Top Ten

I was particularly bored and demanding yesterday and THISCLOSE to deleting the majority of my blog roll again. (What is it about Thursdays? I think I need to get out of the house more.) Instead I decided to tell you my top ten and why. Of course at those on this list post daily or near daily which means I check their blogs likely several times a day. In the morning, then again in the afternoon and if it's my weekend, at night, too. When you're at a computer all day long really what else is there to do? They also share the comment love and come over here. So here we go!

1) Stace: We immediately clicked freshman year but didn't really hang out until sophomore year at Hampton when we became great friends. She was my definite roll dawg until her parents made her to transfer to (the clearly inferior) FAM. Just look at those hideous colors. And it's not even on the water! What's the point in a school without water? How do you know where your campus ends? I promise when I was in college I thought this at every campus I visited. I liked A&T's campus (and not just because I always saw people I knew. How can you NOT like going to another campus and still getting shouted out every time you're there?) but it just felt like it meandered with no clear knowledge of how to end. I would've never gone there, though. Way too close to home, still in NC, definitely not considered a top-tier black school unless you're in computer science or engineering.

Anyway when Stace left we kept in touch even though this one is known for disappearing for days, weeks or months at a time. I convinced her to start a blog. This one actually stuck. Yay! I read it to keep up with her life since our schedules don't necessarily match. I'll read things on her blog then call or email her like giiiiiiiiiiirl! Lolol. It's hilarious. When we get together? Utter insanity. Too much to even link to; just search Stace on my blog.

*Please watch the entire Whopper Freakout. Huhlarious. In.sane. It's 7:50 instead of the :30 clips you see as the commercials. And the narration? Sooooo funny. I can't imagine people who are so ingrained in their fast food needs... wait yes I can. I KNOW some of these people. I just am not one of them. Burgers and fries. That's pretty much all that matters to me. Sigh. This might be a two-parter if I keep going in this vein, huh?

2) 1969: She shares my tv love and just drops general wisdom, inspiration and hope. I talked to her on the phone last week and was so excited afterwards that I called Stace to tell her. Hahahahaha. So cute. She's super fab. How can you not love someone who watches and obsesses over Top Chef and Project Runway like you do? You can't. It's illegal. I probably check her blog 6xs a day. Mostly because it's at the top of the list but also because if she posted something I WANNA BE FIRST!! Lol. I can't help the brattiness. It's who I am and I'm okay with that. She lives in Philly so we might actually meet! Wow! Lol.

3) Liztastic: I think I'm the only one who calls her that. It's because she's just. so. fab! She lives in L.A. and loves Starbucks. She's an eternal optimist which I love maybe because I'm not so bright and sunshiny. I'm joyous but I think she brings it to a new level. It also makes it that much more funny when she busts out her wry side. Plus she shows me all these drool-worthy pictures of California, a place I've never visited but feel drawn ever closer to. Hampton has forever ruined me to live somewhere that doesn't have water. That means my own hometown is pretty much out. (I don't count Lake Norman.) Uh... that's a bit of a problem but I will survive! I learn things on her blog AND she got me hooked on NaBloPoMo back in November where you post daily in that month... yeah... about that. I haven't stopped! I've been continuously blogging since October 31st. That is a crackish determination.

4) Rashan: RAH RAH RAH! He's mad gassed right now to be in the top five. Like he's dancing and crashing parties, throwing up gang signs all verklempt. I like Rashan because he talks about me. Hahahahahahaha. I know that is the most vain reason in America but it's true. I'm... just being honest. Yo. That song used to be my joint! He has a crazy, crazy mind and doesn't mind sharing it with the world. Cracks me up. Plus he lost in the daily blog battle. I WON I WON! (I know you didn't think this would be complete without that. I KNOW you didn't think I was just gonna sit here and stroke the blog ego.) And... he just got crunk. Man y'all are postin some gems today!! CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK AND READ THAT ONE!! BREATHIN HARD! Lol. Get your minds out of the gutter. I just like when folk get gangsta but I don't like drama. What can I say? I'm a conundrum. It's good to have dudes in your blog roll.

