Dedicated Jacking

That's how I shall describe me doing the noon this week. My sleep schedule is shot all to hades and I have things to do!! I'm a list girl. I love making lists. Lists, lists, lists. I even have a new planner to make it all happen! Except I never follow through to finish everything on them in one day. Sometimes I make the lists knowing I won't accomplish everything today but sometimes I just don't care. I'm horribly sleepy and I still need to go to the gym, return a skirt that didn't fit, a dress that's too matronly, and a gift I bought that I don't need. I also need an oil change badly. Well, not me, but my car. Oh! And cook! How could I forget cook!? I didn't make that taco salad I was supposed to make for the coworker because I just got so tired and church was a bit boring which made me even more tired. It's pitiful.

One of the Steeler.s was there with some chick who was clutching him tightly with her cute thousand-dollar F.endi bag and not cute outfit. Typical Pittsburgh girl. Doesn't know how to MATCH. (Burn) I was mostly annoyed, though by her clutching. We're at church. You already got him and convinced him to come, relax. Sooo not a fan of people who don't know how to act around a man.

I also haven't told the gym guy what happened. I've only seen him once since the date that wasn't and all we said to each other was hi and happy new year. I know, I know. I chickened out and haven't seen him since. Pitiful. So next time I see him, I will explain. 1969 told me I need to fix that. Yes ma'am!! Que sera sera.


Anonymous said...


Google Reader is the bomb.

You know I wanna know who it was.

I thought there was a law against a Steeler showing up to a black Church in Pittsburgh. Usually them boys Break out of town (and for good reason) the SECOND the season is over.

He must be finna wife her. a Thousand dollar fendi bag AND riding to church???

she gotta at least be preggers.

Caesar Cannon said...

I'm not too big on lists. I feel like whatever needs to get done will sooner or later. [Razor Ramon] I do whatever I want, whenever I want[/Razor Ramon].

Thinking the lady is pregnant and he's playing the family man. Or maybe they've been together. Who knows besides them?

Chris said...

I made a list recently and I was stunned at what that particular list said about me, LOL...and you ragging on people's clothes in sinful...in church no less. GET THEE BEHIND ME, FASHIONISTA!

1969 said...

He was only at chruch cause hey aren't in the playoffs.Nothing else to do :)

And yeah....FIX THAT!

jameil1922 said...

ink... lol. willie c. (i just realized that team has 3 willies i can think of off the top of my head. i'ma need somebody to go by william.) i would break out at the end of the season, too but there is no season for tv. or maybe he's just bored.

cc... lists are fun. or... maybe he was just bored.

chris... what did it say about you? that church is a fashionista NIGHTMARE!! trust. i'm being tame.

1969... lol. RIGHT?!?! and hush! i can't fix what i don't see! he wasn't there today either.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I hope you get some rest - that just sucks if you are stumbling through you day.

I do love lists! And great hat - really great hat! I look completely stupid in hats.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

the noon?? so what time are you going to bed now? whats that about? booooooooo...

Sparkling Red said...

I have a love-hate relationship with lists. Non-list people drive me crazy. And I drive them crazy. Or wait - maybe I'm just talking about me and my ex-husband. That was my grounds for divorcing him. He just wasn't a list man. And that wasn't good enough.

Rashan Jamal said...

seriously, did you just say (burn)?

I make lists, then I skip all around them out of order thus defeating the purpose of said list.

jameil1922 said...

claud... not enough rest. my mom doesn't like how she looks in hats either. i've found that i generally look good in hats. just about any kind. i love it.

stace... around 4. i don't mind the hours, i just want a REGULAR SCHEDULE!! crazy request huh?

red... lmao!! that was the most insane thing i've read in... hours at least! lol

rj... isn't skipping more fun tho? mix it up a bit! RAH RAH RAH! BURN!

yet another black guy said...

ol' girl ain't about to let some fie holy roller take her meal ticket. she worked hard to get that man lol!