Let's Not Mince Words

Are you on drugs?

"I'm getting married July 11th- Be there or be square!"

Did you really? Really? An "I'm getting married" text?!? Text messaging has gone too far. Honey, let me break it down for you. People think of you as flighty. I think you're a nice person... who errs toward flights of fancy perhaps a bit more than the average person. You fueled my Grey's Anatomy obsession which definitely boosts you in my book. We've hung out a few times which is cool. But you already know your dating history is shaky. You're 24 and your new text fiance(?) is 38. I'm not saying it's NOT going to work but you've been dating for all of 6 months... maybe 8. If it's been longer, correct me. Is it so much to slow down and THINK?! Sigh. I know your parents are pissed. That's not necessarily a reason to break it off but they're not irrational people so perhaps you should take their opinions under consideration.

BUT isn't it ironic that the last old dude you dated treated you like crap and dumped you repeatedly, partly because he thought you were too young to get married and is SO desperate to get married, is still single? That's kinda funny since he was such a jerk to you. But you've shown him just by your willingness to get married. Now let's go ahead and call this thing off for a while, huh punkin? Thanks.


Anonymous said...


thats....keepin it real.

Ill be 38 this year. I just cant imagine marrying someone who wasnt even BORN until the end of Reagan's first term.

I smell something ROTTEN

Sparkling Red said...

Being desperate to get married is pretty much the first ingredient in a recipe for divorce. And trust me, it's a lot easier to just break up with someone than divorce them. I went through that crap and it damn near killed me.

CNEL said...

Uh text.

Desperate ppl do desperate things and desperate ppl end up on desperate street.

Sandy C. said...

A text message!? Oy...

Glad you're speaking up with a voice of reason......Man, I'm 30 and don't know if I could be married to guy who was 44.....whoa.

jameil1922 said...

Ink. cuz i'm keepin it real, cuz i'm keepin it real, that's why! lol. i just don't get it.

red. he's been married before and i really don't think she's so desperate to get married. were you?

cnel... again, i don't see her as desperate to get married. i can see her saying yes just because he asked. sigh.

sandy... yeah except now i gotta call her and actually verbally relay this. i don't want to be married to a man that old until i'm a lot closer to it myself!

X Factor said...

My problem isn't with the age difference or even the amount of time they've known each other... I'm just concerned about her repeating the same mistakes. I've been there- it sucks

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

*shaking head*

the pressures of marriage! its all over the place!

i reeeeeeeeeeally want people to know eachother for over a year, date for over a year, and THEN go ring shopping. two year comittment? someone? anyone?

X Factor said...

Nah... the older you get the more you realize that sometimes all that isn't necessary. Every now and then you meet someone that you click with and the connection is not only immediate and lasting, but real and solid. All that year for this and year for that is just prolonging the inevitable. If you love and him and he loves you, if his life adds ore than it subtracts and vice versa, do it.

Anonymous said...

Text Fiance? you need to copyright that.

P.S. My eggs can't wait for me to take 2 years to get to know someone. I have the crazy radar on high alert and I'm ready to get down to matrimony bizness!

jameil1922 said...

X... this is what i'm sayin. its everything piled up together.

stace & x... my mom says if God is in it those time requirements mean nothing. but it certainly doesn't hurt to know each other more than a year.

everything... and then there's that. lol. text fiancee (c) jameil 2008. HOLLA!! lmao @ crazy radar. hilarious.

Karamale said...

wow, i tried to date somebody 44 a couple weeks ago. it tanked, mostly cuz ol bwah confused the role of bf with the role of daddeh. i already gots a daddeh in flawda. don't need anuthren.

Rashan Jamal said...

lol @ punkin. She sure is saving on wedding invitations.

Did you tell her this?

jameil1922 said...

kara... lmao!! even 34 is so old to me.

rj... you've seen that post by now. and i'ma need a REAL INVITE anyway!!

yet another black guy said...

time for a stupid slap