Mindspacing 3/25

First: let's get this out of the way. Don't bring things up if you don't want to discuss it. I will quickly dismiss you whether it's to sign off of I.M. or shut down the phone call, whatever. It's weird that people don't know this about me. I thought I made it pretty clear. Apparently not because I usually get shocked reactions... well now you know.

I'm feeling a bit better. I'm not nearly as tired today. I did go to the doctor, though, and she prescribed a decongestant that's also a cough suppressant so I should be able to sleep without being racked with cholera. Yay! And 1969 & Rashan sent me check-up e-mails. How lovely. I didn't even get that from Stace. I really need new friends.

I also had C.hickFil.A today and yesterday! I didn't go during Lent because their fries... Praise Jesus for their fries! I'd rather not be tempted so I just kept my distance. As in you keep your fantastic waffle-y goodness over there and I will keep my fry-free Lenten self over here but He rose and now I can eat fries!

I looked in the mirror this morning and was a bit alarmed. Remember how when my mom saw me back in August she told me not to lose another ounce? Well I think I did. I may not be that skinny but I looked emaciated to me!! You know black women can have the other sort of BDD. We don't think we look too fat, we think we look too skinny!! Too funny. So I might not be going to the gym this week.

Ok that is a lie. I couldn't even keep it up for 5 seconds!! Pitiful!! Three times a week is a healthy amount. I haven't been this week yet but I know there is no way I can skip all week long. I work out so I can eat whatever I want because y'all know I love to eat! Did not eating fast food do this to me because I looked extra small when I looked in the mirror this morning. I DON'T KNOW!! There's this suuuuper skinny toned chick at the gym. Uhh... I don't wanna look like her. There are two of them actually that I see all the time. I don't want to look like either of them. The other one does those competitions where she flexes and shows how manly muscular she is. I've heard her talking to people about them. Her and her husband have also started training people. Excuse me. Why would you want to look like that? That's the other extreme of being fat if you ask me. And not attractive. I'll pass.

All I know is I don't want to look too skinny when I go back home because at homecoming, it was a bit unnerving to hear "You lost a lot of weight!" 50 million times. I lost probably 12 lbs. But when you're 5'1 it looks like more. I know I'll really hear that at home but only at church so I should be okay. Everyone pray! What if I told everyone who asked, "Oh it's so easy! After a while you don't even notice the hunger! I only eat once a week. You should try it!"

I forgot I need to tell more people to have parties. My friend Tasha seems really excited (the one who came to visit me 2 years ago). She keeps sending me events and calling. I love it. She's one of my middle school crew. We go back 13 years. 7th grade baby! Me, her & Meagan. There were 3 others but I don't talk to them anymore. Meagan & Tasha talk to one of them, the other two disappeared off the face of the earth, then found me on myspace.

Speaking of that. One of the ones who found me on myspace only told Tasha (not any of the rest of us) she was getting married. Then none of us were invited to the shower or wedding. Then Tasha found out she was pregnant a month or two before the baby was born. We weren't invited to that shower either. Tasha (who has always talked to her the most) went to see her in the hospital and hasn't talked to her much since. I sent out my "I'm coming home, holla, etc." message on myspace and she's with the, "You should come see me and the baby." Wow... You are special. Only if my mom wants to see him. Did I forget to tell my mom about that?? I can't remember. Ah well. That's all folks.

*Side note: did you know you can cough hard enough to crack a rib (whooping cough) or give yourself a hernia? That's what I call disgusting. That's also what propelled me to the doctor's office this morning!


Open Grove Claudia said...

Hey, if I have BDD does that confirm that I'm black?? I mean, I'm from the west where there aren't any real white people. So I figured... ;)

I tagged you for a Make a Wish meme - 'cuz I figured you needed one or two. I do hope you feel better - and I'm delighted you actually went to the doctor.

Here's a fun fact - you can raise your bp so high coughing that you have a stroke. That's yucky.

dejanae said...

wow @ the side note

i wish i could lose weight that easy
i'll give u 12 of mine

Sandy C. said...

Hooray for fries!!! I love their waffle fries :) Glad you went to the doctor. I've heard about the broken ribs before. That's enough to scare anybody to see a doctor!

Sparkling Red said...

"He rose, and now I can eat fries!"
- Gospel of Jameil, Book of Fabulosity, 3:2.

