Fed Up: A Walk Through My Mindspace

Wanna take a little walk from Wednesday? Like to here it? Here it go.

I'm so annoyed with blogging right now. I guess it would be more accurate to say bloggERS. I know everyone does not have unlimited time. Some people have lives off of these screens. For now I'm not one of those people. That means I expect to have something to read and something to do. Some people have posted twice in 2 days. Some have posted twice in 2 weeks. The consistently posting twice in 2 months folk? I've been CONSISTENTLY deleting you. Especially if you don't come over here and share the love. Y'all know I need attention. I'm not an only child but I was for 19 months.

More blogs got deleted today despite the fact that I've been reading some of them for more than a year now, maybe 2. I know its ridiculous to hand down blog edicts, but really, they don't call me the blog bully for no reason. It's who I am. ThisiswhyI'mhot. (You're supposed to read that the way whatever rapper it is who is responsible for that song (I don't care enough to look it up) does so it seems mid-sentence, then keeps going.) I suppose part of the reason I'm going all blog postal is because I've been on my daily post grind for 2 months now. Is that not enough to make anyone crazy? I was thisclose to deleting all but about 10 of the blogs currently on my roll. I need suggestions. The blogger must post regularly-- at least 3xs a week. Yes, I know I'm being bratty. No, I do not care.

Sandy and Red are really taunting me by joining Blog365-- a plan to want to slit their wrists by June blog every day of 2008 (except February 29th since it's a leap year). I think whoever made up that rule only did it because they forgot this year is a leap year until they were called on it. I would want to blog on February 29th if for no other reason than it will be your only opportunity to do so for another 4 years.

I've always had a mild infatuation with that date. As in why that one? Who chose February 29th as opposed to August 32nd? Plus if you're born on that date? Extra special! They even have their own society! Very cool. Though it's stupid when people say things like, "You're really only 4" or something to that effect. Really? That always made me roll my eyes. I was such an indignant child. I have this thing about numbers and dates. I like even numbers (making it odd that I like 2/29) which means my own birthday slightly disappoints me because it's on the 23rd. Ooh! Most of all though, I like multiples of 5. I'm 25, 2008 is an even year. It should be fabulous, right? 25 sounds like the most fantastic age to me right now.

I once (in first grade no less when we all got those "Smoke-Free Class of 2000 shirts) thanked my mom for having me in 1982 because WHAT AN AMAZING YEAR TO GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL!! (I'd previously been disappointed not to be born in a more round year like 1980... IN FIRST GRADE!! I never said I wasn't quirky.) My poor mother. I remember her saying "You're welcome." I don't remember an odd look but if I have a child like that I will definitely be utilizing the head tilt, singular eyebrow raise-- you know, the classic "WHO ARE YOU ALIEN BABY AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY CHILD!?" look. Also commonly known as the "I suppose this is what my mother meant when she said I can't wait until you have your own children" look.

I know this is all over the place but I'm allowed because my body is rebelling against me in more than one way right now. I have throat ebola (self-diagnosis). I've determined this because I woke up this morning feeling like a microscopic man had been ice skating inside my esophagus all night long. It didn't help that I chattered incessantly at work today. I couldn't help it. Despite the body issues I was in a pretty good mood. I tried the free L.ipton's tea at work this morning. Yuck. Even with sugar it didn't make me feel any better. I got home and tried my stand-by: B.igelow's English Breakfast Tea. YUM!! Even the color is better.

[Yet another tangent (this is getting a bit ridiculous)]:

The blacker the berry the swee.ter the juice/the darke.r the flesh then the deeper the roots. I loooooove that song. Did I tell you one of my coworkers said TuPACK? PACK. That's T.upac, dear. Like chicken pox? Sigh. Why do I have to go through these sorts of things and use these sorts of comparisons to help you understand? This is not an obscure rapper. COME ON!!

