Cold & Cranky

I just want to go home, curl up in my bed and go to sleep. It's times like these where I wish my teleporter was working. Shouldn't I be able to do that or maybe do a bewitche.d nose twitch (I used to be so obsessed with that show) and get myself home? SHOULDN'T I!??! Where are the scientists among us and why have none of you come up with this miracle method???? My throat still hurts and I took this "non-drowsy" medicine. Yeah. Did I tell y'all how if something says "may cause drowsiness" I'm out like a light? Apparently this is also true for non-drowsy formulas because I feel like I'm about to fall out right now. I'm not even gonna tell you what I just coughed up. HELP!!


Sandy C. said...

I'm incredibly sensitive to drugs too. An ex-boyfriend used to poke fun and say I was such a cheap date, all he had to give me was a shot of Nyquil....The operative word-"EX."

I hope you feel better in time to enjoy some of the weekend :(

the joy said...

i cant take drugs either. im no good to anyone with em. im sick too. congested and my ears hurt. so unsexy!!! lets get some tea.

Chris said...

damn Sandy that dude sounds corny as shit. Good thing he's your ex.

Being sick is no fun, especially when you're in an office that passes out colds and viruses like Frank Lucas handed out cops to Richie Roberts.

Caesar Cannon said...

meds that "may cause drowsiness" have little effect on me. I usually have to find something to do until I fall asleep (which could take up to an hour).

hope you feel better

The Star (aka that damn good)

jameil1922 said...

sandy... lmao!! sorry. that was funny. i work weekends anyway so i've already sufficiently ruined my "weekend" with illness.

joy... tea and a shot of nyquil! lol.

chris... aren't all offices full of ebola?

caesar... thx... is there a reason you sign your name the star?

CNEL said...

Teleporter? Someone's privileged.

Hope you feel better.

Eb the Celeb said...

Ewe... get better soon girl!

Caesar Cannon said...

Yes, Jameil, there is a very good reason, but I haven't explained it yet to anyone... a blog for another day, maybe sooner, maybe later.

The Star

Rashan Jamal said...

What did you cough up? LOL

Mariposa said...

Better already?! I hope...have a nice week ahead!

Yes, my first time here...sure to be back!

jameil1922 said...

cnel... but its not working!! thx.

eb... thx.

rj... since you asked... a big glob of yellow mucus tinged with blood. happy now?

mari... nope... but thx and welcome!!

yet another black guy said...

aww, that sucked! dinkle-dinkle-dink (lame imitation of nose twitch sound) all better.