Work It!

I had love in my mouth today. A big fat juicy C.hili's burger-- the jalapeno smokehouse. When a jalapeno fell out, I would pop it in my mouth and wiggle with joy. Let me tell you. YUM!! Whatever you're eating is not hot enough if it doesn't make you need a tissue at least halfway through. And then you have to keep going. DON'T BE A PUNK!! MAN UP!! Lol. I love spicy food. Glad I don't get heartburn. That would suck. When fave roomie was preggers she had the craziest heartburn. SCARY!! Another one of my friends is knocked up (lol I think that's the most hilarious phrase ever) but it's still very early so I'll wait to say who. Especially since I didn't ask her if I could announce on the blog. Lol.

Guess who has the Danit.y Kane cd and LOVES IT!! YES ME!! This is so my new workout cd. I'll be able to stay in there an inordinate amount of time. This is their first single. I like it but it's not their best song on the cd.

I looooove Dawn's song.

My fave tho?

Yeah!! Can't wait until the season finale! Right Joy?!

Also can someone tell me what I'm supposed to wear for Easter when the temperature is supposed to be 40 for the high. That means it'll be in the 30s all day. I'll pass. And it snowed today. *throws down mic* At least it didn't stick. *picks mic back up* BUT IT'S COLD!! *throws that joint back down for good and n*aomi campbell walks it out...*


Rashan Jamal said...

Did you have fries with that burger? One more day!

Yeah, I just can't get into DK... I know I'm not the target audience, but still can I get one song I like?

LOL @ you throwing down, picking up and throwing down the mic...

Open Grove Claudia said...

really - Danity Kane? I heard their first released song and thought... hrm. I'll have to listen again.

But man, spicy food makes me sick. Like "I'm going to die" sick. I've heard it's because I'm a spicy person - and I'm sticking to that explanation!

the joy said...

i think thats everyone's fave. you should have seen me and my brother singing and remixing it last night. a crazy mess, i say! that needs to be the 2nd single, lol

1969 said...

That burger sounds good, does it come in a turkey version :)

And I love spicy food. Delicious!!!

My hubby and his friends are enjoying the spread over here watching the games. I madeout with two pairs of shoes and a linen suit. :)

Easter tomorrow? My boucle tan wool suit with metallic pumps and a chocolate brown cashmere wrap. It's too cold for anything else. *sigh*

The Ink said...

so yeah, Danity Kane Could havemade the miseducation of Danity Kane and won 9 Grammys.. Sean is still robbin them just like all his other groups.

Sparkling Red said...

Nothing says Easter like snowpants and a woolen toque with a big pom-pom on top. Function over fashion! (or am I getting it backwards?)

jameil1922 said...

rj... who me? why would they make a song outside of their demo? you gotta show what set you claimin!!

claud... yeah the single's ok. it's not their best. luuurve spicy food!! i'm spicy so uhh...

joy... lmao! utter!!

1969... idk... i don't eat turkey burgers out... well i never have. mmmm spicy! yay for making out!

ink... lol.

red... JERK!! too funny. lol.

Duck said...

Dude... I keep singing "Do, do you...?!" at work. And at home. My roommate keeps looking at me like I'm on PSP. But DK is aural crack. And unapologetically so.

Which is why I can't help but love it.

Desy said...

yeeeeeeah, i have to admit that i definately dig DK... alot more than Day26.

But I am one who also likes RayJ's 'Sexy Can I' and Britney Spears 'Piece of Me'...so ashamed..lol

and I am all ready for tonights 2 hour finally that has been overly promoted in tru diddy fashion...

*eating General Tso's chicken with added heat* - ditto the spicy food sentiment

Miss B said...

I was contemplating getting DK's cd...I wasn't able to do it this weekend though. I've heard good things about it. From the songs I've heard, I said it would be a GREAT work out cd.

I'm gonna have to get it...

I love to see you describe your food!!! LOL!!! I love spicy food too!!

jameil1922 said...

duck... SAAAANG GIRL!! lol.

desy... brit i can get w/but that rayj song is just so horrible. there's no excuse for that!! i don't like chinese food so *shudder.*

miss b... SUCH the fab workout cd! can't wait! i love to describe food, too. i just get all excited while eating and have to share it with the world!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

good eating is divine.

i just look at people when they tear up poblanos and jalapenos and them lil joints that come out of someone's mexican backyard. spicy food hurts so much!!!! You can't enjoy the food cause you need some milk to wash it down and milk ad dinner don't go! UGH!

*sorry for the meltdown. everyone in my fam LOVES hot spicy food and they forget I don't eat that*

You think I'll like the DK?

jameil1922 said...

stace... po thang. if your family chows down on the spicy like that we need to get up! stop trying to keep us apart.