Go Sit Down: Part I

This is actually Part II since yesterday's post was all about the beginning of this crazy, crazy, insane week which is threatening to make me yell to myself: GO SIT DOWN!! ("Go sit down, go sit down, GO SIDDOWN!!")

I almost didn't go meet Ace yesterday because I started watching my new tv crack online... Here Come the N.ewlyweds. I love this show! It's too funny. The black couple is my fave. They're the funniest and communicate with each other the best. The latest episode did bring out the prude in me, though, because everyone was confessing about sex and I'm all I mean COME ON!! What I do in the privacy of my bedroom with my future husband is between the two of us! Now get out my business!! Why are y'all making me discard my proper English again?

So anyway watching that show it was suddenly too late to take a nap. I had to take a shower and hit the road. I get to the restaurant and Ace's band is already into their set which was cool Irish music. I know it's bizarre for me to like it but I did. After they finished they're set we talked for a few minutes-- very cool guy. Then another set so I decided to have some Irish stew (with lamb, carrots, peas and a G.uinness-based broth). I also had two Irish beers-- Harp & S.mithwick's, which I learned is pronounced "Smit-icks." Good to know. I liked both. The Harp was paler but not too pale. Too pale and beers start tasting watery.

Then 6 rolled around and I had to leave. I got home, got on the net for a few minutes (addict) then went to bed around 7. Just shy of 5 hours later it was time to wake up. How's that for horrible? I'm used to my 7-9 hours of sleep per night. When I worked better hours (was that an alternate universe? another lifetime? a dream? no... just 3 years ago), sleep was not as important but when you're working in the middle of the night and throwing off your circadian rhythm (which is bad for you), sleep becomes that much more important. Your body is trained to be sleeping when I'm working. Bah humbug. Enough of that. Just know I paid for it when I woke up and then on the drive home. Yikes!

Tomorrow the tour of death crazy week continues. Gym, wash hair, nap, FOR REAL THIS TIME, Pharreal ("'cause he's the truth") concert. Thursday, recover, dinner with dad, "The Experience" which starts at a sushi restaurant which has great drinks. The rest of the agenda is TBD. (That's to be determined, Stace (y'all know she's acronymly challenged).) With this group that could mean anything... I'm not ready.

I also forgot there's a Lupe concert at Pitt. I have to ask our intern turned part time assignment desk editor (he was a GREAT intern) (since he's still a student) where it is and if it's free- which is clearly even better! But it's not a great idea for me to go to the concert since Easter is Sunday and I'll be at church. Speaking of which, I was all set to wear the dress I wore to Wynel's wedding (no pics there)-- white with blue flowers. But it's hard to wear such a spring style when the first day of spring (Thursday), it's supposed to SNOW!!!! And on Easter? The high will be 43. That means during the morning and most of the day it will be in the 30s. 30s!!!! Ol' fake Easter weather. Pittsburgh. I quit you.

Do you know I'm a captain for Making the Blog and I was given an assignment?? Why I oughta... so I've been busy thinking up something to confess. Let's spread the pain. Go on your blogs and confess something as well that you have never told your bloggers-- something serious and not funny. You have until Friday like the rest of us, but my post will probably be tomorrow. If you have suggestions for me or something burning you want to know, do fire away.

*My dad just walked in and said, "Jameil bought lunch! You're so pretty! Such a pretty pretty girl." Hilarity.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

making the blog...cute! i'm tryin to think of something to share

Sparkling Red said...

I'm surprised that you have any time to sleep, with all that activity!

Easter snow... Bah! I bet I'll see some of that too. Spring, where are thou?

1969 said...

I had a dress to wear on Easter Sunday...and a hat. It better warm up something serious.

magnoliapeach said...

I still trying to figure out what I'm going to confess!!! (and it can't be funny, which is killing me, lol)

Sandy C. said...

Your dad is awesome :)

Hmm...Making the blog huh? I can't wait to read your confession!

Opinionated Diva said...

That stew sounds delish! I don't do beer...ever!

I don't know how you live with that sleep pattern and remain so perky...I'd be ready to curse everyone out!

M-Dubb said...

How can you drink beer? Didn't you go to an HBCU?

Los Angelista said...

This is like the longest winter ever! Well, Easter is early this year so no surprise on how cold it is.

I don't know if I can join you in the confessional. All my illegal and secretive stuff has to stay that way! I am not gutsy enough and I don't know if all the statute of limitations have expired!

Desy said...

omgosh- i love the moutra's (and i think everybody else does too). johnnie sounds like bernie mac to me for some reason~ his humor is so on point; has me dyin

i thought lupe was on the tour with the Nerds... the ticket we got has those two, kanye, and rianna also...

man- i couldn't imagine messing up my sleep cycle... i'm like a clock especially when i'm in school. 10pm- i'll be out...lol

Desy said...

ps- 'is that a speck in yo eye?'

Chris said...

You know how to quit Pittsburgh, huh? And I so love the title *boppin around like I'm at A&T* Go siddown! Go siddown! Go siddown!

the joy said...

food makes you pretty? that's dad logic, lol. i have no secrets. seriously, i cannot think of a thing that i havent mentioned on my blog because i couldnt. i just havent gotten to that yet, lol.

i am so jealous of you anr nerd. did they reschedule barack in beaver?

Tasha said...

Hmmmm making the blog sounds cute. I might could share somethin, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you gottasay

jameil1922 said...

all... Y'ALL GAVE ME NO IDEAS!!! I NEED NEW BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we're back.

pcd... share and share alike!

red... girl i CRASHED today! at least i know you can feel my pain! the outlook dropped. now supposed to be 36 the 1st day of spring. i better not hear a WORD about global warming!!!

1969... i know!! COME ON!!

mp... get on the ball!!

sandy... he knows how to act sometimes! you get to confessing too!!

diva... the stew was pretty good. i only started drinking beer in the last 4.5 years (good gracious i've been out of school for 4 years)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sleep is essential to the perkiness.

md... HA! and you know it! i started sr. year b/c beer was cheaper. i worked on my acquired taste buds and now am totally down.

liz... you be quiet miss i'm going to enjoy the 80 degree weather in march!!! lmao @ stat. of limit. CONFESS CONFESS CONFESS!!

desy... he soooo reminds me of mack. that is absolutely a speck in yo eye!!! "you shoulda told me that before we got married!!!!" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! toooo funny. i'm dying!!

they are on tour together. idk why they're coming here separately. i was never an early to bedder or early riser so this has completely ruined my natch body clock.

chris... SO tryin to quit this city!!

joy... pretty food son pretty food!! he was there mon. but i didn't go. i can wait until he's somewhere closer to pittsburgh. he'll be in charlotte wed. BAH HUMBUG!!!

t... share your face off girl!!

Rashan Jamal said...

How everybody gonna ignore the confessions? Spread this thing around the blog world and make me a star... A star I say... LMAO

I don't know which one I'm gonna confess yet, I'll let the readers decide.

Lemme know how NERD is live. I like there music, but something tells me Pharrell will sound terrible live with that falsetto.

Oh yeah... Go sit down. LOL

Rashan Jamal said...

BTW.. The confession can be funny, just make sure its true.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

just say no to drugs - lol

crack killed apple jack

and tv crack sounds potent

Miss B said...

Oooo Pharrell...I bet that is going to be a HOT concert!!

Wait where have I been?? who's Ace??

*going back to re-read all the post before this one*

This weather is the worst...its going to be cold here too...*ugh*