Virus Be Gone!

Do you know that I just slept 14 glorious hours? It was wonderful. And truly I could've slept more but I decided ehh... I guess I should get up! Lol. So I did around 4:30 this morning. Checked the mail and found a letter from my church about the mentors taking the mentees to see the Great D.ebaters. You mean me waiting to see this means I get to see it for free? Score! I don't actually have a mentee because my contract with the station here is up in August 2009 and it's a foregone conclusion that Pittsburgh will not be able to keep me here beyond that time. The mentorship program is a 3-year commitment that starts in 6th grade and "ends" with 8th grade, though of course they hope you keep it going. So I'm there (at the movie)... though really I'm not sure what my role is but I'm there.

Before I slept until my eyelashes fell off (that's what I told my coworker I was about to do but thank God they're still there!! I think they're growing. They used to be stubby but they look longer now.), I took the doctor's suggested OTC meds. The A.frin? I felt so much better almost immediately that I considered calling the job back and going in. Just because there were so many people who had already called off. But I was still exhausted especially since I spent an hour and a half at the doctor's office. He got caught up because he had to suddenly send someone to the hospital. I maintained my calm because there but for the grace of God go I. (Apparently that phrase is attributed to John Bradfor.d.) Good thing I didn't go. I would not have gotten that gangsta sleep. They can survive a day without me. Especially since that's where I got the nastiest of all nasties!! My doctor's message: Tell the people at work to wash their hands!! Seriously. Disgusting. How about this, too. Stop coming to work sick. Thanks.

I finished my delightful Rachael Ray mag. It's chock full of good recipes. Toward the end of last year I discovered my favorite book of the bible is James. I was in the Christian bookstore looking through the sales (I love bookstore sale racks. Conventional and Christian. They're full of good books that just haven't sold. I've found so many books I never would've read if they weren't now $6 or less.) and found Get R.eal: Don't Just B.elieve It- Do Something About It. It's an interactive Bible study based on the book of James. And it cost something like $4. I was ecstatic and I'm loving it. It makes me so thoughtful. I keep hearing and reading all of these messages that tie into the same thing. Even when I just open my Bible to a random place and start reading, the same theme arises. "Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." Psalms 27:14. So much so that the other day I just started laughing, looked up and said, "Ok God! I get it!" Still working on PATIENTLY waiting but I'm getting it together. I'm a work in progress.

I'm also reading a free book from work. This one I love, too. It's very timely with the frenzy surrounding the presidential primaries. Does anyone else see Hillary cracking? She's seeing her dream die daily. It's kind of sad but I called this one long ago before she even officially announced. She's too fragmented a figure. People either love her or hate her. There's very little middle ground. Of course I fall in the middle ground. It's called I really don't care but I don't have a good feeling about her. I was a big Bill fan but his wife? Not so much. I like people with charisma. That's why I did not like K.erry or G.ore. Bor.ing. They didn't capture me at all. I was very disappointed in my first and second presidential election choices. I used to like John Mc.Cain (I don't do partisan politics. I look at all of the candidates and decide who most follows what I believe is best for the nation.) but he won't stop beating this dead horse called the war in Iraq. (But did you even read that and see that the Iraqis said they would be ready to take over by the end of 2006!!!!! 2006!!! That was more than a year ago!!) That makes you out in my book. No indeed.

Back to the book. It's called Memo to the Preside.nt Elect: How We Can Rest.ore America's Reputatio.n and Leadership by Bill Clin.ton's S.ecretary of State M.adeline Albri.ght. It just came out today. (I'm such a baller.) I'm only 44 pages in and very intrigued. As you can imagine, you likely won't approve if you lean very far to the right, but it includes some good presidential history as well. That's all for now. Holla!

*Wait! One of my fellow Hamptonians is trying to win a dream wedding. Watch her fiancee's fabulous proposal. Grab the tissues (and drool over her fab outfit) and vote! You can watch the rest but really there's no point. Even without me knowing her (I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE MY Q-T-V! Yes I know that makes no sense to non-Hampton folk.) marginally only 2 of the other proposals even come close.


Sparkling Red said...

Gimme an S! Gimme an L! Gimme an E! And another E! Gimme a P! Watcha got? SLEEP! Yaaaaay SLEEP!