*Don't want to meet your daddy, just want you in my caddy. There was an episode of C.armen & Dave (remember that series about Carmen Ele.ctra on MTV?) where he was asking her questions and she would only respond by saying, "I'm. I'm. I'm. Just being honest." And he was getting so MAD and she would just laugh and say "What? I'm. I'm. I'm. Just being honest." SO FUNNY!! Hahahaha. I tried to youtube it but it wasn't there. (Youtube will soon be like google and be added to the dictionary as a verb. Mark my words.)

5) Joy: She's about to get knocked out the fave five if she doesn't post again. Joy got moved up because she was on her daily post grind for a long while, too. She also has a bit of blog bully in her veins which who doesn't love a blog bully? No one! Blog bullies are super fun! Joy is La's BFF which is how I found her. I like her blog because she's funny and quirky. She lives in the A and I know we would have a blast! Yes, you can come, too, Rashan.

6) Pro: Well she hasn't posted with much regularity lately but she was on her daily blog grind for a while there, too. Plus when I was homesick, she adopted me. How sweet is that?

7) VDizzle: I don't think she wants to be found so I won't link her unless she gives me permission. VDizzle is fabulous. She's a fellow journo so even though she's in print, we have some similar experiences. I understand where she's coming from and she understands where I'm coming from. Plus when I go to Houston in March we'll finally meet and drink and drink with La the fabulous. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

8) Sandy: Found her blog via NaBloPoMo. (See Liz!? Look what you did for me! This is why I love her.) Her blog is fun and hilarious. She has great pictures and reveals herself which is the reason you read people's blogs. Because you are inordinately curious in a way that others who don't have such discerning eyes might consider nosy. GET YOUR EYES CHECKED!! Plus Sandy grew up in Miami and therefore understands my unabiding love for her hometown and mojitos! MIAMI I LOVE YOU!!

9) Sparkling Red: Another NaBloPoMoer. Only my 2nd or 3rd Canadian blogger. I like bloggers in other countries. Very worldly. Lol. Too bad I've never been to Canada. I keep meaning to get there in the summer because I don't do cold, but then Miami beckons and who can really say no. So blame Sandy. Lolol. Red is interesting for the same reasons everyone else is, she just opens up. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, usually that's when your most poignant pieces show themselves, don't you think? Plus the meatball story is one of the most disgusting things I've ever read that I can't stop thinking about.

10) La: It's her own fault she's down this far. She used to be much higher but refuses to post more than once a week anymore. I liked her better when she was unemployed. That meant 4 or 5 posts a day. I know that's selfish and have come to grips with that. She has a job now. It's not like I pray (hard) for her to remain unemployed. Lol. I KID I KID! I did not pray that she would remain jobless! How can you not like La? She's hilarious! The only reason you may not is because she went to the fake HU, but we all make mistakes. You should not hold that against her. She gave me two of my most widely-used blog names, blog bully and blog prude. She's quite gangsta white walls with tv antennas in the back. I have created several more "free la" designs to get her out of jail should she have to lose it and spend some time with Tiny and Big Tina.

Shirt No. 2 (yes I love hot pink, royal blue and black):

Shirt No. 3 (for you patriotic types):

Shirt No. 4 (because she seems like a hot pink kinda gal):

and the back of shirt No. 4. It reads (no, she's not for sale.):

Thanks to all my bloggers whether you got a top 10 mention or not. There are some new ones fighting to get on my daily reads list. All of you who give me a reason to sit in front of the computer for hours, I will send my ophthalmology bill to you.


Opinionated Diva said...

I'm weird. As soon as I read your intro for the meatball story, I just had to take a peak. I mean who can pass up a story that is "one of the most disgusting things (someone)has ever read"? Right?


That is beyond nasty!!! You should see the look on my face.

Caesar Cannon said...

Read. More. Caesar. Cannon.
(I think) Im a snoozeball sometimes, but still, peep and show love to the Star

the joy said...

I loved that episode of Carmen and Dave. I cracked up every time I saw it! I wish they would have stayed married. Sigh.

Jameil! Its been 2 days!!! I'm posting something today crazy woman. *mumble, grumble*

I so want a free la shirt. I want one of each. Do you need my PO box, lol?

La said...

