Project Runway!!

It's back!! After an UNANNOUNCED two-week hiatus. I will not lie and claim that I did not pull out my fave PR quote ever courtesy of Z.ulema, "If you have to cry and cut, you better cry and cut." LMAO!!!!!!! So funny. Feel free to share your fave PR moments.

Before I get to itemizing the show, the T.onight Show returned as well sans writers. We all know how violently I feel about the strike. That would be very. Yes, very. Can we stop it with all the shows about models? I mean really. It's getting out of control. I will repeat this. I would say only one more time but there are no new talks planned so I may say it 300 more times (God forbid): END THE STRIKE!! Sigh. I've never wanted scripted tv so bad in my life. Ever. I guess because it was never not an option. I did catch a preview of "M.illionaire M.atchmaker" that wasn't bad. The T.onight Show seemed pretty much the same-- at times completely unfunny. Whatever. PR TIME!!! Proceed with caution if you haven't seen it. This is what you call a spoiler.

"It wasn't like it was ugly because he made it using a wedding dress. It was ugly because he made a whole new dress and it was ugly." Teeny tiny gay 12-year-old Ch.ristian talking about S.teven who lost last week's competition. HILARITY!! I also don't really like how this is also a model competition and how they select the models. I don't know how I would want them to improve the selection process but they should. Until Chris picked Marc.ia, I thought they were gonna send both of the black girls home and I was about to get pissed.

"Where's your pajamas with the feet in them?" Chris to T.im Gunn. I bet they're edible, too. I love the producer, editor or production assistant who picked the nat sound (thank God for spell check-- that's what tv types refer to as natural sound-- kind of like background noise) of someone burping, then saying "Let's Go." Hilarious. This challenge is to use the stuff in a candy store. An outfit out of chocolate? I'm like Christ.ian, wryly, "Great." I don't even like chocolate that much and I really hate playing with food. I especially can't stand being sticky. I have a tendency to obsessively wash my hands rather than have dirty ones.

I didn't even think of pillows and such. I'm disgusted by the sight of them scrambling for materials. They did the same thing the first challenge of the season. It just looks so bargain basement. I have a friend who doesn't like what she calls "panty tables." You have to hear her hilarious southern accent to get the full effect. She hates seeing tables covered in panties with people pawing through them. Don't ask me how she would prefer to buy underwear. I'm always too busy dying laughing to ask. You know what else I don't like? Box sales. I do not have the sort of patience required to shop out of a box. Especially if there are more than 5 people in the store. I usually just skip those and head right to the racks.

I do like them tossing around the candy in the work room. That's quite amusing. I do NOT like that Ji.llian just grabbed a giant bar of chocolate bare-handed. I'm going to vomit. Some people's things look really cool. Looking at E.isa's dirty dirty feet is disgusting. Wow!! She got hit by a car in London and split her head open several inches. That is a crazy story! I'm shocked that she's still on this show and not really looking like the bottom. How is this possible when it looked "like her model was pooing fabric"??? LMAO @ C.hristian critiquing everything like a baby Tim because he's done.

Wait. Just wait!!!! I'm now looking at E.lisa's. Very, very, extremely, incredibly WHAT.THE.BLOODY.BLUE BLAZES? Giant puffy shiny metallic sleeves. I can't. Ram.i's looks super cool. Tim just told Sweet P. her stuff looks like a maxi pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dead. I know not how I can continue. J keeps talking about how she's in really bad shape. That means she won't lose. It's always the over confident ones. This worries me for C.hristian but I think I like his. They're not really showing the finished product.

CHRISTI.AN!! You are so loose today. Even more so than usual. "It is a tranny mess up in here." I can't. Love Chris Mar.ch holding the twizz.ler like a cigarette. I was just telling Stace how brainwashed we are into thinking cigs are classy. It's ridiculous. Cigarette holders? I hate cigs but I so need one of those in my life. What could I put in it instead of cigs? Chris.tian just perfectly described the sleeves on E.lisa's dress: like children's water floaties. Yes. Just like that. I'm a bit surprised to like J.illian's t.wizzler creation. M.Kors on E.lisa's creation, "It looks like a silver shower cap on her arm." Yes. Yes it does. N.ina Garci.a on SweetP, "Comparatively it looks sad." But not E.lisa bad. I would like to thank the judges for wholeheartedly sharing most of my opinions today. Somebody is wrong for us hearing MK saying about Chr.is' garment, "It was very elegant" or something like that and then showing him stuffing his face with chocolate!!

