Thank You

It was 25 degrees this morning when I went to church with my wool skirt on. Yes, wool, on Easter. I left work to go to one of my favorite local restaurants. It was surprisingly not packed. I had one of the specials, a salmon and chorizo scramble with black beans, 2 eggs, green peppers and onions topped with a chipotle Hollandaise sauce and served on corn tortillas with a side of potatoes. So essentially a Spanish-style eggs benedict. I could've done without the salmon and there wasn't enough chorizo. Actually the eggs, black beans, pepper and onions with that FANTASTIC Hollandaise sauce would've been enough for me. I don't know that I can ever eat another meal there without it being smothered in that. Wow... just wow...

I was more than a bit concerned about my naked legs but nothing was open near the church of course. But I walked past a group of older teenage girls, maybe around 19 who I overheard say "Ooooh that's cute! Her coat matches her skirt." I had on my pink wool skirt, which was peeking out from the bottom of my pink and white tweed-esque wool coat. I was also wearing a white blazer with pink and purple flowers. One of my co-workers said I looked like an Easter egg! Lol. I also did an easter egg hunt with 25 phrases by our crazy hilarious meteorologist. It was a huge hit. He said it was his best Easter ever. Too funny.

Today our Easter sermon was about how often God shakes up your life to make you pay attention. And how sometimes things begin to move shakily in your life (like the earthquake preceding the angel rolling away the stone in front of Jesus' tomb) because God needs you to pay close attention to what is coming next-- the path he wants your life to take.

Basically God is saying, "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????? ARE YOU LISTENING??????" And if the answer is no, His response is "Here let me get your attention."

That got me thinking about two of the most recent life-changing events in my life. The first was the enormous fight with my sister which preceded my moving to Pittsburgh. I still don't know that she understand how that impacted me. Have I ever told y'all about it? Probably not but another day. I searched the archives and I've mentioned it in passing but never the entire story.

The second was the breakup. What a dramatic post. 17 months seems like such a short amount of time in retrospect. I had convinced myself to align my life with his without making room for God when I needed (and still need) to be God-centered and allowing someone else into my life as well. When he broke up with me I was heartbroken mostly because he was my best friend first and I just couldn't fathom why he would do this. After the break-up, being raised in the church, one of my first thoughts was there is no other way past this than by going to church. I was right! I've never been so excited about Easter before but look what I get to celebrate!!

He called me yesterday but didn't leave a message. He also texted me "Happy Easter" today. He usually reaches out every couple of months or so. Sometimes I respond, sometimes I don't. I wasn't available either time but I called him back after church. I was going to thank him for being the earthquake to shake me closer to God. For helping me get to a place, just by removing himself from my life, forcing me to focus my attention where it should have been anyway, ON GOD, to get to the place where I even more completely understand whatever happens, is for my good and that with FAITH I can move mountains. I will be better than alright. I'll be just fine. Fabulosity owners HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Open Grove Claudia said...

I can't think of anything more true than the earthquakes in our lives are designed to bring us closer to God. What's sad for me? so many people miss them. Instead of grabbing on to the gift, they sink into the fog again.

I only hope to be brave enough to not do that.

Opinionated Diva said...

Reading your posts always make me hungry!!

Wow at the sermon. Very deep and very true. Something tells me the ex wont want to hear about how fabulously you are doing without him though!

Hopefully you and your sis have long since mended fences.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

look who's getting their grown woman on!! go 'head girl!

Desy said...

there is something about looking at that person that hurt you and saying 'thank you' to them that just feels sooooo good. knowing that you couldn't, wouldn't, and will never be broken by another because your heart/mind lies with a greater who only seeks to uplift and nurture you...:sigh:... yeah- that's a wonderful feeling

1969 said...

Yes, today is all about getting ready for GOD to return....to arrive in your life and it looks like you are already there. Happy Easter to you Jameil. God Bless.

Sparkling Red said...

I wish I could've heard that Easter sermon. I love some rousing inspirational words.

Happy Day! :-)

Rashan Jamal said...

I should probably comment on today's post, but I actually went back and read the posts surrounding the breakup. (Yeah, I did it like ol' girl did me. LOL)

You were so very open with your emotions at the time. I was very impressed. Glad you made it through the earthquake.

