Pop Bottlesssss!

"It's the weeekeeeeeeeeend baybay, baybay! Unh!" They used to say that (just like that) every Friday night on my favorite radio station in Charlotte. Their website is such garbage. Why do all local television and radio stations have the worst webpages?? It's ridiculous. Man I miss and my fave djs or the djs with the best songs. "It's Mr. Incogniiiito! It's the i-n-c-o-g-n-i-t-o, it's incooooooog... niiiiiiitoooo!" Sigh. The phat 4 at 4 (yeah I know they know that name is dated), the top 9 at 8. *Tear* I know its odd that I do, but I love this song (even though the video is wack), hence the title! I put it on my gym playlist but it's coming off because it's sooooo slow. I can't take it.

My beloved mommy is so terrible about mailing stuff. So bad that I don't even get upset about it. I got my Christmas gift on Saturday. Lololol. She's so cute. It was supposed to come back with my dad but he left without getting it. She was pissed. My parents have been divorced since I was 17 (separated since 13), but they get along which is very helpful. They get on each others' nerves, but they're better friends than spouses. They're not BFF or anything but are amicable and can definitely be in the same room without bringing out weapons. My mom even hangs with his sisters.

She got me this book I'd been wanting that she gave me a long time ago and I ignored and lost (wasn't ready), THE PREACHER.S WIF.E SOUNDTRACK!! (y'all know how I feel about Christmas!), and an itunes gift card. SCORE! I bought Rah.eem Dev.aughn which I love!!, an old New L.ife Comm.unity Choir gospel cd circa 1997, the aforementioned song, Janet's newest (love!) and an old(ish) Luda song that reminds me of my homie Mor b/c we were rockin out to it at homecoming 3 years ago. So fun!! How excitable am I today? Very.

Everything was crazy today because we had 50+ mph winds which means 30,000 power outages, downed trees and power lines, roads closed. And the temps dropped 25 degrees in 3 hours. Now the wind chill is in the single digits and got as low as 10 below zero. NO THANKS! People get all crazy over weather at work. You know what it's like to watch the news when the weather is acting up. Now imagine being the people behind that hysteria. Lol. Yes sometimes its very extra. Anyway after that all died down it got boring again but one of my fave coworkers who I haven't seen in at least a month (we work opposite shifts) was there so that was fun. And now I'm done. Yes I am obeying the title. It's so necessary.


The Ink said...

its funny how radio stations have the same schtick.

Fat four at four
Its the Weekend Baybay

Funny, WAMO has ALWAYS been wack.

and i do mean Always.

1969 said...

We have WDAS here in Philly....home of R&B. LOL

The newsroom sounds like fun. Like a hotel. *BLOG IDEA* Can you do Newsroom Chronicles?

Vdizzle said...

You should only listen to pop bottles when you are acutally popping them.

And yes, the video is garbage.

Sparkling Red said...

That wind was all over the continent. I lay awake most of last night listening to it howl. When I walked to work, at one point I had to turn around backwards and force baby-steps into this gale that didn't want to let me go anywhere. I'm surprised I didn't blow away!

jameil1922 said...

ink... 1st yep and 2nd SIGH!! wamo has to be one of the most frustrating stations. so horribly horrible in its horridity.

1969... girrrrl. dangerous! hotel chronicles is less so. lots of hotels in a city, only three stations. i'd like to stay employed! newsrooms can be both fun and frustrating.

v... i listen to it whenever i feel the need!

red... that wind is insanity! you should've seen our reporters out there this am barely able to speak in the wind and nearly unable to stand. it was kind of funny. lol.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

soooooo, if you just got your prez from your mom... what does that make me? seeing how i have YET to mail you the last piece of your present; the actual coup de gras?

so how tired is that video? i mean No Limit only did that HOW MANY YEARS AGO? Then Trick and Trina brought it back our freshman year in college (Take It to the House)... let the basketball game go.

i heard about that 20+ degree drop. IN.SANE.

CNEL said...

Yea stations be having BS websites.

I need to cop Raheem DeVaughn immediately.

LoL @ Newsroom Chronicles.

Sandy C. said...

You need to put an Utterz thingy on your blog so we can hear your voice :)
That weather sounds awful...I bet the newsroom is mayhem. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at stations in Miami during all the hurricane coverage ;)

Rashan Jamal said...

We had wind like that last night. I kept waiting for my power to go out, since it periodically does even when its sunny.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I think you forgot to mail mine. LOL

Miss B said...

I've always wanted to be behind the scenes in a news room...seems like fun!!

Raheem Devaughn CD is the shiznit!!! I love it!!!

jameil1922 said...

sigh. the internet gave out as i hit publish the last time. i almost threw the box out of the window. thisclose.

stace... i love you like i love her! :) videos in general are rubbish. (i'm working on using words from other countries.)

cnel... amusing but not prudent! lol. R.D. is an exercise in fabulosity, too!

sandy... def. considered a video post but we shall see! my homie lives in the O and said if there's any crazy weather i.e. hurricane/tornado, they all have to stay and others are likely to be caled in. ridiculous. why do you need 5 producers for the work of 3? you don't.

rj... power outages are for the birds!! almost once a week in the winter there are wind advisories/warnings and 50+ mph winds knocking the power out every 5 mins. drives me BANANAS!! wait-- british word: bonkers.

you didn't get your gift!?!? ARGH!! that post office i tell ya!! i sent you the same thing you sent me but in XL and in blue. BAH! you know i like writing letters of disgust! one is coming their way! just you wait!! JUST YOU WAIT!

b... sometimes fun, sometimes annoying. RD is faaaabulous!

yet another black guy said...

i know your tiny frame was shivering up a storm lol