequined dress I want but I'm gonna go with the trench for the outfit tonight and not worry about it. I'll have fun regardless and hopefully tonight I won't be DD! Then church Sunday. Wheeeeee!! I love going to my church because there are so many people there who've known me most of my life and get so excited to see me. Yay! I apologize for any confusion in this post. I don't feel like re-reading it. Lol. Holla folk!


Blog La Familia!

How are you loves?? Why is one of my sorors who crossed at Hampton and is from Pittsburgh in the Steel City this week?? BOOOO!! Her mom doesn't live there anymore so she rarely comes back. I haven't seen her in a very long time. Awww. I texted my soror Kia who lives in Charlotte who was my primary rolling partner for mid-week late night clubbing and SHE'S IN DC THIS WEEK!!! BAH AGAIN!! Classy Jojo-- Hampton friend who now lives in the QC-- is in her hometown of New Orleans this week so I'll have to wait until next week to see her!!

Why did I just have to tell my mom her cell phone number??

Why do people have such hood names?? I know Jameil isn't exactly mainstream but at least it's not that made up. Geez. I know y'all want some examples. How about inventive spelling?? Why does Stace know a kid named Quorie. That's pronounced... Cory. Jesus keep me near the cross. There is a precious fount. I don't know the rest of the words but I think it ends with mount... Speaking of poetry, this kid at the Mr. Rhomeo pageant (see voice post below) was playing a stalker (a little too well) for entertainment. He said, "You know, I'm really into poetry and I actually wrote one for this girl I really liked, 'Roses are red, violets are blue, girl you so fine, if you ever leave me *insert deep scary voice* I'll kill you." Oooh scary! Lol. The pageant went fabulously and why did I see this guy I had a crush on back in 1997 son! Craziness. He came to my church once and I thought he was adorable. He was there last night to hand over his crown. He was kind of cute but not as hot as one of the contestants. Heeeey booo!! Does your mama still send you money? You can take me out to dinner! Lol. That was our line for the freshmen. When we were seniors we were going to be the ride and they would be the money. You know the older you get, the less money people send you. My godmother still hooked me up all the time with care packages and random money for every possible holiday-- Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day. Too funny. I love it!

I don't know what's on the agenda for today. Yesterday I napped and talked to Stace for 4 hours since she's on Spring Break. MyStace got asked to come back for a second year at her school!! So exciting!! I love it!! I'm so proud of her. She's marvelous! Go Stace! *back bend, cabbage patch, Hammer dance* I can't stop thinking about pretty brown eyes. I looooove crushin. It's so fun! But he's probably 19 or so. Hilarity. Tonight we are hittin the streets! Me & my home girls and one of my sorors I met last night who was cuttin up with me talking about the *ahem* fiiiiiiieeeerce contestant. *snap* Saturday we're going to Spring C.outure! Can't wait! Get to see some of my Hamptonians. I need to call Shantel, too. I forgot she's in town. Why was everyone asking me last night if I was still in school?? Someone asked if I was 19???? Urm... that shall come in handy in about 15 years I suppose. My mother is making me watch T.yra's show. She's rapping. She's so horrid horrible terrible awful. Ok I'll stop.

I wish my mom would get up and make breakfast. It would be so nice for her to welcome me back like that. She says her mom would gladly make breakfast for her. Wish I had that kind of mom... HINT HINT HINT *as I read this aloud in her room* Get up Mommy!! I let you stay in the bed and not walk yet even though we were supposed to go on our walk way earlier this morning. It's getting hot. It's 67 degrees right. Now you've waited too long after I woke up. I need to eat before we can walk. Then I need to wash my hair again which will be a 2+ hour process. We also still need to go to the mall to get my cousin's shower gift. Hey Sandy, my mom bought Sleepless in S.eattle! Lol. Wherever we're going tonight I'll need a pre-party nap. Now I'm really ready to go talking about this. This is why I don't do itineraries because they make me psycho. I want to go RIGHT NOW!! Let's go immediately. I'm getting... let me stop. But the mall today is a must. At this point we're gonna stay at home for the rest of the trip except me going to the club at night. Your choice lady.

(You thought I was a blog bully only? Nope. I've been terrorizing my family as well my entire life.)


