Face Off!

As you know, I read lots and lots of magazines, thanks mostly to my dedication to the gym-- elliptical ridas represent!-- and reading simultaneously. I can't stop noticing all of the articles about face lifts and surgery-free face lifts and how to stop wrinkles and laugh lines and smile lines. Smile lines?? We are so obsessed with appearing eternally 22 that we now want to get rid of smile lines?? I'll pass. I will take those smile lines as a mark of a happy life. The face lifts and botox bothers me because it turns its users into plasticized versions of themselves. Suddenly there are legions of robotic, bottle blonde barbie faces and ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'M UNDER ATTACK!! That's what it makes me feel like. STOP THE WAR AGAINST SMILE LINES!! Maybe I'll change my mind when I'm 60, but I'd like to think I'll have the best part of my favorite aunt Louise's disposition-- a comfort with where I have come from, am and going.

Speaking of facing off, dad and I went to a Pirates game last night. I love Pirates games. They're fun, the view is FANTASTIC at PNC Park, and we had FABULOUS seats just 8 rows from the field. Tickets are also insanely cheap. You can get a good seat for $20 and baseball enthusiasts will tell you they're all good seats. We got bobbleheads, and the ultimate at ballparks-- footlong hotdogs and beer!! But... halfway through the 2nd inning, the bottom of the sky fell out. We'd heard the thunder and seen the lightning and of course since I work at a tv station, I knew there was a chance of a storm. It starts sprinkling so we get up to leave but since we have such great seats, we're just two people in a line of hundreds waiting to get under some shelter.

The rain starts falling harder and faster. AND IT'S COLD!! Glad I'd wrapped my hair (just in case it rained), wore flats, and brought a long-sleeved tee to pull on over my tank!! It was so cold and the wind was blowing, all I could do was continually giggle which had the people around me laughing as well. I was also grateful I didn't have a perm so I didn't have to go through that scene in "Something New" where she gets pissed because she gets caught in the rain-- and her weave magically becomes wet and wavy. It was pretty much like oh well! Can't get mad! I was disappointed to leave, though. After an hour, they re-started the game but me and dad were already at home.

I watched the premiere of "Private Practice", the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, and wasn't terribly impressed. But premieres are poor facsimilies of shows, so I'll give it another shot or two before I write it off altogether. There were too many competing storylines because they were trying to introduce us to everyone at the same time. Plus it was very Grey's with the whole doctors all wanting to sleep with each other and dramatic patients. I already love Grey's and want more of that, so why find it somewhere I'm not intimately familiar with the characters?

Enter today's dilemma. I got free passes to see Jamie Foxx's new movie w/Jennifer Garner, "The Kingdom." But if I go, I miss the season premiere of Grey's which I've been looking forward to since the season finale. Especially since Isaiah Washington was canned, and T.R. Knight's contract was up in the air, but he was re-signed over the summer. And what will they do with Cristina, and Meredith and George and my favorite, Callie??? What to do, what to do??!?! Grey's comes on again Friday nights but I'm never awake to watch it since a few hours after that I'm at work again. They post it online, but only on Saturday after the rerun has played and I may not get to watch until Sunday. I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN WAIT THAT LONG!! Luckily I won't be around anyone who's seen it and would ruin it for me since none of my work homies who watch will be there when I am, but still! Stace votes Grey's. Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller?

*Note: On my embarassment post I said the wrong movie, it was "Freddy Got Fingered". I LOVE "Drop Dead Fred"!!!


Leela said...

tivo Grey's? (or get a friend to tivo it and then watch it at their house?) my cheapness is saying that you can't pass up a free movie.

but then again, if you really don't want to wait until the weekend and are not as excited to see Kingdom, i say stay at home and watch Grey's.

yeah so obviously i'm not much help. it's not my fault, i'm indecisive! so for what it's worth, i vote for Kingdom.

Don said...

Comment on inner emptiness - if a person allow him or herself to get caught up in this world ...it's OVER! They will fall for any and everything. We witness it everyday.

Chris said...

"Who fingered Freddy?" The hell kinda movie is that. Baseball is a helluva drug, I'm sad I didn't get to go to a Phils game this year, and I'm definitely not trying to drop a car note on playoff tickets if they make it, but we'll see what happens.

jameil1922 said...

leela... don't have tivo. my friend who has it lives w/her parents and we have way different schedules. i think i'm gonna stay here. i'm becoming less and less excited abt missing grey's w/every passing second.

don... word.

chris... you love it. baseball games are hot!!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

I'm with you on the smile lines. If you didn't spend so much time in the sun trying to look tan (see:black) you wouldn't be 34 and spending your tax return on "procedures" and estee lauder.

I think its so cute that you were giggling!! Giggles are so contagious and fun!

And that's why I couldn't get into Grey's. Too much sex.

CNEL said...

You like Callie.


Kacie said...

Hi! Just blog-surfing and I happened along yours.

I'm a big magazine reader, too. What are some of your favorites? I subscribe to more than a dozen, but I'd have to say my current favorite is Redbook. I don't fit the demographic (I'm not 30, and I don't have children) but for some reason, I really like it.

shani-o said...

Now that Addie and Burke are gone, what's the point?

Mere is mildly interesting, but Derek irritates me to no end. I liked Christina when she was with Burke, but now I feel very "meh" about her. George is SO FREAKING ANNOYING.

The only characters I like are Izzie, Karev, and Bailey, and I'm not sure they're enough to keep me watching.

jameil1922 said...

stace... i can understand the grey's issue. the smile lines thing is insanity.

cnel... yeah... i don't know why. i think b/c izzie is hatin on her so hard.

kacie...i like more and essence and instyle. glamour sometimes but they're on my list of mags i may never read again.

shani... grey's is on the cusp. how they recover from those two big losses is very important. LOVE karev & bailey. karev is crackin me up. still like christina.

Sha Boogie said...

YAAAY for Grey's! It was awesome last night. I'm still pissed that Isiah is gone, but eh' what are ya gonna do? I'm still a fan.

Don't you love that you dont have to run for cover when it rains for fear that your perm will revert?...lol I die laughing at my friends as I shake my naps in the face of a storm, HA!

dreamyj said...

so i'm assuming you chose to stay home and watch grey's, what did you think? i am a fan since the first episode, i kinda miss burke man