Back to the lecture at hand: I also don't do flavored teas. I REALLY don't do Long Island Iced Teas. I know this next part will get my southern belle card revoked but... I also don't do iced tea unless its raspberry iced tea and even that's a stretch. If there's any other choice, I'll have that. Supposedly my mom makes fabulous tea because that and her lemonade are always requested at picnics, etc. Only hot English breakfast for me, please, if I must drink tea. Ear.l Grey is okay, too. That was a bit of a problem for my coworkers when we went to a tea and that's what I wanted. I know you like orange marmalade but really? No. BTW, traditional tea food? Not for me. GIVE ME REAL FOOD!! This is also why generally I don't do tapas. I need actual portions, not a sampler platter. Thanks. Anyway. My tea homie B(igelow) hooked it up. My throat felt better after the first sip. It also tasted better even without anything but a splash of milk. I think I'll just continually pour it down my throat for the rest of my weekend.

Have I ever told you how obsessed I am with drinks? Of any kind, not just alcoholic. Today in an effort to calm my screeching throat (with the "sexy" rasp LMAO!!), I've already had at least a gallon of water. I finish one glass in five minutes but the effect doesn't last nearly as long as this tea. It's so soothing I'm considering having my 3rd mug in 10 minutes. I also love lemonade, cranberry juice (not cranberry juice cocktail), orange juice. I like milk and egg nog. I do NOT like apple juice. Disgusting. Or sports drinks of any kind. They taste like watery cough syrup. Have you tired of the random yet? I have. Time to go to sleep. STAY AWAY MICROSCOPIC ICE SKATING MAN!!

*Still battling that jerk. MY THROAT BOX HURTS!! I did find out, though that my lemon sorbet soothes the throat so score for that!


1969 said...

Awww...feel better sunshine.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

yeah, you will not be added to the blog roll if your last post was in the first half of december.

i don't think I thanked my mom but i know i was (and still am) excited to be born in 1982. i realized how cool it was at my kindergarten graduation when we had C/O 2000 shirts. So futuristic it seemed!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

p.s. i hope you feel better! drink some room temp o.j too

Mau said...

I think "...all over the place..." is a understatement. You did drop a handful of gems, though. Let's see:

* "blog postal"
* "I was such an indignant child."
* "throat ebola"
* "tea homie"

As far as the "posting every day" thing goes...more power to you. You're a bigger person than me. I just can't do it. My inspiration usually comes in the form of a full post, like a little angel whispered the whole text to me while I was looking at something interesting. Every once in a while multiple times a day, usually not.

But keep up the good work. I'm here. Even added your RSS feed to my list of daily reads. Pretty shortly after you post it, I get it. Every day.

Eb the Celeb said...

I totally agree with you... I hate when I go to a blog and there's nothing new... makes me cringe... and I too have removed some people from my blogroll lately that havent been able to keep up with the times... I dont want anything long and drawn out... even a simple hello to warn me that your taking a break woudl suffice.

oh and kudos for the Pac reference... love love love him still!!!

Miss B said...

LOL!! You are so funny to me...lol

I don't like tea either...iced tea especially. People think I'm crazy because of it, whatev!! I can tolerate hot teas, like peppermint tea...thats pretty good. Oh and the Lipton white tea or green tea, the cold one(I can't remember my mother made me taste it and I liked it, but I don't know which one it is...oh well)its pretty good, but ice cold.

being born in 1980 is the bomb!!! lol

I hope you feel better!!

Pro said...

Sexy raspy voice is the hotness! Say my name. *eHug* You could possibly feel better if you get some rest. Oh! you make me so tired and I've got three children, am a tiny little thing so being overweight ain't the issue. You've got a lot of energy old night owl. Blog brat! I think because you are on a different time clock than most, you can blog in the quiet. Whatever it is, my life interrupts me and my thoughts. Damn if I can't go back to write or comprehend them. But when I do I give the best that I got.

Rest up this weekend. Not too much food when sick; it's the bodie's way of saying I need to cleanse myself. Give me liquids or give me temporary prolonged bad health.

DollFace said...

You should try those Ocean Spray 100% juice concoctions. I love the pom and cran version. Yummy!

La said...

lmfao! "throat ebola" hahaha jesus.

Aww look at our beloved blog bully.

jameil1922 said...