And Again

I have too much to do. That means blogging should've stepped to the left, to the left. But it didn't. Several of you have asked if I will be daily blogging. I sure will! Thanks for caring! Ain't y'all so sweet. There may be a voice post or two posted in there. If you don't like it guess who doesn't care. OOH PICK ME PICK ME!! YEEEEEP! IT'S BACON!!! No, it's me. I'm about to watch Samantha Who (I know right? No one is that busy who makes time to watch shows on the internet. Lies. You make time for what you want). I also still have to *mumble mumble* then I need to wash these few little dishes, wash the air while watching "Airplane" since my coworker let me borrow it, finish packing and leave it by the door so my dad can put it in the car. PHEW!

Does that sound like a lot or a little? Because I'd like to do all of that in the next 1.75 hours. LMAO!! Like to doesn't get it done. Do y'all see why I don't drink caffeine very much and never drink coffee? Because I'm already naturally crackish. I cannot help it. I don't get it either. What have I done today other than blog? I went to work, then target, volunteered at church for a few minutes before bible study (I could've skipped it but felt compelled to go and it was good! I always know he's about to get us when he does just one verse-- Prov. 10:22. There were supplemental verses-- I Timothy 6:9,10,17 and a few others but the main was the Proverbs verse.), now I'm home and I gotta go! Hollaaaaa!!


Now Where Did I Put That Head????

Son. Getting ready to go on vacation makes me CUH-RAZY!! I get all I need to do this and this and this and this before I leave. You would think I was going to a foreign country for 3 months and need to pack in the next 5 minutes and haven't started!!! Instead... I'm going home where I've left clothes to sleep in and therefore don't need to worry about that, have a lifetime supply of lotion (you know no one in my household is leaving the house ashy. I was called ash patrol as a child for a reason.), and I mean come on. If I need something, I'll go to my sister's stuff or one of my many homies in town. I'll be all right!!

Besides, I've already pulled out the OPEN TOED SHOES (YESSSSSSS!!), tank tops, tube tops, shorts, short-sleeved blazers, skirts and bikinis. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I'm even ready for a pool party. Bananas. Friday it will be 80 degrees!! OOH! And it's supposed to snow in Pittsburgh on Saturday. Just flurries but still... who's never been so glad to be leaving this city in her life. PICK ME PICK ME!! PLEASE PICK ME I KNOW THE ANSWER!! No, I was not one of those kids. I definitely participated (or else I'd get bored and not pay attention i.e. Humanities aka worst class ever) but I wasn't obnoxious with it.

Going to lunch with Dad since we've missed a couple of Daddy Daughters and I won't be here for the one this week! I'll post my itinerary tomorrow if I can get most of the packing out of the way today (finish washing clothes) and get my taxes done. I KNOW I KNOW!! DON'T CHASTISE ME!! Holla!!!


So Close!

You are aware that I leave in a mere 4 days. FOUR DAYS!! Why is it that the week before your vacation is always the most insane? Is it so you appreciate it more? Because I'm already poised to run at full speed out of my job, knocking over women and children if necessary at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning-- wait, I get off the air at 9:57:40-- so at that time, WATCH OUT!!!! Is that wrong?

Because if it is I don't care. I'm so over this current phase in my life. Interpret that at will. My father is irritating me because he wants to talk to me all the time. I know that sounds wrong but the second I walk in the house I don't want to be bothered. Especially on Saturday and Sunday... of course the days he doesn't have to work and is itching to bother me, talk to me, mess with my hair, tickle my feet (aren't I a bit old for that?). If we were on a playground he would throw dirt in my face.

My sister and I always looked at my dad like a giant toy. That's partly because he was on the road a lot when we were growing up and when he was home it was a treat. He would let us braid his low cut hair while he pretended to be asleep and probably sometimes actually fell asleep. When my mom went out of town and it was the three of us, he would cook (which he can do well) or my favorite time, we had McD's three times a day. Lolol. My mom never let us eat fast food. It was like once a month with her... if that.

Now remember my Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday-- work 11 hours, come home, collapse, rinse, lather, repeat. Sunday-- leave at 11 p.m. (Saturday night), work 10 hours, breakfast, church, get home at 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon, blog (addict), talk on the phone a bit, read for 20 seconds or so, knocked out by 3:45 p.m. That means I need some moments of the day where no one is talking to me or requesting my attention for anything other than... nothing. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY, TOY!!

