Blog 365

Yo son. I'm doin it. Add me to your insanity wrist-slitter Blog 365 blog rolls. The kid is gettin on board. Did you like my New York slang? You should hear me with my New York accent. I don't have a southern accent at all but New Yorkers (and most other people) HATE when I bring out my Yankee accent. But it CRACKS ME UP!! The worst accent ever? Sorry Shaboogie. Boston. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I'm not lying when I tell you I thought this girl up there was from a different country. What language is that!?!? There was this crazy 5-alarm fire up there somewhere and I used this woman's sound bite in my show solely because her accent was ridiculously thick. Then I made my EP who's from there listen to it on Monday morning as I cackled in the background. HILARIOUS!!

I'm in a very good mood today in case you can't tell. It's mostly because I got to get out of the booth during my show and switch off with my homie who is learning to do what I'm doing. You have to train people to take over your empire, son. Word life. You should hear me and Stace rock the accents. It's hilarious! "Cuz when it rains... people get wet." "Yo kid for real I love you kid but don't eva talk to me like that again son." I'm crackin myself up over here but I better conserve. I have 355 more consecutive days and I've already done 73. It's gonna be long, its gonna be hard, it might even be a little bit dirty. I think that's how it goes. I'll have to ask the coworkers. It's some ridiculous quote that's about broadcasting that sounds obscene out of context but is quite hilarious considering the ridiculous undertaking that is the weekend morning shows.

I'm cooking for the co-worker since we have such a good time together. Taco salads in homemade tortilla shell bowls (just the bowls, not the tortillas (recipe courtesy of the fabulous Rach)). She's my healthy-eating coworker who also works out so this is perfect for us. Can't wait!


Sandy C. said...

Coo coo! One more passenger aboard the crazy train ;) I can't believe you've already blogged for this many days straight and decided to join...you're an animal!

Whaaat? You don't like the Ba-ston accent? I thought I moved to another country here too. 1-yr later and I caught myself ordering a "claam chow-dah!"--HELP!

Yum, taco salad!!!

Chris said...

you are out of control with the NY accent. That is all.

Sparkling Red said...

You are on my Lunatics List! Congratulations! You are the only blogger to appear on BOTH my blogrolls.

Blog365 POWER !!!!!!!!! :-)

Rashan Jamal said...

Ay yo, son! Real talk? You mad crazy for doing that 365 joint! you gonna be buggin out, that's my word! nahmean? *my fake NY talk*

Post an audio clip of the accents!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand the Boston accent. I used to chill with a girl who had one and it annoyed the hell out of me.

I cannot blog 365 days. Thats just too much.

CNEL said...

What the hell is a Yankee accent?

jameil1922 said...

Sandy... lmao @ coo coo. i know i'm insane. boston accents are disgusting. don't get sucked in! lol.

chris... i do what i can kid. for real son.

red... wooo!!

rj... i know its crazy b i can't help it! lmao @ audio clip. that would be the hilarity.

epsi... soooo ugly. jersey accents aren't cute either. you can't even blog 30 days. if we could get you to post 7 consecutive days it would be a miracle. heck! even every other day.

cnel... any northern accent.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

ooooooh! that meal sounds wonderful!

yo kid, is it still maaaaad brick, yun?

you had me cracking up to Jameil... giggling while trying to read and ish... cause I can hear us doing it!!!!

r.jamal has me rolling too!

Karamale said...


"don't eva talk to me like that again, son."

i know that wasn't some real parent-child interaction, cuz if i eva said some shnit my moms didn't like - ka-PY-yow! (then a three second delay before the snivels)

yet another black guy said...

not the NY accent! "slow down son, ya killin' 'em...