Project Runway: Prom Queen

Ricky is killin me with the hats. STOP!!

Victorya misses Elysa? Type A misses pooing fabric? Does that make sense? These kids get to pick the designer who will make their prom dress!! Can't wait! Love it. V looks pissed. So funny. Low in front & back?? And Kit wants to be modest?? Love it. Kevin's throwback pic? Hilarious. I knew these girls would wanna look like whores. STOP WATCHIN E!!! Of COURSE Prince Christian the small (Courtesy: 1969) gets the pickiest one. Looooove!! How is Sweet P ignoring the color request? But its close enough for me. Oooh C. HOW were you best dressed?? LMAO @ Kit the prom princess. Oh my. Isn't it always like that? The punk rockers were soooo OC. Wholesome Mariah now can't keep her clothes on. I love that I still have 45 minutes of show. Life's good.

I soooo did not know that was Chris in all of his costume pics!!! Hilarious!! I don't do short prom dresses. Vic... the fake "jewels"? No. Love Papa Tim rallying the teeny tiny gay 12 y.o. Why is the black client the most annoying? She is workin my nerves. I do remember when I was so full of myself that I couldn't feel myself getting on people's nerves. Thank GOD I'm not a teenager anymore. I didn't hate being a teenager. I was always relatively well-liked among a broad spectrum of people (who usually didn't like each other). But once I wasn't a teenager anymore and can now look back, life is so much better. I know myself more and like myself even more. People who knew me then are like you like yourself MORE???? Hahahaha. I've never had a self-esteem problem. Wait. I just realized there is no one who has known me more than 7 years who reads this blog. Not to my knowledge anyway. Ah well. Ooh! Poetic license. Lol. Just kidding. Rewriting history is so passe.

LMAO @ liederhosen dress for Heidi. Oh Chris. Glad Christian has his mojo back. I can't stand Kit's. Way too many colors in that top panel. Now that all of the "jewels" are on Vic's, I guess. Definitely not my style. How would you love to be these teenagers? Have someone fabulous design your dress for you!?! Actually, I guess I did have that. My grandmother's a seamstress so I designed my dress and she made it. I also wanted a full-length coat made of the same fabric which if I had it I would wear it to this day. She didn't get to finish it, though. She lives in Mississippi. There is a dramatic-ish story I'd like never to relive surrounding that so maybe one day when I'm super bored but you'll have to remind me or I'll forget.

Ricky made his girlfriend's prom dress. LMAO!! You know all her friends said, "Your boyfriend is gay!!" Lololol. Why, yes, yes he is. I just ate my MadM.ex leftovers. I really, really need to marry a Mexican so I can eat like this daily. Here's what I want. A 6'2" (hahahaha. There are tall women cursing me right now. I can't help that tall men like tiny women.) 5-star Mexican chef with lovely muscles. Not too big, but well-chiseled. The camera man who swung from the contestants to teh judges as Heidi turned to intro them did a fabulous job. Love that shot.

Sweet P's dress bores me. We've seen that a million times. She's so happy with it but bah. Ooh. Love the balloon hem for Victorya. Chris' is very glam but looks a bit old for her. Kevin's is Marilyn Monroe-esque. The chest doesn't fit well on Jillian's. Ooh! Shock. I like Ricky's. Another balloon hem. The color would look better on me. Rami's is very now. That's actually cute. Tim said it was like something her mother would wear but I think it's nice. Christian's in the back? Like he said. Wow.

And now here come the fabulous comments about the dresses. Can't wait. Would you die if Heidi told you you looked gorgeous? I would. I don't like the cummerbund on Kevin's. She def. looks older. Awww. She looks like she wants to cry. Vic's is def a dress for a teenager. Nina is right that Christian needs tact and finesse in dealing with this child. How does MK think the dress is old-fashioned? The girl obviously liked it. I don't know who they could possibly send home other than Ricky. My choice anyway. How do they not like that green of Rami's? Gorgeous. Yes. Christian's was so all over the place. Oh yeah. I forgot about Kevin's. Ooh. He said "29.95 prom." Ouch. I usually like what he makes but if this is based on today's then I guess Kevin. Bah.

I knew Vic would win because it was also very age-appropriate. Christian's so bratty. Standing there with his arms crossed. I can't believe Ricky is in. Rami's pants are super tight. Down to Kevin & Christian. That's obvious. Holla Kevin. Knew it. RICKY!! Your time is coming.

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tiff said...

I can't get past you stealing all the tall men :)

it's hard out here for a 5'10 girl, okay??

Opinionated Diva said...

lol@the girls wanting to look like whores. I thought it was funny that the judges kept saying the dresses made the girls look older...but isn't that what teenagers look like in fashion mags?

LMAO@marrying a six two Mexican!!! Now you know most Mexicans don't clear five five!

Christian definitely needs tact, but I'm sorry I wanted to accidentally-on-purpose stick a pin in his model to shut her up.

Opinionated Diva said...

ahem...I'm one of those short women (I'm all of 5'3' 1/4 inches) who likes 'em tall too!

1969 said...

Why are your recaps so good?

When the black client whipped out her pencil and started sketching on Christian's sketch pad....I thought he was going to snap out and cry.

memphiz said...

LMAO why was i thinkng the same thing about Ricky and the hats... he need to get it together.

For a minute there I thought Christian was going to b**** slap the little girl, you know he was mad..but I like him!

jameil1922 said...

tiff... lolol. i know! sorry!

diva... they did! and that's exactly what i'm saying. i'm all nina you work for elle. i KNOW you've seen one teeny issue of elle girl. THIS is how they're dressing. get it together. i know they don't ordinarily! that's why i said dream. maybe he's mixed. lolol. oh PLEASE don't get it twisted. i wanted his model to get popped in the mouth!!

oh and i'm 5'1" 1/4. i get extra stank looks. lol. esp. since i once dated a 6'4 guy. that's tooo tall, tho.

1969... lol. umm... b/c i write them while i watch? i would've DIED if he cried. and he was being sooo tactful in the interviews. he knows he wanted to be like "i wanted to chop off her little fingers!"

Liz said...

Love the recap! I was writing about it in my twitter and girl, I hated Christian's dress and that girl, whew, where is an extension cord when you need one!

I looved Rami's dress. I would have been trying to date Rami if he'd gone to my high school. And I really thought it was gonna be Ricky going home. Kevin's girl just needed a better bra and for them to put her hair down.

the joy said...

Hated those damn jewels. I liked kit's. Wouldn't wear it, but I liked it. Poor Christian. I really want him or Mr lingere (name excapes me) yo win. I like simple for formal wear, so sweetp and even Christian's (if it were done right) would be my alley.

Rashan Jamal said...

Time for my weekly project runway comment telling you that I have nothing to add to the discussion.

I have nothing to add to the discussion. LOL

jameil1922 said...

liz... it was so everywhere!! and that girl needed an extension cord and more!! kevin's chick def. needed her hair down. i don't think i would've tried to date rami but we probably would've been friends. please send ricky home next week.

joy... RICKY-- MR. LINGERIE?! YOU WANT RICKY W/THE JACKED UP HATS TO WIN!? Say it ain't so jo. say it ain't so. i don't see how rami couldn't win unless he gets pigeon-holed in all that draping. he better pull out another trick.

rj... thank you dahling!

yet another black guy said...

you are seriously gonna make me watch this show.