So Over

I quickly move past things. That's why I want you to just let me have my moment. It won't last long so don't ruin it. I'm fine.

Know what else I'm so over? WINTER!! It's 62 today and I want to run and jump and yell... but there's lots of ice melting everywhere and I might fall and bust my head open. No one's cute with stitches inside a bald spot. That's not what's hot for the '08. Take my word for it. Tomorrow? Back in the 40s. Hisssss. Boooooooooo.

So over... this race. Texas, Ohio, Vermont & Rhode Island (you almost forgot their primaries were tomorrow right?), now's your turn to make history. Barac.k the vote. You know you want to. Say you like it. The Dems are wearing each other down unnecessarily. It's time to pick a leader. BTW all primaries should be the same day so we can just get it over with like in November. Who thought of primaries and superdels and caucuses? It doesn't work anymore. It's antiquated and obsolete. Time for a better system.

So over... being stared at at the gym. Today I look up and it's G(ym guy). Hey crazy. He asks me why I don't call him. Uhhh... Weren't you there? Did you click on that link? You should.

So over... naked ugly bodies. You make me want to vomit!! Stop walking around the gym like that! When I see older people who look gross I remind myself that's why I'm at the gym now. Praise Jesus for starting early in life!!

So over.... technology. I don't think I'll go this far but I'm thinking perhaps I should kick myself off the internet at 1:30 every day so I can get some of this reading done. That would give me at least 2 hours of reading (if I don't fall asleep).

Not over... the hilarious website Liz introed me to and now I know who's behind it! You know I was wondering. Lololol. Cracks me up.


Sparkling Red said...

Weather. It's like spring here today too, but it won't last. I saw the five day forecast on the news this morning and this is what it looked like: SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW.

The Goddess said...

Don't get me started on this damn weather. Why was it 70 degrees here on Saturday and then in the 30's and snowing like crazy Sunday. I walked out the house this morning and fell flat on my ass! I HATE winter!!!

SimplEnigma said...

Y'know, I've realized summin: it's always the overweight sloppy ones who always wanna walk around the gym nekkid. I think they're trying to prove to us that they're ok with their bodies (which begs the question of why they're there to begin with).

LOL @ gym guy. He didn't get the memo.

CNEL said...

Our weather was delightful today too, shockingly so.

"Today I look up and it's G(ym guy). Hey crazy."

^^^ That right there had me dying. ^^^

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

guess whoooooooooooooo....oh, and i feel you on the weather. baby and i were frolicking ike 2 deer today-YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

Hey crazy!!! I'm stealing that, except I'll actually say it.

Stitches and bald spots ARE hot for the '08. Start that trend.

How can you be over technology when you keep introducing us to more and more?

jameil1922 said...

red... :( at least all the snow is gone out of the forecast (for now boo hoo) except a chance of some precipitation on friday.

goddess... booo weather booo. esp. you, winter.

SE... yeah i need them to go that way w/that.

cnel... but really. don't stare.

pcd... idk i'll have to wait and see but your name is funny.

rj... you start the stitches/bald spot trend and if it looks hot on you i might try it. when did i last intro you to new technology? i just said i was taking some tech breaks anyway thankyouverymuch.

Mademoiselle M said...

Being nakey is fun. The only reason I don't walk free as the day I was born is because of people like you who I know get freaked out by it. Not to say my nakey body is ugly but not everyone will see the hotness I see :)

Oh, and that blog is HILARIOUS! I was reading the one about multi-lingual kids (#78). teehee! I guess I'm white cuz I've already planned that aspect of my future child's life...

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

yeah, staggered primaries are ridiculous! if they are going to be on different dates, then don't let them be so spread out!! so annoying!

i don't want G to ask that question. then again, he doesn't know any better.

prevention is better than a cure!!! work it out girl! be a JAZZY old lady!

DollFace said...

I LOVE Spring...can't wait for it to begin.
That site is too funny.

jameil1922 said...

m... i don't mind being nakey by my lonesome but you! you over there with the scary body! please stop! thanks. everyone in our generation wants multilingual kids. lol.

stace... primary calendar needs to be fixed yesterday. he really doesn't know any better. sigh. that's so pitiful.

doll... yay spring!!!!!!! come to mama!!!!!!!!