But do you understand...

how fun my life is right now?!?!?! I'm blogging outside looking at hibiscus plants, palm trees and coconut trees. Florida, what??


And a baby lizard just skittered by. They're not at all scary when they're so small. And Stace keeps making fun of me because I see them incessantly. Every 20 seconds I point one out and she's like wth?!?! Whatev man. Ol exotic locale. She picked me a GUAVA off the tree in her parents front yard. Wow.

Thursday Stace went to school. Then we ate yummy spaghetti and went on a walk around her complex. More exotica. Holla! I'm such a tourist and I don't care!! That's right. I DON'T CARE!! We started our now semi-monthly InStyle read. Stace made three-cheese tortellini with italian sausage and it was BOMB! We were both so sleepy, we started watching the My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding with one of the CAROLINA PANTHERS!!, then Wedding Singers and fell asleep.

The next day Stace made me breakfast, then we went to LA PLAYA!!! THAT'S RIIIIGHT!!! The beach! We had a blast. Jumping in the water, mackin and hangin (NAME THAT MOVIE!!), and continuing the InStyle read. I even read some of my Rachael Ray mag, which I love by the way. I took some pics in my FANTASTIC bikini. I'm too sexy for my bikini. Then we got hot because you know how sun and water knock you out. We went to City Place, this outdoor shopping mall, and walked around, but I had sand EVERYWHERE. That was not exciting so I had to be out. We went back to Stace's place to crash for a few minutes... literally. I washed my hair and we started getting dressed! We headed to Miami!!!! WHOOOOOO!!

Our first stop of the night was Chef Cre.ole. Drew's band was playing there. I had conch for the first time, fried chicken, red beans and rice and plantains, and the strongest rum and oj ever. Like too strong. The chef and his restaurant have been featured on Food Network several times. Yeah... get there! Hot ish. After chef's place, we headed to Amendment. It was a techno night. Before I could even get in the door good, MY GOODNESS!! The "bouncer"... I use that term very lightly because he was uber skinny. I was reaching for my i.d. and he said, "You don't need no i.d., gorgeous, whatchu doin? You so beautiful!" Um.. ok. I did have on my skin tight royal blue tube dress and 3 inch gold stilettos... We head inside where some dude with the natty dread and one gold tooth in the front, tennis shoes and plaid shorts comes up to tell us he sells coconut jewelery and he's so tired because he's been on the bus all day. And??? Thanks for unnecessary information. So out of pocket. GET BACK IN!! I tell him my name is Rachael and we get up to move away from him (there are couches and chairs everywhere in this club). I get a mojito! Yum!!! We go to the patio and bouncer is all up in the grill again. He says, "You are so beautiful. Do you like poetry? Can I do a poem for you? Look, I'll do a poem before you leave and then you decide if you want to keep in touch." Extra.

Another guy comes over who's from Colombia. Yes, the country. I immediately think "Blow". You know the movie where Johnny Depp goes to jail forever because his wife, played by Penelope Cruz, played Johnny hard. Yeah. No thanks. Ok guys its time for the beach again so that's all you get for now. See through shirt... dancing on the table. Still to come!


Toni Phoenix said...

Glad you're enjoing the sunshine state. I love it there. Have a mojito for me!!

Vdizzle said...

I am always in awe of the Florida scenery too.
Be touristy!! And tell these crappy men to STEP OFF!!

Chris said...

lord, reading all of this is making me want to take a doggone vacation, LOL

Sha Boogie said...

Ok, fly girl!! Sounds like a fabu time, bring me back some sand - oh, and we must see a pic of you in the blue dress with the gold heels, hollA!!

jameil1922 said...

toni... yay!! mojitos all around!!

v... fun times!! i don't mind being a tourist!! the clingers are the ones who kill me.

chris... DO IT DO IT!!

sha... i'm still here!! i'm sure there will be sand accompanying me on my forays for the next month!!

So...Wise...Sista said...

I pretty much stopped reading at "blogging outside...coconut trees, ect etc"

Not that Im a hater or anything...:)

1969 said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Work that dress.....and the gold heels. We need pictures of you in all your fab glory. LOL

La said...

*mumble, mumble*

taking my hating elsewhere... lol

Bklyn's Finest said...

Ok so I'm jealous you down chillin on da beach LOL.. but in about a month I'll be cruising the caribbean again so I'll keep my hate to myself LOL


jameil1922 said...

wise... smells like a hater, looks like a hater... *shrugs*

69... ow!!

la... i think wise has an opening.

bk... fuuuuuuuuuuun!!!