I've decided on one. When I first moved here, I got mixed reviews. It's Pittsburgh's only (in my opinion) church that might be considered a mega church. It's one of those places where you have to join something to know anyone. Some people said not to go there because it was too big. Others said you have to go there to see any progressive young people in Pittsburgh. Others didn't want to fight for parking (not an issue for me since I always get there uber early since I'm always trying to kill time between the time I get off work at 10 and the start of service at 11:45). Four services and something going on every night of the week. It may be too large, but that remains to be seen. Right now I just need a sense of family and support and somewhere to learn more about the Bible.

You have to take 4 "lessons" before you are considered a member. I know. I was very taken aback and a bit turned off by the thought. Like THIS IS GOD!! You don't have try-outs for God!! The Bible says, "Whosoever will, let him come." (Please don't ask me to tell you the specific scripture. I know scriptures because I've heard them all my life and they just stuck. Here's another, "Train up a child in the way he should go so that when he is old he will not depart from it." I'm like a fount of scriptures and have no idea where to find them... problem? Maybe.) My friend wanted to make sure I hadn't joined a cult when I told her about the classes!! Insanity! Nope, not a cult, just Bapist! Lol. My mom had heard the pastor when he did a revival in Charlotte a month or two ago and was so gung-ho about it that I said, let me go see what all the hype is about.

Last night I went to my first lesson and I liked it. This one was about the foundation of the church, baptism, and communion. It's essentially bible study, which I'd been looking for FOREVER but had been thwarted by the summer Jesus breaks (you'll be happy to know they are over). They want to make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. So I'll keep going.

How about when you join they do this uber intimidating thing where everyone's standing but they ask the members to sit and those who are members other places to sit so you're left standing. Every other week I visited there were several other people standing. Regardless, I knew I was joining this week so I said, let me make sure I look good so I feel less nervous. So I put on this dress-inspired trench coat

with these shoes

and cream pants. I got lots of compliments and felt FIERCE!! BUT I WAS THE ONLY ONE STANDING THIS WEEK!! I've never been so glad to look appropriate. I like a spotlight probably more than the average person but in front of 400 strangers with no microphone or character to hide behind??? SCARY!! The pastor says, "You're the only one standing today, sista, I guess that means it's all about you." So I waved with flourish because I do like it to be about me. Then when I walked up, there was a standing ovation... um... ok... So, I'll keep you updated.

On another note, these are the birthday shoes I bought in part with a gift card from my beloved homie Ashli.

Since we are getting a winter preview this weekend, the suede pumps get to make an appearance. Lucky them!!!

And when I was in Florida, I got to fulfill another New Year's resolution and get my Rosa Cha bikini!! And since there was a sale... I GOT TWO!! YAY!!!!!!

Speaking of bikinis, I showed my coworker a picture of me in mine in Florida (no I won't be posting it here because the entire world does not need to see me in a bikini, as adorable as it is!), and she said, if Brit looked like you in a bikini, she wouldn't be getting so much crap right now. WHAT?!?! FIYAH!!!!!!! She is definitely on my Christmas list this year!! Lolololol. Yes, there is a Florida post in the drafts, but I don't feel like dealing with it right now.

BTW, do you know how this week flew by for me???? My weekend starts at 10 Wednesday morning and how about Tuesday when I left work, I said, "Is it really Tuesday???" Yeah... that fast. Good times! I want a margarita. A lime one. Just one. And it better be good. MEXICAN!! Alright loves, that's all for now! Wait!!! I have some new commenters of late. I'm not doing an official de-lurking, but if you're a first time commenter, let me know how you found me. Thanks!


The Maverick said...

oh my! i just love to read your blog it's as if you was one of my peers (even tho you are still in your youth)i really enjoyed this one..makes me think about going back to church. By the way i was so entertained by your postings this month that i read all of them in your archive.

Sha Boogie said...

Ok, both pairs of shoes are FIYAH!! I need a size 10, stat - thanks..lol..

My church does something similar before you can become a 'member'. its called foundations class,you learn the church history, bible basics that everyone should know (well, thats what I call it..) and the church vision. I thought most churches did that..

Southern Girl said...

Those shoes...OMG!! Niceness! You know I stay jelly bc your style is so so cute!! When you come to Dallas..if you ever make it...we ARE DEF shopping!!

nikki said...

i've always been skeptical about joining those mega churches. i'm glad this one works for you though. that's all that matters.

the shoes are FIERCE. do you hear me? i LOVE high heels.

dreamyj said...

hurray for finding a church! that trench is definitely the hotness, as are those shoes, work it!

memphiz said...

Im happy you finally joined a church YAY! and yes your outfit was on POINT!

Anonymous said...

iono man....I dont think that qualifies as a MegaChurch.

It IS the biggest church in the Burgh...but compared to behemoths down here like Potters House and Friendship West....its almost quaint.

Im happy for you...

and yes..the shoes ARE fierce.And i say that as a man with his heterosexuality intact. I appreciate a woman with a mean shoe game(c)Carter, S.

Chris said...

work it honeychile, yesssssssssssssss *snaps in Z formation* seriously, glad you found a suitable church home, that's always the key to any well-balanced life is a place of worship....says the guy who hasn't been to a church service since Mother's Day....1999.

jameil1922 said...

mav... i'm sure that's a compliment lol. glad you enjoyed the archives. the really inane stuff is from when i first started my blog.

sha... thanks! :) i haven't joined a lot of churches, but i didn't know the classes were the norm.

southern... thanks! i really want to visit dallas! i hear such good things about it.

nikki... like dp said, its not really a mega church, its just the biggest in pgh. & thx!

dreamy & mem... :)

dp... you're right. not 30k big, but large anyway and huge by pgh standards. thx for the shoe love! lololol. more and more straight dudes are shoe appreciative these days.

chris... NOT the snaps... wow... church is def. harder to get into when the preacher is not on point and can't explain the scripture... matter of fact, i can't go when what you're saying makes no sense. you can't adequately explain your points? i'm out!

1969 said...

Yes, pink is always a favorite of 1969. Love the coat dress and the shoes and the Rosa Cha.....work it out girl!

So happy you found a church home.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

lincoln road homie!

your post was so energetic!!

Honey-Libra said...

HOTTT shoes what size do you were again I will be coming to your house creeping in like a thief in the night lol

I just started the hunt for a church home, we'll see how sunday goes :) congrats

that outfit was cute!!!

Anonymous said...

nine west ... thats all i have to say ...lol

Liz said...

So nice that you found a spiritual home there. I think the idea of the classes is a good one if it helps you deepen your understanding of the word and connects you to other folks in a meaningful way. I'm taking a series of Baha'i classes here on leading a more spiritual life. I think it's good for me because it makes me think about all of the stuff I know but don't always put into practice as much as I should.

And your shoes are VERY cute. Glad you had your outfit on point because we all know folks were analyzing as you were walking up there, even if they should have been prayer for you!

jameil1922 said...

69... YAY!!!

stace... yay!! i know! i am energy lately.

honey... 7 1/2 but you come creepin for my shoes and you will get got!! lololol. i hunted for about 2 months. i got really sick of being a church hopper.

cali... yeaaaaaaaaah!! you know it! i knew you would be -->here<--

liz... the classes are helping so far. i'm a fiend for learning so the classes are making me want even more knowledge. lmao @ folks analyzing my 'fit as i walked up there!! you are so right!! hilarious!!

La said...

I am in desperate, DESPERATE need of those shoes, lol

jameil1922 said...

nine west boo! still in stores!