Desy said...

omygoodness- i am watchin the finally now and all i wanna do is call you cause i know that you are too...lol

ESPECIALLY when i saw

'i would to claim dawn'

i would love to claim you too'

and then.... KISS

*livin vicariously*...lol

Sandy C. said...

I missed the break up post. I'm feeling behind. I need to go read it.
Hope you were able to stay warm somewhat today while looking fabulous :)

Sandy C. said...

K. All caught up. Goodness, you are such a strong woman. I'm so glad you made it through that earthquake in your life.

SimplEnigma said...

Happy Easter! You'll be happy to know that I saw one of the contestants from Top Chef on the subway yesterday.

Our eyes met, and he smiled and I smiled back, but I couldn't figure out where I knew him from and I think he knew I was searching my brain.

By the time I realized it, he was gone. :(

Anonymous said...

Have you eaten at Pamela's yet?? You got to try it!!

the joy said...

Aw... That's so good that you've grown. I'd like to thank my ex for making it so that I could see and appreciate real love, but after all these years he hates me still... For what I guess I'll never know... Aaanywho, I know comments are like sunlight to you, so you were shining today!

Anonymous said...

Glad things worked out for you. Good to see you representing over there, showing them folk how its supposed to be done. I took the long straw and spent the morning at the house holding down dinner and wrangling sons and nieces and nephews. I swear we gonna hook up before you get your walking papers out of here.

I just pray it doesnt take me as long to get home as it did getting here(18 hours for a 3 hour direct flight)

and yes...its a joy to see you come through that thing with what appears to be flying colors.

jameil1922 said...

claud... i think that comes with growth which gives me hope.

diva... they make me hungry too... so does a light breeze if i catch a whiff of anything.

i could've left after the first 10 minutes actually b/c that resonated with me to the point i just wanted to sit and think about it.

we're better now. we still can't be in the same house for more than a few days tho.

pcd... :)

desy... i actually don't get any pleasure out of it other than knowing I'm getting closer to God.

1969... yay! Happy Easter to you, too.

red... it was fabulous. and the choir was on point, too.

rj... yeah that's part of the reason i didn't want to get too much into past events w/the confessions. i can go there but for what? moving onward and upward. that doesn't mean always but right now i'm not at that place.

desy... the finale? actually i was sleeping... which i'll probably be doing when it replays today. i don't feel good.

sandy... it was super cold!! and i know it was there, too. thanks!

SE... i soooo would've known and been like heeeeey. lol. which one was it?

epsi... sigh. yes i've eaten there as i've mentioned more than once.

joy... hate is so unnecessary. more than 6 years later i need him to get over that.

ink... long flights and layovers are for the birds!! and thanks.

SimplEnigma said...

Twas Spike. Funny thing is, he caught my eye cos I thought he was cute. I was like, "hmm, who's this little vanilla dip?" Then I realized his face was familiar.

BTW, this post has inspired me - especially after a recent meeting with my first love.

Los Angelista said...

Your outfit sounds beautiful and your reflections are so right on. God has the plan and we just have to listen for the clues to it all.

CNEL said...

I didn't think I could do Cali until I realized I've already encountered some earthquakes.

JayBee said...

glad i read the part about the sermon. i like to hear good preaching. it gives me encouragement and insight. i glanced at some other posts. i thought i loved food, but you might have me beat.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

THAT'S RIGHT!!! Love this post girl!! The positivity is absolutely lovely and what the season is about :-)

jameil1922 said...

SE... love inspiring people! Spike? cute? i ont know bout all that!

liz... aww thanks!! girl i was beggin for some clues today! and in the middle i was like, "my bad God, i know you're not a magic 8 ball!"

cnel... you're so corny. lol.

jb... my pastor is fab! i'm a foodaholic. there is no denying that. i live to eat.

stace... yay!

The Artist In Me said...

Hi Jameil! I got your blog address from negrophiles. What a great blog and good for you about allowing GOD to be your center again. It was going to happen one way or the other, it was just a matter of when.

Be blessed!

gishungwa said...

Thank God for earthquakes, my world just settled down.I have heard, made restitution and its much better now.Aint God great.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I tell you, thank God for those earthquakes. If you're patient enough to just wait till the shaking stops, you'll realise that they're the best things since sliced bread! :-)