Mindspacin Vol. 9

I actually don't know what volume it is. It may be more than that, but since I like the number 9 (no particular reason), we'll just start with that. I have a lot on my mind so heeeeeeeeeeere we go (shouts to Vanessa and her booski Slick Rick!)

*It's been on my mind forever to post about the bouquet toss at Wynel's wedding. I only went up there because everyone else did. I don't want to get married next (who on earth would I marry??? there are no current candidates) and something about scrapping over a bouquet just seems so desperate. Maybe the fact that people really have tug of war (:38 in) over a bouquet!! Okay PLEASE WATCH THIS ONE!! The first thing I said when I watched was, "You're throwing that at someone?!?!" It's a bush! I would clearly have to remove myself from that one just for safety reasons. I guess it's supposed to come apart. Don't watch the whole thing. Just start at 1:05 so you can see that monstrosity. Start at :41 on this one. Sigh.

That's pretty much what Wynel's toss looked like. First of all there was some girl in the front who was brushing her feet back and clearing out space. But the girl who actually caught it fell on the floor with it. Legs up in the air. The girl who was brushing her feet back sprained her ankle while leaping for the bouquet. Wow. I didn't even reach for it. I just watched it go. I would've been pissed if I caught it.

*The work ebola factory is back. We don't have set desks so we just sit wherever. One computer. Every time I sit there I sneeze. Sit down, sneeze. Get up, walk around for a few hours in another part of the building. No sneezes. Come back, sneeze. What?! E.bola.

*I left my gym clothes in the car while I went to work, of course. Today when I pulled them out they were cold. How sad. It reminded me of the winter when I had to put my clothes under the hand dryer to warm them up before putting them on after they'd sat in the freezing cold for 9 or more hours. Sad, sad, sad!!

*Summer will briefly return for its final hurrah before the official start of fall on Sunday. Thursday and Friday highs near or above 80. YAY!! I love you Pittsburgh summer!! Don't leave so soon!!

*I was talking to my mom yesterday about the sermon I heard at church. She said something that resonated with me: procrastination is really a form of fear. You're afraid of what you'll accomplish if you stop waiting and just do it. I'm kicking my procrastination habit something serious. When it's something I really want, there is no waiting around, no I'll get to it later. I'm actually getting stuff accomplished whereas I would've just said, "I'll do it tomorrow" over and over again. It's great.

*Now that the summer Jesus breaks are over, I'm going to noon Bible study tomorrow to see how it is. I'm also going to try to find another park to walk in since I have two hours before I need to be at church once I get off. There are a million parks in Pittsburgh so it's just a matter of picking one not far from the church and figuring out how to get there. That's it! Holla!

*Also... I hate TMI Tuesday. I know you guys call me a blog prude and I'm okay with that. I just don't need to think about you in that way. It truly is T.M.I.!!!


1969 said...

I must be fearful as hell cause I am procrastinating like a mug over here.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Call me a straight up scaredy cat cause I procrastinate like crazy. But I gave myself a kick for it yesterday.

Sha Boogie said...

I did the exact same thing at my cousins wedding this summer: stood there and watched it fllllly. Who wants to get beat up over some used flowers? not me!..lol I decided it was more important for the other desperate woman up front 'clearing' out space to grab it.

Side note: The current ex caught the garter - go figure..

DiamondsR4eva said...

Le Sigh....weddings are a necessary evil in life :)

Don said...

I too have decided to stop all my procrastination and starting getting the job done. It really does make you feel less stressed out.

jameil1922 said...

1969 & funky... y'all are hilarious!

sha... right?!?! back up scary!!

diamonds... weddings are lovely. when you're doing a lot of stuff for them, they are tiring!!

don... right!??! and accomplished!

Epsilonicus said...

You may need Lysol for the Ebola computer. Stay away. I dont want to see you in the news for catching some new virus

Nitty-Gritty said...

I too suffer with procrastination, but remember that "The lord doesn't as man sees; for the man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7), so on that note whatever it is on your heart that you desire know that God will give it to you, also know that God did not give us the spirit of fear, so on that note "Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need" (Hebrews 4:16)

Mr. Jones said...

I'm really good at planning and not so good at implementing. I wish there were an over-the-counter med I could take for my severe case of procrastination. Honestly, that was the bane of my existence in college.

Don said...

Chill out on my Saints.

So...Wise...Sista said...

I procrastinate and Im always late (unless it's biz). Ya know what purpose it serves for me? If I wait until the last minute then I always have an excuse. (and more time to blog, duh!)

It's the sucker's way out, I know. But in my own way, it actually helps me prioritize and analyze.

So I say all that self indulgent shit to say, make it work for you!

jameil1922 said...

epsi... right?!?! the ill (literally) new virus running rampant here is MRSA or antibiotic resistant staph infection. oh no. i don't want none of that!!

nitty... you know i like when people drop knowledge.

jones... i'm a planner, too. i'm really working on that implementation and manifestation phase, as well.

don... NO THANKS! i meant to say aints.

wise... that's special!! lololol.