Top Chef Chicago Ep. 1

I'm already liking the kid who started working in his family restaurant at 11 and got two people fired because he cooked better than him. I know it's bad that I like him for that reason but I do.

You're from Chicago and have never made a deep dish? You should be ashamed of yourself. Fake chef. And how does this other chick have no idea how much dough to use? Have you never even seen one being made? I would think chefs would watch cooking shows incessantly. A good journalist would never ignore the competition and not immerse themselves in news. Yeah, you people are horrid.

No one wants a Padma cookbook. She needs a burger. A big fat juicy one.

Rocco Dispirito. Drool. Hottest guest judge ever. So, so gorgeous. Even his name is fabulous. I'll say he's a culinary rock star. Too bad he's married.

Peach taleggio pizza sounds delish. Mmmm."I smell something funky," is not a good thing to hear about the proscuitto on your pizza, girl! Grapes on the pizza? Gross. The black girl's pizza looks disgusting and he said it's missing salt. And this one thick w/no backside crust. How am I to hold this??

Their house is fantastic. It's the house from the holiday challenge.

Why is this one kid so mad about the snatched pizza pan? Take the supplies you need immediately. The dude shouldn't have taken more than one but this is a competition and you need to be vigilant. I hope you've learned your lesson.

I love that they're going head to head on the same dish. Marinate shrimp in parsley? That does not sound delicious and that plate is ugly. Parsley isn't a flavor that gets it for me. And pitiful, failed flan.

Excuse me people. Why are you watching the competition and comparing? That's not how you win!! They can bring their own tools and sauces, etc. now? Marmite and handheld smokers??

How do you not know being in the top in the quickfire means nothing? You put rutabaga in anything and I want you to go home. In lasagna? I just want to leave before I say something evil... I don't do rutabagas. Poached eggs look nasty. I like my yolks cooked a bit more. I still love the excitement of eggs Benedict in it's many variations. The 1st time I had it was in Charlotte at my sorority's Regional conference. Mmmmm.

Erik's plate looks disgusting. Way too much stuff on it. You eat with your eyes first. Y'all know this! Plating is paramount. Get it together please. Ooh! Top Chef cookbook! Miss Stephanie nervous, staring at the competition won the elimination. Sigh. Very pretty plate, though. I've never had duck a l'orange. I saw it on a menu once and was tempted, but went with something else. And her competition was told his dish looked silly. Yeah, the one she was looking at getting shook about. This is why you don't watch the competition. Focus on YOUR task. That's why your kindergarten teacher always told you to look at your own work. Ain't that right, Stace? Souffle does not interest me at all despite how much I like eggs.

The black girl is going home. Geez. It's like in the horror movies... the black person goes first. This was warranted, though. She was pitiful. Where's Tre when you need him?


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

now jameil, you KNEW that black girl was goinghome pronto. it was written all over her face AND food. she just seemed so melancholy and she made me wish her home before she even cooked that mess of a shrimp scampi. i said the same thing...marinating i parsley? um, (gag) no thanks!

that red-haired guy is a mess! he curses way too much. well, he talks too much...and he obviously can't back it up. dude with the smoker is gonna be a force...i see it. dick a'anything is not my cup of t ea, unless its minced so fine, i can't see/taste all of the fat in it. i was pulling for crabcake guy to win it.

ah, how i long for tre...he really gets my pots a'boiling...

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

HA HA HA!! ^^^^^i meant DUCK a'anything....oooh, i need to slow down...typos abound this morning!!! forgive my porno posting above...it was sooooo unintentional

1969 said...

I was reading and had a whole heap of comments and then you said TRE.

*sigh* TRE....

Yes, the black girl was a hot mess. Did she not taste her dishes?

PCD...that's a hell of a typo.LMAO

jameil1922 said...

pcd... i know i know. that's why i said it was warranted. she was a token. like there are no good black chefs who applied. i mean come on.

red haired guy and his potty mouth chatty self def. annoys me. omg i was like who made dick? horse dick? spotted dick. girl i was so confused!! oh tre we all miss you!!

ain't that right 1969?? sigh. the black girl... ugh...

Opinionated Diva said...

LMAO @ that last paragraph LMAO @ PCD's typo...dick a'anything?!! LOL!

I missed the show, but after reading this I feel like I was right there!

Desy said...

my only question is how you lack salt in your first dish, but over power your second dish with salt and say that both tasted good to you... what? are you even a chef in real life or do u just play one on tv?....

Sparkling Red said...

Ix-nay on the Utabaga-ray.

I wonder if I can find that show on Canadian cable. I feel so out of it, up here in the great, white North!

Sandy C. said...

Okay, clicked on Rocco's link. Very distracted now. *Ahem* Missed the show, but I may tune in just for him ;)

Open Grove Claudia said...

Thank God you watch TV and are willing to update. I have no idea what any of this is about.

Plus dick anything isn't my cup of tea either. Even spotted dick - can't get past the name.

Los Angelista said...

LMAO @ PCD's typo! Oh that gave me the biggest laugh of the day.

I really wanted to eat that peach pizza. That looked really good. I can't wait till I go home this summer! Taste of Chicago, here I come!

Rashan Jamal said...

All right!!! Another show I wont be watching for you to recap.

Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago is the best!!!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

its a fact. whenever you look at someone else's paper, the answer is ALWAYS wrong.

oh ish, i just read all the comments!!!! pcd!!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! lmao!! and jameil is an ass for, "who made dick?"


o i have a headache now.

jameil1922 said...

diva... that's what i'm here for!

desy... she doesn't even play one on tv. she sucks.

red... rutabaga is disgusting. i tried to find it online. :(

sandy... he was a guest judge. very unfortunate i know!

claud... gotta keep my people up to date! lol

liz... someone needs to give me that pizza right now!!

rj... you are so extra.

stace... i was just asking. you know people always try to make crazy things on that show. and when you look at other people's stuff you start to question what you already know is correct. its ridiculous.

Vdizzle said...

Did that white boy say "casa bitch?" I'm kinda glad I ain't got cable and can't watch this online. I'd be disappointed.

Rocco sucks ASS. He did a reality show and his restaurant tanked!! He ain't cute either. That might be cause I don't like white boys.

jameil1922 said...

v... for the first part of your comment, i haven't a clue what you're talking about....

but for the 2nd part, rocco is hawt!