Gym Crazies, Frust, & My Crazy D

Sigh. I'm a magnet for the gym crazy. I just am. The other day this old lady says to me, "You have such nice square shoulders. Has anyone ever told you that before?" What????? "Um... no." "Yeah, see how mine are sloped? Yours are nice and square." "Oh... uh... thanks." WOW. You are a little tiny (at 5'1, I can look down at her) ball of crazy. This is the same woman who told me she piddled. Sigh. I think she will make conversation with a wall, though, honestly so I just humor her.

That reminds me that I called my grandmother the other day. Every time I call her she either tells me I made her day, her week or her month. It's fantastic! Lol. You know how I am about compliments. Oh you slay me! Lololol. So if your grandparents are still alive (she's the only one I have left), give them a call please. They'd love to hear from you. Most of her grandchildren don't call because she used to be really mean. Omg! I have to utter something for you. "Devil get on outta here." Of course there are tangents. Did I really say "teeny tiny itty bitty baby lizards"? Were they small?

Back to the other gym crazy. G. Oh G. Why did Stace & Rashan talk you up? I hadn't seen you in at least a week and a half. That's a lot considering you work out near daily. I didn't know if maybe you got locked up (they won't let you out) but I guess not. I don't really care enough about your jail situation to ask. Is that wrong? I don't care. Saturday at the gym who do I see him working out with a dude and a girl. I smile and wave and keep it moving. He smiles (he does have a cute smile. Something about dimples...), waves and yells out "AY!! WHERE YOU BEEN?!" No. You didn't. Couth. It's not hard. Or maybe it is. I reply much less loudly, "Around, where have YOU been?" then continue to walk downstairs. Except I hear "AY!!" EVEN LOUDER. Huh uh. I can not condone your bad behavior. I just glower through my upper eyelashes as I walk down the stairs and continue on my way. Get your life together, please. That is not cute.

I was reading My Utmost for His Highest (the problem with a lack of awareness of days is that sometimes you get behind and don't even know it... I think I'm a day behind. I'll just uh! double up, uh uh!) yesterday morning or the day before and it was talking about lust and how giving in to it like being owned by your frust... or whatever sort of lust you have, with the definition of lust being something you believe you must have NOW. I was like huh???? FRENCH FRIES YOU DON'T OWN ME, SON!! So yeah. That has given me further resolve to give in no more to my frust. Because I thought about it. It becomes a slippery slope. You give in once and say, "Why not just one more time and one more time and oh who cares?" Not the kid!! YOU CAN'T RUN ME FRENCH FRIES!! ONE MORE WEEK B! (Or should I say F?)

Since Palm Sunday (today) to Easter is Holy Week and I eat way too much fast food, I decided to give up fast food for Holy Week. This will require me to cook... for the first time in probably months... I know that's bad but it's the truth. My dad buys my food a lot (he brings home lunch) and when I go to a restaurant, I always take home enough for my work lunch the next day. What? I have a small appetite. Plus I eat out on Tuesday before Bible Study to pass the time, then I eat out on Thursday for Daddy Daughter. And we can't forget breakfast on Sunday mornings before church. Those are just the guarantees and don't include my usual stop at A.rby's on the way to work almost every night. They recognize MY VOICE and know my condiments. It's really quite bad. So this is the first step to getting a handle on that.

My daddy is nutty. He cracks me up sometimes. The best days are days like yesterday (Saturday) where I go to work for my whole life 11 hours (that's not the good part), go to the gym, come home and talk to Stace for 2 hours while D cooks my breakfast. Good stuff man, good stuff. Well the working hard, then grabbing my just reward part. AND getting something accomplished to boot. Kielbasa, 2 eggs over hard (I don't like runny yolks), grits and wheat toast. Oh breakfast, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I still need to memorize that poem... Do you know people who say rememberize? Horridnessocity.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i love that i'm part of your best days!!! AWWWWWW!

Ummmm, G. Lil Crazy, lemme tell you something right quick... don't you EVER, in even your WILDEST DREAMS, holla at me like that again. I can't believe he did it TWICE!!!! AAAHHH! Thx Rashan for talking him up, sheesh.

Sparkling Red said...

I want that breakfast RIGHT NOW! It's been too long since I've had Kielbasa. And yes, no runny yolks in the eggs!

I called my grandmother on Friday. She told me about how she went to a wedding and got everyone up on the dance floor. She's almost 90, too! I congratulated her on being a leader. She doesn't get enough chances to do stuff like that.

Chris said...

so mad@that lady making conversation about your shoulders. What kinda monkeyshine foolishness is that? And dude yelling out "aye" like he's trying to remember the other 25 letters of the alphabet is a clear indicator that you were right to distance yourself from him.

Desy said...

'glower through my upper eyelashes'- that was such a great line J. I had to stop for a second when i read that... don't be surprised if it finds it's way into one of my literary creations...lol

I have a 'teeny tiny itty bitty' appetite myself... my friends love takin me out cause they know they are feeding me for 2 days... stretchin that dolla...haha

I do like to cook tho. I make things that i crave in the fast food relm, like tacos, or seasoned fries (even tho checkers does it best), cheese burgers, chicken alfredo, and etc... Most times that works... but sometimes nothin can substitute my desire to have a Chick'fil'a sandwich, waffle fries and sweet tea. I'm such a slave to the polynesian sauce...lol

dejanae said...

im appreciating ur randomness

jameil1922 said...

stace... yay!! now don't get the big head.

you and rashan (x) can share blame for that one. know that.

red... mmmm come on down! get it granny! that's so gonna be me.

chris... just bizarre on the shoulders. no ay bay bay for you?

desy... oh goodness! lol. when i eat all my food people are shocked. it has to be bad for me not to bring it w/me.

mmmmm polynesian!!! you can come on up to cook girl. don't fight that feelin.

dejanae... welcome & thx! there's too much more where that came from.

Sandy C. said...

Arby's!!! *sigh* How do I miss thee... :( No Arby's here. Every now and then I long for their curly fries and horsey sauce.

Vdizzle said...

He would have got no response from the first "aye." My name is not "Aye." It don't even begin with the letter "A" so you are clearly not talking to me!

CNEL said...

I've had people say I had good posture before LoL.

Compliments are like Godsends yay for affirmation.

Yelling across rooms is a no go beyond rude, it just ain't classy.

I may have to coin my own definition for frust, I'll MySpace blog it.

jameil1922 said...

sandy... don't talk abt fries!! less than a week left!

v... he's so pitiful.

cnel... ok posture yes but shoulders??? you steal my word then redefine it??? uh...

Rashan Jamal said...


Don't blame me for talking him up, I just wanted to know if he was in jail. LOL


I know you didn't talk about my utterz being long, when your's was almost as long.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

that's a shame that they recognize your voice....SMH!

*running away hiding my face, hoping no one ever catches me at the dunkin donuts drive-thru where they know my voice and condiments*

Los Angelista said...

I had fries and a chai for dinner last night... so terrible. But you only have one more week to go!

And rememberize? Oh wow, who says that? That's a repeat 1st grade phrase right there!

jameil1922 said...

rj... next time ask him!! i can give you his number. fries DON'T own me!! you said "i'm gonna cut this short" after 6 minutes. THAT was the crazy part, not necessarily the length. thankyouvermuch.

pcd... HA! you can run but you can't hide girl!!

liz... less than a week and it's fry time!!!!!!!!!!!! i def. know some folk who need a trip back to first grade, then!! lol.

M-Dubb said...

Your gym people are NOT like my gym people. That's all I'm sayin...