Split Dat?

Uh... I don't have anything to talk about. (You know that means another mindspace post!)

I kept having 3 or 4 post ideas a day, prompting days and days of multiple posts per day and posts in the drafts and everything, some of which need too much work to finish today). I started feeling like it would continue forever! But I should've split the last post just in case. Because today... my brain is just giving out. I only got 6 hours of sleep last night, was infinitely bored at work today. But bright spot... I went to the bookstore. IT HAS TWO FLOORS!!

*choir of angels*

Ok heaven is so a bookstore. I didn't even make it to the 2nd floor because I was so enamored with the first. I sat down in the African-American section and just picked books with the most interesting titles and started reading them at will. Then I moved to the Christian section, wash, rinse, repeat. Then I saw the requisite Black History Month section with buy 1 get 1 half off books. Then it was time for bible study. The pastor said about sweets, sugar and bread, "That stuff isn't good for you." Like I thought, you're on Atkins and we all have to suffer. Right. I'm giving up french fries. Y'all know I don't like people telling me what to do.

After bible study I went to the gym. Yes, G(ym guy) was there (isn't he always?) but he was in the sauna. Pretty sure he didn't see me. If he did, he's avoiding me, too. Much better that way, yes? Yes. What did I buy at the bookstore? I had a 40% off coupon so I bought the hardcover (let's 'em know I'm so sincere) of my homie Rocky's first book. Wanna know why I shall now call him Rocky? Because Conan O'B.rien said, "The president likes to give people nicknames. Does he have any for you?" His response, "Well I don't know if they're nicknames or he just doesn't know how to pronounce my name. Some times he calls me Bama [like short for Ala.] and sometimes he calls me Rocky." HILARIOUS!! I was dyin laughin. And that's now his name for the rest of my life. I also bought a classic. I can't wait! Scrubs is muy funno. It cracks me up. I can watch this incessantly. And after Joy's recap? I NEED MAKING THE BAND 4!! Ok I'm done. I've forced a 91st day of posting. Are you happy you Blog365 masochists?? ARE YOU!?!?


Vdizzle said...

I always thought the Bama was cause he was really country and prob. can't pronounce his name right.

Rashan Jamal said...

How come the African American section has classics like Richard Wright and Zora Neale Hurston next to the hood fiction? There is no reason Gold Diggin Gansta Girls 3 should be next to Go Tell It On The Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt be me...id smack a fool for jacking up my name...

Good thing my name is David.

and its fixed. sorry for the delay.

Sandy C. said...

I felt this way too. Blog 365 is killing me...KILLING ME! *sigh*

I agree. Heaven must be a bookstore, but with plenty of hot coffee and tasty desserts in glass counters.

Does gym guy live there? work?

jameil1922 said...

v... that too

rj... not at borders. the 2-story, they're not even on the same floor. but i have def. noticed the covers of all the wack black lit all have naked/half-naked women on the cover. SUPER wack.

ink... ugh. i get it all the time. if not the pronounciation, the spelling. and don't come over here talkin abt "good thing my name is david" to a woman who's had her name jacked up her whole life. bout time you fixed it!!

sandy... KIL.LING!! i don't like coffee and am not obsessed w/sweets either. i'd rather take french fries! lol. i want a food smorgasbord in heaven w/lots of books!! :)

jameil1922 said...

and sandy he lives there... he might as well work there.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

the inability to pronounce names right sounds a bit more accurate. ROCKY though?!?! OMG, our prez is a NUT! I love it too!

reading comments, dying at rj's "gold diggin gangsta girls 3" LOLOLOL!!

So why is Borders going out of biz down here? yeah, I spent 70+ dollars cause everything was AT LEAST 40% off. Love bookstores!!

M-Dubb said...

I hate people who go the lazy route and just make up a nickname for you.

Unless my name sounds like you're chewing a piece of chicken, I'mma need you not to be like "But can I just call you Bobby?"

Chris said...

Bookstores are paradise personified. Nothing like walking into Borders and just browsing everything from the history of International Harvester Heavy Duty Trucks to the Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights movement.

Gym Guy's avoiding you probably because he's secretly stumbled upon your blog and is embarrassed beyond belief. He got clowned like Barnum and Bailey.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Um... you didn't join G in the sauna? Why?? He was probably waiting for you to join him....

X Factor said...