Bah. "Misssssss Jameil," he says to me. "Yes, father." "Nothing, I just like saying your name. You're one of my favorite people on the planet." I guess I should scrap this post, appreciate that he loves me and go home and enjoy my mother on Wednesday. Love does not mean blind to his flaws but accepting them and moving on. I still love you father. Witcho crazy (driving me crazy) self.


SNL... Y'all Know I'm Addicted

Here are some of my fave videos from the last couple of seasons...

The Chronic, What?!

Please read the fine print.

This is for my mom who for some reason loves B.rian Fellows.

So 'Ye. YES YOU DO DESERVE A NOBEL PRIZE!! (Check how many times he says Nobel Peace prize for Physics... I need you to know that makes no sense)
"How kids gon get taken seriously when they keep making bad choices?!?!"

PeyMan schools the kiddos.

Bobby B!!! (Maya I miss you and you ain't tell nobody you were leavin!!!) Bankhead bounce it...

I couldn't find Lebron as a solid Gold dancer which let me tell you is a great tragedy. Him in a gold lurex onesie with a jheri curl mullet is classic. I mean look at that description. Gold. Lurex. ONESIE. with a jheri. curl. mullet. And he's 6'8. It don't get no betta. Can't stop. Won't stop.

I'm trying to remember which ones I've shown you because I innundate my coworkers with SNL videos, too. I know it's an addiction and I'm okay with that.
And my current fave commercial.

And just some unnecessary hilarity. You better get it!


I'd Just Rather Not

A lot of you are pouring out your feelings onto the web. Dripping pain, even fictitious pain, on wounds I'd rather not reopen. Splitting gashes I've meticulously closed, cauterizing when necessary to blot out what needs not reign within. Feel free to stop any time.

I'm trying not to be pensive and to give thoughtful a little room because I'd just rather not. Life is stressful enough without adding to it or necessarily talking about it because the internet does not offer me freedom of anonymity. Perhaps for you it does.

I know he's reading.

Your palpable pain reminds me of an even more stress-filled time when mine was quotidian. And I'd just rather not.

Back sliding and reliving it, fielding calls and emails and text messages from the responsible party. I'm continuing my victory-filled journey beyond the pain, toward healing, seeing minor setbacks for just what they are, grabbing a Bible for something, anything tangible to hold on to, keeping insanity at bay because I'd just rather not.


Hittin' the Streets

My work schedule is not conducive to me going out late at night. It's horrid! If I do ANYTHING outside of my normal realm, my body rebels. I was supposed to be taking a nap around 1 yesterday afternoon except I was reading YOUR BLOGS (so I blame you) until 3... or was it 4? The point is with the coughing (What? No I didn't get anything yet. I can't stand taking medicine and it could go away... all right all right! I'll look for B.uckley's before I go to bible class tonight. STOP YELLING AT ME!!) I didn't get to sleep yesterday afternoon until maybe 5:30 or 6 and was supposed to get up at 7 to wash my hair.

It ended up being 7:30 when I got up and I was supposed to be downtown at 8:30. I'd have to leave by 8. Yeah... that didn't happen. I got out of the shower with wet hair at 8! I send "I'll be there at 9" texts to my two coworkers. The one texts back, "You better come, don't leave me on a date!" Hilarity. I should have said, "I'm so sorry I set you up. He begged me to help get you on a date." She loves pranks so I know she would've been too out on that one! Bah. I'm not good with pranks at all. Blame that doggone honest streak. It just doesn't come to me to lie to people.

I get to S.eviche @ 9 and they already have shrimp tartare. I don't like shrimp but I like shrimp tartare! Delicious! I had a mojito of course! Except if I'd seen it was made with B.acardi I wouldn't have even bothered. How do you make a Cuban drink with Puerto Rican rum? Plus that drink needs a more refined rum. B.acardi is fine for some occasions but mojitos do not fall into that category. I had a caipirinha next. It was pretty good. Taste-wise, though, their caipirinhas don't taste vastly different from the mojitos. I kind of wanted to try one of those $10 drinks but I decided to go slow not knowing how many places we would actually end up going.

