Word Blogger?

That's how we're gonna do things? You have folk leaving you left and right LEFT AND RIGHT!! I've been with you since '05 and this is how I'm repaid?? With a long, long blackout!?!? IT AIN'T RIGHT!! I come home after a hard hard day at work with the most luxuriant, fantastic, joy-inducing blog and guess who can't post because NO BLOGGER PAGES WORK? ME!!! And I'm thinking it's only temporary but for an HOUR I can't get on and Chris tells me he hadn't been able to get on in the morning. SON!! YOU ARE SOOOO trying to make me go to wordpress. You know that's where all the homies are defecting to!! I want DEMAND AN APOLOGY!! I posted two utterz yesterday because of this!!

On a brighter note, the homie Rocky won Wyoming!! Wheeeeeeee!! I told you he would. He does well in caucuses and those weird states you wouldn't think he would win like Idaho, Utah and Iowa. Ooh AND the 3 inches of snow in the forecast managed to skirt where I live and only be a dusting. Can I get a celebratory cabbage patch please? Especially since parts of Ohio got nearly 2 feet. Come on now! A poole palace? A lean wit it, rock wit it? Pleeeeeease!? (I don't have time to link these because I should be getting dressed right now but look it up if you're confused.) Danke!


Opinionated Diva said...

You crack me up. You really do. You have your moment of pisstivity...then you quickly move on to something happy! LOL

*doing celebratory cabbage patch and throwing in the baseball bat*

Desy said...

are you really this funny? this shyt was bananaz... i was thinkin the same thing and i ended up just not posting because of this buziness... ridiculousness... need to come back lata to hit up those utterz... can't listen to you on a full bladder- that might be dangerous....lmao

the joy said...

Yay barack!! They just said on SNL "how are you ready on day one when it takes you 31 primaries to get warmed up?" I was so about to send you an email!!!

I'm glad you at least got the chance to keep it up today. Do you have to work 1 hour less since its daylight savings?

Sha Boogie said...

I heart B.O, he is awesome forever! And he's BFF with the gov of meantown, ohh....

Duck said...


You are officially a fool.

"I click, I click, I click, and what do I fiiiiiiiiiiind? 502 error.... I cannot get to de blog...."

LMAO. I am dying here. I can't deal with it. Good night.

Canon Adonis said...

wow... I've been getting on blogger just fine... minus the dial-up... which is over and gone now (THAT deserves a celebratory cabbage patch)...

And I am sooo into Barack and all of what's going on in the race right now. truly can't wait to see them in PA have they started campaigning here? shame I don't know this yet.

Los Angelista said...

Oh you crack me up and thank goodness Rocky (love it!) won.

Blogger not working for hours today was pretty lame but no wordpress for me, especially after I just got my blog sort of pretty again. I took it as a sign from the Lord that I needed to go outside and lounge on a park bench in the nice 76 degree weather.

X Factor said...

I didn't have any problems with blogger either, strange.... and what the hell is poole palace?

Sparkling Red said...

I didn't have any problems with blogger, but Toronto got around 1.5 feet of snow. Wanna trade?

PRO said...

please demonstrate celebrity cabbage patch. thanks.

Vdizzle said...

I'll go with a lean (snap) and rock (snap) for no snow.

My blogger tends to shut down while I'm typing. I get a message in red letters "blogger is not responding right now." So I'm all nervous and copying and pasting ish when I'm about to nervously hit publish.

One more lean (snap) and rock (snap) for Rocky!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Chris said...

No jive, I was worried about Barack, but when a friend of mine who works with the Democratic Party back home said it would take a miracle for Hill to catch up, I relaxed. We got this. Yes we can!

SimplEnigma said...

Wordpress? Neeeverrrr! LOL.

Unless there is some miraculous button that I hit to migrate all my posts, it's too late. I'm stuck here. :)

BTW, did you catch the SNL parody of Christian last night? Hi-larious! :)

Sandy C. said...

You are too stinkin funny with your "celebratory cabbage patch" :)

I sweetie, walk towards the wordpress light.....you know you wanna ;)

jameil1922 said...

diva... lol. i used to hold on to anger but it does no good so i just started letting it go and this is the result!! it feels so much better. and thanks for the baseball bat!!! hahahahaha

desy... hahaha. NO! I manufacture this funny. baby! take off yo cooool!! best song ever. those utterz are HILARIOUS!! lol

joy... barack the vote!! girl you know i was dying laughing when they said that on snl!!! and yes for hour less b/c of daylight saving!! holla!! but i was super sleepy at 1:30 and collapsed into my bed! lol.

sha... oh yeah!! and i know you meant gov. of mass. lol.

duck... HAHAHAHA!! i can't tell you how much fun i had with that thing!! good night!!

canon... i don't know what it was about that day but i was HEATED!! PA is absolutely in the spotlight. the gov. was on meet the press yesterday and he's already campaiging hard for billary. this is the last big delegate state left with 158 up for grabs. MS is on tuesday but rocky's expected to easily take that one. you know how he does in states w/high black populations. (wonderfully). then they have 6 weeks until the april 22 primary in PA. rocky has already opened his Pittsburgh campaign HQ and I think billary's opens this week. bill will be in pgh and philly on tuesday. hills will be in philly this week as well. so yes, the campaigning has begun here.

liz... one day i'm gonna come to l.a. and fight you for all the times it was 26 here (i.e. today) on days it was 76 in l.a. and you rubbed it in my face!! I WANT A NEW LIZ!!!

x... i linked it for you in the next post.

red... NO!! that's why i did my celebratory dance for 3 inches (which it turns out we did get but the wind was blowing it around so it looked like less.

pro... ha!! i'm not going to do the move to video posts that quickly!! rashan would really make fun of me!!

v... love lean (snap) and rock (snap)!! hahaha!! i know i can always count on you to play along! all together now, "BLOGGER BE HATIN!!!" lol.

chris... yes but that puts even more heat on the superdels if he doesn't win a lot more contests by big margins and pick up more and more dels. it needs to be a clear victory but hopefully the superdels will play no part or what?? THERE WILL BE SOME SMOOOOOOKE IN THE CIT-AYYYYYYY!! LMAO!!!!

SE... i know but i was thinking i could just leave this blog intact and just post somewhere else in the future. Sigh. SIGH SIGH SIGH!! LOOOOOOOOOOVED that parody and its on the next post!! too hilarious!!

sandy... hahahahahaha. *ignoring the light!!* lol.

Karamale said...

hey babes...did you get my last comment?

Rashan Jamal said...

LMAO @ them utterz, especially the 3 minute laughing fit. You's a funny character.

I got blogger loyalty. Doesn't seem like the bloggers are as cool on Wordpress and them other ones. I'll ride it out for a minute.

jameil1922 said...

kara... i did but you're only in philly the 19th and 20th?? b/c the 19th isn't good for me. what about the 21st??

rj... i was crackin up on those joints!! it was hilarious. i don't know about blogger loyalty but i just don't have the patience to change my blog over.

Karamale said...

:-( i'll be in new yawk siddy on the 21st. we have to make plans to hook up once you blow pitt and i blow barranquilla.