*Light bulb!*

Since the Panthers had such a dismal season they should just cancel the Super Bowl so I don't have to be bothered. As a close second I will take the Steeler.s losing. What'd you say? I got that last week? Oh yes, you're right. Score! Sorry T.omlin. We all agree around the newsroom that you seem like a really great guy, but I ain't from here so I can only root for you so much. And did your team really lose to the j-e-t-s? I just had to bring that up because I mean really.


"Guess what Stace?!"
"I just got my instyle!"

*Light bulb!*

Stace says, "Who's on the cover?"


Jameil replies, "I knew you were going to ask that as soon as I said I got the magazine... and yet I didn't look."

I always know and I never look!! I always forget she's gonna ask until I tell her I got the mag. Like the words are coming out of my mouth, like word vomit ("no wait, that's actual vomit." name that movie and i shall love you forever). I want to shove them back in but it's too late. I know she's gonna ask. BAH!! And sometimes I'll realize that I just gave the cover a cursory glance but the mag is not nearby, i.e. I'm in the car and it's at home, so I can't even grab it and look like I did this month. It's ridiculous.

I have this thing about reading magazines. I never read or even really look at the covers. The table of contents, either. There's too much crap on there and *light bulb!* it's essentially the same magazine every month. I'm gonna read it cover to cover anyway. Rach has recipes and a segment I find I love called B, D, L where a celeb talks about their meals for the day. THEY'RE LYING! EVERYONE eats that healthily the day Rach is following them? Right. But I still like it. And I like when they raid the celeb's fridge. I'm gonna show y'all what's in my fridge on Friday for fridge Friday. It's one of those things the crazies Blog365ers like to do to make the 365 go by faster. It almost feels like cheating but I guess it's no more cheating than posting 4 lines about why you don't feel like posting today, huh?

FYI (no *light bulb* required): Instyle is about fashion. More is about 40+ers. I haven't found another copy of that one at the gym but whoever left it the first time should feel free to lose some more there. The health mags get stolen quickly along with Glam.our (sex and fashion) and Co.smo (sex only). I could read Black En.terprise since it's always there but honestly, when I'm coming from work as I almost always am, the last thing I want to read is something "smart." I did look at the J.et mags on my coworker's desk since Doll said there were some Hamptonians in them in the wedding pics. I saw a former M.iss Hampton who was in my s.tudent leader (SL) group. Love her!! She's so sweet.

"Walk tall SL just as tall as you can, you're the best SL in the whole blessed land! So walk tall my lovely sister! Walk tall my brother man! Walk tall SL just as tall as you can. Walk walk! Walk walk, walk, walk!" Want more? "You have a friend in meeee at Hampton Universityyyy, no matter the sorority or fraternity you have a friiiiend in meeeeeee. As SL (wooo!) we will always bee." I don't remember the rest. Something about strength and unity... the time is now for both you and me. I just remember everything had multiple parts so you're saying that and I'm saying this and it's hot fiyah together! Bubblin magma. (I dated a guy once who said that. He was one of the most hilarious people I ever dated. He dumped me after a month and a half because I wasn't ready to get married. (last paragraph explains) Ok psycho.)

I was only a SL for a year b/c I didn't have time AND they made us go camping in the woods for orientation. Honey. Say it with me now. Jameil. (Jameil) Does not. (Does not.) Do woods. (Do woods.) You could only shower for 3 mins and then you were instantly dirty and sweaty again because it was I don't know VIRGINIA in AUGUST which means 95 and humid every! single! day! 85 and humid at night. DISGUSTING!!! I will now thank a moment to thank my mom for refusing to let me be a girl scout. That would not have been all good in the hood ('burbs whatever. Don't start with the semantics.). As you can imagine, I didn't want to go back the next year. I was probably on probation, too for lack of participation. Who can remember? Also, I cannot tell a lie. I joined SL for the songs. And THAT is no *light bulb!* moment.


Rashan Jamal said...

Mean Girls!!!

*looking around and realizing that everybody now thinks I'm gay* LOL

That was a good movie. I don't care if it was about teenage girls.

LMAO @ repeating after you.

Somehow I think the Fridge Friday post is gonna be chockful of explanations, sidebars, and links to previous posts. Can't wait!

