Am I Alive?

Because I think my gym date tried to kill me. He goes 6xs a week for at least 2 hours. Yeah... I don't even aspire to your level of dedication. He got there an hour before me and ran 4 miles. I thought I was fit. I know I'm cute and tiny but wow. We walked on the track for 40 minutes, then did 20 on the bikes. I was good and sweaty after that. Not cute but oh well. It was your idea to workout together. I guess it was nothing to him. He's all relaxed. Then we do free weights to work the chest, then a pec machine, squats, hamstrings and triceps. And you know how normal people to sets of 8 or 10 or 12? No. Sets of 20. He was like, "You have to do a lot of reps so you can build up your endurance." Me, "Right. But I also need to be able to walk the next day." We were there for 2 hours.

He also called me last night (of course I was sleeping) to see if I wanted to bring a swimsuit to go sit in the sauna. I don't own one pieces. Stace was cracking up at the thought of my Rosa Chas or my cute Vickie's Secret bikinis in the gym sauna. Hilarious, I'm sure. My arms! My legs! Am I gonna die? He said the sauna helps with that. Does that mean I'm supposed to go buy a one piece or wear the 3 bikinis I own, two of which I've never worn? Decisions decisions. Oh yeah he's about to turn 29 next month and is apprehensive about it because "30 sounds so old." I was crackin up. We had a good time AND have set a tentative 2nd gym date for Saturday as long as I can walk. Ooh! He used to be a baker. Like bread and dessert. Yum!! Can you whip up some focaccia for me? That would be great.

For lunch I had bologna and Mexican-style 4-cheese blend on a spinach flour tortilla with a side of chips and chipotle salsa (yes I'm obsessed and ok with that. I even told him about it while on the bikes) and a glass of orange juice. That roll up was bangin! I had to stop myself from getting another! I think I'll make baked spaghetti tonight. Wanna come Stace? (She can eat spaghetti 8xs a week.) Good day so far. Too bad Grey's is a repeat. Boooo. Scroll down for Project Runway!


Anonymous said...

youll be fine.

The hater/big brother in me is naturally wary of anyone who has time to work out 6x a week.

Thats a level of self-indulgence i find troubling for someone as fabulous as yourself.

Being married to a diva is a LOT of work. Trust me, i know.

lol @ you having bologna on a salad.

Sandy C. said...

Whoa! 12 hours a week at the gym? That's hard core...ROFL at "or wear the 3 bikinis I own" :)

Sha Boogie said...

OMG - 6x a week?! That is murder/suicide right there! Give me 2x and I'm so good! Maybe I'm just mad cuz he's stylin on me!..lol

Dag, I haven't had bologna since I used to think I was a chef in 5th grade making fried samiches!

Sparkling Red said...

Wow, that guy must be insanely tough. I feel I've done well if I do ten situps every other morning!

He sounds very promising. Self-discipline is a good sign. I'll be waiting to hear how Date 2 goes.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...


He works out so much cause he used to be a baker. imagine eating pastries all day; all those carbs go to waist (pun intended)

hmmm, i haven't had spag since last week.

Chris said...

he's improving your fabulosity. You'll be thanking him when you're blowing kisses to the paparazzi on the red carpet, trust me, lol

Anonymous said...

Dang girl I wish i had a gym date like that.

the joy said...

He tested your gangsta son! And he wanted to see you in a suit! What does he do that he can work out so much?!

I tried to post on the PR entry but its not working! I just wanted to say that I was so annoyed when they called one of the dresses slimming, like there wasn't a 90 lb woman wearing it.

jameil1922 said...

ink... i suppose i'll be fine. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!! lmao @ the hater big bro. working out is probably one of the better forms of self-indulgence if that's what you consider it. no salad. spinach tortilla. bologna is delish. i haven't had it in a minute!

sandy... right?!? and that's min. its probably more like 15. but you did answer the bikini quandry! no one did! what am i to do!?

sha... i know!! i'm happy w/3xs. he IS stylin on you!! hahahahaha. mmmm bologna.

red... get in where you fit in! i'm interested in date no. 2, too!

stace... right?! except my legs feel ok. i think this right shoulder will be HOLLERIN in the mornin! your corny lil pun. lololol. get yo spaghetti girl!!

chris... lol.

everything... it was good!

joy... lmao!! please understand i said "why are you always testin my gangsta?" and he started laughin!! that's why i broke a sweat. he was challenging me. huh uh!! not the kid!! i was thinking that, too. isn't it a bit early to be so naked around each other. i mean goodness. you didn't know 90lbs. is sooo fat?! lol. you're crackin me up today.

CNEL said...

Date sounded kinda fun.

He knew what he was doing asking for time in the sauna, he wanted to check up on it. HaHa

Liz said...

Yeah, he just wants to see you in a swimsuit!

I can't stand going in the sauna at my local gym because of all the old men up in there with speedos and man boobs! Yech!

jameil1922 said...

Cnel... well i shut that down didn't I!?

liz... ugh. i always see those, too! shouldn't they have to wear support garments, too??

yet another black guy said...

baked spaghetti?!