Hello Good People

As I'm sure you noticed, yesterday was the Blog365 day of rest. *Stretching long and yawning wide* As I suspected, I was tempted to never come back. I tell ya. I've been chained to this computer since October 31st! Can ya believe it!? I blogged for 121 consecutive days until February 29th then I threw it all away. I think that deserves a round of applause. Now that I did that and broke the streak I don't feel so connected to Blog365. It's just eh... whatever. Will I complete it? Maybe... maybe not. It was more a test of wills.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday. I was tempted to break my Lenten decision to give up fries. My mom told me I should. Hilarious. MOM! You're the one who told me to give them up, one, and two, you're the one who's had me in church since birth! How are you going to also be the one to tell me to break it! Hilarious. There are only 21 days and a few hours left. I think I can make it. I've come this far by faith (and lots of praying lol) I think I can make it that much further.

I didn't blog earlier today because my dad was on the internet. He's been out of town for 5 of the last 6 weeks. I'm used to him not being in my way when I want to do things. At least he's not getting on my nerves. I should bite my tongue since he's sitting right behind me. He's likely to come over here and start messing with my hair though I didn't react the last time he did that and he was a bit peeved. He likes to do things to try to get me riled up. A lot of people do that because I react so violently. They think it's fun. So I start getting the straight face. I like to ruin people's fun sometimes. I'm gonna make him do something fun with me. I don't know what it is yet but it will be something. I forgot new coworker is in town and probably wouldn't mind seeing some of the Pittsburgh sites I've yet to check out and should probably see. That's cool. I can stop dragging my dad everywhere though I know he doesn't mind it.

I'm bored right now. I can't wait to get out of this city. Too bad I'm not going anywhere in March since Miami is off. Now the next trip to look forward to is Charlotte in April. Don't worry, I am! I've told everyone to plan parties. Spread 'em out!


CNEL said...

I was so thinking where is the post?

That's so sad that your Dad likes to rile you up, but I bet it's funny.

People do it to me, to see what outrageousness will come out of my mouth LoL. It's always true outrageousness though.

Chris said...

There are sights in Pittsburgh? Wow. Just fooling, but at least your dad tries to get your goat in fun. People try piss me off for ignorant reasons, which will likely make me react way more ignorant than I would if they were clowning around.

Sandy C. said...

Goodness, I checked in earlier and thought we lost you for good ;)

Yesterday was soooo nice. "Stretching long and yawning wide"- yup that was me all day. Part of me wants to just ditch the blog365 and give myself at least 1 day off a month.....

Rashan Jamal said...

You said you weren't gonna post, but part of me thought you would do it anyway just to keep the streak going.

You can't stop blog365. What will I read about everyday?

21 days is nothing. You blogged for 121 straight days, you can give up fries for 21 more days.

jameil1922 said...

Cnel... y'all so bratty. i leave for a day and you'd think the world was ending! glad you think its funny. i don't.

chris... you live in the middle of nowhere...

sandy... so close. let's ditch it. come sandy!!

rj... you gave up after a month so why not? that's what i said about 21 days, too. so easy.

Sparkling Red said...

Welcome back. Thinking of giving up on Blog365, eh? Well... *tents fingers* I suppose if you give up it'll look all that much more impressive when I WIN at the end of the year. (Mwah ha ha!)

OK, so all I win is the prize for Most Obsessed. But still, a prize is a prize. You sure you're not still tempted to go for it?

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray for keeping your lenten promise. You are doing great and almost there. I'll be interested to hear how fries taste the first time... Go!

The Ink said...

Id love to see your Must See Pittsburgh list. ID hate for you to leave the Burgh and miss something, cause you aint EEEEVER gonna come back.

BTW me and the wife will be up there for Easter.

memphiz said...

you needed a break from blog world!! im proud that you've been writing everyday! fries...what i would do for some burger king fries right now! i miss american food..you make me hungry!

Karamale said...

i'll be in philly march 19-20...you should drive on' over!!!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i am CRACKING up and ruining your dad's fun!!! and i can see him all in your hair and you unaffected and him sitting down with the "huff". LOLOL!!

New co-worker sounds cool! i'm glad you have someone somewhat fab to have fun with!

jameil1922 said...

red... work so hard at winning... nothing... lolol. not that tempted. tempted-ish but not where i'll flip out if i don't make it to a computer in time. i won't like it but SHOCKER!! i won't die.

claud... i was at arby's today and i think this may make me more fry picky which will be both a bad and a good thing. we shall see! lol.

ink... i won't say never but yeah... i have to go to the science museum. you know they're about to put the t-rex back on display in june. i wanna go to the children's museum and sports works and that thing that's next to sports work i forgot what its called. i feel like there are some other things i want to do but you def. need to tell me what you think are must sees since you're from here.

mem... thx for being proud! yay!! you were the only one!! lol. i missed american food while there, too but you can make up for it by getting some delish pastries and fab chocolate. you won't ever want american chocolate again after eating it there!! i had good fries over there, too. even mcd's fries were better there. get some of the best of english food while there. i'm terrified of blood pudding. you should eat some... lololol. i make everyone hungry!

kara... omg!! that's so fab!! don't make me take off!! lol.

stace... he's so bratty. i just sat there and he got so indignant! can't wait to tear up the town w/new coworker!

Karamale said...

hey, i tried to send you an email to jameil22@gmail.com and was told they ain't like the recipient. i'd like to speak to you by phone, if possible. shoot me the digits - entoncesque2@yahoo.com