Eat with Gusto!

Mmmm. Fooood. It's no secret I love to eat. I don't eat to live baby I live to EAT! I noticed most chefs do either. You know how hefty people like to say, "Never trust a skinny cook?" Well Rach is neither skinny nor fat but definitely one of those hefty-eatin girls! AND I LOVE IT!! Eat like you mean it sis! Did you know Rach comes up in my everyday life? I like to be really into things. You know how there are people who collect things like stamps or whatever? I don't have the sort of gusto for that. I would like to collect yellow tea roses, my sorority flower. I'll take a picture of the gorgeous porcelain one my Hampton homies gave me when I crossed. Other than that, my current, and much more easily accessible obsession is Rach. Better her than drugs, right? I agree. Blame Ash.

So the other day me and Ash are chatting online. You know what black folk call "the itis"? Did you know some people call it a food coma? That's what Ash wanted to share with me. I started dying laughing. Then when watching 30 minute meals this a.m., guess what Rach referenced? A food coma!! LMAO!! I started screaming. Too bad Ash doesn't read anymore. More work for me because now I have to tell her in addition to the blog. Bah humbug. I need her to get her life together.

My coworker started laughing when I was planning my trip to Houston. She said, "You and your friends are so funny! You plan your trips based on food!" Hello honey! Is there any other way?? Gimme the goods! Shopping... ehhh...yes. Beach...oooh! Food? SIGN ME UP NOW!!

I'm watching Simply Delicioso right now. Mostly because she does Tex-Mex/Cuban/Spanish foods. Mmmmm. Y'all know how I feel about those. She's making pulled pork quesadillas and they look so good!! I loooove Mexican/Cuban/insert-Latin-cuisine-here. This chick took a bite that was a quarter of the tortilla! Dang big mouth! Lol. Eat with gusto, girl! Eat with gusto! For dessert, fried apple chimichangas topped with vanilla ice cream. She's garnishing them with mint and serving them to boys home from college. Girl. If you don't quit with that! You know they don't care! Man I need to marry a Mexican or something! (She's Colombian.)


Eb the Celeb said...

Girl... I had a debate with this chick at work about that... I thought it was a white people thing though... because she's white... i didnt know there were black people that said food coma. I have never heard of it until she said something... It will always and forever be the itis around my way... food coma sounds straight retarded

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

this post was bomb! you know that's why i love nigella, cause she LIVES TO EAT!!

and what other way to become one with the town you're visiting besides their cuisine? you can look at scenery online but you must EAT in person!

Olette said...

The pulled pork quesadillas did sound good. LOL@ marrying a mexican. Although he's not mexican, I think your favorite Iota is still free...and he happens to be in TX... :)

Chris said...

smh@your high metabolism arse throwing your love of grub in the grill of a foodaholic in recovery. You oughtta be ashamed...but I know you won't be, lol

1969 said...

I love Simply Delicioso. Yummy!

I love latin food. Hell, I love food period.

jameil1922 said...

Eb... no, there are no black people who say food coma so calm down.

stace... lol. glad you liked it home skillet. (mmm food) cuisine is fab. not lookin at scenery online tho. stace. stop it.

olette... mmm and they looked soo yummy. i would never take your man.

chris... nope. no shame in my game.

1969... mmmmm.... foooood.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

woman u preaching to the chior im a country boy, its 112am and im fixin ham and eggs lol but this is MLK time

Sparkling Red said...

We are just going to have to agree to disagree, because I CANNOT STAND Rachael Ray. I find her so maximally irritating that I have to change the channel as soon as she opens her mouth and starts her yapping. Shall I give her a second chance? Mmmmm... No!

Rashan Jamal said...

You can keep the mint garnish. All I want is food that taste good. I could care less about the presentation.

I don't know if the itis is medically proven fact, but I know it happens to me all the time. Thats why I can't eat at work. I would be useless for a good couple of hours.

The Ink said...

some people eat to live...others Live to Eat.

which is right which is wrong?

jameil1922 said...


red!!! this makes me so sad!! i am shedding a tear for you right now!!

rj... you do care about presentation. you just don't care about garnish. no one wants a plate of food to come to them looking like slop. you don't eat at all at work? saturdays i'm there for 11 hrs. that means i eat twice.

ink... LIVE TO EAT!! its the only way!!

X Factor said...

HEY.. that's not true! I'm Black, and I say "food coma!" I also prefer pumpkin pie to sweet potato... I suppose you foodies find that odd?

CNEL said...

I have a simple guacamole recipe, we got from a place in San Antonio because it was made tableside.

1 avocado
juice from a navel orange
juice from a lime
red onions

Simple and delish, we all agreed it had to be the orange juice which made it so unique.

jameil1922 said...

x... that's your biological mother coming out which explains both of those confessions. and we still love you.

cnel... mmmmm.

yet another black guy said...

damn, now see here you go! you went damn near 2 thirds of January wihout describing some extra yummy dish that would have me pacing the kitchen, FIENDING for something good and now this.