Opinionated Diva said...

Rashan stole my answer...yeah that's it! LOL

"Honey. Say it with me now. Jameil. (Jameil) Does not. (Does not.) Do woods. (Do woods.)" LOL! You are too funny, but I'm right with you on this one--I do not do woods! I'm just too citified.

1969 said...

Uh yeah...Mean Girls.

The songs are the best part!


I don't do woods either. Nope.

the joy said...

Mean girls! My favorite line from that movie was "so and so is a grosky beyotch" "well she is."

Sometimes I think we're so alike, then you say you don't like camping. I mean, I was dirty as hell after 4 days, but I had so much fun.

La said...

only the greatest movie in the world...MEAN GIRLS.

There are too many fantastic one liners to name. My personal favorite...
"I mean, I can't help that I'm popular."

OMG how fab is halle on that cover? lol

Liz said...

Love the light bulb moments! LOL!

And they do lie about what they eat. No way they eat a chicken breast salad every day. Whatever.

Vdizzle said...

Mean Girls!!

And camping rox!!

Sparkling Red said...

I have never been camping in the woods. And I have never changed a diaper.

I would rather change the diaper than go camping - even a poopy one! At least it's over quickly.

DiamondsR4eva said...

Mean Girls was great!
Camping....eh I don't think relaxers and camping mix, I can sweat it out at the gym lol

Sandy C. said...

Sandy. Does not. Do woods...either! LOL :) I like TP, running water, and air conditioning thank you :)

jameil1922 said...

rj... YES!!! *dose of love* of course it will feature mucho explainers.

diva... lol. woods are horrendous.

1969... lol. yay songs and mags. boooo woods.

joy... like la said so many great lines!!! just fabulous!! honey. no. the woods? i can't.

la... very cute.

liz... hahahaha. i had so much fun writing and re-reading this post. i thought it was hilarious!! hahaha. right?!?! liars!!

v... camping is disgusting. i once told a guy, "if you love me, you will never ask me to go camping." i really thought he was the one when he replied, "have you ever known me to go camping?" i certainly loved him a bit more and looked at him with adoration. LMAO!!

red... that was my first and *PLEASE DEAR GOD!* last time. i've never changed a diaper either. i decided my child's diaper will be the first i change. i guess i'll have to go to parenting classes like dads. lmao!

jameil1922 said...

y'all snuck in while i was responding!

diamonds... it took me a long time to get to the point where i could even resign myself to sweating enuf to even go to the gym. 19 years long!!

sandy... honey yes!! we are so --->here<---

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i love it! and the funny thing is, i forget that you NEVER look at the cover, yet i ask you everytime!

what does BDL stand for in rach's mags?

i hate cosmo. why is it still around??

i wouldn't mind camping.

if its in a cabin.

with amenities.

yeah, maybe not. no wi-fi.

Vdizzle said...

Jam, you were never in girl scouts? Maybe I just am that country.

And what are y'all doing? Making shelter outta leaves and sticks and stuff? We had a tent.

We cleared the ground, put a tarp down, put the tent together and had thermal sleeping bags and one of those mini-space heaters. It wasn't disgusting.

CNEL said...

Oh no camping in the woods. Horrendous. I say the woods were made for animals, leave them be in their domain.

I'm mad at you talking bout you'll be in parenting classes with the Dads. Why the men got to be in the class?

jameil1922 said...

Stace... lol. see? its YOUR fault!! breakfast lunch dinner. you're so delightfully acronym challenged. its cute. cosmo is pretty wack. know what? i could do that sort of camping, too but seriously... there MUST be electricity and wi-fi. but really... what's the point? i don't want to be in the woods. can we do a cabin on the beach please?

v... no girl scouts. they were there i just wasn't in it. there were open air tents. essentially we were sleepin outside. i don't like being dirty. that's not what's good in the hood for me. its a personal preference. i think its disgusting.

cnel... yes the woods!! b/c women are always expected to already know this crap like i babysat more than once in my life.

yet another black guy said...

"Honey. Say it with me now. Jameil. (Jameil) Does not. (Does not.) Do woods. (Do woods.)" ROTFLMO!!!