I have the same concern about keeping weight on. Muscles, tendons, and veins showing through the skin - that's gross. :-p I would never be a hardcore weightlifter - it'd be too easy for me to go there.

jameil1922 said...

claud... i can neither confirm nor deny your blackness. i don't even know what to do w/that meme. let me think abt it. the blood pressure thing makes me never want to cough again in life.

dej... yeah... tooo much. i never seriously said it was easy. it's not. i've been working out 3xs a week for more than a year and controlling my portions.

sandy... mmm fries. does being a nurse sometimes make you paranoid?

red... i write no gospels but Praise Jesus for fries!! right on the muscles thru skin!?!??! it's just too much!!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

lo siento homie. i didn't know you were sick. i just realized today that i haven't been to your page in forever.

fast food is gangsta. you not eating it for a week (?), with your metabolism probably showed up when you looked in the mirror.

what's wrong with being extra toned?
*feelings hurt*

Vdizzle said...

I REFUSE to believe that she didn't know she was pregnant for seven months.

If you can make up some ridiculous reason that I might accept, I'm gonna repeat how stupid you are!

*good luck with the cholera

Desy said...

oh wow.. that cough is nothing to play with. i might break my 'no doc' policy if i had something like that.

i've pretty much weighed the same since freshman year of high school. whether i'm active or not, it does not fluctuate much... but i did get a little leaner when i did dance regularly...cant wait to go back to dance classes

well, enjoy your newly begun fry filled life, with health and prosperity...lol

CJ said...

argh. Glad you are feeling better! The cough that doesnt go away SUCKS. If you have any medicine left please mail to your broke brethren:)

DollFace said...

Girl I'm sorry! I must have spread my germs into blogland!

I'm soooo happy that you can eat fries again. I LOVE fries and I was feeling sad FOR YOU!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm bout to send you another check up email...need some OJ or something?

LOL @ He rose and now I can eat fries.

Are you too skinny? Post some pics and we'll let you know. LOL

You should totally feign anorexia when you go home. That would be hilarious.

the joy said...

Um, chick is crazy. Lol maybe she feels lonely cuz she is around a baby all day. Shouldn't have been so shady to yall.

I get chest pains when I'm sick. I cough really hard. My back hurts from it too.

I think the fries probably puffed you up a lil, so not eating them, plus being sick definitely will make you look different. I had the same issue when I was sick except I looked more pale than usual and not thin.

jameil1922 said...

Stace... you know better than to take that to heart. did you not hear me say body builder types? get outta here. i did always say imagine how i would look if i ate right, didn't i?

v... what in the world?? I said she didn't tell us. not she didn't know. get it together.

desy... i'ma need you not to have a no doc policy. that's how people have stage 4 cancer and don't know it.

cj... see huh uh. mailin meds does not work!! you & desy.

doll... this is all your fault!!

rj... no pics. lmao @ fake anorexia being funny!! you ain't right!! still waiting on that oj.

Joy... she's def crazy. i haven't been unable to eat so its not that.

Los Angelista said...

I figured you'd be sleeping all day long but I'm glad you went to the doctor and that you're feeling better. You need to rest up the rest of this week. No strenuous exercise allowed! And don't eat Chick-fii-A! The food is pretty much drenched in MSG. So's KFC! It could make you sick.

Okay, I'm done acting like a mom now! :)

Chris said...

That once a week joke had me rollin' this morning...but why is being overly muscular sexy just to the person carrying the muscles? I never understood how having muscles in your nostrils was hot shit.

jameil1922 said...

liz... you right! bah i have my class tomorrow night. i really need not to go anywhere tonight but i told my dad it was daddy daughter night. he's sick, too, though. i know he won't mind if we don't go anywhere b/c he was real reluctant. maybe i'll just bring something home for us to eat after bible class tomorrow. if i just go to sleep he won't say anything. lol.

i think i got sick b/c i wasn't eating fast food. my body probably rebelled against me and decided to get sick. that's gotta be it. i don't mind you acting like a mom! a vegetarian mom. lol. hey can you give me some good veggie recipes?

chris... oooh! i love a man w/a strong nostril! that's a real man right there!! all strong nostriled. you ain't no real man if you can't move earth wind and fire thru your nostril. and you should sooo get up on that once a week! food is for the weak! just like sleep!!