We also had some Cuban pulled pork sandwiches-- DELICIOUS!! The bread was amazing. There's also something about manchego cheese that gets me going! You know I wanted to try the mini ahi tuna burgers, too. I really wanted to try everything on the menu but even being tapas that can get expensive so I didn't. I got the trio of 3 seviche preparations. Wait before we get to that why did this dude at work who wasn't there try to argue me down about ceviche. Wait wait wait homes. You had ceviche for the first time this weekend, I ask you what kind of ceviche and you don't know what I mean-- that you can have different preparations with different kinds of fish or sea creatures-- but minutes later you want to tell me this restaurant doesn't have the type of seviche you ate because it's spelled the Spanish way with an "s" so this is the Spanish seviche. Go sit down somewhere with that. You don't know so you shouldn't try to argue with someone who does.

Back to S,eviche. The coworkers I was with were all excited over what I ordered-- conch, hamachi and the fish of the day which I've now forgotten. The preparations were tomatillo & curried mango, fire & ice, and tiradito. Mmmmm. I'm saying people. If you're going to a restaurant like this I need you to get something more unusual than shrimp tartare. It was mahvelous but branch out! Let your tastebuds run free! You know you wanna! Say you like it. They loved the tiradito so yay for them trying some things they might not have have.

Next stop, O.live or Twist. Why do I always see random S.teelers when I go out in Pittsburgh? I guess because we go to low key spots with dim lighting. I don't know but we saw this dude on the street and he happens to be other coworker's frat bro. But it was just a quick hi, bye in the street and keep it moving. It was super dead in the bar but we each got a drink anyway just in case the music was live. It really wasn't but we sat and talked anyway. I had the Georgia peach (Ciroc, peach schnapps, oj & grenadine. The grenadine sold me. Why does it taste like love?) even though I know how vodka wreaks havoc with me. I would pay for that.

Next spot, A.rt's in the Strip. A little hole in the wall hood bar. It was cool, though. The music was hot and the vibe was chill. The coworkers bought a bootleg DVD... wow... lol. I think the guy sets up outside in the summer. Wow... but it was chill. I actually saw this girl in there I went to Hampton with but she was acting whatever so it was just a wave and that's it for her. She was with her Pittsburgh friends so I didn't bother her. Oh I'm snickering hard over here. You want to half speak because of that?? Ok... get that together. Hilarity. And one of my coworkers' whole family went to Hampton so she knows the deal-- we are fly. This one... maybe not so much. Mostly because of her ATTITUDE! Coworker was like, "Wait she went to Hampton?? Are you sure...?? Wow..." Oh man. Hate hate hate. Too funny.

We each had a drink there. I had P.arrot Bay & Pineapple, she had rum & coke & I don't remember what guy coworker had but the bartender charged us $5. Uhhh... what?? Cash only... yeah... I don't carry cash like that. Sometimes but not that night but it was cool. The coworkers had me. I mean my drink did cost like $1.50!! And it was delightful. She said it was because coworker is new. Hilarious. It's weird going out with people who are on air. They get recognized everywhere so it's like a constant "Hey!" "How you doin'?!" Why did this dude tell coworker she looks taller on air? I was crackin up. Alrighty then... that's someone who didn't have anything else to say. Lol.

Next spot. This is how you hit so many in one night: one drink and out. We meet more coworkers at Media Night-- it's organized by one of our photogs where media people from all three stations are invited to hang out. I don't know if people were there earlier but by the time we got there around 12:30 there was next to no one hanging there. Me & coworker are a crazy team. We were gettin on another coworker's secret fiancee' (they were engaged for months before anyone found out) about liking Coach like "We'll upgrade her. Get her on that Gucci, Prada status real quick. Balenciaga her up." Now I don't do designer purses because though beautiful, whatever shall I do with a $1000 bag with someone's logo all over it? That's why if you get an expensive bag, it shouldn't be a logo bag. The logo should be discreet where only the trained eye would even know it's expensive. There's no need to flaunt. It's very gauche. Plus I'd rather spend my money on food, clothing and travel.