E.lisa out. But do you understand I've been waiting essentially my entire life for this? I wanted her out from day one. Holla. As she leaves what does she say? "I'm gonna wander off now." I think that is so very indicative of her personality. Wander off? Um. Okay. Well you do that then.
NO!! Next week more tears from R.icky. UGH!! Please tell me he's next. (But if you have to cry and cut.... LMAO!! I hope there are no more partner/team/group projects. I don't want to see 3 designs. I want to see 9. Thanks.)

*Completely unrelated but I used to hate creamed corn and now I think I love it.


Rashan Jamal said...

I have absolutely nothing constructive to add to this post. Just wanted to let you know I read it.

As far as your blog365 challenge, I respectfully decline on the grounds that there are 366 days this year and I wouldn't want to participate in a program that doesn't recognize leap year. LOL

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i looooooooove their comments!!! and "Teeny tiny gay 12-year-old Christian" is my FAVE!!! His gay hipster wit tickles me!!!

YES!!! Cig holders are IT!! Audrey Hepburn style!!
We need to bring them back "for the '08", real talk

1969 said...

Prince Christian the Small is my favorite. I can't live without him.

Whenever he says "It's so costume, not fashion"....I adore him even more.

Rami's design was fabulous and yes, I even liked the Twizzler creation.

Ah Ricki.....this year's Andre. Cry and cut, cry and cut.....

And the absolute best Project Runway moment of all time?


the joy said...

Rami's really was the best. And the one MADE of twizzlers? Oh yum. And chris's- I think I'd wear that! I like the alternations between hershey and twizzler? Jazzy.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i mis the pjs with feet - with the lil balls on the bottom, to b 5 or under again, butdang then no sex. LOL

jameil1922 said...

rj... thx!! and don't be a punk!! i totally have a stored post abt blog 365 along that vein. post thief.

stace... lolol. i know! cig holders for everyone '08 (like decision '08 but cooler).

69... INSANITY!!! that clip!! too funny!! "where did you... daniel? daniel? where'd he go?" lololol. rami's was very cool. i want to throw things at ricky.

joy... until he said that i thought it was all hershey wrappers. it being alternated it made it that much more interesting. it was a bit boring otherwise.

torr... lol. i don't like feeling trapped in my clothes. i need to have more than one way out of all outfits!!

Sparkling Red said...

I am in complete agreement regarding box sales, panty tables, and any other retail experience that involves rooting through messy piles of clothes and competing with other people for elbow room. Also, if the line for the change room is too long, I'm walking out. I'd rather pay full price.

DollFace said...

Hey Miss!

Happy New Year! I LOVE Project Runway...but why have they been showing the same shows over and over for the last 2 weeks?! They need to do something over at Bravo...or the writer's strike

Coco said...

So my favorite line was, "It looks like a coffee filter or a maxi pad." The look on her face when he said that kilt (yes I said kilt)me.

Random thought: This strike is killing me and they have the nerve to bring back "American Gladiators". I need some talks to start real soon!

yet another black guy said...

i tried to watch it, but i just couldn't get into it. i'm not a fashionista :(

Liz said...

I have been waiting for that heffa to get out too. From the moment she spit on the clothes, I wanted her gone. And Christian, you know I hated him from the get go, but he's starting to grow on me now because he is just sooo out of control with his little two snaps comments.

jameil1922 said...

red... nothing could turn me on to full price like that but i'll definitely think about skipping a box sale if there's another option.

doll... thx! they always do that w/their best series. stretch it out as long as possible. plus over the holidays you know every station likes marathons. all of the seasons were on. me and stace were glued.

coco... lol & she still didn't change it! the strike is the whole reason so much reality tv is taking over the tube. DOWN WITH THE STRIKE!!

black... awww. you're sweet just for trying.

liz... glad she's gone!! christian makes me giggle. i haven't decided beyond that, tho. his clothes are eh to me. sometimes i like sometimes i can't stand. i've yet to be really wowed.

Miss B said...

Hi!! I'm new...love your blog first and foremost!!

Secondly...I LOVE Christian he is HILARIOUS!!! He reminds me of Mango from SNL(you know Chris Kattan's character...lol) But I love him...my fav is Rami!!

I've been waiting for Elisa to get the boot a long long long time ago!!

BTW that random blurb at the end was quite funny!! lol

yet another black guy said...

i don't even watch this show and i feel i got the gist of it. and did you type this AS you watched it?! you's a bad girl!

Monie said...

Jammy, I'm catching up, girl, I'm catching up!!!!

This post slayed me only because I TOTALLY remember this PR episode.

Oh, how I miss the hot tranny messes...

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