Oh Keith

I was never a fan because I don't like when journalists interject their opinions. I don't listen to most radio or tv personalities for precisely this reason but... this is worth every second.

Removing myself from my belief about journalistic integrity requiring distance from things of this nature, despite the disclaimer, as a human being, I think he did what was right. To insinuate some sort of backhanded affirmative action is not only ludicrous and offensive, it's the same sort of thing that has been going on for too many months in the Billary campaign and needs to end yesterday. I'm sick of it. Attack his credentials, not his race.

And seriously, it doesn't take the Speaker of the House to know these two will NEVER be on the same ticket. I could've told you that long before this week. She's just been writing checks her behind won't want to cash. (Too southern?) It's past time for my fellow North Carolinian to step up and throw his support behind the right candidate before it's too late.

You can fake fight for the black vote all you want. I'm not buying it and neither are a lot of other people. I can't believe you had this many black faces show up while you apologized again. Your recent actions are why there are so many people who would rather see a Repub in the White House than you. If you win this nomination (which would have to involve some underhanded combination of adding FL and MI back in and the support of superdelegates (one superdel down btw)), you are making it impossible for any self-respecting black person support you. We all know where I stand.


Sparkling Red said...

I wasn't aware of this controversy. Them's fightin' words.

DollFace said...

Miss Jameil-

I hear you! Our primary isn't until May (since I'm not a resident here)...I will be going home just so that I can Barack the Vote. The thought of a Clinton/McCain run for the presidency is very disconcerting

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen, and Amen... What he said is all to true ... and more proof that this country hasnt come as far as most would like to think it has sadly enough! It's so easy to talk to talk ... and yet actions speak louder than words ... Hillary has done nothing but "write checks her butt cant cash" (never too southern!) ... and well Im one person who wasnt accepting anything she was writing or saying in the first place ... Barack on!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

tell 'em why you mad keith.

that was some serious sh!#. I hope she takes his words to heart even though it would be too little, way too late.

GF. no words for her. read the cynical ones post about her (she hate me)

jameil1922 said...

red... word life. she is TRIPPIN!!

doll... giiiiiirl! i'm still an nc res. and will DEF be voting in the primary!! clinton/mccain is that bull!!!

cali... i knew you wouldn't say too southern! lol. i was on the barack ship from day one but i could've been swayed but as soon as the first primary hit i was further from ya girl, then n.h. w/the fake tears? DONE. and SC, CRUSADE!!!

stace... he was not playin. let me go read that post.

Anonymous said...

I dont consider Keith Olbermann a Journalist anymore than I consider Jon Stewart a journalist.

Or Bill O'Reilly

Or Sean Hannity

Or Jon Stewart

Even a stalwart like Bill Moyers (pauses to silently genuflect) is getting his pseudo-Journalism on.

Journalism signed its death warrant when Walter Cronkite ethered (and rightfully so) the Vietnam War.

Journalism is for people like YOU. Yall off the camera actual news folk.

Problem is they are too busy chasing down missing white girls and showing myspace pictures of former hookers to actually report on the substance of the issues.

Sandy C. said...

Wow! I was not aware of this either (yes, I live under a rock). Thanks for posting this. That was an incredible clip!

Mademoiselle M said...

I just think it's so ridiculous how race is always a catch 22 in this country (has been and maybe will always be). Either it denies you the rights and opportunities you deserve or it gains you rights and opportunities "you don't deserve" such as in Obama's case as stated by Ferraro.

UGHHHH!! This country really makes me sick sometimes. The older I get, the more I don't like. I need to move to Europe already. Like yesterday.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

on a lighter note, i still can't believe he was an anchor at espn. i wonder if stu scott will be next to jump ship?

also, him and that damn pin-stripe. oh keith.

Vdizzle said...

I'm gonna give Keith the pseudo journalist label too, but people listen to him and he just gave Hills and Geri a grade A bitch slap. Baby powder and all.

"It floats out like a poison cloud!!"

jameil1922 said...

Ink... i've never watched his show. i watched a couple of clips online today. sigh. def. not a journalist. not all off-cam folk are actual news people either.

sandy... no problem.

mm... i'm tempted to move to england too.

stace... i know. that makes him even more the fake (i.e. wannabe) journalist.

v... NOT avec baby powder! lolol.

Canon said...

Big fan of Keith Olbermann... I like it when the reporters/journalists can make news semi-opinionated as well as relevant... I don't like O'Reilly but respect him for that same reason...

This whole "controversy," though... You know that all Geraldine said was something agreed with within the Clinton party and she simply said it out loud and messed it up... but, no doubt they're trying(going) to spin it. How, I don't know, but they're working hard to clear the air of all of the negative backlash... expect tons more old black folk on the stage with her when she gives speeches from here on out. In my eyes, hillary is dead already. whenever the Klan (the KLAN!) is backing a black man over a white woman, you know she's done.

jameil1922 said...

Canon... that is false. the klan is not backing barack. that was a "joke" that people took too far and passed all over creation. go to snopes.

real journalists don't scatter their opinions all over the world.

i do, however, expect to see more irrelevant black people on stage with her.

CNEL said...

I don't like Keith's "Special Comments" on the principal of the matter.

I too have wondered as have others how he can anchor election coverage and do his show.

Yes, viewers are responding to opinion T.V. But you don't pay the same people to play anchor and commentator.

I was blown away by this maybe the passion behind it.