Miss Popularity

It's gonna be a busy week! I went to the gym after work today, then the mall. As soon as I finish this post I have to take a nap because I'm going to see former blogger Ace (I don't think he's posted since June!!) perform w/a band & in Irish bar downtown tonight. Well more like afternoon. I figure I'll head over there around 4, get there around 4:30 and leave at 6. I know that's crazy but c'est la vie when you have to be at work at 1 a.m. and he's not performing until 4-8. Plus it's still daylight so I shouldn't get snatched.

Tomorrow my schedule's free. No noon Bible study because we're doing joint Holy Week services all week with another church. I won't be attending because... yeah that whole sleep thing. I might go to the church office to volunteer, though. We'll see.

Wednesday I'm going to see Phar.rell with cool new co-worker.

Let me tell you how much I love that song!!!!!!!!! So fab. Is that A.merie in the video? I'm hoping maybe they (N.erd) will have some fab special guests but I doubt it since it's at this itty bitty club. And it's also Pittsburgh. This place isn't known for it's great diverse artist appearances. But I'm excited about this concert. It will require another "nap first" day. I'm also supposed to get up with blogger D.P. and his wife. He also invited me to Easter dinner at his momma's house. "We be grubbin, everybody likes when mama cooks somethin'. Eat mac and cheese and greens and stuffin. We be grubbin... ay ay look here look here."

Thursday me and dad need to get in some Daddy Daughter day action since we missed it last week-- fell asleep on Wednesday, Bible class on Thursday. My co-workers have also asked me to join them on what they deem "The Experience." I don't even want to know but it's kind of scary. Lol. Cool new co-worker is going, too, though so we've already determined we'll leave if it gets too crazy. Ha!

Is that enough? Too much to me. I'm tired just looking at it. I might not go to any of it! Lol. I kid I kid! (Maybe) Alright! I already have my ticket for the concert so I'm def going to that. My dad cooked lunch today-- fish and rice. That's the third day in a row. The previous two days it was breakfast. Can we do a happy dance for him cooking? I'll take care of that for you.

*dancin! dancin! danciiiiiiiiiiiiin! dancin machiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!*


Ms.Honey said...

Looks like your hands have been full...Ms. Popularity :)

Desy said...

I'm goin to the Nerd concert meself.. .My homegirl Roxy is in love with him and promptly informed me that she purchased my ticket; so i must attend. I'm definately excited by that

Dang- seems like a blog filled week... that should be very cool. you almost made me think that you were gonna be performing... I was about to say 'vid post ft team capt jameil'...lol

well- do the nap thing and try not to lose too much of your sanity during this jam packed week...

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

I love that you're going to see Ace PERFORM! I thought y'all were just meeting up!!

Look at you volunteering in the office. you know how long i've been at my respective churches and have not a nan vol hour... get it.

Pharell. *sigh* I can't believe it. So cute! His songs are the bomb too! there's got to be special guests! a concert isn't complete w/o them!

we be grubbin? does my boo ice cube know you made a parody of his poignant strip club anthem?

Sparkling Red said...

I want a piece of that grubbin'! I was in the U.S. in Indianna once for a wedding, and I'd never had food like the food there. Yum!

jameil1922 said...

honey... i know!

desy... get it! i can't wait for the concert! no vid posts! don't rush me! i didn't even get a nap.

stace... cool performance too! you better volunteer!! did you see pharrell as instyle man of style again? his answers made me drool! he said he'd give balenciaga bags as gifts. I CAN'T!!!

that parody was courtesy of wpeg poweeeeeeeeer 98! charlotte baby!

red... yum yum eat em up!

Sandy C. said...

Goodness! You're a busy woman :) I hope you had a great time at the Irish bar. Green beer?

Dad cooked again? I need to find someone willing to cook for me :)

dejanae said...

enjoy the concert

Anonymous said...

My favorite current Black and Golden is Willie Parker. I sports the Away #39 every home game.

My favorite all time Black and Golden was a tie John Stallworth on the field and Tony Dungy off.

We ain't having no fish for Easter...I promise you that.

1969 said...

You are popular! I have been swamped at work thinking...Hey, I need to check in on Jameil....but I see you are doing just fine without me :)

Opinionated Diva said...

Pharell...he's weird and has such big swagger for such a little dude...luv him!!!

At first I started to laugh at those naps you were scheduling...but it sounds like you'll definitely need them. I know I would.

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun...can't wait to read the stories!

jameil1922 said...

sandy... this is why i need to marry a chef!! they didn't even have green beer!! travesty!

dej... thx!

ink... we be grubbin!

1969... don't leave me!!

diva... luuuuurve his swagger. i need a nap right now!!