For some reason, I don't like Borders... I'm a Barnes and Noble gal. I was just there today, in fact. I bought the new Stephen King and John Grisham. YEAH!!!

Desy said...

I definately can not maitain the blog writing for 365, but i am steadfast and the blog reading and commenting 365.. i just have too much with school and work...

I ditto the bookstore heaven.. where do I sign up?

JOB said...

I love in the "hood fiction" how the acknowledgments page is like 8 pages long thanking everybody the author has ever met.

The girls in my classes constantly read that smut, although I was surprised to learn there are varying degrees of smuttiness within the genre. "Cream in my Coffee" was a popular title a couple of years ago.

By the way, for giggles, Google how many bookstores there are in the Bronx.


shani-o said...

I love Rocky. Done and done, lol. Mmmmmm... boooooooooks!

Pro said...

You Rock! I heart your mad efforts! Teach me how to blog... show me the way to surrender the blog... teach me how to blog baby... ~musiq-blog-child

Rashan Jamal said...

How do you pronounce your name anyway?

Karamale said...

um, is it possible that there could be a photograph available of g for posting and eventual downloading? one preferably featuring him in sauna gear?

Karamale said...

lol @ "clowned like barnum and bailey"

Anonymous said...

I like bookstores too. I just cant spend too much time in them since hippies seem to find me and want to disturb my quiet reading.

I do hate how some bookstores consider "hood literature" as the only literature Black people read.

jameil1922 said...

stace.... rocky is hilarious! you know how i feel about that book. the vomit... is so... close!! hook me up with some books on the cheap! don't be stingy! lol

mw... i hate when people give folk nicknames who didn't ask for it. i definitely don't do well w/nicknames but that's my mom's fault. she doesn't like them. she trained us well.

this girl at work said "i don't mind when people call me by a nickname, i don't understand why other people get so upset." ok... but that's your preference. wack.

chris... you are so dramatic!! lmao! trucks tho?? trucks?? well if he stumbled on the blog, not my fault. i didn't make him act like that.

claud! jerk! lmao! i'll go let him know you're waiting next time!

x... i like that borders rewards are free to join. i used to be a b&n girl, too. if they get a free club i'm sure i'll go back.

desy... idk! but at least you're reading and commenting! that's a start!

job... ONE?! that's horrid. that crap fiction drives me INSANE!!

shani... rocky i looove you!! lolol. or *insert bush accent* "rocky, you rock. you're doin a heckuva job."

pro... lolol. thank you dahlink!

rj.... juh-mell.

kara... lmao! behave!

epsi... that is EXTRA annoying! don't talk to me in the bookstore and don't let your kids run wild!

Siobhan said...

can I ask you something? Are you like me? Do you lie down in bed at night, ready to shut your eyes on the world, only to be rudely halted because your brain won't shut off and starts composing bloody blogs and you can't stop it?

And then when you get up in the morning, ready to get it all down, it doesn't come out the same way?

Sorry. I'm off to weep now.

Btw, you NEED to go to the UK and open up a Chip Shop.


Siobhan said...

I just remembered something.

I was visiting a woman who MET MY MUM when she went to Scotland a few yeara go. The following year, she went again (the bizitch) and asked me to come over and she's take anything for my family that I was willing to part with. (I handed her a huge sack LOL). ANYway, she said, "how do you pronounce your name again?" "Shi-Vawn" i responded politely. "What does he call you?" She enquired, nodding at my husband. "Ehhh, Siobhan?"

Made me want to poke her in the eyes with forks, I tell ya.

jameil1922 said...

shuv... hope you don't mind if i call you that! lol. i compose in my head incessantly! while i'm actually out doing things and having fun (or not), i'm thinking of blogs! its ridiculous. sleep is no exception. sometimes they come out the same or similar. sometimes i post and publish then realize days later I WAS SUPPOSED TO CALL IT THIS FABULOUS TITLE AND I FORGOT!! sometimes i write down ideas and never get to them. its so wearying!!

mmmmmmmmmmm chip shop! how fabulous would it be to have a store all about french fries?!!? is anyone else excited about that prospect? bueller, bueller anyone? bueller? maybe b/c fries are my crackbucks.

why would your husband call you something different and why does it matter to her??? people are insane. in.SANE!!!

yet another black guy said...

there's a making the band 4?!!! why?