How DARE I get a job!!!! WHAT was I thinking? lol I believe in the quality vs quantity theory. It's not my fault you be bored at work and shit.

hahahahaha at the tshirt, lol. You are such a fool for that. "No she's not fo sale" LMFAO!!!!

(COMPLETELY choosing to ignore your lil "fake HU" swipe. I would expect such foolishness from someone who has been in an Institution.)

Sandy C. said...

Woohoo! I made the list!! and my fav#8 :) I proudly sport your blog on my blogroll and you're definitely in my top 10 blog reads each day....even if you go on-and-on about PR...I still come back ;)

LOVE the Free La designs!

Eb the Celeb said...

girl have you seen the black whopper freak-out... its how the commercials really should have been done... now this mess is hilarious...

here is the link


Rashan Jamal said...

Yeaaaaahhh Boyeeeee!!!! Top Five Bloggers you aint gotta remind me/Top 5 bloggers you gotta rewind me/ I high up on the charts you can get behind me/but my heads so big you can't sit behind me....

I had to channell my inner Kanye to show you how gassed I am to be in the top 5. I know I'll never overtake Stace, but I'm coming for the number 2 and 3 spots!!!

If you think that was gangsta today, you shoulda read the rough draft. Maybe I'll send it to you in email one day. LOL

jameil1922 said...

diva... lol. wasn't that nasty!!!??

cc... you can't be comin on my blog callin yourself the star homie. there's only one star around here.

joy... omg someone who knows what i'm talking about!! add that to the reasons i read your blog!! but you know what i think you only posted 2xs this week. that's why i feel so frantic. feel the love. lol @ the tees. if i ever got them made you would get one! lol

la... JOB JERK!! actually i don't read blogs like that at work b/c i never have days where i don't have work. the news goes on whether you get sent to jail today or not. institution/university. call it what you want. still superior.

sandy... thanks dahlink! i shall never stop talking about PR! IT IS MY LOVE!! you have your child, i have PR! lolol

eb... i saw them but the profanity and coonery was a bit extra for me. "i don't have no full time job" etc. that got an immediate x from me.

rj... wow... EXTRA!! yo. i'ma need you to send that to the email like NOW!! i'll let 1969 know you're comin for her spot. you may have quite a fight homie!

Sparkling Red said...

Thanks for the promo!
I feel good knowing that I've helped to spread so much disgust across the continent. Revulsion knows no national boundaries. ;-)

If you ever come to Toronto, I'd love to tour you around. It's a gorgeous city - during May through October at least.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i want a shirt.

but why are they, for real, THE BOMB?! I LOVE all of them! and i think its HUH-larious what's on the back!!!!!

i loooooove this post jameil! and not cause i'm #1 but b/c of how you blog bullied La & Joy!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! LMAO!!!! OMG I'm dying over here!!

and can we talk abt rj doing the cabbage patch cause he's top 5? LOLOL!

annnnnnnnnnnnd, you brought back beating him!!!!!! no ego stroke for you!!

Anonymous said...

It's official...I have completely and totally Fallen off.

I feel like LL right after Walking with a Panther...

Ive been playing with Google Reader and hadn't been following my old RSS's. I got you added and let me add...that you REALLY came up in 07.

Im done playing with my name and stuff...so im finally stable now...even though i did leave Blogger...although i do miss it.

Gotta say i miss your regular comments though...you were faithful with yours. The price of falling off, i reckon.

Happy New Year.

www.inkognegro.wordpress.com <--Parrish: the Thoughts lives on.

jameil1922 said...

red... lmao! you and your nasty ex. (I really hope this is not your current who's responsible for this story). i will certainly take you up on your offer should i ever finally make it up there!

stace... awww! thx homie! i like the shirts too. i was giggling making them. you are hilarious and rj is too!!! hahahahaahahahaha.

ink... BOUT TIME NEGRO!! last time i was over there you hadn't figured out how to let non-press folk comment... or anyone? did you get that together yet? b/c i don't like reading and not being able to chatter!!

Vdizzle said...

YAAAYYY!! I didn't even think I'd be on the list. Yeah, I kinda like being incognegro.
Can't wait until March!!

yet another black guy said...

i guess i need to get to work. i'll win you back, you'll see!