We get a couple of beers and chill for about an hour, hour 30 then go to our respective cars and leave. I was on the phone for hours and hours and hours. I woke up 3 hours after I got off the phone. Alcohol always wakes me up early. That jerk. I drank something like 50 oz. of water before I went to bed (since I was up anyway). I didn't wake up with a headache but I felt like one was coming because I could still smell liquor. It didn't come until after I ate a bowl of cereal. Ain't that bout a... I drink all that water and still end up with a headache. That's for the birds. It's not a pounding headache, but a minor annoyance. Something that should be killed with more food.

I was trying to see if my dad was coming home for lunch. It appears not. Booo... guess I'll have some of that whole wheat pizza I made yesterday instead of whatever he's eating for lunch. (He always shares.) The upside: I don't have to listen to him talk about the news. It's not as annoying on Thursday but other days of the week it drives me insane! When you get off work, do you want to talk about it? I can't get him to understand talking about the news is work for me AND I DON'T WANT TO DO IT!! Drives me bananas.



Oh whatever. Remember two weeks ago I went to see N.E.R.D. then the next day I went out with my coworkers and never talked about it? I was gonna catchup today since I'm going out with coworkers again. But I don't feel like it. I went to the gym again today even though I felt like hot bubbling garbage juice after the last time-- remember my cough resurged? I did squats with the medicine ball and side leg lifts. Yeah... so my backside is KIL.LING ME!! It's insanity. I also did the elliptical and the track.

Today I did the bike, the track and these situps with the medicine ball. You start with the ball extended over your head. As you come up you bring the medicine ball up and reach forward through the situp, past your knees. 3 sets of 15 and worked the obliques. They're one of my favorite body parts and I never get tired of working them. It's what helps your waist look sooo small. And HOOOOOOOT! :) When people have a coke bottle shape, it's the concave part. I would show you my personal example but can't get my picture cropper to work.

Tonight we're going to S.eviche, B.ossa Nova, & O.live or Twist before ending the night at S.oho.

Are you aware that I will be on my way home one week from today!?!? I can't wait to see my mommy!!!!!!!!!!! I still have not done my itinerary. I'm waiting for a huge lull in my day to be bored enough to do that... I may never find one or it may happen today. Right now though I'm taking a nap before I get up and wash my hair before I hit the town!



There's something about sitting down in this house that brings out the worst in me. No noon bible study on first Tuesdays because they have communion before bible study 1st Tuesday nights. I assume that's because there are too many people in the congregation to get them out in a timely manner for 3 Sunday services. Yes y'all. We have 3 Sunday services. Ignorant. Too bad the last one is at 11:45 instead of 11. That would improve my life immensely but that's neither here or there and I really should retire that song and dance. It's quite old.

Last night was a hot mess. I was coughing for 3 hours. Like hacking cough don't-stop-til-you-get-enough-oh-it's-never-enough coughing. Where you can't fall asleep because you're gasping for breath coughing. What in the??? I'm looking around like erm-kay... why?? I thought we were past that. Apparently not. I don't know if the sweat factory that is the gym regurgitated some not quite dormant yet germs or what but I got 3 hours of sleep. And y'all know I don't do not sleeping. I need my 7. That's right I said 7. At least. So I've been guzzling water to try to quiet my raw throat. EBOLA GET BACK!!

Uhhh... also... why are some of y'all so angry? I need you to get back on the S.imilac. Get something soothing into your systems and calm it on down you big mad screaming crybabys! Lawd. I'm one of those people when everyone is getting all crazy I get super calm. It's actually kind of odd since I'm allegedly a hyper person. When things are going crazy, though? Grace under fire. It comes in handy at work when things get nutty in the control room. It's a good feeling to be in charge and know what you're doing. My coworkers were cracking up because someone was yelling and I replied in monotone, "Can you please stop yelling? Because that's not helping anything." It doesn't. Go sit down somewhere.

8 days to Charlotte. I have some workout body aches. Ahhhh. How I missed thee workout body aches! Kiss kiss aches! I can't wait to go home with my fabulously fit body. I need something short. I only get to see my summer wardrobe for about 2 months because spring and fall are just extensions of winter and therefore too cold to wear shorts or tank tops. That means I get to rediscover my wardrobe every year. That's the only fun part about winter here. I'm so over you winter. So so over you.