Project Runway: On Garde

I already know the challenge is to create an avant garde look based on their models' hairstyles. I'm in love with that idea. It's all about pushing boundaries. *jumping up and down squealing and clapping!! yay!!!*

"I shouldn't have been in the bottom two." REALLY CHRISTIAN?? REALLY?? They should've shown a reminder of that horrid dress and flashed it repeatedly on the screen like a horror movie with the slasher music in the background. Rrrant! Rrrant! Rrant! Rrant!! as the dress comes ever closer in its lace, flowered, brown organza, super short in the back monstrosityness. Ricky says he knows he has a lot of work to do to stay. Ya think? Chris... I also am surprised you are excited about this challenge being how you like to dress yourself in drag with these outRAGEOUS outfits. *giggling maniacally* Christian was about to cut Sweet P when she picked his model... but nice recovery. Again, I think its stupid that this is a model competition also. No one cares.

Make me vomit on teams of two!! I want 8 dresses not 4!!! Oh Kit dahling. I'm so sorry you have to work with Ricky. You know I'm gunnin for him. "I don't wanna be leader because I don't wanna be eliminated." -1969's Prince Christian the small. Skirt down! Glad he manned up anyway. HOW praytell is it that of all people SWEET P'S mind doesn't automatically go to avant garde?? Riiight. And Victorya & Jillian are together. Type A and Type Aer. Greeeeat.

50 YARDS OF ORGANZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH FABRIC THAT IS!? If you don't, a men's XXL shirt might use a yard and a half. They want almost 2 times that amount of fabric. Giant neckpiece on the Chris...tian team (that's their new name which I love)? Totally totally excited about. LMAO @ Rami freaking out about the pants not being done 29 hours before the end of the challenge. I'm one of those "Let's work furiously now so there's no crunch at the end people" BUT he's definitely always the one in the groups who is quietly losin it because people aren't working at his pace. WHICH is why people always call the quiet ones crazy. Because y'all be sittin in a corner seeming like you're thinking when you're really plotting how to take over the world. YOU'RE NOT SLICK!!

Loooove tatt tatt tatt tatt tatt tatt tatted up Sweet P being a bit scared of secret flip out Rami (SFOR). Was he in the army in his homeland? OOh Tim Gunn!! Another look walking down the runway?! Day 2 they must also have a ready to wear look. YES!!! Have a high end look translate into ready-to-wear (r-t-w). Love it! 15 minutes to shop, too? Suuuuper excited. 14 hours left in the day. SFORami. Honey. I'm seeing your mind. I... am going to need YOOOOU to do something, ANYTHING other than a drape. Sweet P is not being at all forceful in this challenge. I'ma need her to step up.

And she's extra calm about his micromanaging. Chile please. I would be like I need you to get up off me!! Ummm.... Vic & Jill... excuse me A&Aer... why are you moving so slowly!!!??

"I hope when our model comes out people's jaws drop on the floor and they never forget it." --Chris. I think you're about to have that wish on lock! I'm soooooo excited about this monstrosity that will be on her shoulder. I really can't wait. Like a lot. "Sweet P gets defensive." Rami for real? You are being a crazy soldier psycho! Get it together!! They've gotta be RamiP because he is bulldozing her so much she only gets a letter. Honey grab an identity and hold on to it. You don't have to be a fighter but you do need to speak up instead of crying in the corner as your model consoles you seeing as how I don't know YOU COULD GO HOME!

Lead hairstylist makes them cheer when he walks in? O... k. Again. I only care about the clothes. 4 hours until the end of the day and here Tim comes to wreck the day. Hahahaha. Love it. Wow. Tim on "Team Fierce" as he calls them (Chris...tian), ready to wear piece "Looks cheap." Yikes. RamiP needs to for real get it together. Tim says its not big enough. Rami. If you don't add that bustle she asked for!!! BTW despite my black woman anatomy (or maybe because of it), I looooooove bustling. LOVE IT!! Build it up, baby. Build it UP!! A&Aer... how is it possible for you to work this slowly? Seriously. HOW is it possible? I just don't get it!!