I work with a woman who claims to be allergic to the hand soap provided in the washrooms. Woman, that's what they invented soap-on-a-rope for! Tie it to your wrist! There is no excuse for walking out without a good handwash!! Eeeuuuuughh! *shudder*

1969 said...

You got 14 hours of sleep and I was up all night. *sigh*

Glad you are feeling better.

Love that proposal. They have my vote.

Coco said...

I am glad you got some sleep and feel better! When I am out I am always saying that "heffa right there is going to go to work tomorrow and get somebody sick."

I watched the proposals yesterday and that was the first one I looked at b/c I love locks. I looked at it and almost cried. Then I looked at the others and felt like I wasted my time. They definitely got my vote and I didn't even know she was a Hamptonian even though I thought she looked familiar.

Vdizzle said...

My favorite book in the Bible in 2 Corinthians. It's just full of gems.

Oh I liked that one! But I may go with Albert and Myla, they're fellow Louisianians. But those are my two fav. proposals.

Glad you feel better.

Miss B said...

Glad you're feeling better!!!

I was just watching those Essence proposals. I thought Davon and Nerisse's was nice. There were a couple more that were nice. It was one that was BORING!! I didn't even watch the whole thing...lol.

I'm gonna look into that book...I just forgot the name(lol) the one about the bible...I need that!!

jameil1922 said...

red... yay sleep is right!! that woman is just NASTY!!! never eat anything she brings in.

1969... oh no!! why!!? sleep is very important!! thx! and they've got mine, too.

coco... sick people are nasty. up w/hamptonians!!

v... i liked them, too.

b... thx! there were 2 that were def. not worth the time it took to watch. the book is good!

Pro said...

I can't say that I have a favorite book of the bible. You've got me thinking, among other things. Rest is all you need (needed). Telling you to rest is like telling me to rest in that I am a stereotypical Virgo'an soul who gets tired from doing nothing; I know not how to rest. But, I believe you take the prize. Off to reap the rewards of you taking the time to add links et, al....

Chris said...

Yay for sleep. I slept from 10:45 to 7 a.m. last night into this morning. Uninterrupted. That's Halle Berry with a white man ontop of her feel-good.

memphiz said...

so after this job what other locations are you going to look at?

DiamondsR4eva said...

YAY for Sleep and YAY for getting well. Although 14 hrs of sleep is a LOT of sleep.

CNEL said...

Glad you're feeling better.

I so thought you had gone to adding fake lashes till I reread the sentence about lashes falling off LoL.

Yay for free books reminds me I need to hit up the library or better yet start going through books I've paid for before buying more.

jameil1922 said...

pro... i'm actually a sleep fiend. i live for it love it, nurture it. but you're right. i am a busybody. glad i got you thinkin!!

chris... sleep is great. vomit @ halle.

mem... keeping the options open. a large city. i'm most concerned abt getting the right job for me.

diamonds... yep! and it was great!!

cnel... lolol. books are great!!!

DollFace said...

I was just at the site before I came to yours...did you see your girl's RING?! NIIIICE!

Glad you're finally feeling better! I thought you may send the cooties through the internet!

La said...

awww that was so sweet.

14 hrs of sleep? what's THAT like?

We just pass germs back and forth in the office, especially in my department where we share the same huge enclosed room. boo you incubus of viral plague.

Rashan Jamal said...

I know this is not the point of this post, but I read your Iraq post and you cursed. I don't think I've read a curse word since I been reading your blog...

Anyway back to this post, 14 hours sounds like heaven. I can never do more than 12. I'm in the middle with Hillary too. I really wish she woulda kept it together though. How you gonna lead our country and you crying?

jameil1922 said...

doll... that ring is bomb. i can send you some cooties if you'd like em! lol

la... office buildings in general are nasty. ours is a very 'secure' building so we like to keep the germs on lock, too.

rj... yeah i don't curse on my blog anymore. its my transition. i don't go back and change my words from the past tho because that's a part of who i was. fiesty! 14 is bomb. those tears may have gotten her those votes. people want women to be less harsh than men as ridiculous as that sounds. that's not what i need in my pres. either. but you know bill was a big ole cry baby. there's this video of him that i love where he's listening to some gospel choir rocking, bitin his lip. HUHlarious.

yet another black guy said...

why hasn't hillary given up yet?