Sig Sigma, Who's Got the Keys? (Updated)

Tonight the Phi B.eta Si.gmas in Pittsburgh will celebrate their 35th chapter anniversary with a semi-formal scholarship cabaret. Do you know how I feel about cabarets? (Archive search shows I haven't talked about cabs!!! This is criminal. Count on a fix of this very soon!) Usually of the Alpha variety, but I LOVE THEM!! And if you don't know why, then I shall have to go through my cab rundown at a later date!!

We were off at 7 this morning. Tomorrow, we're off at 8. That means I can go to sleep at 12 today, wake up at 7 to do the hair, and leave my house by 9. (If you're worried about how I sleep during the day with the sun bling blinging a) you dono't know me, b) you don't know Pittsburgh!! Ain't no sunshine!! Lololol) Methinks I can make a quick appearance before I have to leave around 11:15 before my coach turns into a pumpkin (or I have to go to work, whichever). I would loooooooove to be able to stay the whole time but I didn't know far enough in advance to take off! Booooooooo. But my mother says I should definitely go. When mom says go, YOU GO!!

Didn't go. Sorry mom. I just couldn't pay $30 for a party that would just be kicking off when I had to leave. That's no fun!! I wanna see a funny movie. Who wants to come to Pittsburgh?


La said...

Omg! I looooove cabarets! My ex (who was from DC) starting taking me to them freshman year at HU w/his family. Sooooo much fun.

Chris said...

ain't no sunshinnnnnnne when she's gonnnnnnnne, only darkness everydayyyyyyyy....name that artist. Anyway, I've been to a Kappa Kabaret at Del State (for 15 minutes), and it seemed mighty interesting.

jameil1922 said...

la... me too!! everyone had cabs at hampton. GOOD TIMES!!

chris... you already know. you can't quiz me on my own blog. they're different everywhere. sometimes that kab was fun, sometimes not so much. it was so interesting you left after 15???

Vdizzle said...

Chris, that would be Bill Withers buddy.

And Jam, as soon as we get this job thing down, I'm planning some trips.

CNEL said...

Idea of a cabaret sounds interesting.

I've kind of sort of wanted to actually see Pittsburgh. I've been there once well to the Greyhound station LoL took a long ass bus ride from Bmore to there, and back to Bmore in 12th grade. Longest three days of my life.

Call Eps he's really close Erie ain't that far.

1969 said...

My friend went to the cab. I must call her and find out how it was.

Cabarets are always fun!

jameil1922 said...

v... DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM!! and come on cletus!

cnel... cabs are great. i'm not stuttin eps. last time he came to pgh he did NOT call me. :P come, come!

1969... boooooooooo!!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

oh man, alpha cabs are the best! i haven't been to a cab in years! I wonder how adult cabs are...?

can u take letter recognition off pleeeease?????