Sweet P you know you're gonna get got for not asserting yourself. That's how people get played on the runway. Kitcky's (Kit/Ricky) read-to-wear fabric is horrendous. OUCH! It pained me to agree with Ricky. Chris...tian's? I'm beyond excited. I can't WAIT for that to go down the runway. I know you may not believe this about me, but I have a bit of a flair for the dramatic. I KNOW! So surprising. RamiP's avant garde is not over the top enough. That is essentially ready-to-wear and the pants bore me.

Chris...tian's? I love it all. ALL OF IT!! A.mazing. No, I can't say that enough. Kitcky's def looks costumy AND she just pushed her strap back up. So it doesn't fit either? Wow. I really can't stand the ready-to wear. That is so ugly and boring. OOOOOOH!! A&Aer... that jacket!! GIMME NOW!! And this is their avant garde piece! (Their r-t-w is not at all inspiring.) I have this thing about outerwear. It delights me like no other. I think Heidi should be using my names when she calls them forward. Kitcky, RamiP, you have the lowest scores. Please leave the runway. YES Chris...tian, that avant is sooooo cover of Vogue. Love it! I KNEW Nina was going to ask if Rami can do anything other than draping. Did I call it or did I call it? Kit's going home. Those pieces are not in any way fun. But they're gonna let Rami sweat.

MKors just called the Kitcky fabrics "poor." Hilarious!! They do look straight out of Ellie Mae Clampett's closet. Like WHAT were you thinking? Do I really even need to finish this episode? I've already called it. Chris...tian won. Yay!! You can see their looks in a Tresemme ad in Elle. Fabulous. Like I said, I called it. Holla Kit. Not like you really made that much of an impression anyway. Sorry kid.


Liz said...

I can't wait to watch it...the rerun comes on at midnight!

I'm so in love with Rami. He better not go home.

Rashan Jamal said...

*Insert comment from last week*

Sparkling Red said...

Not having watched the show, that all went waaaaaay over my head. However, I do get that you're excited about it. Very excited! Which is cool, because we all need some pizzazz to get us through the winter blahs.

the joy said...

Wasn't that jacket delicious? I love 2x breasted! I would wear it all day every day. They def went the extra mile of fabric.

Chris-tian's look was also hot. Insane! That neck thing was nutty but it worked.

Erica C. said...

I missed it last night!!!! DAMN! Now I have to go to the website.

jameil1922 said...

liz... sooo fun! i see you didn't read this but you'll have to come back.

rj... lolol.

red... hahahahahahaha. it was muy exciting. i loved this episode!

joy... SO delicious! i wouldn't want to wear it THAT much lest people think its the only thing I own but i loved it. that neck thing was fantastic.

ec... girl! find a rerun! you need it!

1969 said...

I do believe that TEAM FIERCE's Avant Garde piece was THE SINGLE MOST FABULOUS thing ever created on Project Runway. YAY for Prince Christian the Small and Chris Flintstone.(see,I've got my own names.)

The best part of the show? When Chrsitian was showing the model how to work the dress "First you have to DROP IT like this and then BRING IT BACK" Ha ha...loved it!

Rami=Drape *yawn*
Sweet Pea=Spineless
Team A and Aer=That coat was FABULOUS!
Ricky=Luckiest Crybaby EVER
Kit= A Hot Lil House on the Prairie Mess!

David Dust said...


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jameil1922 said...

1969... i know!!! love it!! i started to comment on PCtheS BUT got distracted by laughing. i was thinking he's almost like a hood black girl in his gayness. lolol. can we pleeeeeeeease send ricky home next week?? pleeeease?? "A Hot Lil House on the Prairie Mess!"? lmao!! so funny.

yet another black guy said...

i can't believe you do play-by-play on this dang show?!!