1969... thx!

stace... this is what i'm sayin. lmao @ futuristic. i just felt sooo special w/those shirts. you know how i feel abt rm temp anything but water-- gross!! and even water only gets a temp. hall pass.

mau... lol. i'm not saying post daily but can i get a "yes we're reading" or 2 posts a week? i mean you ain't gotta but don't expect me to read. lol. i know that's bratty. thx for reading!! you have fulfilled part of your requirement to keep ME reading.

eb... this is what i'm sayin. and if you say you will be gone for a certain amt of time you betta come back too!! CUZ I'MA BE CHECKIN!!

b... lol thx. 82 is better!!! iced tea is so nasty.

pro... you're right. i do have an insane amt of energy and lots of time to blog interruption-free. but i also don't have any kids and will straight ignore people until i get my blogging done if necessary. i've been sleeping like a narcoleptic-- no schedule, just falling out.

doll... i don't like pom but i'll think abt another concoction.

la... i love you too!

Southern Girl said...

Your for real about it J? Wow...lol! Hope you still read my blog a little...I know i'm horrible about posting, but know that I do read yours everyday, even if it is on lurker status sometimes...throat ebola?!?! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

You are the only person I know who puts parentheses within another set of parentheses.

I like Long Islands very very rarely. I like simple drinks like vodka and cranberry juice. Or mojitos

Vdizzle said...

Nobody in this little ass town knows why we have a leap year. They piss me off, but I smell story idear.

And your southern belle card is provisionally revoked, since you can do flavored teas.

Sandy C. said...

Jameil,so sorry you're feeling a bit sicky. I do hope your throat clears up soon....HOWEVER,...maybe you need a little breaky break from this blogging...however, if you do decide to hop on the crazy train AND point your finger at me in blame....sign up for the Sandy at Momisodes Blog365 S&M list...apparently you're not alone in thinking I lured you into insanity ;)

Rashan Jamal said...

You dont need a break from blogging. Did you read this brilliant, yet insane rambling? I love it. I don't even know where to start responding.

Lets see... Microscopic Ice Skating Man, Throat Ebola. Funniest things I've read/heard all day. Hope you feel better.

Your thing with the numbers makes you sound a little OCD.

Your tea homie B.igelow??? wow. I only drink peppermint tea.

Okay, I'll stop now, because I haven't done my post for the day yet. Highly entertaining!!!

Sparkling Red said...

YES, you are a brat and I love you for it! Keep on bratting, yeehaw!

I heartily agree with your opinions on snacky-type meals. When I eat stuff like that for dinner, I wake up at 3:30 am with hunger pains. No fooling!

jameil1922 said...

Southern... i get irritated when i have 6 or 7 comments and i'm posting daily. i'm like HELLO?! IS THIS THING ON!?!?!

epsi... long islands are for people who don't know how to drink. mojitos done properly are not simple drinks.

v... revoke away.

sandy... ruining lives since jan 1. lol

rj... glad you approve. lol.

red... lol thx!

Caesar Cannon said...

I can agree that I don't like going to blogs and seeing nothing new... very irritating, like I wasted a perfectly good mouse click for what?

I try to post every other day, though I, sometimes, will let a topic rock out for a minute, but not often.

February 29th annoys me oh so much. no clue why, though.

Earl Gray= Greatest tea EVER MADE

Not a fan of TuPACK, but I am a fan of your writing.

hope your throat feels better soon.

I love apple juice as much as you should love my blog, lol

The Star (aka That Damn Good)

Liz said...

The "hot" song is Mims. It'll be his one hit wonder...it's s sad that I know who did that song.

Throat ebola self-diagnosed. You are killing me! And I really need to clean house myself. Some of mine haven't posted since July and/or never come over to visit me.

Oh and you wanna know something I noticed? The more black folks comment on my blog the less white folks do. I find that VERY interesting indeed.

dreamyj said...

aw girl, you might have to delete me. i'm going through some things right now and blogging is hard for me. hopefully i will return and hopefully all of the others join your blog365 adventure!

jameil1922 said...

caesar... i was never a tupac fan either but i love that song. apple juice is gross.

liz... i have next to no white people commenting on my blog. i think just one. there used to be 2 more but i think they've dropped off the face of the blogging planet. clean house girl!!

dreamy... COME BACK!! DON'T DO IT!

Minerva Exertion said...

Late to post a comment, but I am really going to post 15 this month. I promise. ;) I know you deleted me long ago. lol

yet another black guy said...

hot breakfast tea? bah! hot cocoa? YAY!